Optoelectronic sensor system on VME

Optoelectronic sensor system on VME

Thermoelectrically cooled IR imager An infrared thermal imaging system capable of detecting temperature differences down to O.l”C at 30°C has been int...

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Thermoelectrically cooled IR imager An infrared thermal imaging system capable of detecting temperature differences down to O.l”C at 30°C has been introduced by Swedishbased company Agema Infrared Systems. The Thermovision 870 system uses Mullard’s Sprite detector, which performs signal processing ‘in the

Thermovision 870 thermal imaging system features signal processing in the element

Optoelectronic sensor system on VME A modular optoelectronic sensor system based on the VMEbus has been launched by AEG of the FRG. The DBS 3000 image processing of four basic system consists modules: an image sensor (CCD camera camera), an expandable interface, a modular image memory and a VMEbus 16/32-bit microprocessor system. The system may be configured to include up to eight CCD cameras or CCD line cameras and from 256 kbyte to 8 Mbyte of image memory. Image analysis is performed using AEG’s edge line method which determines a variety of parameters, such as area, circumference and centre of gravity, on an objectrelated basis. These few parameters are sufficient to describe many user tasks, says AEG. (AEG, TheodorStern-Kai I, D-6000 Frankfurt FRG. Tel: (69) 600-5454)

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element’. This allows the detector to be cooled thermoelectrically, says Agema, whereas other systems of comparable resolution require gas or liquid nitrogen cooling. A further modification over existing systems is a patented reflective scanner designed to increase scan efficiency. The system is menu driven and displays thermograms on a built-in VDU in a choice of formats. One or two isotherms can be selected and a direct temperature read-out provided by the system eliminates the need for complex calculations by presenting the temperature data for both isotherms continuously. Features include memory subtraction using a stored ‘ideal’ scan. As well as its thermal imaging functions, Thermovision 870 can be used for temperature measurement over the range from - 20°C to 1500°C. A measurement system based on Thermovision, an IBM PC based system and the Cats 1.00 software package is available. (Agema Infrared Systems AB, PO Box 3, S18211 Danderyd, Sweden. Tel: (08) 753-3400. Agema Infrared Systems Ltd, Arden House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 7ND, UK. Tel: (0525) 375660) 0

150 MHz video DACs Red-green-blue video D/A converters for use in display systems operating at pixel rates up to 150 MHz are available from US-based Analogic. The 4-bit AH8304EC and the g-bit AH8308EC each contain three independent converters with common sync., blanking and strobe inputs; blanking is synchronous with the strobe. Three independent video outputs drive 75 Q terminations directly. Both devices are ECL compatible and are packaged in 24-pin triplewidth in-line dual packages. (Analogic Inc., Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA 01880, USA. Tel. (617) 246-0300. Analogic Ltd, The Centre, 68 High Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8BN, UK. Tel: (0932) 56011) 0

displayed-above, used for example in camera alignment, can be added to any conventional video signal using US firm Colorado Video’s Model 620 x,y indicator. Installation of the device requires only an AC power source, a composite video input signal and connection to a TV monitor, says the manufacturer, and the pattern can be positioned precisely using two adjusting screws. A more sophisticated version of the device, the Model 610e, gives nine different combinations of rectangular and crosshair patterns which may be changed in size or adjusted over a range from black to white by the user. The 610e can also be used as a measuring device in combination with an external digital voltmeter. (Colorado Video Inc., PO Box 928, Boulder, CO 80306, USA. Tel: (303) 4443972. UK distributor: Brian Reece Scientific Instruments, St Nicolas House, West Mills. Newbury, Berks RGl4 5HQ. UK. Tel: (0635) 34542)