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XBD=2537 XHG=2347 XBD=1512 XBD=1793 XBD=1975 XBD=2028 XBD=2136 XBD=2263 XBD=2337 XHG=1339 XHG=1522 XHG=1806 XHG=1986 XHG=2039 XHG=2147 XHG=2274 YBD=270 YBD=278 YBD=277 YBD=274 YBD=275 YBD=269 YBD=276 YHG=239>consider YHG=239>hypertrophic YHG=238>gastritis YHG=248>so YHG=247>rare, YHG=238>since, YHG=237>for YHG=237>example, to the Editor Letters XBD=1372 XHG=2406 XBD=1419 XBD=1577 XBD=1634 XBD=1698 XBD=1738 XBD=1824 XBD=2056 XBD=2336 XBD=2395 XBD=2538 XHG=1339 XHG=1387 XHG=1435 XHG=1591 XHG=1650 XHG=1714 XHG=1753 XHG=1838 XHG=2072 XHG=2350 YBD=309 YBD=316 YHG=279>it YHG=279>is YHG=279>known YHG=280>to YHG=279>be YHG=288>a YHG=279>not YHG=278>infrequent YHG=278>concomitant YHG=279>of YHG=277>peptic XBD=1453 XHG=2310 XBD=1525 XBD=1640 XBD=1776 XBD=1905 XBD=2020 XBD=2098 XBD=2289 XBD=2539 XHG=1339 YBD=355 XHG=1506 XHG=1547 XHG=1660 XHG=1795 XHG=1925 XHG=2039 XHG=2118 YBD=356 YHG=318>concerning YBD=348 YHG=318>ulcer. YHG=318>I YHG=328>very YHG=318>much YHG=328>agree YHG=318>with YHG=317>his YHG=318>remarks XBD=1407 XHG=2401 XBD=1680 XBD=1744 XBD=1934 XBD=2124 XBD=2221 XBD=2322 XBD=2383 XBD=2538 XHG=1340 XHG=1427 XHG=1700 XHG=1760 XHG=1954 XHG=2143 XHG=2240 XHG=2341 YBD=386 YHG=357>regard YBD=396 YBD=387 YBD=388 YBD=395 YHG=357>the YHG=357>terminology YHG=358>of YHG=358>atrophic YHG=357>gastritis YHG=357>and YHG=357>also YHG=357>in NUTRITION SURVEYS XBD=1384 XBD=1516 XBD=1640 XBD=1783 XBD=1908 XBD=2025 XBD=2116 XBD=2231 XBD=2296 XBD=2486 XBD=2539 XHG=1341 XHG=1405 XHG=1536 XHG=1660 XHG=1803 XHG=1928 XHG=2045 XHG=2136 XHG=2250 XHG=2313 XHG=2505 YBD=430 YBD=426 YBD=435 YBD=434 YBD=427 YHG=396>to YHG=396>those YHG=406>cases YHG=397>where YHG=406>more YHG=397>than YHG=405>one YHG=397>type YHG=397>of YHG=397>gastritis YHG=397>is XBD=548 XBD=631 XBD=808 XBD=988 XBD=1064 XBD=1281 XHG=150 XHG=580 XHG=662 XHG=838 XHG=1021 XHG=1092 YBD=453 YBD=444 YBD=445 YBD=452 YBD=445 YBD=446 YHG=415>Sm,-Investigation YHG=423>on YHG=415>certain YHG=415>aspects YHG=414>of YHG=414>nutrition XBD=1461 XBD=1522 XBD=1607 XBD=1729 XBD=1912 XBD=2016 XBD=2078 XBD=2145 XBD=2265 XBD=2355 XBD=2540 XHG=1340 XHG=1480 XHG=1540 XHG=1626 XHG=1748 XHG=1932 XHG=2036 XHG=2096 XHG=2164 XHG=2285 XHG=2373 YBD=464 YBD=465 YBD=472 YBD=473 YBD=466 YBD=467 YHG=435>found YHG=435>in YHG=435>the YHG=444>same YHG=436>patient, YHG=437>but, YHG=445>as YHG=436>he YHG=445>says, YHG=436>the YHG=436>division XBD=147 XBD=202 XBD=376 XBD=659 XBD=731 XBD=834 XBD=896 XBD=1164 XBD=1277 XHG=108 XHG=162 XHG=216 XHG=393 XHG=676 XHG=748 XHG=851 XHG=909 XHG=1216 YBD=493 YBD=487 YBD=494 YBD=491 YBD=492 YBD=485 YBD=483 YBD=492 YBD=484 YHG=459>is, YHG=456>at YHG=454>present, YHG=453>handicapped YHG=453>by YHG=453>lack YHG=454>of YHG=454>cooperation. YHG=454>InXBD=1424 XBD=1562 XBD=1618 XBD=1832 XBD=1932 XBD=1979 XBD=2224 XBD=2320 XBD=2446 XBD=2539 XHG=1340 XHG=1448 XHG=1585 XHG=1641 XHG=1855 XHG=1956 XHG=2002 XHG=2247 XHG=2342 XHG=2468 YBD=512 YBD=504 YBD=513 YBD=505 YBD=506 YHG=474>into YHG=475>types YHG=475>is YHG=474>arbitrary YHG=475>and YHG=485>a YHG=475>reasonable YHG=483>one YHG=475>until YHG=483>our XBD=318 XBD=432 XBD=504 XBD=707 XBD=774 XBD=905 XBD=1044 XBD=1214 XBD=1280 XHG=110 XHG=341 XHG=455 XHG=527 XHG=731 XHG=793 XHG=927 XHG=1069 XHG=1238 YBD=532 YBD=531 YBD=530 YBD=523 YBD=528 YBD=523 YHG=494>vestigators YHG=502>may YHG=493>be YHG=492>ignorant YHG=493>of YHG=492>other YHG=493>work, YHG=492>similar YHG=502>or XBD=1562 XBD=1775 XBD=1866 XBD=1957 XBD=2156 XBD=2334 XBD=2458 XBD=2538 XHG=1341 XHG=1577 XHG=1826 XHG=1880 XHG=1972 XHG=2171 XHG=2349 XHG=2474 YBD=550 YBD=546 YBD=552 YBD=545 YBD=544 YHG=513>knowledge YHG=513>increases. YHG=515>It YHG=523>was YHG=515>precisely YHG=515>because YHG=515>there YHG=523>are XBD=237 XBD=291 XBD=402 XBD=526 XBD=650 XBD=754 XBD=866 XBD=1068 XBD=1122 XBD=1281 XHG=110 XHG=250 XHG=304 XHG=415 XHG=556 XHG=662 XHG=767 XHG=881 XHG=1081 XHG=1134 YBD=565 YBD=563 YBD=567 YBD=569 YBD=570 YBD=562 YBD=569 YBD=563 YBD=570 YHG=534>related YHG=534>to YHG=532>their YHG=541>own YHG=531>they YHG=541>may YHG=533>have YHG=531>difficulty YHG=532>in YHG=532>finding ; XBD=1459 XBD=1567 XBD=1735 XBD=2019 XBD=2086 XBD=2170 XBD=2306 XBD=2373 XBD=2537 XHG=1340 XHG=1481 XHG=1589 XHG=1757 XHG=2041 XHG=2103 XHG=2192 XHG=2329 XHG=2391 YBD=582 YBD=584 YBD=583 YBD=590 YHG=561>many YHG=553>who YHG=553>remain YHG=554>unconvinced YHG=554>of YHG=554>the YHG=554>value YHG=553>of YHG=554>gastroXBD=221 XBD=323 XBD=454 XBD=677 XBD=739 XBD=915 XBD=1035 XBD=1159 XBD=1278 XHG=104 XHG=240 XHG=344 XHG=476 XHG=697 XHG=757 XHG=934 XHG=1054 XHG=1180 YBD=607 YBD=603 YBD=601 YBD=608 YBD=602 YBD=602 YBD=601 YHG=574>others YHG=573>who YHG=571>could YHG=572>cooperate YHG=572>in YHG=571>making YHG=571>their YHG=572>work YHG=581>comXBD=1460 XBD=1520 XBD=1605 XBD=1853 XBD=1916 XBD=1997 XBD=2166 XBD=2389 XBD=2499 XBD=2538 XHG=1342 XHG=1479 XHG=1539 XHG=1625 XHG=1872 XHG=1931 XHG=2016 XHG=2185 XHG=2408 XHG=2519 YBD=629 YBD=621 YBD=623 YBD=624 YBD=631 YBD=622 YHG=601>scopy YHG=592>in YHG=592>the YHG=594>assessment YHG=593>of YHG=594>the YHG=593>Service YHG=592>dyspeptic YHG=593>that YHG=593>I XBD=220 XBD=349 XBD=462 XBD=552 XBD=754 XBD=965 XBD=1056 XBD=1217 XBD=1284 XHG=107 XHG=257 XHG=371 XHG=484 XHG=576 XHG=776 XHG=990 XHG=1079 XHG=1241 YBD=653 YBD=648 YBD=640 YBD=646 YBD=641 YBD=642 YBD=641 YHG=614>plete YHG=611>they YHG=619>may YHG=619>use YHG=610>different YHG=611>methods, YHG=611>the YHG=611>results YHG=611>of ; XBD=1561 XBD=1621 XBD=1858 XBD=1942 XBD=2070 XBD=2133 XBD=2232 XBD=2290 XBD=2433 XBD=2538 XHG=1341 XHG=1578 XHG=1639 XHG=1875 XHG=1959 XHG=2089 XHG=2146 XHG=2248 XHG=2306 XHG=2448 YBD=661 YBD=670 YBD=663 YBD=662 YBD=669 YHG=631>attempted YHG=631>to YHG=633>enumerate YHG=633>the YHG=633>types YHG=633>of YHG=642>case YHG=632>in YHG=631>which YHG=631>help XBD=217 XBD=296 XBD=384 XBD=656 XBD=786 XBD=907 XBD=1088 XBD=1279 XHG=109 XHG=235 XHG=315 XHG=403 XHG=706 XHG=925 XHG=1107 YBD=684 YBD=681 YBD=687 YBD=679 YBD=680 YBD=687 YBD=688 YHG=651>which YHG=659>are YHG=650>not YHG=649>comparable. YHG=649>The YHG=650>most YHG=650>striking YHG=650>example XBD=1454XHG=805 XBD=1515 XBD=1723 XBD=1828 XBD=1976 XBD=2054 XBD=2198 XBD=2404 XBD=2463 XBD=2539 XHG=1342 XHG=1467 XHG=1529 XHG=1774 XHG=1843 XHG=1988 XHG=2067 XHG=2208 XHG=2418 XHG=2471 YBD=700 YBD=702 YBD=701 YHG=671>could YHG=671>be