Oral presentations

Oral presentations

ORAL PRESENTATIONS OPENING LECTURES (Chair:. IL Braadt) Radon in the environment---opportunities and hazards (30)1" R. L. FLmClt~ (Schenectady)* The...

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ORAL PRESENTATIONS OPENING LECTURES (Chair:. IL Braadt) Radon in the environment---opportunities and hazards (30)1"

R. L. FLmClt~ (Schenectady)*

The role of silver-halides as solid nuclear track-detectors (30)

E. ScHorP-eg (Frankfurt)*

TRACK FORMATION I (Chair:. E. V. Benton) Electronic energy deposition mechanism (30)

K. O. GROENEVELD(Frankfurt) L. T. CH~olm'rotq (Canberra)

Nuclear tracks and analogue Fermi surfaces (30)

A. B ~ U (Palaiseau)

First transmission electron microscopy observation of latent tracks in a metallic compound (15)

K. K. Dwrv~! (Shillong)

Range and energy-loss of heavy ions by a nuclear track technique (15) TRACK OBSERVATION (Chair:. V. P. Perelygin) The Siegen automatic measuring system for track detectors: new developments (15)

G. Rusctt (Siegen) M. Rr~e'r~z (Besanqon)

ATOM: a semi-automatic measuring system for the analysis of fission track characteristics in anisotropic minerals (15)

L. M. SOltOKO (Dubna)

Mesooptical Fourier-transform microscope as a new measurement device (15)

R. G. Dowmuo (Gaithersburg)*

Electronic analysis of charged particle and fission fragment distributions: nuclear track technique in real-time (15)

F. ABU-J.~o~o (Dhahran)

Usage of an interactive image analysis system for studying various parameters of etched tracks in CR-39 and Makrofoi (15)

J. M. BORDY(Fontenay-aux-Roses)

Spectrophotometric measurement of track density on CR-39 for high dose irradiation (15)

B. BAICAN(Frankfurt)

LIFE SCIENCE, RADIOGRAPHY (Chair:. H. Baumhach) The live science experiment "Seeds" on the Biokosmos Satellite 9: physical part (15)


Autoradiographic study of radionuclides in the samples of plants and soils from the area of the Chernobyl nuclear power station (15)

P. MX~wA'rTE (Colombo)

Absolute alpha activity measurements of some plants growing in monazite bearing soils in Sri Lanka (15)

Z. K o c m (Veszprem)

Assessment of the radioactivity of environmental samples by SSNTD technique (15)

D. I. Mmax',o'rcH (Odessa)*

A study of boron distribution in structural materials by track radiography method (15)

R. BRANDT(Marburg)

NUCLEAR PHYSICS I (Chair:. E. Schapper) On uses of SSNTD in relativistic heavy ion physics (30)

K. D. To~'rov (Dubna)

The peculiarities of the central collisions of the fast nuclei (30)


Contribution of the EMU-01-collaboration to the quark-gluonplasma research (30)

*No written paper was submitted by the author for publication in the proceedings (although it may be that the abstract was published at the author's reques0. tTime, in minutes, at the speaker's disposal. :~This paper actually appears in a section different from the one relating to the session at which the oral contribution was actually presented (sometimes necessitated by operational and practical reasons, e.g. last-minute cancellations). xxv

Oral Presentations



SPACE RESEARCH AND GEOSCIENCE ( C h ~ . H. S. Virk) On identification of the galactic cosmic-ray nuclear tracks due to Th-U in olivine crystals from meteorites (15)

I. CSIGE (Debrecen):~

Spectra of cosmic ray heavy ions on board cosmos-2044 satellite 05)

S.-L. Guo (Beijing):~

Age and duration of Peking Man site by fission track method (15)

C. S. Su (I-Isinchu),+

Determination of trace quantity of alpha emitter by isotope dilution method using solid state nuclear track detector (I 5) RADON I (Chair:. M. A. Kenawy) Radon and geophysics: recent advances (30)

M. MONNIN(Montpellier) L. TOMMASINO (Rome)*

Passive radon-gas samplers: a review (30)

H. A. KI-IAbr(Islamabad)

Radon: a friend or a foe? (30) GEOSCIENCE (Chair: S. A. Durrani) Fission track contributions to the German continental deep drilling project (KTB) (30)

G. A. WAGNER(Heidelberg)* K. THmL CK61n):[:

Investigation of solar flare tracks in IDPs: some recent results (30)

