Mechanical behaviour of rocks under fatigue

Mechanical behaviour of rocks under fatigue

46A 803089 ~ ~ ~ICTION DURING FAR'/~QUAKE LOADlI~ S~e~if, M A; Ishlbashi~ I; Tsuchiya, C Soils Found, %18, ~ , Dec 1978, P19-30 8o3o9o .METHODFOR . ...

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803089 ~ ~ ~ICTION DURING FAR'/~QUAKE LOADlI~ S~e~if, M A; Ishlbashi~ I; Tsuchiya, C Soils Found, %18, ~ , Dec 1978, P19-30

8o3o9o .METHODFOR . ~ I ~

~ E D

Presents examples and attempts to calculate both density and p~re pressure Of shales in sedimentary basins based on the specific deposltional history rather than on empirical relations.


OF SANDY SOILS USING ~ PENETRATION RESISTANCES Tatsuoka, F; Iwasaki, T; Tokida, K Soils Fo%md, VIS, N3, Sept 1978, P~3-~8 803091 HYSTERETIC DAMPING OF SANDS UNDER CYCLIC LOADI ~ AND ITS RELATION TO SHEAR MODULUS Tatsuoka, F; Iwasaki, T; ~ , Y Soils Found, VlS, ~2, June 1978, P25-40 803092 MECHANICAL BEHAVIOUR OF ROCKS U N D ~ FATIGUE Brighenti, G Proc ~th C o ~ e s s International Society for Rock Meehamles, Montre~x, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol i, P6~-70. Publ RotTerdam, A A Bal.kema, 1979 Gives a brief review of the subject and reports cyclic loading tests on 2 sandstones, a marly limestone and gypsum.


ROCKS Von Emgelhardt, W; Ste~elln, R Earth Planet Sol Left, ~ 2 , N2, Feb 1979,


803096 INFERENCE OF CRUSTAL RHEOLOGY FROM STRESS OBSERVATIONS Blaekwood, R L Proc ~th Comgress International Society for Rock Mechanics I Momtreux, 2-8 Sept 1979, VOl i, P37"~. P%~I Rot%~rdsm, A A Balkema, 1979

Tectonic processes 803099 GEOMECHANICAL M O D ~ OF AN ALPINE V~Ltk"Y Kohlbeek, F; S c h e l d ~ A E; ~urgul, J R Rock Mech, VI2, NI, Aug 1979, PI-14 In-situ stress measurements in a near-surface tunnel at the foot of a mountain r ~ in the Felber Valley (Austria) ylelded ~ m d l y high stress values which do not fit into the regional % e c ~ c stress ~ t ~ n . The ~ o u s orientation of the l ~ r i ~ ~s~ axes is confirmed by a statistlcal evalm~2ion of Jointorientation measurements. The~e~ical calculations of the stresses by means c~ a finiteelenent model show ~ t h e experimental values can be explained by the weight of the reck mass alone as a consequer~e of %he local topographic eomdltions. 803100 USE OF STRU6"IK~qAL DATA TO QUANTIFY ~ N I C D I ~ S IN Tm~ ~ c g ~ 0 ~ (z~


Ge gy 803094 D E V E L O P M ~ OF LIMESTONE CAVE SYSPEMS IN THE DIMENSIONS OF ~ A N D D~=I'H F~m'd~ D C; Ewes, R 0 Can J Earth Sci, VIS, Nil, Nov 1978, P1783-

17~ Reviews the literature and develops earlier arguments eo~c~mi~g the development of karst cave S

Rafat, G Gluckauf-forschungah, V40, N2, April 1979,


Earthquake mechanisms and effects See also: 803271 803101 MINI~13 INDUCED SEISMICITY IN THE NORTH ST~2FORDSHIRE COALFIELD, E~La/VD Kusznlr, N J; Aahwln, D P; Brs~ey, A G Int J Rock Mech Min Sci, V17, NI, Feb i ~ 0 ,

P45'55 803095 MECHANICS OF UNLUBRICATED SLIDING Chalsms~, R E Geol Soc Am Bull, Part i, VD0, N1, Jan 1979,

P1~28 A m~thematieal analysis of the ic~ velocity sliding of large blocks on a geological scale, 803096 A N A T ~ OF A MININ~INDUCED FAULT ZONE Gay, N C; 0~tlepp~ W D Geol SOc Am Bull, Part i, VD0, N1, Jan 1979, ~7-~8 Discusses a fault zone at the East Rand Proprietary Mines, Boks~rg, South Africa, associated with 2 large seismic events that occurred within 17 days of each o~he~, causing appreciable rock burst damage tO neighbourlrg stopes. 803097 CALCULAT~ CC~4PACTION STATES OF THICK ABNORMALLY PRESSURED SHALES Bishop, R S Am Ass Petrol Geol Bull, V63, N6, June 1979, P918-933

Seismiclty assoclated with lo~-wall coal extraction has been i~ae2q~ated, The s t ~ shows tAhst selsmielty is directly caused by active miming wi%h earth ~emcr ~ e n t r e s moving in unison and in ~ a m c e of the face. The seismieity does not appear to be dire~ly associated with stay of the ~ c ~ faults bounding the mined area. The ~ c r ! t y of the larger esrth ~ r ~ s have a shear ~ac~ure source and are thought tO be g ~ a % e d in strata ~~ e s sed as a eonsequemoe Of the Infraction of old coal wcrkir~s with the active coal face, The remaining sm~]1~r t r ~ s , which are ~ feltj have molly an ~ o s l o ~ . 1 . ~¢xa-~ ~ ~ suggesting that they are generated by ~ a t a collapse 803102 TIME EVGLUTION OF STRESS UNDER AN ARTIFICIAL LAKE AND ITS ~ C A T I U N FOR I ~ E D S~I~CITY Withers, R J; Nyland, E Can J Earth Sei, VlS, ND, Sept 1978 , P15261534 Gives results from a mathematical model based on consolidation theory.