Polyvinylidene fluoride powder coatings

Polyvinylidene fluoride powder coatings

ed coating plant under inert gas atmosphere at temperatures up to 120°C in the following order: activating; rinsing; contacting the continuous product...

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ed coating plant under inert gas atmosphere at temperatures up to 120°C in the following order: activating; rinsing; contacting the continuous product electrically; electroplating the continuous product using a metal or metal alloy forming a coated continuous product; drying the coated continuous product; and discharging the coated continuous product from the coating plant through a lock system; wherein the continuous product is passed from outside through the lock system into the encapsulated coating plant and the activation and rinsing of the continuous product are performed thereafter in the coating plant. MANUFArmRE



US. Patent 6,340,424. Jan. 22,2002 L. A. Elman et al., assignors to

General Electrical Co., Cincinnati

A method for producing an article having a specified shape and comprising an integrated compressor disk and blades, the method using an electrochemical machining process having a cathode defined by a set of cathode shape parameters. CHIP-RESISTANT


l%S. Patent 6,340,519. Jan. 22,2002 K. Tanaka et al., assignors to Matsumoto

Yushi Seiyaku Co. Ltd.,

Yao, Japan

A water-based chip-resistant paint comprising 30 to 65% of solid matter and 0.1 to 10% low-temperature volatility solvent being dispersed in water, wherein the solid matter consists of 15 to 75% of film-formable resin, 0.2 to 25% of thermoexpandable microspheres, which expand from 20 to 150 times

their original volume; and 20 to 80% of chip-resistant material. POLVVINVLIDENE POWDER



US. Patent 6,340,519. Jan. 22,2002 S.C. Lin et al., assignors to Ausimont USA Inc., Thorofare, N.J

A process for making a powder coating composition comprising the steps of mixing polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) latex with a thermoplastic polymer latex to form a latex blend; dispersing pigment into the latex blend; adding coagulant to co-coagulate the PVDF latex and thermoplastic latex to form a precipitate, wherein the PVDF and thermoplastic polymer are combined within agglomerated masses; separating the precipitate; and drying the precipitate to obtain a powder coating composition.

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