Heavy metals removal

Heavy metals removal

DEVELOPMENTS NEW EQUIPMENT, PROCESSES, & MATERIALS Plating Bath Analyzer Asoma Instruments Inc. Austin, Texas Asoma’s improved Model 6OOT-L on-line pl...

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DEVELOPMENTS NEW EQUIPMENT, PROCESSES, & MATERIALS Plating Bath Analyzer Asoma Instruments Inc. Austin, Texas Asoma’s improved Model 6OOT-L on-line plating bath analyzer provides continuous, in-process monitoring of nickel concentrations in electroless baths. Employing the technique of Xray fluorescence, the analyzer reports nickel concentration by direct observation of the bath as continuously circulated through a flow cell. The analysis process is closed-loop and nondestructive, so no waste products are generated; thus, the 6OOT-L’soutput can be used to maintain optimal bath stoichiometry by controlling automated additions of replenishment concentrates.

provide three different control modes (basic on/off, autotune PID, and programmable PID), field calibration, offset capability to compensate for probe error, and a full range of programmable alarms.

lar break-away design allows for minimal downtime and repair costs in the event of a crash.

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Heavy Metals Removal BetzDearborn Horsham, Pa.

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Temperature Controllers Bamant Co. Barrington, 111. Barnant Co.‘s new series of highly accurate, versatile temperature controllers features direct plug-in of heating devices and incorporates adjustable over-temperature and loopbreak cutoff for fail-safe operation. Available in both standard and deluxe models, they are ideal for use in pilot process plants, R&D labs, and for OEM applications. Maximum accuracy is kO.4”C. The controllers 54

New water treatment technology uses advanced precipitating agents to effectively remove heavy metals from wastewater, reducing treatment costs, permitting more effluent to be recycled, and eliminating the environmental problems associated with hazardous waste disposal. MetClear MR metal scavenging products provide consistent results over a wide pH range and can be used during the normal treatment process or as a wastewater polishing agent. For sludge treatment, MetClear fixation agents react safely with heavy metals to form stable metal silicates that will not leach out in acid solutions, permitting disposal in nonhazardous landfills.

Oil/Water Separators Car&o/ Corp. Westport, Conn. Carbtrol Corp. has expanded its line of Oil/Water Separators for use in the removal of free-phase petroleum products from contaminated groundwater. The separators are designed specifically for groundwater treatment and incorporate technology, which allows for cleaning of the coalescing media without shutdown of the treatment process. Modular units to 50 gpm provide free oil removal to less than 10 ppm.

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Spray Applicators Binks Sames Corp. Frank/in Park, 111. Binks Sames’ TRP 500 Series Spray Applicators use both single and dual guns, designed to accommodate different flow rates. The series also features an integrated high-voltage cascade and fluid regulator, pneumatic actuation, and quick-change capability. A modu-

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Probe Modules Elcometer Inc. Rochester Hills, Mich. Elcometer’s two new probes form part of their coating thickness modular METAL FINISHING