Membranes in ultrafiltration systems

Membranes in ultrafiltration systems

@DUCTNEWS Fully incinerable, environment-friendly filter developed Terminal diffusers for clean room ceiling grid systems In m a n y countries it is...

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@DUCTNEWS Fully incinerable, environment-friendly filter developed

Terminal diffusers for clean room ceiling grid systems

In m a n y countries it is forbidden by law to incinerate filters equipped with galvanized headers, due to the emission of toxic gases. Consequently, companies are compelled to separate the metal from the non-metal materials in order to facilitate safe disposal and to comply with local and national environmental legislation. To overcome this problem, AAF-International B.V. h a s dev e l o p e d t h e D r i P a k IP, a n e n v i r o n m e n t - f r i e n d l y incinerable pocket filter. The major difference of DriPak IP compared to a conventional filter is t h a t it utilizes a polystyrene h e a d e r instead of a galvanized one. This feature is advantageous in t h a t the entire filter

Donaldson Company's high purity p r o d u c t s division is now offering terminal diffuser filters in the entire range of HEPA and ULPA efficiencies. These filter units are uniquely designed to offer a minim u m of air resistance at any level of efficiency. T e r m i n a l diffuser filters are m a n u f a c tured for use in commercial or clean r o o m ceiling grid systems and can be used in new installations or to u p g r a d e existing facilities.

can n o w be disposed of in a municipal incinerator in compliance with environmental legislation without emitting h a r m f u l s u b s t a n c e s into the atmosphere. If, however, material separation is mandatory, as is the case in some regions, the filter can be d i s p o s e d of by landfill w i t h no d e t r i m e n t a l effect on the environment. By separating materials, custom e r s can significantly reduce the volume and cost of their waste disposal, since only the pockets need to be disposed of, allowing polystyrene c o m p o n e n t s to be recycled.

AAF-International B. V., P.O. Box 7928, 1008 A C Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tel: + 31 2 0 5494411, fax: + 31 20 6444398.

Backwashable pleated cartridge filter launched Parker Filtration h a s launched the Fulflo Poly-Mate Xtra Duty filter cartridge, a backwashable pleated cartridge. This is a new addition to the e c o n o m i c a l Poly-Mate f i l t e r range designed for critical process applications. Developed from a specific b r e w i n g a p p l i c a t i o n for t h e final f i l t r a t i o n s t a g e before bottling, PXD's polypropylene core is glass-filled for high t e m p e r a t u r e and high p r e s s u r e use, and has a rigid o u t e r cage for pleat s u p p o r t in reverse flow applications. The PXD can be cleaned by backwashing, which reduces replacement maintenance and reduces cartridge disposal costs. Besides beer t r a p filtration, the PXD is particularly suited to

sterilising water, deionised water, p a r t s washing, s u g a r / syrup, catalyst recovery, chemicals and process water. F e a t u r e s of t h e p r o d u c t include: the polypropylene core w i t h s t a n d s 2.5 b a r at 93°C, all the materials used comply with FDA regulations for filtration of f o o d s a n d b e v e r a g e s . Melt blown polypropylene media provide high efficiency with u p to 99.9% removal efficiency. The m e d i a is d e s i g n a t e d non-fibre releasing. There are no b i n d e r s to e x t r a c t i n t o critical fluids. Cartridges are available in continuous lengths to 101.6cm to eliminate chances of by-pass.

Parker Hannifin plc, Filter Division, Peel Street, Morely, Leeds LS27 8EL, UK. Tel: + 4 4 532 537921.

Additions to range of magnetic traps For removing metal contamidismantling and reassembly. n a n t s from liquid and slurry In both models the internal process lines, Cesco Models 125 area of the body is substantially a n d 135 are i m p r o v e d a n d greater t h a n the incoming line. u p r a t e models suitable for This slows down the p r o d u c t p r e s s u r e s up to 15 b a r added s t r e a m and ensures m a x i m u m to the range of magnetic t r a p s e x p o s u r e to intense magnetic available t h r o u g h o u t t h e UK forces as product passes from Alpha Technical Services. t h r o u g h the trap. F e a t u r e s include a redeNormally fitted u p s t r e a m of signed, hygienic, FDA app u m p s , screens and dicers, both proved m e t h o d of sealing the models are suitable for temm a g n e t assembly to the body, p e r a t u r e s u p to 150°C, and are rare e a r t h m a g n e t s with en- • p r o d u c e s in sizes from 40 to hanced magnetic capability for 100mm. attracting and retaining metalA l p h a Technical Services Ltd., lic p a r t i c l e s s u c h a s w o r k AItec House, Aintree Road, h a r d e n e d 300 grade stainless Greenford, M i d d x UB6 7PL, UK. steel and an improved m e t h o d Tel: + 44 81 991 2626, fax." + 44 of clamping for easier cleaning, 81 991 5246.