YHG=670>obtained. YHG=672>To YHG=672>obtain YHG=673>the YHG=673>actual YHG=671>incidence YHG=671>of YHG=671>the XBD=135 XBD=233 XBD=294 XBD=550 XBD=609 XBD=877 XBD=1024 XBD=1162 XBD=1280 XHG=108 XHG=151 XHG=251 XHG=309 XHG=564 XHG=624 XHG=895 XHG=1038 XHG=1180 YBD=723 YBD=722 YBD=720 YBD=719 YBD=726 YBD=725 YBD=720 YHG=693>is YHG=690>that YHG=690>of YHG=689>estimations YHG=689>of YHG=689>haemoglobin YHG=689>levels, YHG=690>which YHG=690>have XBD=1495 XBD=1643 XBD=1779 XBD=1930 XBD=2087 XBD=2265 XBD=2320 XBD=2539 XHG=1341 XHG=1504 XHG=1653 XHG=1791 XHG=1940 XHG=2099 XHG=2276 XHG=2325 YBD=748 YBD=749 YBD=740 YBD=741 YHG=710>various YHG=710>lesions YHG=710>would YHG=711>clearly YHG=711>require YHG=710>analysis YHG=711>of YHG=710>thousands XBD=192 XBD=317 XBD=389 XBD=432 XBD=603 XBD=666 XBD=869 XBD=995 XBD=1058 XBD=1197 XBD=1280 XHG=109 XHG=208 XHG=335 XHG=408 XHG=450 XHG=622 XHG=680 XHG=890 XHG=1015 XHG=1073 XHG=1216 YBD=762 YBD=760 YBD=766 YBD=765 YBD=759 YBD=760 YBD=759 YHG=732>been YHG=729>made YHG=727>by YHG=738>a YHG=728>variety YHG=728>of YHG=729>methods, YHG=738>some YHG=729>of YHG=729>which YHG=738>are XBD=1387 XBD=1505 XBD=1621 XBD=1756 XBD=2009 XHG=1342 XHG=1400 XHG=1520 XHG=1637 XHG=1772 YBD=779 YBD=787 YBD=788 YHG=749>of YHG=758>cases YHG=750>from YHG=759>many YHG=759>age-groups. XBD=153 XBD=219 XBD=370 XBD=651 XBD=751 XBD=850 XBD=1082 XBD=1190 XBD=1280 XHG=108 XHG=173 XHG=242 XHG=393 XHG=703 XHG=774 XHG=874 XHG=1106 XHG=1213 YBD=807 YBD=799 YBD=805 YBD=797 YBD=798 YBD=805 YBD=799 YBD=798 YHG=772>by YHG=777>no YHG=777>means YHG=768>satisfactory. YHG=768>In YHG=768>this YHG=769>particular YHG=778>case YHG=769>the XBD=1439 XBD=1513 XBD=1662 XBD=1729 XBD=1948 XBD=2003 XBD=2085 XBD=2223 XBD=2541 XHG=1392 XHG=1454 XHG=1529 XHG=1678 XHG=1745 XHG=1963 XHG=2018 XHG=2101 XHG=2240 YBD=818 YBD=827 YBD=819 YBD=828 YBD=821 YHG=789>In YHG=789>his YHG=789>article YHG=798>on YHG=788>dyspepsia YHG=790>in YHG=790>the YHG=799>army, YHG=789>Lieut.-Colonel XBD=252 XBD=460 XBD=639 XBD=727 XBD=808 XBD=879 XBD=925 XBD=1165 XBD=1281 XHG=107 XHG=273 XHG=481 XHG=657 XHG=748 XHG=827 XHG=901 XHG=947 XHG=1186 YBD=840 YBD=838 YBD=844 YBD=837 YBD=838 YBD=838 YHG=808>Medical YHG=808>Research YHG=807>Council YHG=807>has YHG=808>set YHG=816>up YHG=817>a YHG=808>committee YHG=808>with XBD=1385 XBD=1462 XBD=1581 XBD=1757 XBD=1948 XBD=2047 XBD=2318 XBD=2397 XBD=2540 XHG=1342 XHG=1422 XHG=1500 XHG=1613 XHG=1790 XHG=1981 XHG=2079 XHG=2354 XHG=2427 YBD=857 YBD=865 YBD=858 YBD=866 YBD=860 YBD=867 YHG=828>L. YHG=828>C. YHG=828>Hill YHG=828>rightly YHG=829>stresses YHG=829>the YHG=829>importance YHG=830>of YHG=830>rapid XBD=163 XHG=837 XBD=304 XBD=365 XBD=644 XBD=818 XBD=881 XBD=1147 XBD=1280 XHG=105 XHG=180 XHG=321 XHG=379 XHG=661 XHG=894YBD=877 XHG=1164 YBD=879 YBD=876 YBD=884 YBD=885 YBD=878 YHG=849>the YHG=847>object YHG=846>coordinating YHG=856>surveys YHG=846>of YHG=847>haemoglobin YHG=847>levels XBD=2540 XBD=1627 XBD=1745 XBD=1925 XBD=1977 XBD=2032 XBD=2225 XBD=2315 XHG=1340 XHG=1641 XHG=1758 XHG=1937 XHG=1990 XHG=2046 XHG=2237 XHG=2327 YBD=896 YBD=897 YBD=904 YBD=898 YBD=900 YHG=867>investigation, YHG=867>early YHG=866>decision YHG=877>as YHG=868>to YHG=867>disposal, YHG=869>and YHG=869>avoidance XBD=174 XHG=586 XBD=295 XBD=426 XBD=563 XBD=877 XHG=108 XHG=194 XHG=317 XHG=446 YBD=918 YBD=917 YBD=916 YHG=886>and YHG=895>some YHG=886>other YHG=886>blood YHG=886>examinations. XBD=1387 XBD=1586 XBD=1916 XBD=1978 XBD=2066 XBD=2239 XBD=2360 XBD=2458 XBD=2539 XHG=1342 XHG=1404 XHG=1607 XHG=1936 XHG=2000 XHG=2089 XHG=2261 XHG=2379 XHG=2478 YBD=944 YBD=936 YBD=937 YBD=943 YBD=938 YHG=907>of YHG=907>repeated YHG=906>hospitalisation YHG=907>in YHG=907>the YHG=907>Service YHG=916>case, YHG=908>but YHG=908>his XBD=260 XBD=466 XBD=687 XBD=746 XBD=872 XBD=994 XBD=1115 XBD=1178 XBD=1281 XHG=147 XHG=291 XHG=500 XHG=722 XHG=776 XHG=904 XHG=1026 XHG=1146 XHG=1211 YBD=957 YBD=962 YBD=955 YBD=956 YBD=956 YHG=926>There YHG=926>remains, YHG=926>however, YHG=935>a YHG=926>wide YHG=926>field YHG=926>that YHG=926>is YHG=925>not XBD=1449 XBD=1684 XBD=1868 XBD=1966 XBD=2140 XBD=2314 XBD=2439 XBD=2539 XHG=1341 XHG=1482 XHG=1715 XHG=1899 XHG=2000 XHG=2173 XHG=2348 XHG=2470 YBD=976 YBD=975 YBD=983 YBD=982 YBD=977 YHG=946>main YHG=946>argument YHG=945>against YHG=945>the YHG=946>special YHG=946>centre, YHG=947>that YHG=948>the XBD=252 XBD=327 XBD=427 XBD=617 XBD=909 XBD=1008 XBD=1127 XBD=1194 XBD=1280 XHG=105 XHG=274 XHG=349 XHG=450 XHG=639 XHG=961 XHG=1031 XHG=1151 XHG=1214 YBD=996 YBD=1004 YBD=1003 YBD=995 YBD=996 YBD=995 YHG=965>covered YHG=965>by YHG=974>any YHG=965>existing YHG=965>organisation. YHG=966>In YHG=966>view YHG=965>of YHG=965>the XBD=1557 XBD=1775 XBD=1826 XBD=1956 XBD=2093 XBD=2165 XBD=2341 XBD=2454 XBD=2539 XHG=1339 XHG=1576 XHG=1793 XHG=1844 XHG=1974 XHG=2111 XHG=2183 XHG=2357 XHG=2471 YBD=1023 YBD=1014 YBD=1022 YBD=1015 YBD=1016 YHG=985>functional YHG=985>dyspeptic YHG=985>is YHG=985>made YHG=994>worse YHG=985>by YHG=986>contact YHG=986>with YHG=986>the XBD=338 XBD=406 XBD=496 XBD=674 XBD=803 XBD=872 XBD=916 XBD=1130 XBD=1280 XHG=107 XHG=363 XHG=429 XHG=520 XHG=696 XHG=829 XHG=891 XHG=938 XHG=1152 YBD=1042 YBD=1041 YBD=1035 YBD=1036 YBD=1042 YBD=1036 YHG=1005>importance, YHG=1006>at YHG=1005>the YHG=1006>present YHG=1005>time, YHG=1005>of YHG=1015>a YHG=1005>thorough YHG=1005>knowXBD=1445 XBD=1569 XBD=1628 XBD=1798 XBD=1865 XBD=1935 XBD=2060 XBD=2154 XBD=2309 XBD=2404 XBD=2539 XHG=1341 XHG=1471 XHG=1595 XHG=1653 XHG=1822 XHG=1891 XHG=1959 XHG=2087 XHG=2180 XHG=2333 XHG=2431 YBD=1061 YBD=1060 YBD=1054 YBD=1055 YHG=1025>ulcer YHG=1034>case, YHG=1025>is YHG=1024>invalid YHG=1024>if, YHG=1033>as YHG=1019>here, YHG=1025>the YHG=1024>centre YHG=1024>has YHG=1025>three XBD=201 XBD=260 XBD=336 XBD=454 XBD=517 XBD=720 XBD=775 XBD=857 XBD=1049 XBD=1133 XBD=1280 XHG=104 XHG=217 XHG=271 XHG=353 XHG=472 XHG=529 XHG=735 XHG=791 XHG=874 XHG=1067 XHG=1150 YBD=1082 YBD=1074 YBD=1078 YBD=1075 YBD=1076 YBD=1082 YBD=1075 YHG=1044>ledge YHG=1044>of YHG=1044>the YHG=1045>state YHG=1045>of YHG=1045>nutrition YHG=1045>in YHG=1045>the YHG=1045>country, YHG=1045>the XBD=1539 XHG=2152 XBD=1599 XBD=1831 XBD=1900 XBD=1976 XBD=2136 XBD=2287 XHG=1343 YBD=1094 XHG=1557 XHG=1616 XHG=1847 XHG=1917 XHG=1992 YBD=1095 YHG=1044>NutriYBD=1101 YHG=1065>divisions, YHG=1074>as YHG=1064>advocated YHG=1064>by YHG=1063>Sir YHG=1064>Arthur YHG=1064>Hurst.