H. S. VtRz (Amritsar):l:

Status and perspectives of track research at Guru Nanak Dec University, Amritsar (30)

G. EsPtNo~, (Mrxico)~:

TRACK DEVELOPMENT I (Chair: L, T. Chadderton) Past, recent and future of materials, methodology and instrumentation in particle tracks in solids (15)

M. A. EL-FEKY(Cairo)

High energy charged particle registration in CR-39 polycarbonated detector (15)

J, S r m ~ (Bristol):[:

Polymerisation, structure and track recording properties of CR-39 (15)

N. A. KAaAMI~OUSTCrehran)

The effect of the registration temperature on the response of CR-39 to alpha particles and fission fragments (15)

S. KLAU~2NZ~ (Berlin)

Plastic deformation of amorphous solids by track overlap (15)

S. K. CaAgARVARrI(Kurukshetra)*

Electrolytically controlled etching of Kapton and Thermalimide nuclear track filters (15)

H.-H. Cut (Beijing)

NUCLEAR PHYSICS II (Chair:. K. Thiel) Study of the angular distribution of heavy fragments produced in the interaction of 58 GeV t~O ions with a I cm thick Cu-target (15)

B. GRAeEZ (Belgrade)

Application of CR-39 detector to investigation of intermediatemass fragment production in reaction 4°Ar+Pb at E/A-19.6 MeV (15)

M. ZAMANI(Thessaloniki)

Total reaction cross sections at relativistic energies (15)

M. DEBEAUVAIS(Strasbourg)

A possible interpretation among the 3 pronged events registered in 23sU + Pb and 2°SPb + U reactions within SSNTD (15)

G. ROSA(Rome)

Peripheral interactions of sulphur ions at 6.4TeV selected by charge measurements in CR-39 and studied by nuclear emulsions (30)

E. PITT (Giessen)*, M. FuJn (Sagamihara):~

TRACK FORMATION II (Chair:. S.-L. Guo) Accidental fast neutron dosimetry by means of plastic identity cards (15) Etching characteristics of a new polymeric track detector SR-86 (15)

Oral Presentations


W. ENGE(Kiel)*

The submicroscopic etching process in heavy ion tracks (30)

S. A. Dt.ml~Nt (Birmingham)

Effect of registration temperature on track-recording properties of crystals and polymers (30)

I. HUNYXDI(Debrecen)

RADON H (Chair:. H. A. Khan) Regular subsurface radon measurements in Hungarian karstic regions (15)

M. A. K£NAWY(Cairo)

Radon measurements in the interior of pyramids (15)

N. SEGOVlA(M~xico)

Radon and volcanic activity: recent advances (15)

M. SOHRAm(Tehran)~;

Advances on research, development and applications of SSNTD in radiation protection at AEOI (15)

C. J. ZEISSLER(Gaithersburg):~

TRACK FORMATION ili (Chair: B. Grabez) Topographic response and the need for quantitation corrections related to sample composition in the plastic nuclear track detection technique (I 5)

S. SlNGH (Amritsar)

Heavy ion radiation damage annealing in garnet crystal (15)

M. DANZlC:mR(Dresden)

Deseription of the universal vitreous behaviour of solids with the model of low-energy excitations and its application to the processes in polymer materials irradiated with heavy ions (15)

G. ANDRASSY(Dresden)

Connection between the parameters of the model of low-energy excitations describing response of polymer material irradiated with heavy ions and material characteristics. Radiation and etching conditions (15)

F. M. RU~EL (Chilton)

Decorated track recording mechanism in moscovite mica (15)

J. V~t les. (Darmstadt)*

Heavy-ion irradiation tracks in solids (15)

E. V. BENTON(San Francisco)*

SPACE RESEARCH (Chair: M. Monnin) Solid state track detectors in space radiation research (30)

C. BAIXEIU~S(Barcelona)

Ultra heavy ion studies with plastic nuclear track detectors. Application to cosmic rays (15)

D. O'SULLIVAN(Dublin)*

Return of the ultra heavy cosmic ray experiment (UHCRE) from earth orbit--a first look (15)


Heavy ion measurement on LDEF (15)

(3. RUSCH(Siegen)

Isotopic composition of cosmic rays measured with the ALICE experiment (15)

