Fourth international cyclic nucleotide conference

Fourth international cyclic nucleotide conference

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 15 (1979) 163-164 0 Elsevier/North-Holland Scientific Publishers, Ltd. 163 ANNOUNCEMENT The 11 th Internation...

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Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 15 (1979) 163-164 0 Elsevier/North-Holland Scientific Publishers, Ltd.



The 11 th International Congress of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology will be held in Florence on June 16-20, 1980. Chairmen of the Congress will be: David de Wied (The Netherlands) and Rodolfo Paoletti (Italy). Scientific Secretaries will be: Francesca Brambilla (Italy) and Giorgio Racagni (Italy). The following sessions will be discussed: (a) Basic aspects of neuroendocrinology; (b) pharmacological bases of psychoneuroendocrinology: preclinical and clinical aspects; (c) clinical aspects of psychoneuroendocrinology; (d) various Round Tables. For any information please contact the Organizing Secretariat: Fondazione Giovanni Lorenzini, Via Monte Napoleone 23,2012 1 Milan (Italy), phone (02) 702.267 or 7 83.868, cable Lorenzfound.


A 3-day International Symposium on The Role of Drugs and Electrolytes in Hormone Synthesis at Cellular Level, will be held from 20th July, 1981, at the Universitdt Ulm. The number of participants will be limited to 300. A Registration fee of DM 200.00 is payable by all participants, including the Invited Speakers, and the papers presented will be published as a book 3 months after the Symposium. The language of the meeting is English. Invited Speakers will present the papers. For further information please write to: Dr. S.B. Pal, Universitat Ulm, Abteilung fur Innere Medizin, Steinhovelstrasse 9, D-79 Ulm (Donau) (F.R. Germany).

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT Fourth International Qclic Nucleotide Conference Brussels, July 22-26, 1980, at the “Palais des Congres”. Programme Committee: B. Brown, R.W. Butcher, B. Cooke, G. Drummond, J.E. Dumont, A. Gilman, J. Greengard, J.G. Hardman, S. Jaro, J. Nunez, A. Robison, G. Schultz. Secretary: J.E. Dumont, I.R.I.B.H.N., School of Medicine, 2, rue Evers, B-1000 Brussels (Belgium).



Subject matter. Regulation of cell function, growth and differentiation by intracellular signals (cyclic nucleotides, calcium, etc.). Main topics. Receptor-adenylate cyclase coupling; receptor-calcium coupling; cyclic GMP and guanylate cyclase; cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases; cyclic AMP-, cyclic GMP- and calcium-dependent regulator (calmodulin); contractile proteins regulation; endocrine gland regulation; cyclic nucleotides and the nervous system; protein phosphorylation and cyclic nucleotides in prostaglandin, virus and interferon action; cyclic nucleotides and calcium in the regulation of normal and malignant growth and differentiation; cyclic nucleotides in bacteria and slime molds. Presentations. General lectures by invited speakers and posters with specialized sessions of poster discussion. Abstracts with registrations should be received before May I, 1980. Forms can be obtained (after October lst, 1979) from: Destree Congres, rue du College SaintMichel, 10, B-l 150 Brussels (Belgium). Low cost accommodations in student dormitories and a few fellowships for students will be available.