Heavy metals

Heavy metals

Marine Pollution Bulletin fortnight suggested by Dr Cole, which we would describe as EIAs. In the 'Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Environmental ...

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Marine Pollution Bulletin

fortnight suggested by Dr Cole, which we would describe as EIAs. In the 'Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Environmental Impact and Environmental Criteria for the Siting of Industry' which we produced on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP Industry and Environment Office, Paris, 1981), provision is made for the conduct of preliminary environmental assessment prior to a full EIA. This allows matters of little or no significance to be eliminated at an early stage; indeed, the result may be that no further study is required. In the marine environment,

A tkins Research andDevelopment, Woodcote Grove, Ashley R oad, Epsom KT18 5BW, UK.

Heavy Metals

Responses to Pollutants

The fourth international conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment will take place at Heidelberg on 6-9 September 1982, under the chairmanship of Prof. G. MOiler of the university's Institut for Sedimentforschung. Topics to be covered include health effects, pathways and cycling, analytical techniques, speciation, water and air pollution and technologies relating to the control of metals in the environment. Further information from CEP Consultants Ltd, 26 Albany St, Edinburgh EH1 3QH, Scotalnd.

The second international symposium on Responses of Marine Organisms to Pollutants will be held at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on 27-29 April 1983. Topics to be covered include mechanisms involved in pollutant biotransformation, detoxication and toxicity, with emphasis on biochemistry of metal-binding protein, biochemistry of cytochrome P-450 and organic compound biotransformation, biochemical and histopathological effects and effects on immune functions. Further information from Dr M. N. Moore, Institute for Marine Environmental Research, Prospect Place, The Hoe, Plymouth PL1 3DH, UK, or Dr J. J. Stegeman, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA.

Oiled Birds A multidisciplinary symposium on the Effects of Oil on Birds will take place at the Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, Cape May County, New Jersey, on 17-19 September 1982. Topics to be covered include the effects of oil on bird populations, physiological and toxicological research on oiled birds, clinical care and rehabilitation methods, nutritional needs of oiled birds, and the effect of oil on food sources and general habitat. Further information from Dr Stephen N. Barnes, Box 1713, Wilmington, DE 19899, USA.


such a preliminary assessment might well be conducted by the team of oceanographer and pollution ecologist favoured by Dr Cole. In summary, what Dr Cole is suggesting is in fact EIA. Let us not criticize the process of EIA itself, but the manner in which it has, on occasion, been conducted or interpreted. R.A. WALLER P. A. DRIVER

Polychaetes An international Polychaete Conference will be held at the Australian Musem, Sydney, NSW, Australia, on 4-9 July 1983. Topics covered will include systematics, biogeography, reproductive ecology, general and community ecology, feeding, physiology and structure. Further information from Dr P. Hutchings, The Australian Museum, 6-8 College St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.