In-tank filter system

In-tank filter system

DUCTNEWS Safer filter for people and environment A filtration system from Marty-n Scott Associates is designed to protect both humans and the environm...

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DUCTNEWS Safer filter for people and environment A filtration system from Marty-n Scott Associates is designed to protect both humans and the environment during organic paint and pigment production. As a fully-closed system the Fundabac offers many advantages over conventional open systems. Fundabac uses no mechanical rotating components, and is capable of filtering, washing, polishing or extraction. Incorporating fine filter cloths and constructed with highly corrosion-resistant materials, the system offers flexibility of application and ease of installation and maintenance. Use of Fundabac during AZ0 paint production provides three main benefits over the conventional filter press. First, the totally enclosed machine protects the operators working in the

plant. Secondly, the fully automatic nature of the system inhibits human contact with allergenic substances. Thirdly, the cost is controlled because the dry discharge system minimises disposal costs normally associated with solid wastes. In the use of filter presses, cellulose fibres are added as a filter aid, but the filter cloths have to be changed regularly, because of quick blinding. The flow rate is around 1000 - 1500 l/m’h. With F’undabac and pre-coating the filtration rate is doubled to 3000 1/ m’h; blinding is also reduced. Recovery of valuable products out of waste is possible, minimising loss, improving the quality of waste streams, and reducing disposal costs. In the production of reactive dyes, many of the intermediates in

the process are highly toxic and hazardous. The containment of the whole, using Fundabac, eliminates these problems.

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In-tankfilter system Serfilco’s new Sub-Admiral in-tank suction filtration systems are very suitable for plating, photographic, acid and laboratory solutions where high agitation is desirable. Available in CFVC for operation up to 93”C, they offer total nonmetallic solution contact. Standard models offer filtration rates up to 22,000 l/h. A discharge eductor feature provides agitation rates up to 58,000 l/h, permitting the use of a small pump to circulate a large volume of liquid in a tank, thereby preventing stratifaction of liquids or settling of solids, and providing an effective alternative to air agitation.

The systems utilise a bearing-free, seal-less cantilevered pump for total solution containment and dryrun capability, and accept standard 2’/2 inch-diameter depth filter cartridges, as well as re-usable sleeve, carbon, pleated or minicanister cartridges. Sub-Admiral can also be used as a transfer pump when not needed as a filter system. [email protected] Europe L&d, Broadoak Industrial Park, Ashburton Road West, Trdord Park, Manchester Ml 7 IRW, UK. Tel: +44 (0)Sl 872 1317, Fax: -I-44 (0) 61 873 8027.

Whether it’s chemicals, mined materials, pigments, pharmaceuticals or any of a variety of slurried wastes, Larox dewatering equip ment turns out a dry cake. . . automatically, with continuous batch processing that produces up to 94% dry solids. . . withoot heat. Larox dramatically cuts dewatering costs with greatly reduced energy consumption, lower labor costs and reliable, well-built equipment.

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