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Miscellaneous Bytes~Biochemical Education 26 (1998) 224-227 dietary sources, to describe their metabolic role(s) and to be aware of the consequences ...

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Miscellaneous Bytes~Biochemical Education 26 (1998) 224-227

dietary sources, to describe their metabolic role(s) and to be aware of the consequences of deficiencies or excesses. The site has extensive information and cross referencing between topics. There is emphasis on veterinary application, but the information is of general use in human nutrition also. The leader of the production team is Dr Nick Costa, Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry and Nutrition, School of Veterinary Studies, Murdoch University, Western Australia.


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http:/ Stockton Press is an imprint of Macmillan Press Ltd which includes Nature and Scientific American. Most services here are commercial, but may be convenient for initiating subscriptions.

PII: S0307-4412(98)00200-3 MAGE--Electronic Edition of Protein Science

PII: S0307-4412(98)00204-0 From this electronic edition of the journal Protein Science you can download Mage for IBM-compatible PCs, Macintosh computers and UNIX workstations. Mage was written by David and Jane Richardson of Duke University and Robert M. Weiss. Kinemages (to be viewed with Mage) which have been published in Protein Science are searchable by keyword and are available for downloading. PII: S0307-4412(98)00201-5 The ABC's of Nuclear Science The pages are provided by the Nuclear Science Education Committee from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA). Biochemistry students can learn about radioactivity: ct-, fl- and y-decay, and browse through antimatter, fission and fusion and how elements on the earth were produced. There is a series of experiments described on decay and radiation properties which could be adapted to teaching of isotope applications.

Homework Central Claiming to be the biggest site on the Internet for all homework study this location has assembled a range of topics on biochemistry from various sources. You will find the following topics under Science/Life Sciences/Biochemistry. An Animated example of Protein construction. Biochemistry, What is it? Biochemical Compounds. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology On-line Journals. Chemistry tutorial for biochemistry Do It Yourself Glycolysis. Enzymes. Everything you need to know about Amino Acid's. Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle. Laboratory Tips for Organic Students. Organic Chemistry educational resources at BioChemNet. The Metabolic pathways, presented Graphically. The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database. Toxicology tutorial.

PII: S0307- 4412(98)00205-2 Internet guide to medical information and support groups PII: S0307-4412(98)00202-7 HTML browser from FAICO Information Solutions Download the LIKSE browser for Windows 3.xx or Win 95/NT so that you can present students with HTML files off-line. If you want students to take material away, but cannot be sure that they will have Netscape or Internet Explorer then bundle your HTML files with the LIKSE browser. It is small and fast. As a bonus it will search for key words in disk files to locate lost or targeted information. You can also obtain the DiDa HTML editor and other web products. Downloading is free although registration is expected and provides access to an enhanced version.

This USA site is unusual in being apparently privately maintained with some feminine touches from [email protected] Visitors can choose from: MEDICAL CHATS to communicate with others on the internet through real-time chats or message exchange. DOCTORS ONLINE which links to doctors and health professionals who will provide responses to questions either through email or bulletin board formats. NEWSGROUPS with a linked list of health related newsgroups. MEDLINE--Information on how to access and retrieve published medical citations and abstracts using the National Library of Medicine. MEDICAL LINKS--Links to Daily Health News, Cancer Links, Medical Resource, Journals and Publications, Medical Diseases, Medical Conditions, and General Health.