Pore pressure buildup in resonant column tests

Pore pressure buildup in resonant column tests

91A It is demonstrated that earthquake-induced liquefaction consists of a cyclic instability dominated by heterogeneities in the soil and is thus fund...

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91A It is demonstrated that earthquake-induced liquefaction consists of a cyclic instability dominated by heterogeneities in the soil and is thus fundamentally intractable analytically. To develop reliable design procedures against liquefaction empirical design criteria based on direct experimental data are recommended. These may be developed from centrifuge modelling results calibrated when possible against measured full scale results. 843O92 Comparison of a liquefaction theory with field observations. Technical note Davis, R O; Berrill, J B

Geotechniqoc V33, N4, Dec 1983, P455-460 The results of a number of laboratory tests are compared with field liquefaction data derived mainly from Japanese earthquakes. The comparison indicates that the laboratory results are generally over-conservative for small earthquakes and possibly under-conservative for large ones. 843093 Dynamic bchavionr of satmnted porous media; the geueralized Biot formulation and its numerical solution Zienkiewicz, O C; Shiomi, T

Int J Num Anal Meth Geomech VS, N1, Jan-Feb 1984, P7196 It is demonstrated that various formulations can be used in the solution of soil-fluid transient problems with widely differing time scales. Examples of some of the formulations are presented for a soil column consolidation problem and a dynamically loaded foundation problem. 64 refs. 843O94 Elustic-wave velocities in Quartz Monzonite at different levels of water saturation. Technical note King, M S

lnt d Rock Meek Min Sci V21, NI, Feb 1984, P35-38 Laboratory ultrasonic velocity measurements were made on quartz monzonite core specimens from above the heater used in a heater test in a mine in Sweden. The samples were tested first in a saturated state and then oven-dried. The dried specimens were then stored in an atmosphere of 100% relative humidity and tested periodically over a period of three and a half months. Vs, shear wave velocity, and Vp, compression wave velocity, were measured. It was found that Vs and Vp increased with increasing stress for both saturated and oven-dry specimens and also increased with increasing water saturation. It was concluded that small increases in the moisture content of dry rocks containing appreciable crack porosity resulted in substantial increases in Vs and Vp. 843O95 Pore pressure buildup in resonant column tests Chung, R M; Yokel, F Y; Wechsler, H

J Geotech Engng Div ASCE 11110, NGT2, Feb 1984, P247261 Resonant column tests were performed on fully saturated and dry, hollow and cylindrical specimens of Monterey sand of 60% relative density, subjected to 96KPa confining pressure. The threshold shear strain amplitude below which no pore water pressure buildup occurs was found to be approximately 0.0015%. Between strain amplitudes of 0.0015 and 0.0085% a cyclic strain hardening effect was observed which increased the threshold strain amplitude and caused the pore water pressure to stabilize. All specimens whether previously shaken or not, liqueried at the threshold strain of 0.012%.

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843O96 Geodynamics - a valuable tool for rock quality testing By, T L

Proc 5tk Congress of the Intonational Society for Rock Mechanics, Melbourne, 10-15 April 1983 V1. PA31-A35. Pub/ Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema, 1983 The use of geodynamic methods for preinvestigation and rock quality evaluation and control is an expanding field. A mathematical model for stress wave propagation in a medium built up from elastic shells is developed and field tests carried out to verify the model's validity. 843O97 Studies on the mechanical bchaviour (deformation bchaviour) of jointed rock masses under cyclic load (In German) Muller-Salzburg, L; Xiurun Ge

Proc 5th Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics, Melbourne, 10-15 April 1983 V1, PA43-A49. Publ Rotterdam." A. A. Balkema, 1983 The safety of rock foundations subjected to cyclic loading is at present assessed on the basis of the course of irreversible deformations. A prediction, based on the comparison between measurements and large-scale in situ tests, is attempted. A diagram has been developed which allows a clear distinction to be made of three areas, coordinated: (1) to increasing compaction, (2) to steady stabilization and (3) to increasing damage of material resulting in rupture. Examples are calculated on the basis of large scale tests at the Kubobe 4 Dam, Japan. C l a s s i f i c a t i o n and i d e n t i f i c a t i o n

See also: 843023, 843152, 843156 g43098 Remote acoustic clussification of marine sediments with application to offshore Newfoundland Cochrane, N A; Dunsiger, A D

Can J Earth Sci V20, N7, July 1983, P1195-1211 Shallow marine sediments can be remotely classified by the spatial correlation properties of their seismic reflection signatures, provided a highly repetitive broadband acoustic source is used. A classification scheme defined by three spatial coherence parameters is shown to be capable of automatically differentiating between several formations of unconsolidated sediments in a limited area of offshore Newfoundland. The consistency and generality of the technique are explored and comparisons with standard echogram interpretation are made. 843O99 Rock mass characterization for coal mining Scoble, M J; Muftuoglu, Y V

Univ Nottingham Min Dep Mag V35, 1983, P51-58 An engineering classification of Coal Measures rocks is proposed as the result of field and laboratory investigations of their physical and mechanical properties. The aim of the classification is to provide a means of obtaining a geotechnical description of Coal Measures rock masses. It is seen as a suitable basis for classification systems for ground control and excavation engineering in both surface and underground coal mining. 843100 Approach to rock mass classification for underground works Lokin, P; Nijajilovic, R; Vasic, M

Proe 5tk Congress of the intornational Society for Rock Meclumics, Melboarae, 10-15 April 1983 VI, PB87-B92. Pubi Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema, 1983