Industrial dispenser from FMI

Industrial dispenser from FMI

news product and services New line of wastewater pumps from Bell & Gossett Bredel improves sterility with BioBarb fittings ITT has introduced a new...

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news product and services

New line of wastewater pumps from Bell & Gossett

Bredel improves sterility with BioBarb fittings

ITT has introduced a new line of wastewater pumps under its Bell & Gossett brand. This new line reportedly includes sump, sewage and effluent wastewater pumps, engineered wastewater pumps including grinder pumps and panels, float switches, basins and pump removal system accessories.

Peristaltic pump manufacturer Watson-Marlow Bredel has developed BioBarb, a range of disposable tube fittings that can eliminate the risk of crosscontamination during media transfer.

line is intended to target the commercial construction market. Bell & Gossett’s ESP-PLUS pump selection software has been enhanced to include the new line of wastewater pumps for webbased and standalone selections.

Bell & Gossett’s new range is designed for water transfer, dewatering, effluent transfer and basement draining. Designed for use in all types of wastewater applications, the sump, effluent and sewage line is sold through plumbing and heating wholesalers for residential applications, while the engineered wastewater

The new range of wastewater pumps.

The range completes WatsonMarlow Bredel’s sterile pumping package and includes connectors, end caps and clamps.

therefore maximises uptime. Manufactured using DMF-listed polypropylene, the connectors comply with FDA and USP Class VI test protocols. Similarly, the clamps are produced using glassreinforced nylon compliant with USP Class VI. Permanent moulded lot and size identification on the connectors can ensure accurate traceability and enables correct usage.

The connector’s inner diameter is identical to that of the tube to provide an unimpeded path, whilst its oversized single barb design provides secure tube adhesion that can be re-enforced using clamps or cable ties if desired, Watson-Marlow says. The disposable nature eliminates the need for cleaning and

The BioBarb disposible tube fittings.

Tapflo pump range extended

Industrial dispenser from FMI Fluid Metering Inc (FMI) has introduced IDS2000, an industrial precision fluid dispenser with a new quick run module. This new model is suitable for precision fluid dispensing in production and process environments, the company says, and consists of FMI’s

patented valveless ceramic piston pump direct-coupled to a precision stepper motor. The stepper motor and stepper driver electronics are packaged in a splash-proof stainless steel enclosure and the integrally mounted quick-run module provides a ready-touse interface accepting a foot

switch or an external relay to activate dispensing. The IDS2000 can dispense from 2 ul to 7 ml and is suitable for dispensing solvents, lubricants, cleaning agents, flux and adhesives. It is suitable for for medical component assembly or any industrial dispensing application.

Larox peristaltic pump can be used in brewing Larox’s LPP peristaltic pumps can reliably handle kieselguhr (aka diatomaceous earth or diatomite), the company says. Kieselguhr, which is used in brewing, is extremely abrasive, and can cause severe wear in conventional pumps.

To optimise the pumps’ filtration efficiency, Paulaner Brauerei, the largwest brewery in Munich, Germany, replaced a traditional hose pump with a Larox peristaltic pump (LPP 40) to feed kieselguhr to a pressure filter which dewaters the spent kieselguhr before disposal. During the

filter feed, the feed line pressure increases from 0 to 7.5 bar. This pressure controls the pump speed through a frequency inverter whilst the pressure pulsation in the feed line is minimised. Since its installation in June 2005, the pump has been in continuous operation, Larox says.

Tapflo Pumps has extended its magnetic drive pump portfolio with the addition of the small Tapflo STN series of pumps. These units offer pumping of aggressive chemical and hazardous material and the mag-drive system eliminates the potential for product to leak. They are available with motor powers from 0.12 kw to 0.55 kw in either three phase, single phase and 110 v motor supply and special voltages are available, the company says. The pumps are designed to suit small chemical transfer applications, OEM markets, surface treatment, metal finishing and bio-diesel manufacture.

Enerpac launches new portable hands-free hydraulic pump Enerpac has developed a portable hands-free hydraulic pump designed to make maintenance, fabrication and lifting tasks easier and safer. The P-392FP series lightweight (7kg) hydraulic foot pump is


designed for use in-house, onsite, onshore or offshore where electrical or pneumatic pumps are not available. The high-pressure (700 bar) pump is similar to Enerpac’s established ranges of hand

pumps, but is actuated by foot so that the operator can keep both hands free. It has a flow rate of 2.47 cc per stroke oil flow at rated pressure making it suitable for onshore and offshore construction,

engineering, manufacturing, mining and petroleum sites. The pump features a two-speed operation to reduce foot pedal strokes by as much as 78% over one-speed pumps, Enerpac claims.

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