Journal of world business volume 32 index

Journal of world business volume 32 index

Journal of World Business Volume 32 Index TITLE B Building Cooperative Advantage: Managing Strategic Alliances to Promote Organizational Learning. D...

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Journal of World Business Volume 32


Building Cooperative Advantage: Managing Strategic Alliances to Promote Organizational Learning. David Lei, John W. Slocum, Jr., & Robert A. Pitts, (3): 203-223. Business Ethics Across Cultures: A Social Cognitive Model. Alex Stajkovic & Fred Luthans, (1): 17-34. C Competition and Change: Mapping the Indian HRM Recipe Against WorldWide Patterns. Paul R. Sparrow & Pawan S. Budhwar, (3): 224-242. A Contingency Framework for the Mode of Entry Decision. V. Kumar & Velavan Subramaniam, (1): 53-72. Cultural Implications of Implementing TQM in Poland. Jennifer Roney, (2): 152-168. E Examining Relationships

the Role of Buyer-Seller in Export Performance.

INDEX Nigel Piercy, David Cravens, stantine Katsikeas, (1): 73-86.

& Con-

Expatriate Assignment versus Overseas Experience: Contrasting Models of International Human Resource Development. Kerr Inkson, Michael B. Arthur, Judith Pringle, & Sean Barry, (4): 351-368. Expatriate Compensation in Historical Perspective. Calvin Reynolds, (2): 118-132. F Flexible Working in Europe. Chris Brewster, Lesley Mayne, & Olga Tregaskis, (2): 133-151. G Generic Differences Between Equity International Joint Ventures (EIJVs), International Acquisitions (IAs) & International Greenfield Investments (IGIs): Implications for Parent Companies. William Newburry & Yoram Zeira, (2): 87-102.



I Increasing Returns: Competing for Customers in the Global Market. Sandra Vandermerwe, (4): 333-350. The Internationalization of Management Knowledge Dissemination: A Dialectic. Leyland Pitt, Pierre Berthon, & Matthew Robson, (4): 369-385. M Managing Inpatriates: Building a Global Core Competency. Michael Harvey & M. Ronald Buckley, (1): 35-52. A Marketing Perspective of the U.S. International Trade Commission’ s AntiAn Empirical dumping Actions: Inquiry. Michael R. Czinkota & Masaaki Kotabe, (2): 169-187. 0 Organizing Global Communications to Minimize Spill-Over Damage to Brand Equity. David A. Griffith & John K. Ryans, Jr, (3): 189-202.

Protecting Intellectual Capital in International Alliances. C. Christopher Baughn, Johannes G. Denekamp, John H. Stevens, & Richard N. Osborn, (2): 103-l 17. R Russia’s True Business Performance Inviting to International Business? Avraham Shama & Margaret N. Merrell, (4): 320-332. Russian Managers’ Beliefs About Work: Beyond the Stereotypes. Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. McCarthy, & Alexander I. Naumov, (3): 258-276. S Selecting Partners for Successful International Alliances: Examinations of U.S. & Korean Firms. M. Tina Dacin, Michael Hitt, & Edward Levitas, (1): 3-16. Strategic Investment Flexibility for MNE Success in Russia: Evolving Beyond Entry Modes. Daniel J. McCarthy & Sheila M. Puffer, (4): 293-319.

P The Pricing of Export Products: Why Aren’t Managers Satisfied With the Results? Matthew B. Myers, (3): 277289.

T Towards Effective Management of Expatriate Spouses. Betty Jane Punnett, (3): 243-257.




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of World Business

/ 32C4) / 1997

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of World Business

I 32(4) I 19%’

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