High-amylose starch genes

High-amylose starch genes

calcium ~celate, and an oxidalion l , ~ l ~ h ~ X L ~ l l l ~ inhibitor to simultaneously complex the Nut blanchil~ method Georse, D.P., Ri88e, RJ. a...

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calcium ~celate, and an oxidalion l , ~ l ~ h ~ X L ~ l l l ~ inhibitor to simultaneously complex the

Nut blanchil~ method Georse, D.P., Ri88e, RJ. and Williams, D.L


~ spa. ~an. ~ United US5 393545 Starchesand s u p n A food composition of animal and/or 1 vegetable origin that contaim lysozyme and a chelalir~ agent in amounts that ~ c m d m r c h are effective at pmventin~ comami- Kovach, N.C (Cemd Insredie~ Inc., Kansas nation of the food by C ~ r / d ~ n C~y,KS,USA)Un~edSinese-dmtUSs ~ss~ botulinum.

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USA)Uni~dS¢~sP,~t US5 391389 A product and process for removing the skins from nuts (blanching)involves wettin 8 the nut kernels with an alkaline solution and then a peroxysen solution. 7he two substances react underneath the skin to liberate gas between the nut meat and the skin. The 8as I~Jbbles blister the skin, causin8 it to become loosened. Slight mechanical brushing is used to dislodge the blistered skins from the nut meats,

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are separated in d~e second sere as r a ~ na~e pmduc~ and e~ract m o d ~ for recyde, , e s p e c ~ .

of the potato strips with calcium ions and also to complex the ferrous ions dation and subsequent discoloration. Such ptetrealed potato strips are then partially fried to produce an improved potato product for French frying,

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bha~t Hosan& A. {B~san AG, Wekdem~, Switzedand)Sw~sPa~ CH 684 921 A5 [in Gemwnl A biscuit that is fiee from sluten, animal protein and animal fat contains 8uar meal, and is suitable for use as an appetite suppressor.

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Method of ~ o f a c e r e a l ~ d u c t for the prepara~ ~ baked ~ , s that have a superior cnm~ s~en~, ~ res~unt lo ~ ~, excessive or imufEdem mobtum ,~d h,we an extended sheU life. The cered product is made ~om a mi,ed, mechbead.~ IFain, which has .-60-~)% of its starch enzyn~.ally conve,ted to a soluble fo~m, and 4 - 3 0 ~ (w/w) of a caranel su~" m~um. The perched sugar mi~me contaim ~ 0 % mailose and <5% duco~, and ~-amylase is the prefened enzyme.

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I-I~s~0 T.W. and I..KI~I~, I. ~ des rrodu~sk~s~, vevey,Sw~zed~ S~ssPam~ TMV (l"eclmolo~ ~ Ve~riebsGmbH, CH684775A5 I~ Fnmchl 30916 ~ , Germany)~ Federal RepubficP~entAl~licalJonDE43 32 719A! [in Z~nen, HA. (I.IOP,Des Plaines,~L60017-5017, A pmc'ess for the manufacture uf rice German] US,q)Europeaneaen¢~ c a ~ n EP0 633306^~ pasta products: a mix (32-45%, drymass ~ is prepmd from dce A process for the adjustment or s~a,"r~- A methyl for U"~ recover, of poly- flour or semolina, w-,~er, an ionic selfrom an lin8 asent, an emulsifier and a raisi~ arclization of the flavour of pieces o~ unsaturated ~ inm,es~mc,~ mc~on ~0duc~ The fruit or vesetables that contain 8as agent; d~e mix is ecumion cooked; the vacuoles, without the use of artificial ~-~Ag~cen~s~e se~'~,d by se~en- exUudaQe~ ~nme~eh/comacted w~h ~ se~- water containin8 a cation that imeracts flavoudnss, is based on the repine- ~1 ~ e rnent of the ga~ in the vacuoles by a rations: uiacy~lycerols are separated with the 8ellins asent to form a Eel; and liquid containin~ flavourinss, etc. The from saturated familyacids in the first finally, the celled product is dried. fatty acids are flavourings may be natural flavour con~ sure; and ~ in the second s~age,in ruder pounds reinforcing the typical flavour ~ of the product, or flavourin~ comple- to be rec~led ~o the ~ ~surchsem mentin8 lhe natural flavour of the prod- reacSon zone. In a ffefermd emlxxfi- ~ a~l ~ I. ~sWut ~r uct. A similar process may be used for ment, usi~ dlica gel in the tim s~age Bed~ GmbH,14195 the adjustment or mndardization of the and s~licali~e in the secoml stage as Uedin,Gemm~GemanFederal~ em~ adsorbem, and heptanore as ~ colour of the fruit or vesetable pieces. ApplicationDE4330960A1 [in Germ~] in both su~es, t r i a c y ~ product ~s recovered as tbe tim-stage ralfina~ and A combinetion of DNA sequencesdu~ ~ et~,~e auoeUer the umaU~ed fa~ ac~l recyclepmcluct when expressed in tram~-nic Idant sueam is recovemclas the ra~na~ in the cells or plains, comidmbly increases v~m~o, ~., ~o~,r,.,o d ~ ~, ~-,~,~ ~ second m~e. ~n another emboc~ne~ the amylme content of starch. ^ Tokyo, J~m) Eum~e~ Pate~ Apldic~on using dlical~ adsod~nt in both stages, rn~hod ~ ~e p~epara~on o~ these and 2 ~ ~n the fi~ rose and b~nssen~: pbms ~ d e s c r Y , msmher EP0635219A1 acetone in u~e secoml sure as desor- with the high-amylose starch, derived An agent for keepir~ vegetables and ben~s,saturatedfatty aciclsam removed fromeesep~ms. fruit fresh, which e~ends their shelf life by quickly absorbing ethylene wm~out formin8 hazardous substances. The agent comprises a compound with a hydrosilyl group and a hyclmsilylation carat. Trendsin FoodScience& TechnologyOctober1995 [Vol.6]