High pressures and dry running no problem

High pressures and dry running no problem

Seals for peanuts nert insid~ PFA-lined sealless ANSI pump gives no reaction Magnatex ® Pumps, Inc. is introducing the new Texel ® MTA Series Pumps...

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Seals for peanuts

nert insid~

PFA-lined sealless ANSI pump gives no reaction Magnatex ® Pumps, Inc. is introducing the new Texel ® MTA Series Pumps. These feature a A N S I compatible design combined with a chemically inert PFA lining. Available in three models, the MTA Series Pump features a ductileiron, armoured design that conforms to ANSI B73.1 hydraulic and dimensional standards, thus preventing .the need to alter piping or baseplates of existing ANSI installations. The pump's PFA fluoropolymer lining offers superior chemical corrosion resistance making it compatible with mineral and organic acids, bases, alcohols, hydrocarbons and halogens. PFA is less permeable than ETFE, PVDF or other lining materials. A proprietary, patented transfer and compression

moulding process gives the MTA's PFA lining superior density, uniform thickness and high adhesive properties to prevent separation at high temperatures. Additional product features include * Close,coupled design engineered for standard C-face motors • Seal-less, magnetic drive provides leak-free performance • High-strength, rare earth magnets for efficient, no-slip drive • Non-metallic containment shell prevents the hysteresis losses associated with alloy cans • Flow rates to 320 gal/min,

150 psi maximum working pressure. Magnatex Pumps, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Texel Pumps in North and South America. CONTACT Joe Strahler, Sales Manager, Magnatex Pumps Inc., PO Box 770845, Houston, TX 77215-0845, USA. Tel: +1 713 972 8666.

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High pressures and dry running no problem In certain liquids transfer applications, pumps need to be able to run dry, without the risk of damage and expensive downtime. Such applications are ideal for the Ponndoff PK50, a competitively priced peristaltic pump, available from Pump Engineering. The PK50 pump uses a sealed pump-case, which is half-filled with liquid. This provides lubrication and cooling for the pump hose and enables dry-running, without damage occurring due to overheating. These pumps also offer the other advantages of peristaltic pumping, which are particularly important to the food processing and water treatment industries: for example, shear sensitive, delicate liquids or those containing

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April 2000

solids remain unaffected by the pumping process. Cleaning and washing is also simplified because unlike other types of pump, only the hose has contact with the process fluid, therefore quick and effective cleaning is achieved simply by flushing through the hose. The

pump is fully reversible and is supplied with a wide selection of hose materials including natural rubber, food grade NBR and EPM. This makes it ideal for transferring products Such as sauces, yogurt, creams and pastes or metering and dosing suspended solids, for example, milk of lime dosing in water and effluent treatment applications. With a maximum recommended suction lift of 8 m, the pump can deliver flowrates up to 15 5001/h at pressures to 15 bar. Standard connections are 50 mm stainless steel hosetails, with other connections to order. CONTACT Pump Engineering Ltd, Riverside Estate, Littfehampton, West Sussex BN17 5DF, UK. Tel: +44 1403 752889.

Polymer provides consistent food seal performance CDI Seals has selected Victrex® PEEKTM polymer for a critical pump component used in the manufacture of peanut butter. This FDA-approved polymer's inherent high mechanical strength combined with its ductility and resistance to wear and friction, made it ideally suited to this high speed, dynamic application. CDI Seals' product engineer Thomas Thompson explains: "The design challenge we faced was to seal this thick and highly abrasive food under very high pressure, while providing a consistent seal life of three to four weeks. Conventional PTFE chevron packing sets and rope packing were being worn down in half this time due to the abrasive nature of the peanut butter. AS a result, the manufacturer was regularly experiencing product leakage and emergency shutdowns to replace the seals in the pump." Initially, CDI Seal designed a V-packing set with rubber 'chevron' rings, a reinforced PTFE V-ring, a PTFE male adapter and an acetal female adapter. Mr. Thompson continues: "The packing set worked well until the manufacturer increased the production schedule from twelve hours a day, five days a week, to twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and for three weeks at a time. The female adapter plays a crucial role in the V-packing set because it has to support the load applied by the consistently high pressure." Unfortunately the acetal did not offer sufficient strength to withstand the additional pressure. A subsequent change to bronze, while enhancing the strength of the part, generated so much frictional heat that the peanut butter carbonised in the pump's stuffing box. CONTACT Victrex Technology Centre, Hillhouse International, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 4QD, UK. Tel: +44 1253 897703; Fax: +44 1253 897701; E-maih [email protected]