"" XBD=1282 XBD=181 XBD=352 XBD=444 XBD=529 XBD=605 XBD=654 XBD=910 XBD=1030 XBD=1115 XHG=104 XHG=202 XHG=374 XHG=469 XHG=552 XHG=631 XHG=679 XHG=934YBD=1120 XHG=1054 XHG=1138 YBD=1114 YBD=1122 YBD=1123 YBD=1115 YBD=1115 YBD=1115YHG=1085>committee, YBD=1122 YHG=1083>tion YHG=1083>Society YHG=1084>has YHG=1083>set YHG=1094>up YHG=1094>a YHG=1084>with YHG=1084>Sir YHG=1084>Joseph XBD=1600 XHG=1384 YBD=1145 YHG=1118>Newmarket.


" XBD=1282 XBD=269 XHG=821 XBD=332 XBD=564 XBD=656 XBD=797 XBD=865 XBD=1071 XBD=1139 XHG=105 XHG=290 XHG=356 XHG=588 XHG=678 XHG=882YBD=1154 XHG=1095 XHG=1157 YBD=1153 YBD=1160 YBD=1155 YBD=1154 YBD=1154 YBD=1155 YHG=1123>Barcroft YHG=1133>as YHG=1124>chairman, YHG=1124>the YHG=1125>terms YHG=1124>of YHG=1124>reference YHG=1124>of YHG=1124>which

" XBD=2535 XBD=161 XHG=816 XBD=243 XBD=526 XBD=590 XBD=796 XBD=973 XBD=1211 XBD=1282 XHG=103 XHG=179 XHG=263 XHG=546 XHG=606 XHG=994YBD=1201 XHG=1231 YBD=1192 YBD=1194 YBD=1201 YBD=1193YHG=1172>surveys YHG=1170>are YHG=1161>the YHG=1163>coordination YHG=1163>of YHG=1164>nutrition YHG=1164>dependent YHG=1173>on " XBD=1876 XBD=1926 XBD=1980 XBD=2079 XBD=2136 XBD=2176 XBD=2318 XBD=2374 XHG=1614 XHG=1886 XHG=1943 XHG=1990 XHG=2095 XHG=2152 XHG=2185 XHG=2334 XHG=2389 YBD=1203 YBD=1202 YBD=1201 YBD=1209 YHG=1179>IntrO(1Uctilon YHG=1179>01 YHG=1179>-&. YHG=1181>rays YHG=1181>as YHG=1180>a YHG=1180>means YHG=1179>ot YHG=1179>gastroXBD=154 XBD=326 XBD=620 XBD=717 XBD=983 XBD=1282 XHG=108 XHG=172 XHG=346 XHG=640 XHG=1003YBD=1233 YBD=1238 YBD=1241 YBD=1233YHG=1202>biochemical YHG=1202>(a) YHG=1201>clinical, YHG=1202>physiological YHG=1203>and YHG=1203>examinations " XBD=2451 XBD=2540XHG=736 XBD=1542 XBD=1825 XBD=1906 XBD=1970 XBD=2018 XBD=2200 XBD=2387 XHG=1343 XHG=1564 XHG=1844 XHG=1928 XHG=1992 XHG=2037 XHG=2220 XHG=2409 XHG=2473 YBD=1243 YBD=1249 YBD=1242 YBD=1241 YBD=1240 YHG=1212>intestinal YHG=1212>examination YHG=1211>led YHG=1212>to YHG=1220>a YHG=1211>striking YHG=1211>increase YHG=1211>in YHG=1211>the " XBD=1282 XBD=146 XBD=300 XBD=512 XBD=587 XBD=893 XBD=963 XBD=1074 XHG=918 XHG=105 XHG=161 XHG=323 XHG=538 XHG=981 XHG=1097 YBD=1270 YBD=1271 YBD=1279 YBD=1273 YBD=1273 YBD=1280 YHG=1241>of YHG=1240>human YHG=1241>subjects; YHG=1243>(b) YHG=1242>examinations YHG=1242>of YHG=1242>food YHG=1242>budgets XBD=1506XHG=615 XBD=1588 XBD=1727 XBD=1888 XBD=2148 XBD=2403 XBD=2540 XHG=1344 XHG=1545 XHG=1624 XHG=1765 XHG=1928 XHG=2186 XHG=2442 YBD=1282 YBD=1281 YBD=1288 YBD=1279 YHG=1252>number ; YHG=1252>of YHG=1260>cases YHG=1251>where YHG=1250>abdominal YHG=1250>symptoms YHG=1259>were


XBD=175 XHG=838 XBD=242 XBD=448 XBD=643 XBD=710 XBD=817 XBD=915 XBD=1055 XBD=1283 XHG=107 XHG=198 XHG=267 XHG=467 XHG=665 XHG=725 XHG=936YBD=1312 XHG=1075 YBD=1309 YBD=1316 YBD=1319 YBD=1312 YBD=1319YHG=1282>and YHG=1279>and YHG=1280>(c) YHG=1280>chemical YHG=1282>analyses YHG=1282>of YHG=1282>food YHG=1282>meals YHG=1282>(including " XBD=2542 XBD=1560 XBD=1630 XBD=1725 XBD=1931 XBD=2002 XBD=2049 XBD=2226 XHG=1344 XHG=1588 XHG=1658 XHG=1753 XHG=1957 XHG=2028 XHG=2065 XHG=2278 YBD=1321 YBD=1328 YBD=1320 YBD=1304 YBD=1327 YBD=1326 YHG=1291>attributed YHG=1291>to YHG=1291>the YHG=1299>presence YHG=1290>of YHG=1289>&dquo; YHG=1288>ptosis.&dquo; YHG=1289>Gastroptosis " XBD=1282 XBD=287 XBD=445 XBD=587 XBD=828 XBD=892 XBD=1105 XHG=103 XHG=299 XHG=496 XHG=601 XHG=905 XHG=1117 YBD=1350 YBD=1357 YBD=1352 YBD=1352 YBD=1359 YHG=1318>collective YHG=1321>meals). YHG=1321>This YHG=1321>Committee YHG=1321>Nutrition YHG=1321>Surveys XBD=1421XHG=841 XBD=1640 XBD=1781 XBD=1860 XBD=1986 XBD=2043 XBD=2154 XBD=2344 XBD=2539 XHG=1343YBD=1351 XHG=1435 XHG=1651 XHG=1792 XHG=1871 XHG=2000 XHG=2051 XHG=2171 XHG=2355 YBD=1362YHG=1330>on YBD=1368 YBD=1367 YBD=1360 YBD=1366 YHG=1331>and &dquo; YHG=1330>coloptosis YHG=1330>joined YHG=1330>the YHG=1330>ranks YHG=1329>of YHG=1329>the YHG=1329>dropped YHG=1328>kidney &dquo; "" XBD=1283 XBD=172 XBD=270 XBD=569 XBD=642 XBD=789 XBD=913 XBD=1071 XBD=1186 XHG=105 XHG=199 XHG=298 XHG=600 XHG=670 XHG=944 XHG=1102 XHG=1218 YBD=1388 YBD=1395 YBD=1398 YBD=1390 YBD=1391 YBD=1391 YBD=1391 YBD=1390 YHG=1357>will YHG=1359>put YHG=1353>investigators YHG=1361>in YHG=1361>touch YHG=1361>with YHG=1361>others YHG=1361>who YHG=1369>are XBD=1421XHG=818 XBD=1620 XBD=1734 XBD=1873 XBD=1995 XBD=2054 XBD=2218 XBD=2385 XBD=2540 XHG=1344 XHG=1439 XHG=1637 XHG=1752 XHG=1889 XHG=2011 XHG=2073 XHG=2235 XHG=2402 YBD=1400 YBD=1407 YBD=1406 YBD=1399 YBD=1398 YHG=1370>and YHG=1379>surgeons YHG=1378>were YHG=1369>called YHG=1378>upon YHG=1369>to YHG=1369>correct YHG=1368>these YHG=1368>abnor&dquo; " XBD=2543 XBD=262 XHG=745 XBD=331 XBD=418 XBD=544 XBD=659 XBD=725 XBD=870 XBD=1117 XBD=1186 XBD=1284 XHG=106 XHG=281 XHG=350 XHG=439 XHG=565 XHG=681 XHG=892YBD=1430 XHG=1153 XHG=1206 YBD=1435 YBD=1427 YBD=1429 YBD=1437 YBD=1429YHG=1400>would YBD=1430 YHG=1396>working YHG=1407>on YHG=1399>the YHG=1409>same YHG=1400>lines YHG=1409>or YHG=1400>cooperate YHG=1400>it YHG=1399>will XBD=1510 XBD=1575 XBD=1716 XBD=1827 XBD=2052 XBD=2217 XBD=2374 XHG=1342 XHG=1527 XHG=1608 XHG=1731 XHG=1843 XHG=2068 XHG=2266 XHG=2392 YBD=1439 YBD=1440 YBD=1438 YBD=1444 YHG=1409>malities YHG=1409>&dquo; YHG=1408>often YHG=1408>with YHG=1408>disastrous YHG=1408>results. YHG=1407>With YHG=1407>greater ; ; " XBD=233 XBD=524 XBD=803 XBD=1018 XBD=1131 XHG=107 XHG=263 XHG=841 XHG=1053 XHG=1170 YBD=1473 YBD=1474 YBD=1468 YBD=1467 YBD=1469 YHG=1436>supply YHG=1437>information, YHG=1438>methods YHG=1438>and YHG=1438>make " XBD=1283 XBD=1566XHG=561 XBD=1644 XBD=1752 XBD=1992 XBD=2100 XBD=2218 XBD=2305 XBD=2394 XBD=2541 XHG=1343YBD=1468 XHG=1588 XHG=1666 XHG=1773 XHG=2013 XHG=2120 XHG=2240 XHG=2327 XHG=2417 YBD=1478YHG=1439>recommend YBD=1485 YBD=1477 YBD=1476 YHG=1448>experience YHG=1457>we YHG=1457>now YHG=1447>appreciate YHG=1447>how YHG=1446>wide YHG=1455>are YHG=1446>the YHG=1445>varia"" XBD=1281 XBD=296 XBD=547 XBD=624 XBD=713 XBD=879 XBD=952 XHG=105 XHG=323 XHG=579 XHG=647 XHG=742 XHG=974 YBD=1511 YBD=1508 YBD=1515 YHG=1474>periodical YHG=1478>summaries YHG=1478>of YHG=1478>the YHG=1478>results YHG=1477>of YHG=1477>investigations. XBD=1446XHG=908 XBD=1529 XBD=1610 XBD=1798 XBD=1903 XBD=2128 XBD=2367 XBD=2447 XBD=2542 XHG=1342 XHG=1475 XHG=1544 XHG=1638 XHG=1826 XHG=1932 XHG=2155 XHG=2393 XHG=2474 YBD=1517 YBD=1518 YBD=1522 YBD=1524 