New High power laser

New High power laser

Vacuum News Torvac continue to manufacture and supply a range of their own furnaces which are finding steadily expanding outlets in markets both at h...

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News Torvac continue to manufacture and supply a range of their own furnaces which are finding steadily expanding outlets in markets both at home and overseas. Recently, Torvac announced that they had been appointed exclusive agents for America’s leading large industrial vacuum furnace manufacturer, Abar Corp. and now, with their own products and the two agencies, Torvac undoubtedly offer the widest range of production and R & D vacuum furnaces available in this country. Torvac Ltd Circle number 34 on Reader Enquiry Service card



Norgren ‘Rotowink’


Ltd announce Pneumatic



the availability of their new Indicators Type 5VS-4Xx-800.


These indicators, with large domed lens, are designed specifically for general use on pneumatic systems to indicate system state : on/off, empty/full, go/no go, up/down, etc. The operating pressure range is 1 O-l 25 psi and models operate on dry or lubricated air.




The Rotowink works on half one colour and half applied. The domed lens for the machine or plant


provides an extremely high level of performance particularly under low pressure and low flow operating conditions. A porous stainless steel filter assembly is provided on the inlet and this is easily removed for cleaning. Inlet and outlet connections are $ in. internal NPT and there is an extra point for connection to a pressure gauge. Versions are available with either brass or stainless steel poppet valve assemblies and Fairprene or Viton diaphragm. This regulator is particularly suitable for use in instruments where precise regulation of pressure is essential such as gas chromatographs, other gas analysis instrumentation, pilot-plants and gas supply and distribution equipment. Scientific Glass Engineering (UK) Ltd Circle number 33 on Reader Enquiry Service card

New range furnaces

of ultra

high vacuum

high temperature

Torvac Ltd are now offering a new range of well-proven ultra-high vacuum, high temperature furnaces, which have a performance of up to 3000°C temperature, and lo-lo pressure, and built by J S Hetherington Inc. on Menlo Park, USA, who have appointed Torvac to be their British representative. Hetherington furnaces have achieved considerable success in USA where they have been supplied to many leading organizations such as IBM, Varian, Sylvania, Livermore Laboratory and others.

Commercial Vacuum


Rotowinks can be conveniently panel mounted in a standard l& in.-18 UNEF tapped hole and the air connection is $ in. BSPP female. Air consumption is zero. C A Norgren Ltd Circle number 35 on Reader Enquiry Service card


High power


Lexel has extended its line of higher power lasers with the new Model 96, an argon laser that delivers up to 5W of TEMoo power and 6W of MTM power. The Model 96 laser is intended for applications in spectroscopy, dye pumping, holography, laser doppler velocimetry, medicine and biochemistry and photocoagulator systems. This argon laser incorporates design features as in earlier Lexel models to yield the same reliability and stability. It features a permanently sealed gas reservoir, thus eliminating the problems of gas fill systems; a solid invar rod resonator structure for mechanical integrity and exceptional stability; and a continuously active getter that assures easy starting after indefinite shelf life. By complying with the BRH Performance Standards for Class IV lasers, it incorporates key control, radiation emission indicators, beam attenuator, safety interlock, remote control connector, and all required labelling. Lexel Corp Circle number 36 on Reader Enquiry Service card

news system

for CERN

Edwards High Vacuum (Part of BOC Ltd) have recently the largest pumping system they have ever built-probably the largest systems for its purpose in the world.

supplied one of

The contract is for part of a 300 W refrigeration system supplied by BOC for cooling of a new superconducting radio frequency particle separator to be installed at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva. 300

the crank principle which rotates a ball, a contrasting colour, when pressure is provides excellent all-round visibility operator of the colour in view.

The Edwards pumping system cost about f60,000, weighs about 20 tons, and occupies over 6 x 8 m of floor space. Its purpose is to reduce the vapour pressure of the liquid helium in the separator cryostats, thereby cooling the separator structure down to 1.8 K-less than 2 degrees above absolute zero. This is achieved the liquid level which this will

by pumping off the helium vapour from above in the cryostats. However, at the low pressure produce (8.5 torr), the helium gas volume that



