Latin America

Latin America

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Government Publications Review. Vol. 88, pp. 91-92, 1981 Printed in the USA. All rights reserved.


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of the Library,



Centroamericano de Admirlistracibn Managua, Nicaragua

Anuario Statistical

Estadistico Yearbook

de America Latina. for Latin America.

Santiago, Comisi6n econ6mica para Amtrica Latina, 1979. 471 pp. (Sales No. S/ E79.11.G.3) $32.00. In two parts: I. Indicators of Economic and Social Development in Latin America; II. Statistical Series for Latin America. Balance of payments and national accounts tables are presented by countries, while the other tables present national statistics on a single topic, arranged in such a way as to facilitate comparison among countries. and between countries and regional totals or averages. Covers 23 of the 27 member countries of the region. In English and Spanish. 440.

Bibliografia: Participation de la Mujer en cl Desarrollo Rural de Ameriea Latina y cl Carlbe. San Jose, Costa Rica, Centro Inter-

americano de Documentacibn, informaci6n y Communicaci6n Agrlcola, 1980. 103 pp. (IICA. Documentacidn e Informacibn


Postal 2485,

Aaricola no. 78) Available from CIDIA, C&tro Interameiicano de Documentaci6n e lnformacidn Agricola. Divisidn de Usuarios. IICA. Apartado Postal 55 Coronado, Provincia de San Jo&, Costa Rica. Contains 1,965 references on the participation of women in rural development, including topics such as economics, sociology, education, family, nutrition and health. Emphasizes documents produced in Latin America. A publication of the Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agrfcolas, an official institution supported by the governments of the region.

America Latina en cl Umbra1 de los Afros 80.

Santiago, Comisi6n Econ6mica para America Latina, 1979.203 pp. (E/CEPAl/ G. 1106) Available from Comisi6n Econ& mica para AmCrica Latina, Distribuci6n y Venta de Publicaciones, Casilla 179 D, Santiago, Chile. (Other publications of the Comisi6n listed in this article are availabte from the same address.) The first part of this publication covers Latin American economic and social development from 1950 to the beginning of the present decade. The second part deals with the external economic relations of the region. First appeared as a mimeographed document (E/ CEPAL/ 1061 y Add. I). 439.

de Empresas,

441. Caribbean Development Bank. Annual Report, 1979. Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados,

1980. I57 pp. Although basically a report of the Bank’s financial activities, more than half of the document is concerned with international economic developments relevant to the region, economic development in individual countries of the region and Caribbean economic integration. 442. Centroamerica: Ralanaa de Pagos, 19661977. San Jo&, Costa Rica, Consejo Monetario Centroamericano, Secretarfa Ejecutiva, 1979. 181 pp. Presents in succinct form the evolution and performance of the principal factors that make up the external economic sector of Central America, as an aid to the study and understanding of the process of regional economic integration. Discussion of balance of payments, exports, imports and monetary policy of each Central American country and of the region in general. 91



442a. Cuaderno de Salud Ocupacional Para Trabajadores Centroamericanos. San Jose, Costa Rica, Editorial Universitaria Centroamericana, 1980. 212 pp. Available from EDUCA, Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facie, Apartado 37, San Jose, Costa Rica. An interesting sociological and economic analysis of the situation of the Central American industrial and agricultural laborer, together with concrete recommendations on the improvement of working conditions. Produced under the sponsorship of the Confederation Universitaria Centroamericana, an official regional organization comprised of the national universities of the Central American countries. 443. Cuadernos de la Cepal. Santiago de Chile, Comision Economica para America Latina. More, than thirty documents have appeared in this series so far, each one concerned with a specific topic of Latin American development. Number 28 in the series is a study of the management of the foreign debt of Chile; number 29 consists of three studies on monetary policy and balance of payments adjustments; number 30 contains the texts of the four regional evaluations made to date of advances in the economic development of Latin America; number 3 1 is an analysis of the place of education in different theories of development. 444. Estudio Economico de America Latina, 1978. Version preliminar. Santiago, Comision Economica para America Latina, 1979.2 ~01s. (1092 pp.) (E/CEPAL/G.l103 and E/CEPAL/G.l103/Add.l) The annual study issued by the Commission. It is divided into three parts, the first covering the economic evolution of Latin America in 1978, the second describing the economic evolution of each Latin American country, and the third dealing with the internationalization of the world economy and its significance for Latin America. Of especial interest is the inclusion of Cuba, which had not been covered in the Estudio since 1963.

445. Indicadores Sobre la Situation de In Infancia enAmerica Latina y el Caribe. Indicators on-the Situation of Children in Latin America and the Caribbean. Santiago de Chile, Comision Economica para America Latina, Fondo de las Naciones Unidas para la Infancia (UNICEF), 1979. 279 pp.


Provides a series of indicators and statistics on the situation of children in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the purpose of defining the magnitude and characteristics of the problems affecting children in the region. Numerous graphs and maps. In English and Spanish. 446. Integration de la Mujer en el Desarrollo de America Latlna; Directorio: Instituciones, Actividades, Recursos Humanos. Santiago, Comision Economica para America Latina, Centro Latinoamericano de Documentacion Economica y Social (CLADES), 1979. 246 pp. (E/CEPAL/G.1102) A directory that attempts to show the wide range of participation of women in development activities from research to rural service. In three parts: 1. Institutions arranged by country; 2. Activities and programs sponsored by these institutions; 3. Researchers in the area of integrating women into social and economic development. 447. Planindex: Resumenes de Documentos Sobre Planificacion. Nos. 0001-0334. Vol. 1. Santiago, Comision Economica para AmCrica Latina, Centro Latinoamericano de Documentacion Economica y Social (CLADES), Instituto Latinoamericano de Planificacion Economica y Social (ILPES), 1980.347 pp. (E/ CEPAL/CLADES/ L.3) The first number of a semi-annual. annotated bibliography of documents on development planning issued by the central planning offices of the Latin American and Caribbean countries. By means of this publication it is hoped to keep interested persons up to date on studies, plans and research produced in development planning in the region, and to contribute to improving knowledge of experiences undergone so as to avoid duplication of efforts in planning. Six indexes offer different approaches to the 336 documents listed. Instructions are given for obtaining reproductions of the documents. 448. Sela Noticias. Caracas. Secretaria Permanente del SELA, l980Available from Unidad de Relaciones, SELA, Apartado Postal 1703.5, El Conde, Caracas lOlOA, Venezuela. A new, informative bulletin of the Sistema Economico Latinoamericano, an organization established in 1975 to promote regional cooperation.