Powder coating apparatus

Powder coating apparatus

setting resin and a solid, nonhydrolyzed organosilane coupling agent from the group consisting of monomeric, dimeric, or oligomeric molecules wherein ...

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setting resin and a solid, nonhydrolyzed organosilane coupling agent from the group consisting of monomeric, dimeric, or oligomeric molecules wherein the organosilane is soluble with the resin.

Self-Priming Alkyd Topcoats U.S.Patent 5,539,032. July 23, 1996

CR. Hegedus et a/., assignorsto The USA as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington,DC.

A corrosion-resistant self-priming coating comprising from 30-70 parts by weight of an alkyd resin binder, l-30 parts by weight of an alkaline earth metal phosphate; 0.1-10 parts by weight of a zinc benzoate; l-30 parts by weight of an aluminum triphosphate; l-40 parts by weight of titanium dioxide; O-2.0 parts by weight of an oil-soluble surface active agent; and 140 parts by weight of at least one organic solvent.

Coating Composition U.S.Patent 5,539,057. July 23, 1996

K. Safou et al., assignorsto Hifachi Chemncal Co. Ltd., Tokyo

A resin composition for coating, which comprises a mixture of a nonaqueous dispersion resin containing a vinyl polymer sol-

uble in an organic solvent mainly comprising an aliphatic hydrocarbon, and vinyl polymer particles, which are insoluble in the organic solvent and obtained by polymerizing a polymerizable unsaturated compound in the organic solvent using the vinyl polymer as a dispersant; and a solvent resin of a vinyl polymer having a silyl group.

prising electrostatic coating means; cleaning means for removing excess or undesired powder coating from areas of the workpiece; and means for translating the workpiece in a first direction along a translation plane; wherein said cleaning means comprises a substantially closed vacuum chamber.

Spray Nozzle for High-Volume Low-Pressure Air

Method For Plating a Hollow Member

U.S. Patent 5540,385. July 30, 1996 P L. Garlick, assignorto /Ml Ltd., United Kingdom A spray nozzle operating on a low air pressure comprising a longitudinal axis and an end face with an outlet, an air cap defining a central aperture encircling the nozzle, wherein the nozzle tapers from an outside diameter towards the end face perpendicular to the nozzle longitudinal axis, and in which a concave radius is formed between the taper and end face.

Powder Coating Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,540,776. July 30, 1996 S. Habsburg-Lofhringen, assignor to Axis USA Inc., Tampa, F/a. An apparatus for application of a powdered curable coating to a workpiece, com-

U.S. Pafenf 5,540,829. July 30, 1996 If. Mase ef al., assignors fo Honda Giken Kogyo, KK, Tokyo A method for providing a composite plating on an inner peripheral wall defining a space having a cylindrical portion in a hollow member, comprising inserting an electrode into the cylindrical portion of the space so as to be spaced from the inner peripheral wall; circulating a composite plating solution from a solution supply pipe into the cylindrical portion of the space and around the insertion electrode at a first flow velocity; connecting a base metal electrode to the hollow member; establishing a current between the insertion electrode and the hollow member to form a composite plating on the cylindrical portion of the inner peripheral wall; and while the current is

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