Geologic remote sensing

Geologic remote sensing

Thiswork is arganisedintofour ae&ions:the physicsof theinteraotionofli&twith surfaces ani the scquisitionof data, opticalani digital proces6iw of thes...

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Thiswork is arganisedintofour ae&ions:the physicsof theinteraotionofli&twith surfaces ani the scquisitionof data, opticalani digital proces6iw of these data to pmepsrethem for analysis,interpretive techniques,axd the c;Iplication of ranotelysenseddata to different discipliocsin gWiogy. 816200GEXJIOGIC~ SENSIM; Goetz,AFfI;Rouan,LC Science,v211, M, 20 Feb 1981, u181-789 Discussesthe msical basis of remote Sensing techniqussusillgthe analysisof spectrslrc fle&a&e, spectralapittance,thermslinartia a.& radar, Severalspecificapplications of Ladsat

NSS data ere~dbcusmd.

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tunnsldrivil?ginsandetail.Because drrting ae thi difficulty access,boreholeinvestigation was Limited ard most Of tit site illvSst~gationconsistedof mappingtie suriacegeolagy. old copper rdrrs were kmfn to exist near the tunnelrout.eardalimitedurdergrourds~Y was made. Scme geoIhyslcalsurveyingwas d.sO carriedout. Probingshesdfrcmthetunnsl face wascarriedoutwhentheheadingpassedbythe region of the coppv workings.It is suggested that iirrlincdboraholes mayhave overccnte the accessproblemarrigivenmoredetailedinfcs'matlon on the rock coxlitionsat tunnel level.




to illustratethe p0tentislof satellitesystemsformoredetailed lithologicmapp3ng. 816201 SPACEREXOTE SEESIMjSYSTEMSAND TIiEIR APPLICATIONTGEIUXREERI2JOGMaMjY Zali, L; Micheal,R Bull Assoc E~gng Geol, Vl7, N3, 190, p101-152 Providesinfcmmationon Iresentani futureearth imagingsatellitesystemsazd illustrates currentapplications cb these systemsto geology with case hi&c&es. Systemsdescribedincltie various types of ccmputare&axed Lardsat imagery.35 r&s. ~0TCGRAPfiSAND~ICIAL 816202 APPLICA'I'IONOFAERIAL GEOLCtXCMtVST0THED~NATION~SUfiAB~~ OFLANDFoRSEFTICTPNKSYSl'Ef4S Comxs, S D Eful.l. Assoc Engng G-1, v17, N3, 190, ~153-162 Aerialphotogratisani surficialgeologicmaps wereutilisedtodeterminethe suitabilityof an area in New Yark statefor septictank systems.Grain size a&.ysis axd permeability testingof soil sampleswere used as a check on the method. 816203 E~Ft4EEI!ANDTECRNIQJESFOROFFSRORESURVEY ARD SITE IBVESTIGATIONS sly,PG Can GeotechJ, ~l8, N2, May 1981, P230-249 Reviewsequipacntan].field techniquesapplicabls to offshoreseabedsurveywork sni site imestigation,with particularreferellceto Canadianinterests.Themainsreasare sample recovery,in situtests (penetration tests, vans sheartests,~essuremctertests,geophysical tests aniborsholel ns) axl continuousgeophysicalsurveys "p seismicreflection,side scan sonar).109 refs. 816204 SITE INVESTIGATION ON OF TBE AND CONSTPUCTI DINORWICDIVERSIONTURREL. West, G; Ewan, V J Transpcrtard RosdResesrchLaboram, laboratoryreport 984, 1981, 31P The site investigation axl construction records of the 2.2km lorg Mnorwtc diversiontunnsl have been examinedto see if they can provide lessonsof good practicefcu-tunnel site lwestigation.The tunnelwas constructedentSr4.y withinhard CambrianazrlOrdovicianslatesanl grits ani excavationwas by the drill ani blast method.The reportdescribesthe site investigationarxithe grounlcorditionsemountered

S~MORlTORING: 816205 COEVERGEECEMEAsuREMEEl'SFOR IN-ATION AND RESULTS Bauer,ER; Chekan,G J US Bmeau of Mines rem TPR-113,191, 9p lhemsgnituia~rate of advanceofanilrmint coal squeezewasdeterminedbymeasurlngrmfto-floorconvergeroeon a regularbasis.A dislgaugetube extensazeterwasuseitocollectdata. Contourmaps ani graphs were drawn to showthe directionard rate of squeezing.Information on the rate of squeezeadvancewas used to determinewhethersteps shouldbe takentoprevent roof a&/or flocr mwemeut from closirgan entire sectionof the mint and if alterationof mining planswas necessary to preventfurthersqueeze developaent.Dataarelysisrevesledthatthe squeezewas decelerating: thus there was no ned to strengthensupportin the areas of the minlrr thatwere studied.Mining planswere altered, however,as aresultof the fiadlngsof this investigation. Avail:USBM, @OO ForbesAvenue,Pittsburgh, Pa, 15213 USA 816206 PRCCEDUFW USEDTOOBIAIN SOILP~FOR FOUNDATIONENGINEERING INTBE NORTH SEA Aniresen,A; Berre, T; Eleven,A NcsweglanGeotechnicalInstitute,Publication 129, lflg, 18~ Describesfield equipment,drilling,ssmplillg ani in situ soil testing procedures.Stresses the naedforlaboratorytesti~ orrboerd, run simultaneously with the sampliw operation. Describesati evaluateslaboratorytesting proceduresused oashore. 816207 SIREssMEAsuRFMENrsATNATrAINORTRcOLLIERYABD THElR IWEBFRETATIONINTEFU% OF SEDII+?ENFOLC~CA,L ANDmm~IcmTuREs Enever,J R; McKay, J CSIRO Ditisior. of AppliedGecuaechanics, reportGCM 29, 1980, 29P The resultsOf an in situ stressmeasuremsnt

prograrrnecorductedintheroofat NattuiNcs-th, emplaylngthe stressrellefovercorllgard hydraulicfracturingtechniques,me described. These resultsare discussedintcrms o? their potentislsignificance in relationto roof coniitlons.Theeffectsof sedimentarychanntls intheroof sequenceaxl overlyingsurface [email protected] on the local stressfield sre dlscussed ani scme conclusionsdrawnastothe likely effectof such featureson roof conditions.Auth. Avail: CSIRO Divisionof AppliedGeomechanics, PO Box 49, Mount Waverley,Vie 3149, Australia