Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods

OLR(1980)27(12) E. BiologicalOceanography Tyrrhenian Sea including Anthelura fresii sp. n. and Apanthura tyrrhenica sp. n.] Zoologica Scr., 9(1): 53...

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E. BiologicalOceanography

Tyrrhenian Sea including Anthelura fresii sp. n. and Apanthura tyrrhenica sp. n.] Zoologica Scr., 9(1): 53-66. Includes 99 drawings. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat Kiel, Hegewischstrasse 3, D-2300 Kiel, F.R.G. 80:6051 Wells, J. B. J., 1979. Keys to aid in the identification of m a r i n e harpacticoid copepods. Zoology Publs Vict. Univ. Coll., 73:8 pp.

This second bulletin of amendments to keys published by the author in 1976 and 1978 corrects errors and presents additions and alterations. Department of Zoology, Victoria University of Wellington, Private Bag, Wellington, New Zealand. (izs) 80:6052 Wilson, G. D., 1980. N e w insights into the colonization of the deep sea: systematics and zoogeography of the Munnldae and the Pleurogoniidae comb. nov. (Isopoda: Janiroidea). J. nat. Hist., 14(2): 215-236.

Detailed examination of the systematics of asellote isopods (Munnidae) revealed two family-rank taxa; these are redefined as the Munnidae (cosmopolitan, shallow-water types with a few broad-depth range deep sea species) and the Pleurogoniidae (Southern Hemisphere, cold, stenotopic types with many deep sea representatives; Pleurogonium is its northern genus 'likely to be the emergent representative of the pleurogoniid diversification in the deep sea'). Striking zoogeographic differences of the two new groupings are presented. Includes drawings and ca. 75 references. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, A-002, La Jolla, Calif. 92093, U.S.A. (sir) 80:6053 Wroblewski, J. S., 1980. A simulation of the distribution of Acartia clausi during Oregon upwelling, August 1973. J. Plankt. Res., 2(1): 43 -68.

The offshore distribution of the four life stages of A. clausi is governed by the magnitude and intermittency of wind-driven offshore transport, duration of each life stage, and mortality. 'The relaxation phase of intermittent upwelling carries A. clausi back towards shore, reducing cross-shelf transport.' This implies that zooplankton may be washed out during periods of prolonged upwelling caused by steady winds (e.g., off Northwest Africa). High mortality of A. clausi appears to occur at all stages. Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4J1, Canada. (mjj)


80:6054 Yu, Hsiang-Ping, 1979. The swimming crabs (Crustacea, D e c a p o d a , Portunidae) of Taiwan [6 genera, 21 species]. (In Chinese; English abstract.) Aquiculture, Taiwan, 2(3): 41-74. Includes ca. 60 drawings. Graduate School of Fisheries, Taiwan Provincial College of Marine Science and Technology, Keelung, Taiwan 200, Republic of China. 80:6055 Zavodnik, Dusan, Mirjana Hrs-Brenko, Mirjana Krajnovic-Ozretic, Zdravko Stevcic and Nevenka Zavodnik, organizers, 1975/76/78. P r o c e e d i n g s of the 2nd E c h i n o d e r m s Conference: Rovinj, September 26-Oeteber 1, 1975. Thalassia Jugosl., 12(1): 383 pp.; 48 papers.

This international conference covered all aspects of echinoderm biology--physiology, diversity, morphology, biochemistry, adaptation, distribution, evolution, ecology and paleoecology, taxonomy, reproduction, nutrition, histology, and culture---describing work in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, Gulf of Gascogne, Juan Fernandez and Solitary islands, Galway Bay, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Western Australia and western North America. Representatives of Echinoidea, Crinoidea, Holothuroidea, Asteroidea and Ophiuroidea were considered. Several papers are in French. (izs)

3. Algae (systematics, life cycles, morphology, physiology, etc.) 80:6056 Ben-Amotz, A. and A. Gilboa, 1980. Cryopreservation of marine unicellular algae. II. Induction of freezing tolerance. Mar. Ecol.Prog. Set., 2(3): 221-224.

Growth at 4°C with a deficiency of nitrate, phosphate and bicarbonate slowed algal growth rates and increased tolerance to freezing in liquid nitrogen. Resistance to freezing could be due to changes in lipid saturation or to membrane augmentation. Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Tel-Shikona, P.O.B. 8030, Haifa, Israel. (mjj) 80:6057 Canterford, G. S., 1979. Effect of EDTA on growth of the marine diatom Ditylum brightwellii (West) Grunow. Aust. J. mar. Freshwat. Res., 30(6): 765-772. Department of