YBD=1516 YBD=1515 YHG=1487>tions YHG=1487>of YHG=1487>the YHG=1487>normal, YHG=1486>and YHG=1486>operative YHG=1486>treatment YHG=1495>on YHG=1485>the "" XBD=2212 XBD=176 XHG=918 XBD=423 XBD=525 XBD=626 XBD=819 XBD=891 XBD=985 XBD=1221 XBD=1288 XHG=106 XHG=207 XHG=455 XHG=557 XHG=657 XHG=846 XHG=1017YBD=1547 XHG=1243 YBD=1544 YBD=1546 YBD=1555 YBD=1548 YBD=1547YHG=1517>the YHG=1514>The YHG=1515>committee YHG=1516>has YHG=1518>support YHG=1517>of YHG=1515>Ministries YHG=1516>of XBD=1467 XBD=1579 XBD=1666 XBD=1826 XBD=1959 XBD=2057 XHG=1344 XHG=1484 XHG=1595 XHG=1682 XHG=1841 XHG=1973 XHG=2074 YBD=1557 YBD=1563 YBD=1556 YHG=1527>above YHG=1526>lines YHG=1526>has YHG=1526>largely YHG=1525>fallen YHG=1526>into YHG=1525>disuse. " XBD=1282 XBD=238 XBD=340 XBD=408 XBD=542 XBD=645 XBD=740 XBD=1010 XBD=1078 XBD=1169 XHG=106 XHG=264 XHG=365 XHG=433 XHG=566 XHG=765 XHG=1033 XHG=1104 XHG=1200 YBD=1583 YBD=1585 YBD=1586 YBD=1595 YBD=1586 YHG=1553>Health YHG=1556>of YHG=1556>Food YHG=1555>and YHG=1557>the YHG=1556>cooperation YHG=1556>of YHG=1557>the YHG=1556>SerXBD=1428XHG=672 XBD=1533 XBD=1642 XBD=1732 XBD=1852 XBD=2018 XBD=2092 XBD=2168 XBD=2256 XBD=2543 XHG=1392 XHG=1448 XHG=1553 XHG=1663 XHG=1754 XHG=1871 XHG=2039 XHG=2114 XHG=2189 XHG=2276 YBD=1596 YBD=1603 YBD=1602 YBD=1595 YHG=1567>A YHG=1575>new YHG=1565>field YHG=1565>has YHG=1565>been YHG=1564>opened YHG=1574>up YHG=1565>by YHG=1565>the YHG=1564>introduction "" XBD=1282 XBD=207 XBD=267 XBD=379 XBD=490 XBD=714 XBD=903 XBD=1068 XBD=1202 XHG=106 XHG=248 XHG=280 XHG=392 XHG=503 XHG=917 XHG=1081 XHG=1215 YBD=1624 YBD=1625 YBD=1633 YBD=1631 YBD=1633 YBD=1624 YHG=1592>vices. YHG=1593>I YHG=1594>have YHG=1595>been YHG=1595>appointed YHG=1596>director, YHG=1595>serving YHG=1595>under YHG=1595>the XBD=1390XHG=729 XBD=1676 XBD=1768 XBD=1917 XBD=2130 XBD=2262 XBD=2382 XBD=2541 XHG=1344 XHG=1416 XHG=1728 XHG=1796 XHG=1948 XHG=2160 XHG=2292 XHG=2412 YBD=1635 YBD=1636 YBD=1642 YBD=1640 YBD=1634 YBD=1641 YHG=1605>of YHG=1605>gastroscopy. YHG=1604>It YHG=1614>seems YHG=1603>probable YHG=1604>that, YHG=1604>here YHG=1604>again, "" XBD=2544 XBD=324 XHG=889 XBD=422 XBD=496 XBD=600 XBD=684 XBD=868 XBD=940 XBD=1003 XBD=1284 XHG=107 XHG=346 XHG=444 XHG=514 XHG=621 XHG=699 XHG=961YBD=1665 XHG=1026 YBD=1669 YBD=1664 YBD=1673 YBD=1664 YBD=1672YHG=1644>on YHG=1632>committee, YHG=1634>and YHG=1635>all YHG=1635>who YHG=1643>are YHG=1634>engaged YHG=1643>or YHG=1633>undertaking XBD=1411 XBD=1596 XBD=1825 XBD=1887 XBD=1968 XBD=2135 XBD=2251 XBD=2341 XBD=2427 XHG=1344 XHG=1430 XHG=1614 XHG=1842 XHG=1901 XHG=1987 XHG=2151 XHG=2269 XHG=2358 XHG=2444 YBD=1675 YBD=1681 YBD=1674 YHG=1643>possible YHG=1644>variations YHG=1644>of YHG=1644>the YHG=1643>normal YHG=1643>have YHG=1644>not YHG=1643>yet YHG=1643>been "" XBD=1282 XBD=382 XBD=572 XBD=654 XBD=749 XBD=898 XBD=972 XBD=1190 XHG=102 XHG=411 XHG=601 XHG=682 XHG=776 XHG=927 XHG=1001 XHG=1219 YBD=1709 YBD=1711 YBD=1704 YBD=1703 YBD=1703 YHG=1670>investigations YHG=1673>covered YHG=1673>by YHG=1673>the YHG=1674>terms YHG=1674>of YHG=1674>reference YHG=1682>are XBD=1443 XBD=1641 XBD=1702 XBD=1952 XBD=2023 XBD=2092 XBD=2412 XBD=2543 XHG=1343 XHG=1459 XHG=1658 XHG=1717 XHG=1969 XHG=2040 XHG=2109 XHG=2451 YBD=1720 YBD=1714 YBD=1715 YBD=1721 YBD=1713 YHG=1683>fully YHG=1683>explored YHG=1692>or YHG=1682>understood YHG=1684>by YHG=1683>all YHG=1683>gastroscopists. YHG=1683>This " XBD=240 XBD=301 XBD=603 XBD=717 XHG=104 XHG=259 XHG=322 XHG=622 YBD=1741 YBD=1742 YBD=1743 YHG=1710>invited YHG=1711>to YHG=1713>communicate YHG=1713>with YHG=1722>me. " XBD=808 XBD=1472XHG=735 XBD=1658 XBD=1755 XBD=2077 XBD=2301 XBD=2376 XBD=2543 XHG=1344 XHG=1503 XHG=1688 XHG=1786 XHG=2108 XHG=2332 XHG=2403 YBD=1760 YBD=1754 YBD=1753 YHG=1722>would YHG=1723>explain YHG=1723>the YHG=1722>extraordinary YHG=1723>variation YHG=1722>of YHG=1722>results J. R. MARRACK. London XHG=2462 Hospital, Whitechapel, " XBD=2543 XBD=1530 XBD=1595 XBD=1756 XBD=1917 XBD=1988 XBD=2184 XBD=2410 XHG=1344 XHG=1552 XHG=1610 XHG=1777 XHG=1935 XHG=2007 XHG=2202 YBD=1793E.1. YBD=1800 YBD=1801 YBD=1794 YBD=1795 YBD=1792 YHG=1761>obtained YHG=1761>in YHG=1762>similar YHG=1771>groups YHG=1762>by YHG=1762>different YHG=1762>observers. YHG=1761>The " XBD=2544 XBD=1508 XHG=2383 XBD=1580 XBD=1947 XBD=2038 XBD=2106 XBD=2242 XBD=2358 XHG=1346 YBD=1832 XHG=1535 XHG=1602 XHG=1973 XHG=2062 XHG=2133 XHG=2267 YBD=1838 YHG=1801>caution YBD=1834 YBD=1833 YBD=1839 YHG=1801>dangers YHG=1801>of YHG=1802>over-enthusiasm YHG=1811>are YHG=1811>so YHG=1803>great YHG=1801>that OF YHG=1841>strongly GASTROSCOPY " XBD=2544 XBD=1387 EVALUATION XBD=1477 XBD=1796 XBD=1863 XBD=2018 XBD=2183 XBD=2254 XBD=2345 XHG=1345 YBD=1879 XHG=1409 XHG=1499 XHG=1818 XHG=1880 XHG=2041 XHG=2206 XHG=2277 XHG=2369 YBD=1870 YBD=1878 YBD=1873 YBD=1871 YBD=1872 YHG=1840>in YHG=1841>the YHG=1840>interpretation YHG=1841>of YHG=1841>results YHG=1841>cannot YHG=1841>be YHG=1842>too " XBD=2543 XBD=1476 XBD=1568 XBD=1734 XBD=1810 XBD=2097 XBD=2215 XBD=2360 XHG=1345 XHG=1528 XHG=1596 XHG=1763 XHG=1840 XHG=2125 XHG=2243 XHG=2388 YBD=1916 YBD=1910 YBD=1911 YBD=1912 YBD=1919 YBD=1918 YHG=1879>urged. YHG=1879>It YHG=1880>should YHG=1880>be YHG=1880>remembered YHG=1881>that YHG=1889>every YHG=1881>patient XBD=320 XHG=820 XBD=403 XBD=541 XBD=602 XBD=730 XBD=796 XBD=880 XBD=1036 XBD=1149 XBD=1283 XHG=148 XHG=342 XHG=424 XHG=557 XHG=620 XHG=753 XHG=902YBD=1916 XHG=1050 XHG=1164 YBD=1920 YBD=1917 YBD=1924 YBD=1923 YBD=1923YHG=1886>Sir YHG=1884>SiR,―In YHG=1886>his YHG=1886>letter YHG=1886>of YHG=1885>April YHG=1887>10 YHG=1885>Henry YHG=1885>Tidy YHG=1885>raises " XBD=2544 XBD=1388 XBD=1544 XBD=1598 XBD=1820 XBD=1894 XBD=2090 XBD=2190 XBD=2318 XBD=2461 XHG=1345 XHG=1416 XHG=1574 XHG=1628 XHG=1851 XHG=1920 XHG=2119 XHG=2219 XHG=2347 XHG=2493 YBD=1949 YBD=1957 YBD=1958 YBD=1950 YBD=1951 YHG=1918>in YHG=1919>whom YHG=1928>a YHG=1919>diagnosis YHG=1920>of YHG=1920>gastritis YHG=1921>has YHG=1920>been YHG=1920>made YHG=1929>on XBD=198 XHG=916 XBD=387 XBD=528 XBD=580 XBD=803 XBD=907 XBD=984 XBD=1138 XBD=1285 XHG=104 XHG=212 XHG=397 XHG=538 XHG=589 XHG=811 XHG=994YBD=1962 XHG=1176 YBD=1954 YBD=1955 YBD=1956 YBD=1955 YBD=1955 YHG=1933>some YHG=1925>valuable YHG=1925>points YHG=1925>in YHG=1925>connexion YHG=1925>with YHG=1934>my YHG=1925>article. YHG=1924>With " XBD=2542 XBD=1577 