Henkel announces unit for management of corporate venture capital activities

Henkel announces unit for management of corporate venture capital activities

FOCUS one roof. Combined with the broad range of current development activities, Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Mumbai) will enable global know-how ex...

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FOCUS one roof. Combined with the broad range of current development activities, Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Mumbai) will enable global know-how exchange and foster collaboration with customers, industrial and academic partners. The c 20,000 sq m campus can accommodate up to 300 researchers and will bring together top scientists from India and other parts of the world. All global research operations at the campus will be housed under BASF Chemicals India Private Ltd, a subsidiary of BASF SE. Over the past four years the BASF Group has invested approximately €300 M in manufacturing and R&D in India, its third biggest Asian market. In related news, BASF has revealed that it intends to invest about €3 bn during 2017-2021 in Asia Pacific nations including India, where it generates 12% of its €12 bn sales in Asia. The firm will invest in India's infrastructure, automobile, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction and leather industries. In the next four years, BASF will introduce 250 new products in Asia Pacific, with 25 in India. Over the period to 2021 the firm is planning to invest around €19 bn globally. Original source: BASF, 3 Mar 2017, (Website: http://www.basf.com/) © BASF 2017. Original Source: Business Line, 3 Mar 2017, 24 (53), 2 (Website: http://www.thehindubusinessline. com) © The Hindu Business Line 2017

Henkel announces unit for management of corporate venture capital activities With investments of more than €25 M in a number of start-ups and venture capital funds, Henkel will now manage its corporate venture capital activities in a dedicated unit: Henkel Ventures. Led by an experienced management team, Henkel Ventures will focus on investing a total amount of up to €150 M in startups with specific digital or technological expertise. The team will actively evaluate and manage equity investments and joint development projects with start-up companies in order to explore new technologies, applications and business models in areas of strategic interest to Henkel. Start-up businesses will benefit from the collaboration with Henkel Ventures through access to Henkel's global footprint and long-term experience. In its consumer businesses Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care, the focus will be primarily on digital, from 'internet of

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things' to social media, e-commerce as well as personalized products and services.

SustOleo line of palm-free emulsifiers and other ingredients ['Focus on Surfactants', Sep 2016].

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Speculation about AkzoNobel’s future

EU approves merger of chemical giants

Rumours and speculation have been circulating in the US press recently following AkzoNobel's double announcement that it had rejected PPG's takeover bid and was considering spinning off its speciality chemicals business. According to Bloomberg, the Dutch group could earn €10 bn from the sale of its speciality chemicals. In 2016 the division generated sales of €4.78 bn. Citing anonymous sources close to the dossier, Bloomberg says that investment funds (such as Carlyle and CVC Capital Partners) or industrial rivals (such as Evonik and BASF) might be interested in making the acquisition. Meanwhile, there is speculation about PPG's strategy. After its initial €83/share bid was rejected by AkzoNobel on 9 Mar 2017, PPG said it still believed buying the Dutch group made strategic sense. It then made a second, improved offer for €88.72/ share (adjusted for final dividend), which AkzoNobel again rejected on 22 Mar 2017, citing extensive anti-trust concerns and significant undervaluation of the company, among other reasons.

Following several postponements ['Focus on Surfactants', Jan & Mar 2017], the European Commission has finally approved the $130 bn merger of US chemical giants Dow Chemical and DuPont, but with conditions. DuPont has to sell a large part of its global pesticides business, including associated R&D capacity. The divestments in DuPont's crop protection chemicals business could be of interest to BASF. Dow has to sell assets in the petrochemicals sector, in which both companies are important market players. Dow Chemical has already indicated that it is willing to sell its two acid copolymers plants in Spain and the USA.

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Inolex announces the sale of Lexolube Inolex reported the sale of its industrial lubricants division, known as Lexolube Division, to Zschimmer & Schwarz. Proceeds from this deal will be reinvested to promote Inolex growth. In 2016, Inolex added a new commercial office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a new commercial office and application lab in Guangzhou, China. It also introduced more than 12 new products including the PhytoTrace line of traceable extracts from Provence, France, and the

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BASF invests in renewable chemistry company P2 Science BASF Venture Capital is participating with $2.5 M in a $9.55 M financing round in the US renewable chemistry firm P2 Science. Headquartered in Woodbridge, CT, USA, P2 Science is a speciality chemicals company with a unique flow chemistry process that converts renewable feedstocks to highvalue products and intermediates. The investment is co-led by Xeraya Capital and BASF Venture Capital and includes contributions from existing investors. P2 Science will use this financing to build and run its first commercial plant, in the New Haven, CT, area, using its proprietary technology for the production of speciality chemicals. Products from this plant will be sold into flavour and fragrance, cosmetics and related markets. Original source: BASF, 1 Mar 2017, (Website: http://www.basf.com/) © BASF 2017