Fourth international conference on product innovation management

Fourth international conference on product innovation management

67 MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CALLS FOR PAPERS Fourth International Conference on Product Innovation Management August26-28, 1985, Innsbruck, A us...

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Fourth International Conference on Product Innovation Management

August26-28, 1985, Innsbruck,

A ustr&

Scope of the Conference The successful management of product and process innovation has become a crucial determinant of individual enterprises’ competitive survival, as well as of whole national industries’ effectiveness in the global marketplace. The needs for systema.tic approaches lo innovations management is especially apparent in branches whose growth impetus from existing products (technologies) has weakened or whose existing markets are becoming saturated. Purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of new knowledge in the management of product innovation by (a) bringing together managers, technologists, and academic researchers, (b) encouraging the presentation and discussion of theoretical, empirical, and applied research results, and (c) stimulating closer contact between practitioners and researchers. The Organizers realize that the distinctions between product and process innovations are in many cases fuzzy; however, emphasis on the former is meant to establish a primary focus for the Conference. Tentative topic areas 1. The public and institutional climate for innovation. 2. The impazt of management philosophy and organizational culture on innovative activity. 3. The relationship between corporate strategy and product innovation. 4. Market research a:id need assessment as instrument of innovation. 5. Cooperation between marketing, R & D, and production. 6. The organization of innovation prujects. 7. Approaches and Methods to planning and control of innovation activities.

8. The role of industrial design in product innovation. 9. Product innovation in small business. 10. Cooperation between independent research organizations and enterprises in product innovation, 11. The relationship between product and process innovations. 12. Case studies in innovation. 13. Other aspects of innovation management. Conference format Three days of meetings/Presentation of papers will be followed by ample time for discussion/Workshop on small and medium sized Enterprizes is organized/Another workshop will be scheduled depending on participants’ interests/State-of-the-Art Discussion, based on Position Papers, is scheduled/Conference languages are German and English, with simultaneous translation provided. Publication of a Conference Volume in English is planned. (Arrangements with Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam, are in process) Fees For persons presenting papers: US $ 80 (US $50, as ISPIM member). For participants not presenting papers: US $ 150 (US $ 120, as ISPIM member). Reduced fees for more than one participant from the same institution (company, etc.)! International Program Committee Holt, K. (Norway); Muramatsu, R. (Japan); Mars&us, Ph. (U.S.A.); Hiibner, H. (Austria); Hinterhuber, H. (Austria); Little, B. (Canada); Rosegger, G. (U.S.A.); Geschka, M. (F.R.G.); Bjornsson, H. (Sweden). For further information on ISPIM and the conference please contact the conference chairman: Heinz Hiibner, Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Innsbruck, Blasius-Hueber-Strasse 16/2, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria.


World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education May 7-9,

1986, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

An invitation to participate Continuing Education practitioners from all over the world will meet to discuss their mutual problems and approaches in bringing education and training to technical personnel in business, industry, government and education. Proceedings will be available of papers and sessions presented. Sessions will include workshops, panel discussions, paper sessions, poster sessions, and seminars on various topics of interest to the technical countinuing education profession. Papers are solicited on a variety of topics including: Evaluation of training Use of video in education Performance based training Program cost Industry programs Course development Needs Assessment techniques Adult education Participation motivation Unique programs around the world Accreditation Program evaluation Computers in education Marketing of programs Use of satellites in CE Government programs Technology transfer Course operation Others . . .? You are invited to present and publish a paper, or chair a session, or lead a pre-conference workshop, or exhibit your product or service. Directions for authors Authors wishing to contribute to the conference within the framework established by the program committee and described in the first call for papers should send an abstract of

their proposed contribution (maximum two typed pages) before January 1, 1985 to the General Chairman. Airmail the abstract, inaddress and cluding full name, complete affiliation: Prof Joseph M. Biedenbach, Director, Continuing Education for Engineering, College of Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, U.S.A. Authors will be notified by February 1, 1985 of their acceptance and full papers must be submitted no later than January 15, 1986 for publication in the proceedings. Pre-conference workshops Pre-conference workshops are scheduled on Tuesday afternoon, May 6, 1986 as optional tutorials for those who arrive at the conference site early. Participants may choose to attend one or more workshops that best meet their needs. Conference Proceedings All papers will be published in a conference proceedings. These proceedings will be available at the time of the conference. Authors will be required to type their papers up in English, on mats furnished by the committee when they are notified that their papers are accepted. The conference proceedings will be published in English. Because the accepted papers will be published they must be free of copyright restrictions. Exhibits Booth display space is available at the conference to vendors of products and services. The conference will attract over 500 people and it offers a productive setting to meet people who visit the displays and s+imulates a dialog between vendors and current or potential users.


Fees The registration fee for the conference will be approximately $225.00 (US Dollars only). It includes all program materials, a set of con:a conference banquet ference proceedings, and luncheon, conference reception and a continental breakfast. The organizers are in no way committed to the financial support toward the authors of accepted contributions.

All participants including authors of contributions, will have to pay the conference fees. For further information, contact: Dr. Joseph M. Biedenbach. Director, Continuing Education for Engineering, University of South Carolina, College of Engineering, Columbia, South Carolina 29208, U.S.A. Phone (803)777-6693.