XBD=1792 XBD=1905 XBD=2014 XBD=2224 XBD=2313 XHG=1345 XHG=1627 XHG=1836 XHG=1954 XHG=2062 XHG=2268 XHG=2359 YBD=1989 YBD=1996 YBD=1990 YBD=1998 YHG=1958>insufficient YHG=1960>grounds YHG=1960>has YHG=1960>his YHG=1960>chances YHG=1960>of YHG=1968>recovery XBD=227 XHG=866 XBD=291 XBD=495 XBD=562 XBD=696 XBD=843 XBD=885 XBD=1018 XBD=1072 XBD=1286 XHG=106 XHG=248 XHG=312 XHG=517 XHG=580 XHG=719 XHG=906YBD=1995 XHG=1039 XHG=1094 YBD=2002 YBD=1994 YBD=2000 YBD=2002 YBD=1995 YBD=2000 YHG=1963>regard YHG=1964>to YHG=1965>selection YHG=1965>of YHG=1973>cases, YHG=1964>which YHG=1965>I YHG=1973>agree YHG=1964>is YHG=1964>essential, " XBD=2325 XBD=1577 XBD=1641 XBD=1729 XBD=1871 XBD=1935 XBD=2018 XHG=1346 XHG=1598 XHG=1662 XHG=1749 XHG=1890 XHG=1952 XHG=2039 YBD=2028 YBD=2031 YBD=2029 YBD=2030 YBD=2037 YHG=1998>diminished YHG=2008>as YHG=1999>the YHG=2000>result YHG=1999>of YHG=2000>the YHG=1999>investigation. XBD=197 XHG=924 XBD=532 XBD=817 XBD=886 XBD=966 XBD=1120 XBD=1199 XBD=1285 XHG=105 XHG=231 XHG=569 XHG=853 XHG=1002 XHG=1156 XHG=1237 YBD=2041 YBD=2034 YBD=2033 YBD=2034 YHG=2003>since YHG=2003>indiscriminate YHG=2004>gastroscopy YHG=2003>is YHG=2013>as YHG=2004>much YHG=2004>to YHG=2003>be XHG=1389 YBD=2080 YHG=2054>Sevenoaks. " XBD=1583 XBD=319 XHG=696 XBD=373 XBD=685 XBD=906 XBD=1129 XBD=1284 XHG=107 XHG=331 XHG=384 XHG=917YBD=2080 XHG=1140 YBD=2082 YBD=2073 YBD=2080 YBD=2080YHG=2042>radiology, YHG=2042>deprecated YHG=2052>as YHG=2042>indiscriminate YHG=2043>increasing YHG=2043>experi" XBD=1285 XBD=187 XHG=859 XBD=245 XBD=503 XBD=559 XBD=724 XBD=845 XBD=930 XBD=1056 XBD=1106 XHG=104 XHG=202 XHG=256 XHG=517 XHG=573 XHG=741 XHG=944YBD=2113 XHG=1072 XHG=1121 YBD=2120 YBD=2112 YBD=2113 YBD=2113 YBD=2119 YHG=2091>ence YHG=2082>of YHG=2082>gastroscopy YHG=2082>in YHG=2081>Service YHG=2091>cases YHG=2082>has YHG=2082>made YHG=2082>it YHG=2082>possible AVOIDANCE " XBD=1285 XBD=143 XHG=800 XBD=323 XBD=411 XBD=547 XBD=614 XBD=718 XBD=780 XBD=925 XBD=1194 XHG=106 XHG=160 XHG=345 XHG=433 XHG=570 XHG=633 XHG=738 XHG=946YBD=2152 XHG=1214 YBD=2159 YBD=2151 YBD=2159 YBD=2152 YHG=2121>to YHG=2121>indicate YHG=2122>the YHG=2122>types YHG=2121>of YHG=2129>case YHG=2121>in YHG=2121>which YHG=2121>gastroscopy YHG=2120>has " XBD=2545 XBD=239 XHG=915 XBD=299 XBD=435 XBD=578 XBD=616 XBD=899 XBD=958 XBD=1026 XBD=1084 XBD=1166 XBD=1284 XBD=1578 XBD=1694 XBD=1866 XBD=2018 XBD=2083 XBD=2209 XBD=2275 XBD=2377 XHG=107 XHG=255 XHG=311 XHG=486 XHG=596 XHG=634 XHG=975YBD=2190 XHG=1042 XHG=1100 XHG=1183 XHG=1395 XHG=1596 XHG=1713 XHG=1884 XHG=2038 XHG=2099 XHG=2231 XHG=2299 XHG=2397 YBD=2197 YBD=2191 YBD=2191 YBD=2191 YBD=2190 YBD=2195 YBD=2189 YBD=2196 YBD=2197 YHG=2161>proved YHG=2160>of YHG=2161>value. YHG=2159>This YHG=2160>I YHG=2159>endeavoured YHG=2160>to YHG=2160>do YHG=2161>in YHG=2160>the YHG=2169>sumYHG=2158>SiR,―In YHG=2167>your YHG=2159>leading YHG=2159>article YHG=2159>of YHG=2159>April YHG=2160>10 YHG=2168>you YHG=2159>rightly " XBD=2545 XBD=1458 XBD=1566 XBD=1691 XBD=1793 XBD=2010 XBD=2350 XHG=1346 XHG=1494 XHG=1602 XHG=1726 XHG=1831 XHG=2046 XHG=2385 YBD=2229 YBD=2235 YBD=2228 YHG=2197>point YHG=2198>out YHG=2195>that YHG=2199>the YHG=2198>disasters YHG=2198>accompanying YHG=2198>manual XBD=206 XHG=808 XBD=286 XBD=384 XBD=552 XBD=771 XBD=842 XBD=1016 XBD=1151 XBD=1287 XHG=106 XHG=242 XHG=317 XHG=421 XHG=603 XHG=878YBD=2229 XHG=1051 XHG=1189 YBD=2230 YBD=2237 YBD=2230 YBD=2230 YHG=2209>mary YHG=2200>of YHG=2209>my YHG=2208>paper. YHG=2198>Perhaps YHG=2199>it YHG=2199>should YHG=2199>have YHG=2199>been " XBD=2543 XBD=1518 XBD=1591 XBD=1681 XBD=1887 XBD=2047 XBD=2141 XBD=2309 XBD=2449 XHG=1346 XHG=1546 XHG=1615 XHG=1709 XHG=1915 XHG=2073 XHG=2153 XHG=2336 XHG=2477 YBD=2266 YBD=2268 YBD=2275 YBD=2274 YBD=2267 YHG=2237>removal YHG=2237>of YHG=2237>placenta YHG=2237>nearly YHG=2237>all YHG=2236>happen YHG=2237>when YHG=2237>the XBD=331 XHG=892 XBD=445 XBD=537 XBD=679 XBD=748 XBD=868 XBD=953 XBD=1098 XBD=1287 XHG=108 XHG=356 XHG=468 XHG=560 XHG=703 XHG=768 XHG=976YBD=2268 XHG=1121 YBD=2277 YBD=2269 YBD=2275 YBD=2268 YBD=2269YHG=2238>for YHG=2239>emphasised YHG=2239>that YHG=2238>the YHG=2238>figure YHG=2238>of YHG=2238>5-3% YHG=2238>ulcers YHG=2237>referred " XBD=1500 XBD=1587 XBD=1704 XBD=1880 XBD=1942 XBD=2038 XBD=2124 XBD=2260 XBD=2394 XHG=1346 XHG=1517 XHG=1606 XHG=1721 XHG=1898 XHG=1959 XHG=2056 XHG=2142 XHG=2277 XHG=2412 YBD=2313 YBD=2306 YBD=2307 YHG=2276>patient YHG=2276>has YHG=2276>been YHG=2276>allowed YHG=2276>to YHG=2276>lose YHG=2276>too YHG=2276>much YHG=2276>blood YHG=2276>before |>"XBD=2545 XBD=188 XBD=245 XBD=400 XBD=539 XBD=635 XBD=719 XBD=806 XBD=972 XBD=1099 XBD=1286 XHG=106 XHG=201 XHG=262 XHG=417 XHG=557 XHG=652 XHG=736 XHG=821 XHG=989 XHG=1116 YBD=2310 YBD=2317 YBD=2308 YBD=2307 YBD=2308 YBD=2309 YHG=2279>only YHG=2279>to YHG=2278>gastric YHG=2278>ulcers YHG=2277>and YHG=2276>did YHG=2277>not YHG=2276>include YHG=2277>those YHG=2277>situated " XBD=2544 XBD=1414 XBD=1640 XBD=1693 XBD=1967 XBD=2141 XBD=2270 XBD=2327 XHG=1347 XHG=1438 XHG=1660 XHG=1717 XHG=2016 XHG=2163 XHG=2294 XHG=2351 YBD=2353 YBD=2345 YBD=2346 YBD=2347 YHG=2315>the YHG=2315>operation YHG=2316>is YHG=2315>undertaken. YHG=2315>When YHG=2315>there YHG=2315>is YHG=2315>excessive XBD=144 XHG=808 XBD=217 XBD=474 XBD=585 XBD=794 XBD=841 XBD=1078 XBD=1159 XBD=1280 XHG=107 XHG=154 XHG=233 XHG=506 XHG=599 XHG=857YBD=2347 XHG=1093 XHG=1175 YBD=2349 YBD=2348 YBD=2354 YBD=2348 YHG=2318>in YHG=2318>the YHG=2318>duodenum YHG=2316>this YHG=2316>incidence YHG=2316>is YHG=2316>essentially YHG=2317>the YHG=2326>same : XBD=144 XHG=756 XBD=242 XBD=376 XBD=431 XBD=558 XBD=685 XBD=745 XBD=906 XBD=1156 XBD=1287 XHG=107 XHG=156 XHG=255 XHG=389 XHG=445 XHG=572 XHG=700 XHG=920YBD=2386 XHG=1208 YBD=2389 YBD=2388 YBD=2387 YBD=2393 YBD=2386 YHG=2366>as YHG=2358>that YHG=2358>found YHG=2358>in YHG=2357>other YHG=2356>series YHG=2356>of YHG=2355>Service YHG=2356>dyspepsias. YHG=2356>The " XBD=2545 XBD=1523 XBD=1635 XBD=1717 XBD=1911 XBD=2007 XBD=2062 XBD=2188 XBD=2284 XHG=1347 XHG=1539 XHG=1650 XHG=1733 XHG=1927 XHG=2021 XHG=2078 XHG=2204 XHG=2300 YBD=2393 YBD=2384 YBD=2392 YBD=2385 YHG=2354>bleeding YHG=2355>with YHG=2355>the YHG=2355>placenta YHG=2354>still YHG=2355>in YHG=2355>utero YHG=2363>you YHG=2355>recommend " XBD=2545 XBD=1437 XBD=1511 XBD=1702 XBD=1771 XBD=1877 XBD=2011 