Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis

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NUNC DIMITTIS a&obert Carroll ©gle

folm ft. Uonbell J. H. Vondell died suddenly Friday, September 22nd. Professor Vondell joined the faculty of the

Wtlltam Coleman Jttona&an William C. Monahan died following a heart attack on September 4th. He was 78 years old. Prior to his retirement, Professor Monahan had pursued an illustrious and varied career in poultry teaching and industry. A pioneer extesnison worker, he was a former Extension Poultry Specialist in both Maine and Massachusetts. At one time he was employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a Specialist in Poultry and Egg Handling Methods. Professor Monahan was formerly the poultry editor of The New England Homestead, and had been editor of The New England Poultryman. A graduate of the University of Maine in 1914, he later earned an advanced degree in biology at Amherst College. He served as a Trustee of the University of Massachusetts (Massachusetts State College) from 1936 to 1943.


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R. C. Ogle, Professor Emeritus of Poultry Husbandry at Cornell University, died September 8, at the age of 78. He retired in 1953. Professor Ogle was typical of many of the early extension specialists in that hehad no formal training in poultry as such. His background was in business administration and law, but a health problem forced him to take outdoor employment. He turned to poultry and owned and operated a poultry farm in Rockland County, New York, for several years and also served as consultant to a large number of poultry operations in nearby areas. His activities in poultry organizations brought him to the attention of Professor James E. Rice who hired him to supervise cost account projects in the lower Hudson Valley and on Long Island. In 1924 he was appointed Instructor and transferred to Ithaca, in 1940 he was promoted to Assistant Professor and in 1946 to Associate Professor of Poultry Extension. Professor Ogle was widely known in the poultry industry among exhibition and commercial poultrymen. He judged a great many shows and organized the early production shows which were sponsored by Cornell. From 1931 to 1945 he developed and supervised the New York State Standard Egg Laying Tests at Horseheads and Stafford, which he did very successfully. In 1945 he indicated an interest in a new challenge and was placed in charge of the 4-H Extension Program. He devoted his time until his retirement to this field with great enthusiasm, ability and imaginative leadership. He found great satisfaction in this phase of his program which, in a sense, is remarkable in view of the fact that he took on this new endeavor late in his career. In 1947 Professor Ogle received an award for outstanding service to the poultry industry from the Boston Poultry Show. In subsequent years his work with 4-H and in Extension was recognized by the Northeastern Poultry Producers Council and the Extension Fraternity of Epsilon Sigma Phi. He also served as poultry editor of the Better Farms magazine for several years and as poultry editor of the Breeders Gazette. He was a Life Member of the Poultry Science Association and the American Poultry Association.

Department of Poultry Husbandry, University of Massachusetts in 1923, retiring June 30, 1960. Following his retirement he returned to the University to teach poultry husbandry and management to Peace Corps trainees. During his career at the University, Professor Vondell established a reputation as an exceptional teacher. In addition to poultry majors who graduated from the Stockbridge School and undergraduate University programs and were enrolled in his courses, he taught food management and home economic students in his poultry product courses. He was the author of several research and technical publications. Professor Vondell was a man of broad interests and talents, and established an international reputation in his hobby and avocation, photography. In the field of photography he was a popular lecturer, a long-time salon exhibitor, and a frequent exhibition judge. He was Past President of the New England Camera Club and a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America. While at the University he was Chairman of the Conference Committee of the University of Massachusetts, and pioneered many of the guidelines for the use of University facilities for programs of continuing education. A program of public service that has grown to the point that construction of a specialized facility for this purpose was begun in 1967. The inspired teaching and professional contributions of Professor Vondell will be remembered by his many former students, friends and colleagues.