Torvac contract






Torvac Ltd announce that they have won an order from a Belgian Government Atomic Energy Establishment after 3 years’ of negotiations. The contract, worth f30.000 is for a 60 kV 3 kW special electron beam welding machine, interfaced to remote handling gear to be used for sealing radioactive isotopes inside metal capsules, a purpose for which electron beam welding is especially suitable. The electron beam welder will be mounted in a ‘hot cell’ and operated from outside the cell. The welding chamber will be loaded by remotely controlled manipulators, and all controls for the welder will be in a special console outside the radioactive area. The Torvac machine lends itself particularly well to this application because of the modular design approach. Torvac Ltd Circle number 39 on Reader Enquiry Service card A giant helium pumping group constructed by Edwards Vacuum for the new superconducting particle separator by CERN at Geneva.

the Edwards system will have to pump will be as large 37,500 m3 h-l. Furthermore the system will be required for 6 months to a year continuously. Edwards are using 6-mechanical booster vacuum system. The largest of these weighs about 8 tons impellors of this pump weigh a ton each.

High built

as to run

pumps in the and the twin

In the refrigeration system, pumped helium gas is re-circulated back to the refrigerator cold box after recompression : hence high purity must be maintained. The pumping system is therefore specially designed to be completely oil-free. Additionally, interstage gas coolers are fitted to keep the temperature of the helium down as it passes, at increasing pressure, through the pumping system. The system is fitted with Edwards Capsulon vacuum gauges. These are instruments of advanced design which have an electrical output which can be used to give feed-back signals for automatic control. Edwards High Vacuum Circle number 37 on Reader Enquiry Service card

Veeco instruments sales and earnings



6 months

Veeco Instruments Inc (AMEX) of Plainview, New York, leading manufacturer of high vacuum systems and instruments, leak detection equipment, ‘Lambda’ power supplies, and ‘Lambda’ semi-conductor products, today reported sales and earnings for the 6 months ended 31 -March. For the 6 month period ended 31 March 1976, sales were s17,510,472 compared to $17,725,146 for the same period last year. Net income was $773,791 vs. $787,840 a year ago. Net income per share was 61 cents compared to 60 cents in 1975. For the 3 month period ended 31 March 1976, sales were $9,485,689 compared to $8.302.203 for the same period last year. Net income was $509,121 vs. $526,470 a year ago. Net income per share was 40 cents compared to 20 cents in 1975. The Board of Directors, meeting today, declared a regular quarterly dividend of 8 cents per share payable 21 May 1976, to stockholders of record on 12 May 1976. Veeco Instruments Inc Circle number 38 on Reader Enquiry Service card






Vacuum Generators ‘CCT’ range of combination cold traps are in use in laboratories all over the world where ultra-high vacuum performance is required from diffusion pumps. As the leading exponents in this field of uhv technology we have recognized the need for continuous product development. The latest free CCT Data Sheet provides an up-to-date summary on the present state of the art of this versatile vacuum component, and gives new evidence on the clean performance of the CCT Series. Vacuum Generators Ltd Circle number 40 on Reader Enquiry Service card




The new Columbus Dixon L15 ‘Superbroom’ Power Sweeper is an all-electric ‘sit-on’ heavy duty vehicle for both internal and external floor maintenance-a versatility which makes it ideal for use in factories, shopping precincts, promenades, public halls as well as outdoor factory approaches and loading bays, garage forecourts, carparks, playgrounds and passenger stations. Storage batteries enable it to work through 7 sweeping hours without recharging. It is quiet; there is no dangerous trailing flex to inhibit manoeuvrability and no fumes to pollute the atmosphere. Furthermore its suction power takes dust up into the machine over a 45 ft2 filter area. The L15 has three forward and a reverse gear powered by a lf hp compound wound motor. Its turning cycle is only 12 ft. A forward driving speed of up to 54 mph (8.9 kph) and sweeping width of 44 in. (1118 mm) or 51 in. (1295 mm) when a second side broom is added, means that it can clean at rates of between 40,00050,000 ftz h-t. The rotary sidebroom protected by a robust metal collision fender, ensures kerb to kerb or wall to wall cleaning. The main 36 in. (914 mm) broom assembly and each individual brush strip adjusts to counteract wear so reducing the frequency of replacement. Effective suction is created by a 5 hp. 24 V combined motor and fan system. The Terylene ‘envelope’ style filter system incorporates automatic shakers which dislodge dust from the filters into the hopper. When the vehicle needs to be emptied, the debris hopper which is on its own castors is simply detached from the machine and wheeled away to a refuse bin. When servicing is necessary access to interior. Circle




41 on Reader




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