XBD=2076 XBD=2252 XBD=2342 XHG=1347 XHG=1459 XHG=1532 XHG=1723 XHG=1793 XHG=1897 XHG=2033 XHG=2099 XHG=2273 XHG=2364 YBD=2431 YBD=2423 YBD=2424 YBD=2430 YHG=2394>that YHG=2403>an YHG=2394>attempt YHG=2394>be YHG=2393>first YHG=2393>made YHG=2393>to YHG=2402>express YHG=2393>the YHG=2394>placenta XBD=183 XHG=703 XBD=260 XBD=392 XBD=471 XBD=672 XBD=874 XBD=1012 XBD=1144 XBD=1288 XHG=107 XHG=216 XHG=288 XHG=426 XHG=501 XHG=907YBD=2425 XHG=1043 XHG=1177 YBD=2435 YBD=2427 YBD=2426 YBD=2432 YBD=2425 YBD=2425YHG=2394>includes YHG=2396>49% YHG=2397>of YHG=2406>cases YHG=2396>of YHG=2395>gastritis YHG=2403>cases YHG=2395>from YHG=2395>other |>" " XBD=1403 XBD=1924 XBD=2080 XBD=2166 XBD=2278 XBD=2546 XBD=1588 XHG=1347 XHG=1622 XHG=1956 XHG=2114 XHG=2200 XHG=2310 XHG=1436 YBD=2469 YBD=2462 YBD=2461 YBD=2468 YBD=2462 YHG=2431>by YHG=2431>method-with YHG=2431>which YHG=2432>all YHG=2431>will YHG=2432>agree-but YHG=2431>Credé’s XBD=279 XBD=535 XBD=789 XBD=870 XBD=1152 XBD=1288 XHG=106 XHG=302 XHG=557 XHG=809 XHG=893 XHG=1178 YBD=2474 YBD=2466 YBD=2472 YBD=2464 YBD=2471 YBD=2464 YHG=2434>hospitals YHG=2434>transferred YHG=2433>specifically YHG=2434>for YHG=2434>gastroscopy, YHG=2433>other " XBD=2545 XBD=1579 XBD=1775 XBD=2044 XBD=2143 XBD=2294 XBD=2432 XHG=1347 XHG=1610 XHG=1807 XHG=2096 XHG=2175 XHG=2326 XHG=2466 YBD=2508 YBD=2507 YBD=2500 YBD=2501 YHG=2471>apparently YHG=2471>without YHG=2471>anaesthesia. YHG=2471>In YHG=2479>many YHG=2479>cases YHG=2471>this XBD=385 XHG=951 XBD=554 XBD=724 XBD=926 XBD=995 XBD=1285 XHG=106 XHG=409 XHG=578 XHG=748 XHG=1018YBD=2503 YBD=2512 YBD=2511 YBD=2504YHG=2482>or YHG=2473>investigations YHG=2473>having YHG=2472>proved YHG=2472>negative YHG=2472>inconclusive: " XBD=2544 XBD=1425 XBD=1560 XBD=1791 XBD=1876 XBD=1933 XBD=2017 XBD=2055 XBD=2144 XBD=2192 XBD=2279 XBD=2365 XHG=1346 XHG=1440 XHG=1574 XHG=1803 XHG=1890 XHG=1946 XHG=2032 XHG=2069 XHG=2157 XHG=2201 XHG=2293 XHG=2380 YBD=2548 YBD=2545 YBD=2539 YBD=2540 YHG=2510>will YHG=2519>prove YHG=2510>successful, YHG=2510>but YHG=2510>in YHG=2510>not YHG=2519>a YHG=2509>few YHG=2509>it YHG=2509>will YHG=2509>fail YHG=2509>because XBD=159 XHG=644 XBD=307 XBD=461 XBD=623 XBD=869 XBD=1227 XBD=1293 XHG=107 XHG=178 XHG=328 XHG=482 XHG=890YBD=2550 XHG=1248 YBD=2544 YBD=2552 YBD=2543 YBD=2550 YBD=2542YHG=2512>point-the YHG=2513>Sir YHG=2508>Henry YHG=2514>Tidy’s YHG=2513>second YHG=2511>recategorisation YHG=2512>of XBD=1416XHG=699 XBD=1635 XBD=1793 XBD=1856 XBD=2050 XBD=2210 XBD=2296 XBD=2363 XBD=2543 XHG=1348 XHG=1431 XHG=1650 XHG=1807 XHG=1872 XHG=2062 XHG=2226 XHG=2310 XHG=2376 YBD=2587 YBD=2586 YBD=2578 YBD=2579 YHG=2548>the YHG=2549>operation YHG=2549>cannot YHG=2549>be YHG=2549>properly YHG=2548>carried YHG=2548>out YHG=2557>on YHG=2550>account " XBD=1288 XBD=166 XBD=391 XBD=593 XBD=668 XBD=803 XBD=1002 XBD=1187 XHG=107 XHG=197 XHG=425 XHG=626 XHG=835 XHG=1036 XHG=1220 YBD=2583 YBD=2582 YBD=2588 YBD=2582 YBD=2589 YHG=2552>the YHG=2554>non-ulcer YHG=2552>case-is YHG=2552>in YHG=2551>most YHG=2551>respects YHG=2551>outside YHG=2560>my " XBD=2546 XBD=1393 XBD=1479 XBD=1719 XBD=1785 XBD=1871 XBD=2113 XBD=2296 XHG=1347 XHG=1411 XHG=1500 XHG=1741 XHG=1802 XHG=1891 XHG=2134 XHG=2319 YBD=2625 YBD=2617 YBD=2618 YHG=2588>tightening YHG=2588>of YHG=2588>the YHG=2587>abdominal YHG=2587>muscles YHG=2587>occasioned XBD=287 XHG=844 XBD=409 XBD=448 XBD=518 XBD=588 XBD=712 XBD=828 XBD=958 XBD=1127 XBD=1286 XHG=107 XHG=306 XHG=428 XHG=468 XHG=536 XHG=607 XHG=730 XHG=975YBD=2620 XHG=1145 YBD=2627 YBD=2623 YBD=2621 YBD=2627 YBD=2620 YHG=2592>province, YHG=2593>since YHG=2592>I YHG=2592>do YHG=2600>no YHG=2599>more YHG=2590>than YHG=2589>make YHG=2590>general YHG=2598>recom" XBD=2544 XBD=1402 XBD=1485 XBD=1594 XBD=1687 XBD=1866 XBD=1961 XBD=2029 XBD=2209 XBD=2268 XBD=2349 XHG=1347 XHG=1418 XHG=1501 XHG=1609 XHG=1702 XHG=1881 XHG=1978 XHG=2044 XHG=2225 XHG=2281 XHG=2365 YBD=2664 YBD=2657 YBD=2665 YBD=2655 YBD=2656 YBD=2663 YHG=2626>by YHG=2627>the YHG=2627>pain YHG=2626>and YHG=2627>perhaps YHG=2626>also YHG=2635>on YHG=2626>account YHG=2626>of YHG=2626>the YHG=2626>developXBD=349 XHG=900 XBD=437 XBD=680 XBD=884 XBD=967 XBD=1113 XBD=1289 XHG=108 XHG=367 XHG=452 XHG=694 XHG=983YBD=2659 XHG=1126 YBD=2666 YBD=2660 YBD=2667 YBD=2664 YBD=2660 YBD=2659 YHG=2631>mendations, YHG=2631>not YHG=2630>necessarily YHG=2629>followed, YHG=2628>the YHG=2629>actual YHG=2628>medical " XBD=2546 XBD=1456 XBD=1517 XBD=1554 XBD=1819 XBD=1929 XBD=2115 XBD=2282 XBD=2459 XHG=1347 XHG=1472 XHG=1530 XHG=1570 XHG=1833 XHG=1978 XHG=2132 XHG=2297 XHG=2474 YBD=2701 YBD=2696 YBD=2695 YHG=2666>ment YHG=2666>of YHG=2675>a YHG=2665>constriction YHG=2665>ring. YHG=2665>Where YHG=2664>Credé’s YHG=2665>method YHG=2666>has XBD=211 XHG=723 XBD=348 XBD=531 XBD=609 XBD=699 XBD=885 XBD=1040 XBD=1138 XBD=1194 XBD=1287 XHG=109 XHG=235 XHG=371 XHG=554 XHG=632 XHG=907YBD=2698 XHG=1065 XHG=1161 XHG=1217 YBD=2704 YBD=2707 YBD=2706 YBD=2699 YBD=2703 YBD=2698YHG=2668>medical YHG=2670>grade YHG=2670>being YHG=2669>decided YHG=2668>by YHG=2669>the YHG=2667>board, YHG=2668>but YHG=2668>it YHG=2668>has XBD=1446XHG=839 XBD=1688 XBD=1789 XBD=1883 XBD=2036 XBD=2095 XBD=2150 XBD=2281 XBD=2404 XBD=2547 XHG=1347 XHG=1470 XHG=1712 XHG=1813 XHG=1906 XHG=2061 XHG=2118 XHG=2176 XHG=2305 XHG=2427 YBD=2742 YBD=2733 YBD=2740 YBD=2734 YBD=2735 YBD=2741 YHG=2704>been YHG=2704>attempted YHG=2704>and YHG=2704>has YHG=2704>failed, YHG=2704>it YHG=2704>is YHG=2712>more YHG=2704>than YHG=2703>likely " XBD=1289 XBD=195 XBD=277 XBD=517 XBD=626 XBD=762 XBD=825 XBD=947 XBD=1055 XBD=1172 XHG=108 XHG=211 XHG=297 XHG=536 XHG=643 XHG=780 XHG=965 XHG=1072 XHG=1191 YBD=2746 YBD=2738 YBD=2745 YBD=2737 YBD=2737 YBD=2737 YHG=2705>been YHG=2718>my YHG=2709>experience YHG=2708>that YHG=2716>many YHG=2707>of YHG=2707>these YHG=2716>men YHG=2706>have YHG=2706>been " XBD=2547 XBD=1437 XBD=1475 XBD=1638 XBD=1826 XBD=1914 XBD=2026 XBD=2136 XBD=2301 XHG=1347 XHG=1450 XHG=1487 XHG=1650 XHG=1838 XHG=1927 XHG=2039 XHG=2150 XHG=2316 YBD=2772 YBD=2773 YBD=2778 YBD=2780 YHG=2743>that YHG=2753>a YHG=2744>further YHG=2743>bleeding YHG=2743>will YHG=2743>have YHG=2743>been YHG=2743>caused, YHG=2743>amounting XBD=230 XHG=818 XBD=291 XBD=492 XBD=545 XBD=645 XBD=737 XBD=796 XBD=929 XBD=1077 XBD=1197 XBD=1289 XHG=107 XHG=251 XHG=311 XHG=512 XHG=568 XHG=665 XHG=756 