Fourth international conference on civil engineering

Fourth international conference on civil engineering

OF llltllllAl ELSEVIER Mechanics of Materials23 (1996) 165-166 Announcement Fourth Intemational Conference on Civil Engineering The conference wiil...

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OF llltllllAl ELSEVIER

Mechanics of Materials23 (1996) 165-166


Fourth Intemational Conference on Civil Engineering The conference wiill be held in May 1997 in Tehran, Iran. It has been organized by the Department of Civil Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Shiraz and Isfahan University of Technology. Papers, posters, exhibitions, and workshops on state-of-the-art techniques, innovations, developments and latest research findings may be presented on the topics listed.

Conference overview Civil engineers play a central role in promoting better living conditions, social progress and the development of a better world. Thus, civil engineering has been awarded special attention and considerable investment has been made towards its betterment. This international gathering will explore innovations and the transfer and adaption of new and appropriate technologies in civil engineering. It will be an opportunity for experts and researchers to showcase their latest achievements and to learn about the contributions of other individuals in allied areas of civil engineering. The conference will provide a forum from which researchers and practilfioners from around the world can discuss the complex and urgent issues facing the civil engineering industry. Sustainable development and its importance in international scientific societies will also be discussed.

H o w to submit papel~s Abstracts of approximately 300 words, in English or Farsi, should be submitted by mail. Upon accep-

tance of the abstracts, the authors should submit full papers. Abstracts and full papers will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

Important dates June 1, 1996 Abstracts due. July 10, 1996 Notices of acceptance sent to authors. Oct. 31, 1996 First draft of paper due. Feb. 20, 1997 Notice of paper acceptance sent to authors. Mar. 10, 1997 Registration packets sent. April, 997 Final camera ready manuscript due. April 16, 1997 Pre-registration deadline. May 4-6, 1997 Conference.

Conference chairman Dr. N. Tabatabaee and Dr. M. Tavakoli, Department of Civil Engineering, SUT.

For further information For more information regarding the conference, presentation of papers, exhibitions and workshops, please contact the conference coordinator:

Dr. H. Hadje-Ghaffari Department of Civil Engineering Sharif University of Technology P.O. Box 11365-9313 Tehran, I.R. Iran Fax: +98-21-6012983

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Conference themes

Structural Engineering and Mechanics Structural analysis and design Structural optimization Structural rehabilitation Marine and offshore structures Fracture and damage mechanics Bridge engineering Space frame structures Structural mechanics Construction Engineering and Management Construction planning and management Construction techniques and equipment Construction materials Construction economy and financing Pre-fabrication and mass production industry Education versus construction techniques Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical exploration and monitoring Retaining structures and deep excavation Soil/structure interaction Embankments and slopes Soil and rock modeling Soil improvement and foundation reinforcing techniques Transportation Pavement design, evaluation and maintenance Pavement maintenance management Highway design, evaluation and management Transportation, traffic safety and management Transportation technology Transportation and land use planning Transportation demand and supply models Transportation and environment Freight transportation and logistics Earthquake Engineering Vulnerability of structures Seismicity and risk analysis

Base isolation and structural control Disaster management Structural dynamics Geotechnical earthquake engineering Seismic improvement

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Water resources system and management Hydraulics and hydrology of surface and ground water Environmental engineering Hydraulic structures Coastal and port engineering Water conveyance, distribution systems and networks Civil Engineering Materials Concrete and asphalt technology Composite and synthetic materials Standards of construction materials Recycled materials Materials modeling Light-weight materials Surveying and Mapping Geodesy and micro geodesy Engineering surveying Photogrammetry Digital mapping Information system (GIS, LIS) Mapping from space Hydrography Cartography Other Subjects Civil engineering and sustainable development Artificial intelligence Energy efficient buildings Maintenance of structures Construction evolution in the third world countries Building control High rise buildings Codes and specifications