Glass-reinforced thermoplastic moulding compositions

Glass-reinforced thermoplastic moulding compositions

resin-impregnated fabric; partially crushing the core and then curing the resin under laminating conditions so that the core and fabric are bonded. Me...

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resin-impregnated fabric; partially crushing the core and then curing the resin under laminating conditions so that the core and fabric are bonded. Method of making NbaSn composite wires and cables Scanlan, R.M. and Fietz, W.A. (General Electric Company) US Pat 4 053 976 {18 October 1977) A method of producing Nb3Sn composite wire in which the niobium is in the form of elongated filaments in a copper matrix. Directionally solidified eutectic y+B nickel-base superalloys Jackson, M.R. (General Electric Company) US Pat 4 054 469 (18 October 1977) The material consists of a directionaUy solidified multivariant eutectic y + B nickel-based superalloy casting, containing a y-phase matrix with an aligned reinforcing lamellar B phase.

Method for producing a continuous band of rubberized fabric having transversal reinforcing metal elements Bottasso, F. and Pacciarini, A. (Industrie PireUi SpA) US Pat 4 054 475 (18 October 1977) Film of pyrolytic graphite having bi-directional reinforcing properties Robba, W.A. and Froberg, R.W. (Pfizer Inc) US Pat 4 054 708 (18 October 1977}


Directionally solidified eutectic y.yl nickel-base superalloys Jackson, M.R. (The United States of America - Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) US Pat 4 055 447 (25 October 1977) The material comprises a matrix of y nickel-base superalloy having embedded in it an aligned reinforcing fibrous yl phase consisting primarily of a nickelaluminium-tantalum composition.

Process for the production of carbon fiber reinforced magnesium composite articles Kalnin, I.L. (Celanese Corporation) US Pat 4 056 874 (8 November 1977) Hose reinforced with discontinuous fibers oriented in the radial direction Goettler, L.A. and Lambright, A.J. (Monsanto Company) US Pat 4 05 7 610 (8 November 1977)

Directionally solidified cobalt-base eutectic alloys Walter, J.L. (General Electric Company) Composite materials US Pat 4 058 415 (15 November 1977) Cockbain, A.G., Latimer, M.J. and The unidirectionally solidified anisoParr, N.L. US Pat 4 055 450 (25 tropic metallic casting has improved October 1977) fibre volume fraction and fibre density, A method of making a ceramic/metal and improved high temperature composite. properties. It comprises a cobaltbased superalloy matrix reinforced with aligned eutectic tantalum monocarbide Human body implant of graphitic carbon fibres. fiber reinforced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Process for making a reinforced board Farling, G.M. (Zimmer USA, Inc) US from lignocellulosic particles Pat 4 055 862 (1 November 1977) Flanders, R.D. US Pat 4 058 580 (15 November 1977) Glass-reinforced thermoplastic moulding compositions Taylor, K.J. and Lord, A. (IBA Industrial Products Ltd) US Pat 4 056 505 (1 November 1977)

Process for controlling orientation of discontinuous fiber in a fiberreinforced product formed by extrusion Goetfler, L.A. and Lambright, J. (Monsanto Company) US Pat 4 056 591 (1 November 1977}

Method of making thermoplastic resin composite Park, I.K. (Exxon Research & Engineering Co) US Pat 4 058 581 (15 November 1977) The composite has a 10-15% fibre volume fraction and comprises graphite fibres coated with a thermoplastics resin. The coated fibres are then heated to melt the resin and cooled so that a continuous fibre-reinforced material is formed having low fibre loadings between 10 and 50%.