Pillared clays

Pillared clays

298 Some New Publications Freund Publishing House (Tel-Aviv, Israel) have announced the appearance of a new publication, Reviews in Chemical Engineeri...

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298 Some New Publications Freund Publishing House (Tel-Aviv, Israel) have announced the appearance of a new publication, Reviews in Chemical Engineerinq, under the Editorship of Pro?essors N; R. Amundson and D. Luss, of the University of Houston. Articles to appear during 1982 include "The Control of Physical Form in Precipitation of Solids" (by R. F. Davey), "Thermochemical Watersplitting Processes" (by J. E. Funk) and "Sintering and Rejuvenation of Supported Catalysts" (by E. Ruckenstein and 0. B. Dabyburjor). Plenum Publishing Corp. (New York) have recently published two books of interest. The first, "EXAFS Spectroscopy, Techniques and Applications", edited by B. K. Teo and D. C. Joy (Bell Laboratories, 1981) discusses the theory and applications of the technique and includes a chapter on studies of supported metal catalysts. The second, "Vibrations at Surfaces", edited by R. Caudano, J.-M. Gilles and A. A. Lucas (Notre-Dame de la Paix, Belgium, 1982) contains the proceedinqs of the Second International Conference on Vibrations at Surfaces and includes papers on EELS, IR and surface enhanced Raman scattering. Finally, two new books from Marcel Dekker, AG (Basel). The first "Catalvsis of Orqanic Reactions", Edited"by W. R. Moser (WorcesterPolytechnic Institute, 1982) describes the most recent developments in the study of catalysis as it applies to major chemical processes in the petrochemical, commodity chemical and fine chemical Included are chapters on industries. new major chemical processes; new syngas methods for fuel and chemicals (highlighting methanol processes); shape-selective zeolites and advanced methods for hydrogenation; heterogeneous and homogeneous oxidation; and promoted Raney nickel catalysts. And if you're tired of your ivory tower, how about "What Every Engineer Should Know About Inventing", by W. H. Middendorf (University of Cincinnati, 1981)? Claimed to give structured procedures to stimulate invention, advice on how to increase creativity and improve inventive skills and detailed discussions on the follow-up work to an invention, the book is in' the same series as "What Every Engineer Should Know About Patents", by W. G. Konold, B. Tittel, D. F. Frei and D. S. Stallard, now in its third

printing. But perhaps we do not have readers who live in ivory towers ....?



An interesting new use of clays as catalyst supports has been announced by Professors T. J. Pinnavaia (Chemistry) and M. Mortland (Soil both of Michiqan State UnivScience. ersity) and the US National Science Foundation (who sponsored the work). It is claimed that smectites (expanding clays) can be modified by the‘ inclusi& of charged clusters of metal ions which form, in effect, molecular pillars between the clay sheets. The clusters prop open the sheets and expose the larqe internal surface area of.the minerals, creating channels which allow onlv molecules of a specific size and shape to enter them. The investigators are quoted as saying: "We are very excited about the possible future use of pillared clays for catalytic reactions of large petroleum molecules. Most of the larger-size molecules in petroleum go unrefined for lack of suitable These end up as being catalysts. used as asphalt or low grade fuel. By using pillared clays, we hope these large molecules can be converted to more useful high-energy fuels and Another application petrochemicals." quoted is in the production of L-DOPA, a drug used in treating Parkinson's disease, now manufactured using a homogeneous rhodium catalyst; by binding the rhodium complex to clay surfaces, the Michigan workers found that they could reclaim the precious metal for re-use. Another potential use is in agrochemicals; it may be possible to control the release in soil of pesticides by stabilising them on pillared clays. Coal Conversion The International Coal Conversion Conference, to be held in the CSIR conference centre in Pretoria, South Africa, from August 16-20 (see Calendar) will include much of interest to those involved in Plenary addresses will catalysis. be given by Dr. P. B. Weiz on "Shape Selective Catalysis and Coal Conversion", Professor D. W. van Krevelen on "Coal and its Properties Related