XHG=950YBD=2776 XHG=1098 XHG=1217 YBD=2781 YBD=2785 YBD=2777 YBD=2782 YBD=2776 YBD=2776 YBD=2777 YHG=2747>placed YHG=2748>in YHG=2748>category YHG=2747>B YHG=2746>and YHG=2747>not YHG=2746>C, YHG=2746>while YHG=2746>others YHG=2747>have YHG=2746>not " XBD=2522 XBD=1569 XBD=1634 XBD=1764 XBD=1810 XBD=1960 XBD=2227 XHG=1347 XHG=1591 XHG=1657 XHG=1786 XHG=1831 XHG=1982 XHG=2248 YBD=2813 YBD=2812 YBD=2820 YBD=2819 YHG=2783>sometimes YHG=2782>to YHG=2782>quite YHG=2791>a YHG=2791>severe YHG=2782>postpartum YHG=2782>haemorrhage. XBD=177 XHG=846 XBD=309 XBD=526 XBD=733 XBD=812 XBD=909 XBD=1097 XBD=1289 XHG=108 XHG=210 XHG=344 XHG=562 XHG=768 XHG=960YBD=2815 XHG=1132 YBD=2816 YBD=2823 YBD=2822 YBD=2815 YBD=2822YHG=2785>all. YHG=2783>had YHG=2786>their YHG=2787>category YHG=2786>changed YHG=2785>at YHG=2784>Unless YHG=2785>already XBD=1417XHG=812 XBD=1564 XBD=1835 XBD=2054 XBD=2162 XBD=2221 XBD=2354 XBD=2459 XBD=2546 XHG=1398 XHG=1435 XHG=1580 XHG=1854 XHG=2073 XHG=2179 XHG=2238 XHG=2373 XHG=2478 YBD=2856 YBD=2858 YBD=2853 YBD=2859 YBD=2852 YBD=2851 YHG=2822>I YHG=2821>would YHG=2821>recommend, YHG=2821>therefore, YHG=2822>that YHG=2822>in YHG=2831>every YHG=2830>case YHG=2821>the " XBD=1288 XBD=263 XBD=343 XBD=538 XBD=655 XBD=784 XBD=923 XBD=1151 XHG=108 XHG=292 XHG=371 XHG=566 XHG=683 XHG=951 XHG=1181 YBD=2855 YBD=2854 YBD=2862 YBD=2855 YHG=2820>Y-listed YHG=2834>on YHG=2825>transfer YHG=2825>here YHG=2824>from YHG=2823>other YHG=2823>hospitals, YHG=2823>these " XBD=2546 XBD=1501 XBD=1569 XBD=1701 XBD=1745 XBD=1915 XBD=2168 XBD=2299 XBD=2414 XHG=1347 XHG=1520 XHG=1588 XHG=1720 XHG=1765 XHG=1934 XHG=2219 XHG=2319 XHG=2434 YBD=2898 YBD=2890 YBD=2897 YBD=2891 YBD=2892 YHG=2861>patient YHG=2860>be YHG=2860>given YHG=2869>a YHG=2860>general YHG=2861>anaesthetic. YHG=2861>The YHG=2861>time YHG=2860>while XBD=202 XHG=731 XBD=275 XBD=427 XBD=619 XBD=725 XBD=893 XBD=1082 XBD=1289 XHG=107 XHG=212 XHG=286 XHG=436 XHG=628 XHG=903YBD=2893 XHG=1090 YBD=2901 YBD=2894 YBD=2895 YBD=2900 YBD=2894 YHG=2868>cases YHG=2872>are YHG=2863>always YHG=2864>returned YHG=2863>with YHG=2862>medical YHG=2863>category YHG=2863>unaltered " XBD=2546 XBD=1519 XBD=1581 XBD=1722 XBD=1909 XBD=2048 XBD=2123 XBD=2314 XHG=1348 XHG=1548 XHG=1607 XHG=1745 XHG=1936 XHG=2075 XHG=2147 XHG=2338 YBD=2929 YBD=2928 YBD=2930 YBD=2936 YBD=2935 YHG=2900>narcosis YHG=2900>is YHG=2899>being YHG=2899>induced YHG=2900>could YHG=2900>be YHG=2900>usefully YHG=2898>employed XBD=146 XHG=850 XBD=258 XBD=361 XBD=509 XBD=711 XBD=832 XBD=946 XBD=1007 XBD=1188 XBD=1288 XHG=108 XHG=162 XHG=276 XHG=378 XHG=543 XHG=730 XHG=964YBD=2931 XHG=1024 XHG=1205 YBD=2929 YBD=2930 YBD=2933 YBD=2932 YBD=2931 YBD=2932YHG=2901>with YBD=2938 YHG=2898>to YHG=2901>their YHG=2911>own YHG=2903>units YHG=2903>Y-listed YHG=2911>cases YHG=2911>or YHG=2901>without YHG=2910>pre: XBD=1555XHG=908 XBD=1624 XBD=1758 XBD=1852 XBD=2100 XBD=2310 XBD=2394 XBD=2545 XHG=1348 XHG=1571 XHG=1643 XHG=1774 XHG=1869 XHG=2118 XHG=2327 XHG=2413 YBD=2975 YBD=2967 YBD=2976 YBD=2974 YBD=2968 YHG=2938>scrubbing YHG=2947>up YHG=2938>again YHG=2938>and YHG=2938>thoroughly YHG=2938>cleansing YHG=2938>the YHG=2937>vulva, " XBD=1289 XBD=274 XBD=634 XBD=696 XBD=886 XBD=962 XBD=1146 XHG=107 XHG=296 XHG=654 XHG=718 XHG=983 XHG=1169 YBD=2976 YBD=2971 YBD=2978 YBD=2977 YBD=2970 YBD=2970 YHG=2935>liminary YHG=2941>recategorisation YHG=2942>in YHG=2940>hospital YHG=2940>by YHG=2940>medical YHG=2940>board " XBD=2546 XBD=1544 XBD=1745 XBD=1834 XBD=1948 XBD=2013 XBD=2134 XBD=2200 XBD=2387 XBD=2454 XHG=1348 XHG=1567 XHG=1766 XHG=1857 XHG=1970 XHG=2036 XHG=2157 XHG=2222 XHG=2412 XHG=2479 YBD=3008 YBD=3006 YBD=3013 YBD=3007 YBD=3005 YHG=2977>including YHG=2977>grasping YHG=2976>the YHG=2977>cord YHG=2978>close YHG=2986>as YHG=2976>possible YHG=2975>to YHG=2975>the XBD=165 XHG=583 XBD=314 XBD=374 XBD=497 XBD=567 XBD=746 XHG=108 XHG=180 XHG=330 XHG=390 XHG=513 YBD=3005 YBD=3014 YBD=3008 YBD=3009 YBD=3017 YBD=3010 YHG=2982>are YHG=2978>posted YHG=2979>to YHG=2979>units YHG=2979>by YHG=2979>records. " XBD=2546 XBD=341 XHG=906 XBD=501 XBD=698 XBD=820 XBD=894 XBD=949 XBD=1051 XBD=1122 XBD=1290 XBD=1470 XBD=1581 XBD=1724 XBD=2074 XBD=2165 XBD=2335 XBD=2462 XHG=149 XHG=353 XHG=514 XHG=711 XHG=832 XHG=962YBD=3047 XHG=1061 XHG=1133 XHG=1349 XHG=1485 XHG=1597 XHG=1736 XHG=2088 XHG=2181 XHG=2350 XHG=2479 YBD=3052 YBD=3048 YBD=3048 YBD=3045YHG=3018>to YBD=3047 YBD=3054 YBD=3046 YBD=3052 YBD=3051 YBD=3044 YHG=3014>Brigadier YHG=3017>Harold YHG=3018>Edwards YHG=3018>takes YHG=3026>me YHG=3017>task YHG=3017>for YHG=3017>making YHG=3016>vulva YHG=3015>with YHG=3015>sterile YHG=3016>pressure-forceps YHG=3015>and YHG=3015>cutting YHG=3023>away YHG=3014>the " XBD=1441 XBD=1578 XBD=1637 XBD=1699 XBD=2071 XBD=2225 XBD=2291 XBD=2457 XHG=1348 XHG=1459 XHG=1595 XHG=1655 XHG=1751 XHG=2087 XHG=2243 XHG=2311 XHG=2476 YBD=3085 YBD=3084 YBD=3083 YHG=3054>cord YHG=3054>distal YHG=3055>to YHG=3054>it. YHG=3054>Catheterisation YHG=3054>should YHG=3054>be YHG=3053>carried YHG=3054>out " XBD=2548 XBD=131 XHG=901 XBD=208 XBD=406 XBD=618 XBD=682 XBD=880 XBD=974 XBD=1088 XBD=1203 XBD=1289 XHG=110 XHG=142 XHG=228 XHG=425 XHG=638 XHG=698 XHG=993YBD=3086 XHG=1107 XHG=1222 YBD=3079 YBD=3083 YBD=3091 YBD=3087 YBD=3093 YBD=3087 YBD=3086YHG=3056>but YHG=3059>a YHG=3053>-too YHG=3054>frequent YHG=3056>diagnosis YHG=3057>of YHG=3056>gastritis, YHG=3056>such YHG=3065>were YHG=3055>the XBD=1384XHG=758 XBD=1475 XBD=1657 XBD=1717 XBD=1815 XBD=1993 XBD=2166 XBD=2252 XBD=2402 XBD=2547 XHG=1348 XHG=1407 XHG=1497 XHG=1684 XHG=1745 XHG=1838 XHG=2022 XHG=2217 XHG=2274 XHG=2432 YBD=3123 YBD=3124 YBD=3131 YBD=3122 YHG=3093>if YHG=3094>the YHG=3093>bladder YHG=3093>is YHG=3095>not YHG=3094>already YHG=3094>empty. YHG=3093>A YHG=3092>sterile YHG=3092>towel " XBD=1290 XBD=273 XBD=404 XBD=506 XBD=575 XBD=741 XBD=936 XBD=1064 XHG=109 XHG=291 XHG=421 XHG=522 XHG=593 XHG=955 XHG=1080 YBD=3128 YBD=3123 YBD=3124 YBD=3125 YBD=3132 YBD=3125 YBD=3132 YHG=3088>findings, YHG=3094>made YHG=3095>first YHG=3104>on YHG=3096>clinical YHG=3095>grounds, YHG=3095>often YHG=3094>supported XBD=1493XHG=839 XBD=1601 XBD=1748 XBD=1810 XBD=1889 XBD=2105 XBD=2267 XBD=2441 XBD=2547 XHG=1348 XHG=1502 XHG=1613 XHG=1759 XHG=1823 XHG=1902 XHG=2118 XHG=2280 XHG=2454 YBD=3162 YBD=3169 YBD=3163 YBD=3161 YBD=3168 YHG=3133>having YHG=3133>been