NSOR, Papers of the 16th annual meeting of DGOR

NSOR, Papers of the 16th annual meeting of DGOR

Short Book Reviews and inaccurate determination. The analysis of nondominated decisions also feature together with the theory of social choice and th...

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Short Book Reviews

and inaccurate determination. The analysis of nondominated decisions also feature together with the theory of social choice and the problems of voting. Kurzhanski, A., Neumann, K. and Pallaschke, D. (eds.)

Optimization, Parallel Processing and Applications Springer Verlag, 1988, DM59.00, vi + 292 pages. 19 papers axe presented which cover Algorithms and Optimization Methods, Optimization and Parallel Processing, Graph Theory and Scheduling, Differential Equations and Operator Theory. In addition applications are given in production-pollution cycles and warehouse location in Poland. Kmietowicz, Z.W. and Yannoulis, Y.

Statistical Tables for Economic, Business & Social Studies Longman Group UK Ltd, 1988, £2.50, ix + 67 pages. The 40 tables in this book are mainly four-figure and include logarithmic and accounting tables as well as a variety of statistical functions. They are intended for student use and include the usual probability distributions, regression and correlation and non-parametric statistics. Control charts and random digits are also included. Meyer, R.R. and Zenios, S.A. (eds.)

Parallel Optimization on Novel Computer Architectures J.C.Baltzer AG, 1988, 322 pages. The sixteen specially written papers in this volume are divided into linear programming and linear complementarity, network optimization, nonlinear programming, combinatorial optimization and applications of mathematical programming. The contributions cover new ways of decomposing large problems and reports on computational studies. The book will appeal to specialist readers. Mills, G.

Controlling Companies Unwin Hyman, 1988, £7.95, x + 294 pages. This book is mainly addressed to Managers but will also interest those who act as their consultants. It is concerned with possible changes to corporate


law and practice mainly in relation to the UK but with e x a m p l e s t a k e n from ot her E u r o p e a n countries as well as USA, Japan and Australasia. It is an up dated version of the authors book On the Board with several new chapters. Neave, H.R. and Worthington, P.L.

Distribution-Free Tests Unwin Hyman, 1988, £14.95, vii + 430 pages. The book is comprehensible to readers without any statistical knowledge as well as more advanced users. It contains tests that are suitable for the analysis of situations which have one sample, two samples and associations between two or more samples. In general there are two tests one of a simple kind given for each situation and for the main procedures BASIC computer programs are provided. There are many examples.

Schellhaas, H., Beek, P. van, Isermann, H. and Schmidt, R. O p e r a t i o n s R e s e a r c h P r o c e e d i n g s 1987 DGOR/NSOR, Papers of the 16th Annual Meeting of DGOR Springer-Verlag, 1988, DMI48.00, xviii + 652 pages. 42 of the conference papers are reproduced in full in German or English and there are about 150 one page abstracts divided into 20 streams. The papers include articles on Combinatorial Optimization, Production Planning, Mathematical Programming, Flexible Manufacturing, Decision Support, Data Analysis, Banking, Simulation, Control Theory, Marketing and Reliability. Stecke, K.E. and Suri, R. Annals of Operations Research J C BaltzerAG, 1988, 378 pages. 16 extended versions of selected papers originally published in short form as Procs of 2nd ORSA/TIMS Conf. on F.M.S. These papers address Strategic, economic and flexible aspects of investment, innoyation and the impact on the firm's competitive position. The design rules of flexible assembly, and the use of an expert system to assist in the planning of robot based assembly, and the impact of flexible machines, Production scheduling for electronic parts manufacture and balanced production ratios are described. Optimal routing, supervisory control and scheduling are also considered.