Groundwater hydrology. 2nd edition

Groundwater hydrology. 2nd edition

92A Tectonic processes 815097 ROCK o~fRESSES DUE TO LOCAL Bb~CKLING OF A SURFACE LAYER (THEORY AND APPLICATIONS) Goleckl, J J Int J Num ~nal Meth Geo...

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Tectonic processes 815097 ROCK o~fRESSES DUE TO LOCAL Bb~CKLING OF A SURFACE LAYER (THEORY AND APPLICATIONS) Goleckl, J J Int J Num ~nal Meth Geomech, VS, N2, AprilJune 1981, P165-176 In this paper a procedure is proposed for determining tectonic stresses in mining groumd below a surface fold, the latter being assumed to c~Igi~ate t h r c ~ local buckling of the surface la~er u~ler tectonic action. For the purpose of this hypothesis, the concept of displacement alor~ the in~erface of the layer and the s u r r c ~ n g incompetent rock is defined. In the case of elastic or viscous incompetent rock, the i~iuced stress is obtalnable by an integral equation approach. A numerical technique was developed accordiz~ly f ~ the zone of contact strain, az,i special attention is paid to interpretation of the singular integrals representing the boum~ary stress. ~ r i c a l results are presented as an illustration.

Earthquake mechanisms and effects 815098 EARTHQUAKE'INDUCED LIQUEFACTION NEAR LAKE AMATITLAN, G U A T ~ Seed, H B; Arango, I; Chart, C K J Geotech E m g ~ Div ASCE, VI07, NGT~, April

1981, ~5o~-5~8 The soil conditions at the s i ~ were investigated by 4 borings amd a liquefaction a~lysis based on empirical data is given. Cyclic triaxial compression tests were carried out on samples frc~ these borings, amd the penetration resistance was also measm~ed. It is concluded that the light-weight m a ~ e of the pumice sand layer present contributed significantly to the liquefaction.

815o99 SEISMICITY INDUCED BY COAL MINING IN STOKEO~-~'R~ (UK) Westbrook, O K; Kuszmir, N J; Browitt, C W A Engng Geol, VI6, N3-4, 1980, F225-2~I Describes the methods used to monitor seismic activity amd to locate tremor foci. Investigates the occurrence amd location of tremors during the working of a particular panel. Concludes that mam~ of the tremors are due to the interaction between the stress fields produced By cry-rent mining amd the residual stress fields s u r r ~ , ~ n g previous workings.

815~oo POSSIBILITY OF EARTHQUAKES I~N/CED BY HRINE INJECTION FOR SECONDARY OIL RECOVERY IN NEHRASKA Rothe, G H; Lul, C Y; Steeples, D W Proc 21st US S'ymposi~ on Rock Mechs~cs~. Rolla, MissOtWi, 28-30 May 1980, 1:651-661 Reports the recorded selamicity and structural geology of the area. Describes the production and injection hlatcry of the Sleepy Hollow Field, a~i case studies of fluid ir~ectlon iniuced seis~city. A relation between injection amd seismicity is not established.

815101 0B~LRVAT!ONS AND ~CHANICS OF SEI~MICITY ASSOCIATED WITH COAL MINING IN NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND Kusznir, N J; Farmer, I W; Ashwin, D P Proc 21st US ~ p o s i ~ z on Rock Mechanics, Rolla, Missouri, 28-30 May 1980, P632-6~0 A seismcmeter netwcrk was operated during the mlnin6 of two lor~wall penels, to obtain tremor hypocentre locations and magnitudes. The earth tremors are shown to be locatei adjacent to the active mine workings ani move in unison with the advancing faces. Selsmlclty does nut avl~r to be associated with faults. The ma~crlty of larger tremors have a shear a ~ c e m e ~ s m and occur in pillars of ~revlous wee'kings o f other seams, when the active face passes u r ~ r or above those pillars. The s~11er magnitude tremors have an implosional source mechanism and are interpreted as being generated by strata collapse within waste adjacent to the advancing faces. Seismic acitivity did not start until the faces had each advanced approximately 25Om.

Hydrogeology Groundwater 815102 GROUNDWATER HYDROLOGY. 2ND EDITION TOdd, D K New York: Wiley, 1980, 535P An extensively re-written edition of the 1959 textbook, with chaI~ters on surface izwmsti~tions of grour~water, including geologic methods, remote sensimg$ and geOl~hysical methods, a ~ subsurface investigations, including t e s t drilling, water level measurement anl geophysical

lc~ng. 815103 DIFFUSION EXCKAI~E MODEL FOR SOLUTE M ~ N T IN FISSURED POROUS ROCK Barker, J A; Foster, S S D Q J E r 4 ~ Geol, VI4, NI, 1981, P17-24 A model of solute movement in an ideallsed, fissured porous nL~lium, involving diffusion excha~Ee between mobile fissure water anl immobile pore water, is formulated mathematically and solved ~ c a l l y fc~ a range of values of the input parameters.

Underground Excavations See also: 815240 815104 PUTTING ON THE PRESSURE TO SOLVE SZDCUP'S FLDODWATER ~ Msrtln, D

~ = n Tuzm~, w3, N3, AImil i~I, m6-~7 Briefly discusses the options available when sinking a 16m deep, 2.74m diameter segmentally lined ~h-~t into t ~ e d l c t a b l e water bearimg strata. Cum1='essed air wcrkIDg was chosen in preferemce to d ~ t e ~ - i n g s~d freezlmg, and the progress to date is briefly relx~rtei.