Plasma nitrided titanium

Plasma nitrided titanium

Process for Metal Cleaning U.S. Pafenf 5,443,651. Aug. 22, 1995 D.J. Kalota and DC. Silverman, assignors to Monsanto Co., St. Louis A method for cle...

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for Metal Cleaning

U.S. Pafenf 5,443,651. Aug. 22, 1995 D.J. Kalota and DC. Silverman, assignors to Monsanto Co., St. Louis A method for cleaning the surface of ferrous metals, which comprises contacting at a pH of 7 or below with an effective amount of an aqueous cleaning composition comprising a polyamino acid, whereby the metal surface is uniformly and mildly corroded to remove the ferrous metal compounds.

Plasma Nitrided Titanium U.S. Patent 5,443,663. Aug. 22, 1995 E. Me/et& assignor to Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agriculturaland MechanicalCollege, Baton Rouge, Calif.

A product having improved wear- and corrosion-resistance characteristics comprising a surface nitrided titanium or titanium-containing alloy having been prepared by an intensified nitriding process, said process comprising plasma nitriding with a glow discharge source while simultaneously intensifying the glow discharge with a thermionic emission source and maintaining the temperature at 300-6OO”C.

Etching Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,443,676. Aug. 22, 1995 J. Achreiner, assignor to Schblonentecbnik Kufstein GmbH., Germany Apparatus for etching a round template such as a hollow cylindrical metal screen

having a thin lacquer layer on the outer surface thereof, comprising means for rotating the metal screen about a longitudinal axis; laser means for generating a linear polarized laser beam; a first deflector mirror movable parallel to the axis for deflecting the laser beam onto the surface of the screen to erode predetermined pattern regions of the lacquer layer; and means for rotating the plane of oscillation of radiation reflected from the metal screen by 90” with respect to the plane of the laser beam for decoupling the reflected radiation from the laser beam path.

Cathode for Deposition Nonferrous Metals


U.S. Patent 5,443,7&I Aug. 22, 1995 EJ. Stiges Menendez et al., assignors to Auturiana De Zinc, Spain

A cathode for the electrolytic deposition of nonferrous metals, comprising an aluminum plate of rectangular shape, the plate having opposite first and second surfaces and having a first edge with a supporting bar at the first edge, and a pair of second edges meeting the first edge; dielectric material at one of the second edges, the dielectric material having an end region; penetrators for detaching deposited layers of zinc from the surfaces of the plate; a slot into one of the second edges of the plate, the slot extending from the first surface of the plate to the second, opposite surface, an opening into the slot at the corresponding


ANODEBASKETS Titanium Graphite

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second edge of the plate and an edge of the opening at the end region of the dielectric material, said slot having a height greater than a width of the penetrators; a flat piece of acid-resistant dielectric material in the slot extending from the first surface of the plate to the second surface, and having opposite surfaces, which are coplanar with the respective surfaces of the plate, said piece corresponding in shape to the slot, and the slot is provided with means of preventing movement of the piece.



U.S. Patent 5,443,707. Aug. 22, 1995 H. Mori, assignor to NEC Corp., Japan

An apparatus for electroplating a main surface of a substrate, comprising a plating cup for containing a plating solution; a cathode for holding a substrate having a circular main surface which is to be plated, and a circular anode provided within the plating cup such that the anode faces the main surface with a central axis of the anode coincident with a central axis of the main surface, said circular anode having a diameter equal to or smaller than one-third of the diameter of the circular main surface.

Recovery Plant for Surplus Water Paint U.S. Patent 5,443,738. Aug. 22, 1995 S. Bhafnagar et a/., assignors to Duerr GmbH, Stutfgati, Germany

A method for the recovery of surplus water paint from a paint-spraying booth, comprising circulating booth water in a circuit between a drain of the booth and a system tank; removing booth water from said booth water circuit and feeding it into a preconcentration ring circuit of a continuously operating preconcentration stage; producing a preconcentrate in said preconcentration ring circuit by ultrafiltration; continuously producing a permeate by said ultrafiltration and feeding said permeate into said booth water circuit; continuously removing part of said preconcentrate from said ring circuit and feeding it into a ring circuit of a concentration stage; keeping a concentration of solids in said booth water circuit essentially constant through said removing of said booth water from said booth water circuit, said feeding of said permeate back into said booth water circuit and said continuous removing of part of said preconcentrate; and ultrafiltering said preconcentrate in said concentration stage to produce a permeate and to increase the concentration of the preconcentrate in batches to a final concentrate for output as recovered water paint.

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