Hydrogen generator

Hydrogen generator

Int. J Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 135-136, 1985. Pergamon Press Ltd. Printed in Great Britain. International Association for Hydrogen Energy...

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Int. J Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 135-136, 1985. Pergamon Press Ltd. Printed in Great Britain. International Association for Hydrogen Energy.

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This disclosure relates to a replaceable cartridge hydrogen generator of the type which relies at least partially on the process of anodic corrosion to produce hydrogen. The cartridge has an outer container wall which holds a consumable anodic material and an electrolyte therein. The container wall can be made the cathode of the cell. An electrical circuit is provided with a switch means between the anode and cathode to regulate current flow and hydrogen is generated when there is current flow in the circuit, the generator's operation being instantaneously controlled by the switch means. The container and anodic material can be cylindrically-shaped and placed in an upright position when in use to have the electrolyte cover the anodic material.

HYDRIODIC ACID-ANODED E P O L A R I Z E D HYDROGEN GENERATOR Nicholas J Maskalick assigned to Westinghouse Electric Corp Hydrogen is recovered from aqueous hydriodic acid in the presence of sulfuric acid, in an electrolysis cell having an anode and cathode compartment separated by a hydrogen ion permeable membrane, by electrochemically liberating iodine in the anode compartment by anodization of iodide anions, and electrochemically generating hydrogen in the cathode compartment from hydrogen cations that migrate across the membrane.



Erich F Kujas assighed to RCA Corporation

Yoshio Oda, Takesh Morimoto, Kohji Suzuki, Kanagawa, Japan assigned to Asahi Glass Company Ltd

An improved electrode useful in nickelhydrogen fuel cells is disclosed. The electrode is comprised of an alloy of equal quantities of palladium and ruthenium on a suitable support material.

A process for producing hydrogen by an electrolysis of water with an aqueous solution of an alkali hydroxide is provided. It is to use an electrolytic cell prepared by bonding a gas and liquid permeable anode on one surface of a cationexchange membrane of a fluorinated polymer and a gas and liquid permeable cathode on the other surface of the membrane. An economical metal can be used as the substance for the electrolvtic cell Hydrogen can be produced at a lo,~ voltage in stable for a long time.

4463063 HYDROGEN


Otto J Adthart assigned to Engelhard Corporation 135