Geo-planning: The key to successful underground construction

Geo-planning: The key to successful underground construction

18A Site Investigation and Field Observation 791152 CAMKOMETER SOIL TESTER COMES TO New Civ Er~r, N314, 12 Oct 1978, P32 Briefly describes the Csmkom...

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Site Investigation and Field Observation 791152 CAMKOMETER SOIL TESTER COMES TO New Civ Er~r, N314, 12 Oct 1978, P32 Briefly describes the Csmkometer, now cce~ercla11y available. It is a self-boring pressuremeter covered by a rubber membrane that incorporates 2 cells for measurement of pore water pressure. When the instrument is in position, the membrane expands ard electrical signals from transducers e ~ b l e an effective stress/ strain curve to be plotted and in situ properties of undisturbed soil derived. Advantages claimed are direct measurement of lateral stress, and measurement by l~ecise electrical impulses rather than by volume changes of hydraulic fluid. 791153 NEW TECHNIQUE USED FOR INCLINOMETER CASING INSTALLATION Ebaugh, W F; Olsen, H W; Bennetti, J B Bull Assoc Engng Geol, V14, ~ , 1977, P277282 A new technique reduces u~vanted voids in annular sand packs s u r r o ~ n g inclinometer casings installed in boreholes. The technique involves generating a quick eomdition in the annulus sand due to induced upward water seepage. Simple end fittings direct water down the inside of t h e casing, out at t h e bottom in an upward direction and through the annulus to the surface. Present data indicate that shovelplaced annular sand oacks decrease in volume by about I0 per cent after becoming quick, causing the inclinometer casing to become firmly seated in the borehole. Auth. 791154 GEO-PLANNING: THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL UNDERGROUND CON.b~ERUCTION Bergman, S M Underground Space, V2, N1, Sept 1977, PI-7 Stresses the importance of planning underground construction in relation to existing geological conditions. A l~oJect should develop through national, regional ar~ local geological studies to detailed site investigation upon w h i ~ design recommendations are based. Includes tabulated costs for this type of planning for different projects (storage caverns, waterpower or sewage tunnels) ani a variety of rock types, expressed as percentages of mining costs, similar percentages are given for reinforcement costs.

791155 INVEo~TIGATION AND ANALYSIS OF SUBSURFACE CONDITIONS FOR COAL MINE DK~ELOPMENT IN EASTERN KENTUCKY Watters, R J; Swanson, A W; Lsmgill, R F Proc 19th US Symposium ~n Rock Mechanics, Stateline, Nevada, i-3 May 1978, V1, P151158. Publ Reno: University of Nevada, 1978 Summarises 2 investigations to obtain geotechnical data, inclu~ingborehole testing, lab tests of rock mecha~ical properties, and fracture orientation anl frequency. Incorporation of the data into preliminary design and method of excavation are discussed.

Planning, geotechnical and structural mapping 791156 DECISION ANALYSIS APPLIED TO ROCK TUNNEL EXPLORATION Einstein, H H; Labreche, D A ; Markow, M J EngngGeol, Vl2, N2, July 1978, P143-161 Outlines the principles of decision ~naLysis and the major elements of decision theory, which are then applied to the amalysis of a tunnel exploration decision. Graphical and numerical means are presented to give a simplified approach to the technique. 791157 GROUND-PROBING RADAR FOR DELINEATION OF ROCK FEATURES Rubin, L A; Fowler, J C Engmg Geol, VI2, N2, July 1978, P163-170 Discusses the use of radar in the detection of near surface objects such as voids and cables, and in the mapping of geologic discontinuities in a rock mass, e.g. seam thicknesses faults and Joint sets. Iml~oved signal processing techniques are outlined. A project in'metamorphic rock is described which inlicatesthat detectable signals can be produced at ranges greater than 8m. 791158 GEOMATHEMATICAL INVESTIGATION OF FAULT POPULATIONS AT SELED'I'~u LOCATIONS Brooke, J P Proc 19th US Symposium on Rock Mechanics, Stateline, Nevada, 1-3 May 1978, V1, P23-29. Publ Reno: University of Nevada, 1978 Using published geological maps and other information statistical evaluations of fault patterns have been completed for 16 locations, from which the frequency distribution of faults was derived for each location. The study is related to the development of site suitability criteria for nuclear waste disposal sites.

Core recovery, logging, probing, boring and sampling 791159 OVERBURDEN EXPLORATION AND THE GLACIAL HISTORY OF NORTHERN CANADA Averill, S A Can Min J, V99, N4, April 1978, P58-64 Discusses the use of glacial tills as an exploration medium, and the development of the reverse circulation rotary drilling system for optimlsing overburden sampling.

Geophysical techniques 79116o ELECTRICAL AND RADIOMETRIC LOGGING OF MINING EXPLORATION DRILL HOLEs IN THE WOODCUTTERS AREA, RUM JUNGLE DISTRICT, N.T. Taube, A Proc Australas Inst Min Metall, N266, June 1978, P29-46 The Austrslian Bureau of Mineral Resources has used conventional oil well logging techniques as a routine part of search progran~ne for uranium ar~ associated base metals in the Northern Territories. The paper describes three case