YHG=3132>placed YHG=3143>on YHG=3134>the YHG=3133>abdomen, YHG=3130>Credé’s YHG=3131>method YHG=3140>may " XBD=1289 XBD=157 XBD=418 XBD=479 XBD=611 XBD=824 XBD=916 XBD=1070 XHG=110 XHG=176 XHG=435 XHG=500 XHG=633 XHG=937 XHG=1084 YBD=3165 YBD=3163 YBD=3169 YBD=3164 YBD=3171 YBD=3165 YHG=3125>by YHG=3130>radiological YHG=3142>or YHG=3134>other YHG=3134>evidence, YHG=3134>and YHG=3134>finally YHG=3134>confirmed " XBD=2578 XBD=1435 XBD=1501 XBD=1720 XBD=1815 XBD=1908 XBD=2042 XBD=2168 XBD=2277 XBD=2336 XBD=2420 XHG=1348 XHG=1452 XHG=1519 XHG=1737 XHG=1832 XHG=1925 XHG=2061 XHG=2186 XHG=2293 XHG=2352 XHG=2439 YBD=3200 YBD=3201 YBD=3202 YBD=3208 YBD=3206 YBD=3199 YBD=3207 YHG=3180>now YHG=3171>be YHG=3171>employed YHG=3172>and YHG=3172>will YHG=3181>prove YHG=3171>quite YHG=3179>easy YHG=3170>in YHG=3170>the YHG=3170>great XBD=147 XHG=829 XBD=222 XBD=282 XBD=466 XBD=541 XBD=815 XBD=941 XBD=1027 XBD=1198 XBD=1290 XHG=109 XHG=164 XHG=241 XHG=302 XHG=486 XHG=556 XHG=960YBD=3209 XHG=1048 XHG=1211 YBD=3195 YBD=3199 YBD=3206 YBD=3202 YBD=3203YHG=3173>using YHG=3173>so YHG=3168>far YHG=3178>as YHG=3171>possible YHG=3172>by YHG=3173>gastroscopy, YHG=3173>the YHG=3172>criteria YHG=3172>laid " XBD=1290 XBD=1534XHG=761 XBD=1608 XBD=1751 XBD=1889 XBD=2096 XBD=2225 XBD=2476 XBD=2552 XBD=213 XBD=276 XBD=498 XBD=610 XBD=748 XBD=828 XBD=1066 XBD=1113 XHG=111 XHG=225 XHG=291 XHG=548 XHG=626 XHG=1348 XHG=1565 XHG=1636 XHG=1801 XHG=1920 XHG=2124 XHG=2255 XHG=2506 XHG=841 XHG=1080 XHG=1127 YBD=3237 YBD=3244 YBD=3239 YBD=3240 YBD=3247 YBD=3246 YBD=3247 YBD=3238 YBD=3245 YBD=3239 YBD=3240 YBD=3241 YHG=3204>down YHG=3206>by YHG=3209>Schindler. YHG=3211>No YHG=3211>doubt YHG=3211>the YHG=3211>percentage YHG=3210>majority YHG=3210>of YHG=3219>cases. YHG=3211>Any YHG=3210>bleeding YHG=3209>after YHG=3208>expression YHG=3209>of YHG=3211>is YHG=3210>affected XBD=1417XHG=770 XBD=1623 XBD=1715 XBD=1788 XBD=2072 XBD=2175 XBD=2318 XBD=2549 XHG=1352 XHG=1443 XHG=1643 XHG=1740 XHG=1811 XHG=2096 XHG=2199 XHG=2337 YBD=3277 YBD=3285 YBD=3284 YBD=3276 YBD=3283 YHG=3248>the YHG=3248>placenta YHG=3258>can YHG=3249>be YHG=3248>immediately YHG=3247>and YHG=3246>easily YHG=3248>controlled " XBD=1289 XBD=260 XBD=350 XBD=481 XBD=571 XBD=695 XBD=746 XBD=910 XBD=1076 XBD=1176 XBD=1234 XHG=111 XHG=284 XHG=376 XHG=506 XHG=595 XHG=721 XHG=936 XHG=1103 XHG=1199 XHG=1257 YBD=3275 YBD=3276 YBD=3277 YBD=3278 YBD=3285 YBD=3284 YBD=3278 YBD=3279 YHG=3239>because YHG=3246>the YHG=3256>cases YHG=3257>are YHG=3249>from YHG=3258>a YHG=3249>special YHG=3250>centre, YHG=3249>but YHG=3249>it YHG=3249>is XBD=245 XHG=664 XBD=353 XBD=545 XBD=598 XBD=643 XBD=841 XBD=1018 XBD=1083 XBD=1173 XBD=1291 XHG=110 XHG=264 XHG=373 XHG=564 XHG=619 XHG=860YBD=3316 XHG=1040 XHG=1104 XHG=1194 YBD=3313 YBD=3315 YBD=3322 YBD=3323 YBD=3318YHG=3296>common YHG=3283>certain YHG=3284>that YHG=3287>gastritis YHG=3287>is YHG=3296>a YHG=3288>disease, YHG=3297>as YHG=3287>has YHG=3288>been " XBD=2549 XBD=1405 XBD=1622 XBD=1895 XBD=1959 XBD=2040 XBD=2190 XBD=2312 XBD=2395 XHG=1351 XHG=1424 XHG=1641 XHG=1914 XHG=1973 XHG=2057 XHG=2209 XHG=2328 XHG=2414 YBD=3323 YBD=3325 YBD=3317 YBD=3315 YBD=3316 YHG=3286>by YHG=3287>bimanual YHG=3288>compression YHG=3287>of YHG=3287>the YHG=3285>until YHG=3286>the YHG=3286>uterus " XBD=1292 XBD=230 XBD=301 XBD=574 XBD=763 XBD=833 XBD=1028 XBD=1230 XHG=108 XHG=248 XHG=319 XHG=592 XHG=851 XHG=1047 XHG=1249 YBD=3352 YBD=3360 YBD=3361 YBD=3362 YBD=3354 YBD=3357 YBD=3356 YBD=3355 YHG=3319>shown YHG=3322>by YHG=3325>pathologists YHG=3325>working YHG=3334>on YHG=3326>material YHG=3326>collected YHG=3327>at XBD=1517XHG=782 XBD=1578 XBD=1774 XBD=1838 XBD=2106 XBD=2238 XBD=2548 XHG=1351 XHG=1536 XHG=1596 XHG=1794 XHG=1857 XHG=2125 XHG=2254 YBD=3354 YBD=3363 YBD=3361 YHG=3325>hardens YHG=3326>in YHG=3335>response YHG=3327>to YHG=3324>ergometrine YHG=3324>given YHG=3324>intravenously XBD=265 XHG=872 XBD=372 XBD=449 XBD=693 XBD=839 XBD=964 XBD=1090 XBD=1292 XHG=108 XHG=296 XHG=406 XHG=481 XHG=728 XHG=995YBD=3400 XHG=1121 YBD=3398 YBD=3392 YBD=3393 YBD=3401 YBD=3401YHG=3364>only YHG=3360>autopsy YHG=3363>and YHG=3364>at YHG=3364>operation, YHG=3364>while YHG=3374>very YHG=3364>recently " XBD=2549 XBD=1395 XBD=1770 XBD=1876 XBD=1927 XBD=2056 XBD=2224 XBD=2316 XBD=2436 XHG=1351 XHG=1407 XHG=1798 XHG=1892 XHG=1940 XHG=2069 XHG=2238 XHG=2335 XHG=2450 YBD=3402 YBD=3391 YBD=3398 YBD=3392 YBD=3393 YHG=3372>or YHG=3364>intramuscularly YHG=3364>this YHG=3364>is YHG=3363>much YHG=3362>simpler YHG=3363>and YHG=3362>safer YHG=3363>than ; " XBD=2548 XBD=295 XHG=657 XBD=397 XBD=631 XBD=757 XBD=1071 XBD=1165 XBD=1292 XBD=1573 XBD=1611 XBD=1695 XBD=1974 XBD=2157 XBD=2254 XBD=2339 XBD=2426 XHG=108 XHG=320 XHG=428 XHG=785YBD=3431 XHG=1099 XHG=1193 XHG=1351 XHG=1587 XHG=1624 XHG=1708 XHG=1999 XHG=2206 XHG=2271 XHG=2352 XHG=2442 YBD=3430 YBD=3439 YBD=3432 YBD=3439 YBD=3432 YBD=3429 YBD=3430 YBD=3431 YHG=3397>Schindler YHG=3402>and YHG=3402>Ortmayer YHG=3402>have YHG=3402>demonstrated YHG=3403>the YHG=3374>close YHG=3402>employing YHG=3412>a YHG=3403>hot YHG=3401>intra-uterine YHG=3401>douche. YHG=3401>In YHG=3401>the YHG=3401>few YHG=3410>cases |>" " XBD=1475 XBD=1827 XBD=1935 XBD=2021 XBD=2124 XBD=2232 XBD=2320 XBD=2495 XBD=2548 XBD=1648 XHG=1351 XHG=1667 XHG=1847 XHG=1954 XHG=2040 XHG=2143 XHG=2252 XHG=2341 XHG=2514 XHG=1498 YBD=3469 YBD=3467 YBD=3475 YBD=3468 YBD=3469 YHG=3440>where YHG=3440>method YHG=3438>fails YHG=3438>fact YHG=3439>that YHG=3439>the YHG=3439>patient YHG=3440>is YHG=3440>Credé’s XBD=326 XBD=521 XBD=797 XBD=896 XBD=1176 XBD=1291 XHG=110 XHG=347 XHG=543 XHG=819 XHG=918 XHG=1196 YBD=3470 YBD=3476 YBD=3469 YBD=3476 YBD=3470 YHG=3438>correlation YHG=3440>between YHG=3439>gastroscopic YHG=3436>and YHG=3441>pathological YHG=3441>find" XBD=2547 XBD=1508 XBD=1818 XBD=1937 XBD=2121 XBD=2405 XHG=1350 XHG=1549 XHG=1859 XHG=1976 XHG=2161 XHG=2446 YBD=3514 YBD=3507 YBD=3505 YBD=3512 YBD=3504 YHG=3478>already YHG=3477>anaesthetised YHG=3476>and YHG=3476>aseptic YHG=3476>precautions YHG=3477>have XBD=194 XHG=722 XBD=283 XBD=340 XBD=580 XBD=694 XBD=918 XBD=1129 XBD=1293 XHG=109 XHG=245 XHG=310 XHG=369 XHG=606 XHG=946YBD=3515 XHG=1156 YBD=3516 YBD=3508 YBD=3518 YBD=3509 YBD=3509 YBD=3508YHG=3478>Brigadier YHG=3476>ings. YHG=3478>It YHG=3479>is YHG=3478>surprising YHG=3479>that YHG=3478>Edwards YHG=3478>should