New laser power mater

New laser power mater

Vacuum News New fast-curing method epoxy adhesive has infallible mixing This recently introduced epoxy adhesive sets in 5-15 min without heat t...

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New fast-curing method



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This recently introduced epoxy adhesive sets in 5-15 min without heat treatment and has an infallible method of ensuring that this fast-curing adhesive is always perfectly mixed, These are a--iust two -~-of the advantages of the new Loctite Epoxy Mixer Cups with Fast-Cure Epoxy 45, claim Douglas Kane Group Ltd. In addition, the mess, waste and guess-work of traditional epoxy adhesives have been eliminated because the exact proportions of resin and hardner are contained in sealed, disposable, plastic cups. Each cup contains, in separate compartments, pre-measured proportions of resin and hardener. By pressing down the centre of the cup the partition between the two compartments is removed. All that is then necessary is to blend resin and hardener together using the wooden spatula provided. There is enough adhesive from each individual cup to cover an area of at least 6 in2. Once mixed, the adhesive should be used immediately. in 5-l 5 min, without any heat treatment.

New laser power mater A versatile new laser power meter, having extremely wide power and spectral ranges and featuring direct power read out at any wavelength from 440 to 680 nm in 1 nm steps, has been introduced by Lexel Corp. Uniquely designed for convenient use with any type of visible CW laser from the submilliwatt HeNe devices through the CW dye types to the big 10 W argon lasers.

The Lexel Model 504 power meter effectively presents a flat response over virtually all of the visible wavelength range by utilizing internal electronic compensation. By dialing the wavelength being measured on the front panel of the Model 504 power meter. the laser power can be read directly for any wavelength from 440 to 680 nm. This is a great convenience over other laser power meters using silicon solar cell detectors which require the use of correction curves or multiplication factors to obtain a correct reading at other than a single wavelength.

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Almost all clean surfaces can be bonded at only room temperature. Glass, metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, pottery, enamel, fabrics, fibreglass; any of these can be joined to themselves or to each other, in any combination. With a final bond strength of over 2000 psi.

Laser power from a fraction of a mW up to 10 W can be measured on the Lexel Model 504 power meter in 7 power ranges (10 mW, 30 mW, 100 mW, 300 mW, 1 W, 3 W, IO W). This wide range of power scales makes the Model 504 power meter ideally suited to helium neon, helium cadmium, and helium selenium lasers as well as argon and krypton ion lasers.

Loctite Mixer Cups with fast-cure epoxy 45 are available in sealed cans. There are 10 Mixer Cups to a can, and each cup contains 4 g of adhesive.

Dye laser users will find the dialable particularly convenient.

Once mixed the adhesive has a pot life of 5 min at 21 “C, and at room temperature will provide handling strength in 5-l 5 min. Tensile shear strength on aluminium test components was 800 psi after 1 h, 1000 psi after 3 h, and 2000 psi after 24 h. The cans are available the UK.

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Aaamonai features of the Lexei Modei 504 power meter are : quick meter response for easy laser tuning, convenient ‘one hand’ detector positioning (1% to 64 in. height adjustment), O-50 mV recorder output jack, lightweight and complete portability, self-powered-no batteries nor external electrical power connection no ‘zeroing’ adjustment necessary. Lexel Corp. Circle number 38 on Reader Enquiry Service card


New plastic moulding service spacialises in small components A new precision plastic moulding service, said to be one of the few in the UK to be geared exclusively for short or long run production of small components-up to about 30 g weightis now fully operational at Blackpole, Worcester. Micro Mouldings (Droitwich) Ltd has been set up by Mr P F Scarborough, former sales director of a large moulding concern, who believes that a need exists in the UK moulding industry to cater for users of small plastic components. The company states it is already producing a large volume and variety of components for the electrical, electronic: chemical. , q recess enoineerino r._ ____and -..- oeneral _.._____ ____.._______ industries. Working in any of the materials in common use, such as acetal resins, nylons, polypropylene, polythene and ABS, the entire plant is scaled down to provide an efficient, adaptable and economic injection moulding unit especially suited to precision, small component, work-including metal insert moulding. Allied to the moulding facility is a toolmaking service which, because it too is geared to the specialist moulding service, can provide very competitive tooling. Micro Mouldings’ facilities are particularly advantageous for the production of metal insert mouldings, where loading of the inserts

-essentially a hand operation-matches in with the moulding cycle of hand-operated machines, giving optimum throughput. Another important advantage is that because dies are closed by hand, the risk of damage through a misaligned insert (a constant hazard on larger, automated plant) is completely eliminated. Thus, despite the scale of the operation, the company believes that it can compete well both in output volume and cost. Allied to the economics of small-scale manual plant, is the simplification, and therefore reduction in cost, that is possible on tooling. By specialising only in small components and choosing appropriate machinery, the company also believes it has better control over tolerances and quality generally. For instance, problems of _I____J-&l__ _z __... _-___..!_1:_ _L_ ____I_:_- L____I ___!_1_#_ _-- ,^__I aegraoauon or raw marerrar In me macmne qarrer, wmcrr can reau to bad colour and instability, are lessened because the sheer volume of material being handled is so much less. Micro Mouldings (Droitwich) Ltd Circle number 39 on Reader Enquiry Service card

New chief for major vacuum group Mr R H Robinson has been appointed Group Director of Edwards High Vacuum International, a member of the BOC group of companies. In this position he is responsible for all the operations of Edwards, which is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum equipment in the world. 23