Hot-dip coating process

Hot-dip coating process

Electroformed Circuitry Hot-Dip Coating Process Los Angeles H. Tasaki et al, assignors fo NipponMining8 Metals Co. Ltd., Tokyo U.S. Patent5,364,27...

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Electroformed Circuitry

Hot-Dip Coating Process

Los Angeles

H. Tasaki et al, assignors fo NipponMining8 Metals Co. Ltd., Tokyo

U.S. Patent5,364,277.Nov.15, 1994 WT.Crumly et al., assignors to Hughes Aircraft Co.,

An electrical circuit comprising a dielectric substrate, and a pattern of conductive traces on one side of the substrate with at least one of the conductive traces having a three-dimensional conductive circuit feature formed integrally therewith and projecting from the trace surface in a first direction for providing a readily connectable and disconnectable pressure interconnection to another element.

Electroless Gold Bath

U.S. Patent5,364,478.Nov.15, 1994

A method for producing a brown coated article, wherein an iron substrate is dipped at a temperature of from 430-6OOT in a molten zinc plating bath containing from 0.05-l% by weight of manganese, so as to zinc hot-dip galvanize the same, a heat treatment is carried out to convert a zinc-manganese phase formed by the zinchot dip galvanizing to a zinc-manganeseiron phase, and, subsequently the zinc hot-dip galvanizing layer is brought into contact with an acidic aqueous solution containing an oxidizing agent.

solution that is in the bath; allowing acid solution to overflow at a level from the top of the bath, recirculating at least a portion of the acid etch solution, which overflows from the bath, back into the bath; and maintaining the temperature of the acid etch solution.

Magnetron Cathode

U.S. fatent5,364,518. Nov. 15, 1994

K. [email protected] ef al, assignors to LeyMd AG, Hanau, Germany

An apparatus for coating a substrate, comprising a tubular cathode on which a tubular target is fixed, said cathode being rotatable about a central axis.

U.S. Patent5,364,460. Nov. f5, 1994

K. Morimofo et al, assignors to C. Uyemura & Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan

An electroless gold plating bath comprising a gold sulfite; a sulfite as a complexing agent for gold ion; at least one reducing agent selected from the group consisting of a hydrazine, ascorbic acid, a salt of ascorbic acid, trimethylamineborane, and dimethylamineborane; and an organic phosphonic acid or a salt thereof.

Method of Electroplating Half Sliding Bearings

Acid Etch Apparatus and Process

U.S. fatenf5,364,523.Nov.15, 1994

U.S. Pafenf $384,494.Nov.15, 1994

7: Tanaka et al, assignors to Daido Metal Co. Ltd., Nagoya, Japan

G.E. Hutchisonand R.L. Riddle, assignors to UniversalEngravingInc., Over/and Park, Kan.

A process for electrodepositing a metallic layer on half sliding bearings in an electroplating tank, wherein the electrodeposition of the metallic layer is carried out while the bearings are moved vertically in

A method of acid etching a metal die

comprising the steps of positioning a metal die above a bath of acid etch solution; exposing the metal die to the acid etching


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