A. MAJOr (Birmingham):[:

RADON HI (Chair:. M. Sohrabi) High energy neutron spectrum measurements using electrochemically etched CR-39 detectors with radiators and degraders (15)

O. SAgEmO(Berlin)

A passive individual dosemeter for integrating measurements of the radon daughter product contents in air (15)

M. BALC^ZAR(M~xico)

Radon measurements in beat-producing geothermal wells (15)

R. BARILLON(Besanqon)

Additional uses of polymeric nuclear track detectors (CR-39 and LR 115) for measuring radon emanation (15)

G. J6NSSON(Lund)

Solid state nuclear track detectors in radon measurements indoors and in the soil (15)

J. C. HXVLr.RN. (Campinas)

Relationship between track size and energy for alpha particles in CR-39 (15)


F. S P U ~ (Prague)

Oral Presentations NUCLEAR PHYSICS HI (Cha~. M. Debeaevais) The (D-D) fusion reaction products identification using the CR-39 (15)

R. Ita~ (Ljubljana)

The search for cold nuclear fusion with track-etch and bubble damage detectors (30)

L. PA~JZn (Bologna)

Improvements of the CR-39 (INTERCAST) polymer used in the MACRO experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory (15)

E. U. KHAN (Dera Ismail Khan)

Heavy ion interaction of 14.0 MeV/N Pb projectiles with heavy targets using different detectors (15)

R. BONertl (Milan)

Measurement of exotic decay half lives with track detectors (15)

HLTERS, MATERIAL SCIENCE AND OTHER APPLICATIONS (Chair:. W. Heinrich) H. B. LOCK (Dresden):~ Solvent-induced sensibilization of particle tracks in polyester (30) P. Yu. ApI:L (Dubna)I:

Conductometric studies of multiply charged ion track structure in various polymers (15)


Influence of the substrate temperature on the latent track damage in magnetic insulators (15)

K. FREY~ (Leipzig)~:

Quantitative analysis of boron in solids by neutron-induced autoradiography (15)


Quasi-track technological dosimetry of narrow electron beams by means of transparent polymers (15)

J. P.~.LFALVI(Budapest)

NEUTRONS (Chair:. L. Tommasino) Experiences with CR-39 SSNTD in monitoring neutrons emitted from spent reactor fuel (15)

J. HAKL (Debrecen)

Fast neutron radiation field measurements in a water phantom (15)

F. H. RUDDY(Pittsburgh)

Advances in high fiuence solid state nuclear track recorder neutron dosimetry (I 5)

M. LUSZXK-BH.~ORA(Braunschweig)

Fast neutron dosimetry with CR-39 study of various materials using electrochemical etching (I 5)

H. SC~P,AUeE (Neuherberg)

Neutron response of etched track detectors in the light of a multilaboratory experiment (15)

M. A. CHAUDI-~ (Melbourne)*

Photoneutron production in solid state detectors during neutron dosimetry in the presence of photons (15)

E. PlESCHCKarlsruhe)

TRACK DEVELOPMENT II (Chair: W. Enge) The two step electrochemical etching technique applied for polycarbonate track etched detectors (15)

K. OGuI~ (Narashino)

Effects of pre-soaking on the characteristics of CR-39 (15)

B. D6P,.SCHEL(Dresden)

Proton detection properties of CR-39 made in GDR (15)

R. J. T^NNI~R(Didcot)

A two frequency electrochemical etch for routine processing of neutron dosemeters at the NRPB? (15)

M. FROMM(Besanfon)

Proton and alpha track profiles in CR-39 during etching and their implications on track etching models (15)

O. A. BEIU~AOLA(Buenos Aires)

Inside and outside the activated region of tracks (15)

R. FLL~SCt~ (Schenectady)

CONCLUDING REMARKS Where are nuclear tracks leading? (30)

Oral Presentations SYMPOSIUM HEAVY ION MATERIALS RESEARCH (Chair:. P. Kienle and H. L. Harmagel)

G. K. WOLF(Heidelberg)*

Low energy implantation (< 1 ~m) (25)

H. GT~R'rm~(Kassel)

High energy implantation (1-10/~m) (25)

B. E. F ~

Production of microstructures by heavy ions (25)


W. ~I~nRJCH (Siegen)*

Study of heavy ion fragmentation (25)

N, ANGERT(Darmstadt)

Ion beams at GSI (25)

C. Bt~-l'tl(Caen)

Practical applications at GANIL (25)