Applications include microelectronics assembly, p h a r m a c e u t i c a l p r o d u c t i o n , critical laboratories and similar industries requiring high purity air flow. Donaldson terminal diffuser filters are ducted, hooded mini-pleat, b e a d - s e p a r a t o r style filters t h a t are light weight and low in profile.

Donaldson Company, Inc, 1400 West 94th Street, PO B o x 1299, Minneapolis, M N 55440-1299, USA. Tel: + 1 612 8 8 7 3475, fax: + 1 612 8 8 7 3612.

Membranes in ultrafiltration systems lonics' s k i d - m o u n t e d ultrafiltration systems, incorporating Ionics' n e w spiral UF m e m b r a n e s , are said to r e m o v e colloids, bacteria, large organics and s u s p e n d e d solids from w a t e r a n d w a s t e w a t e r resources. UF p r e t r e a t m e n t of ion exchange or reverse osmo-

sis processes reduce the SDI, fouling and cleaning requirem e n t s and e x t e n d s the useful life of d o w n s t r e a m resins and membranes.

Ionics, Ine, 65 Grove Street, Watertown, MA 02172, USA, Tel: + 1 6 1 7 9 2 6 2500, fax: + 1 617 926 4304.

Better differential gauge on oil removal filters For m a n y years Zander custom e r s who use compressed air have been asking for a better differential gauge on oil removal filters, the c o m p a n y says. Previously, Zander has found the difficulty h a s always been to m a r r y c u s t o m e r req u i r e m e n t s to a cost effective product. But now the c o m p a n y says it has solved the p r o b l e m with the new ZD 90 g a u g e . A m o n g its f e a t u r e s , t h e gauge has an easy to read dial t h a t can be seen even if the filter is installed in the roof of the factory. There is no p r e s s u r e in the gauge so it is safe in the

case of an accident. There is no direct connection between the gauge and the compressed air no condensate can form on the glass. In a p r e s s u r e surge the needle will stick t h u s alerting the u s e r to u n u s u a l conditions in the system which may need attention. This Zander differential p r e s s u r e gauge ZD 90 is said to add safety and convenience to a practical and efficient range of filters available from the company.

Zander (UK) Ltd, PO B o x 2582, Tamworth, Staffs B 7 7 4QZ, UK. Tel: + 44 1 8 2 7 2 6 0 0 5 6 , f a x : + 44 1872 261196..

Cartridge dust collecter offers efficiency and flexibility The Mactiflo c a r t r i d g e d u s t collector developed by MAC E n v i r n o m e n t a l h a s been designed to provide greater filtering capacity and higher energy efficiency. The c o m p a n y c l a i m s t h e highest capacity can be offered

at the lowest p r e s s u r e drop. The fully m o d u l a r collector can be configured in 8, 12, or 16 filter modules.

MAC Environmental, 10741 Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64153-1272. Tel: +1 816 891 9300, fax: + 1 816 891 8978.

Automatic self-cleaning filter introduced The"SAF" automatic self-cleaning filter has been introduced by Amiad Filtration Systems. Available in mid-range 6", 8" and 10" sizes and AC or DC voltage. For flow rates u p to 1350 g p m and filtration down to 25 micron, t h e "SAF" is

suitable for a wide variety of i n d u s t r i a l a p p l i c a t i o n s . Another clear solution from Amiad.

A m i a d Filtration Systems, 14141 CoveUo St., Bldg. #7C, Van Nays, CA 91405, USA. Tel: + 1 800 969 4055, fax: + 1 818 781 4059.

November 1994

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