Gumstrip dispenser

Gumstrip dispenser

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bring the adhesive to full cure. Being a single-component adhesive it is suitable for 'robotic application', using which an adhesive dispensing rate of 380 mm/s is claimed. Further information from: Good-

year International Corporation, 1144 East Market Street, Akron, OH 44316, USA.

Helping themselves A case of a company using a product from one of its divisions to overcome a problem in another, has occurred at the Atherstone, Warwicks, plant of 3M, United Kingdom, where a variety of flexible coated abrasives for industry are manufactured. By using Scotch 8560, a self-adhesive polyurethane film tape (also manufactured by 3M) wrapped around the metal or rubber 'idler' rollers (as shown in Fig. 2) they are offered increased protection from the sharp mineral or grit faces of the coated abrasive tapes. Scotch polyurethane film tapes, coated with high performance adhesives, are available in three versions (Nos8560, 8561 and 8562) for specific uses from: Industrial Specialities Group,

3M United Kingdom PL C, 3M House, PO Box 1, Brackne/I, Berks, RG 12 IJU, England.


"Strongholed' Specially formulated for Carmo Plastics (Mnftg) Limited, is Carmo Sea/, a one-component adhesive which is said to bond within a few minutes of application to a Pvc surface (after minimal surface preparation) and achieve full strength in 24 h. It is specifically recommended for attaching PVC eyelets (as shown in Fig. 3) and is claimed to withstand pulls of up to 1.5 kN in the direction of the sheeting when PVC eyelets are attached to Pvc sheeting. The adhesive is supplied to trade outlets in 12 ml tubes and also complete with eyelets in repair packs.

Carmo Plastics (Mnftg) Ltd, Bancrofts Road, Eastern Industrial Area, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford. Essex, England.

'Permanent wash-off' adhesive A water-based adhesive which will allow labels to be attached to, typically, kitchen utensils and remain there through 'house-wife'-handling on the shop-shelf but then to be washed off under water from the cold tap once purchased, has been developed by Industrial Adhesives.

Fig. 2 Protecting the idler roller from damage by abrasivecoatings from 3M United Kingdom Limited with Scotch polyurethane tape, also from 3M



Fig. 3 PVC eyeletsbeing attached to PVC sheeting with Carmo-Seal-- a contact adhesivespeciallydevelopedfor the purpose

Also from Industrial Adhesives are two adhesives developed for use in glue-lap applications in the corrugated case packaging industry: Indatex SE 1171 is a low viscosity adhesive suitable for nozzle jet extrusion systems; and Indatex SE 1144 has been developed for use with the wheel-in-pot method of application. Both products have high-tack characteristics and are suitable for running at all speeds with all board types.

Industrial Adhesives Limited, Moor Road, Chesham, Bucks, England.

Gumstrip dispenser The latest manual automatic gumstrip dispenser from Samuel Jones & Co Limited, the Butterfly 101, is being introduced onto the market at a price which is 20% below that of the nearest equivalent machine, claim the makers. The Butterfly 101 is designed for single-operator case-sealing on either a single-tape or H-tape, with a facility to programme the machine automatically to dispense two different pre-set lengths. It is compact, weighing 13 kg, and will operate with all qualitites of gummed tape, including filament reinforced Superstrip, in widths from 24 to 96 ram. The moistening-head is fitted with an adjustable stainless steel pressure-plate; the upper of the twin blades is removable for ease of servicing; and the lower blade is reversible for extended Iife. The Butterfly 101 is obtainable from: SamuelJones & Co Limited,

Butterfly House, St Neots, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE19 4EE, England.