Powder coating apparatus

Powder coating apparatus

PATENTSGRANTED In the Metal Finishing Field Printed copies of patents are furnished by the Patent and Trademark Oflice for $3.00 each, Address orders ...

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PATENTSGRANTED In the Metal Finishing Field Printed copies of patents are furnished by the Patent and Trademark Oflice for $3.00 each, Address orders to: Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Washington, D.C. 20231.

Aluminum Surface Treatment U.S. Patent 5,590,703. Jan. 7, 1997 C. E. Eckert New Kensington, Pa.

A method of removing a surface layer from a solidified body of aluminum alloy metal at an elevated temperature to remove surface defects therefrom, the method comprising providing a solidified body having a surface, the body at a temperature greater than 200°F and below the solidus temperature of the metal; contacting the surface with an abrasive material having a particle size in the range of 6 to 300 grit (U.S. Sieve Series); and applying the abrasive material at a flux sufficient to remove a surface layer of metal from the body, said surface layer of metal removed having a thickness in the range of 10 to 300 pm to provide a surface substantially free of surface defects and then rolling the body.

A method of blast cleaning comprising containing a quantity of a fit and a second blasting media in first and second blasting pots, respectively, wherein each blasting pot has a bottom with an exit line in communication with a conveying line; pressurizing each blasting pot and the conveying line to provide a differential pressure therebetween; feeding each blasting medium, wherein each exit line has a variable size orifice for controlling flow of blasting media to the conveying line; mixing blasting media with a stream of pressurized gas flowing at a uniform rate from the compressed gas source; regulating the pressure; and discharging the mixture of blasting media and the stream of pressurized gas through a nozzle at an end of the conveying line at a uniform flow rate to a solid surface.

Shot Peening Apparatus One-Tank Paint Makeup Process U.S. Patent 5,590,960. Jan. 7, 1997 P.M. Clinton et al, assignors to El. DuPont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Del.

An in-line process for preparing an automotive finish comprising multistaged introductions of materials including millbase, resins, dispersions, and solvents comprising feeding the materials from an outlet port to a circulation loop; passing all of the materials in the circulation loop through a moderate shear mixing zone; filtering all of the materials; and recovering a finish having a uniform coloration from the circulation loop.

Vacuum Treatment Facility and Transport Method U.S. Patent 5590,994. Jan. 7, 1997 R. Schertier,assignor to Balzers AG, Liechtenstein

A vacuum chamber, comprising a tmnsport rotor with at least two workpiece holders remote from and rotatable around an axis in the chamber, a rotor drive for driving the transport rotor, at least two openings in the wall of the chamber arranged such that each of the workpiece holders is angularly alignable by rotation of the transport rotor with each of the openings.

U.S. Patent 5,591,066. Jan. 7, 1997 H. Vondracek, assignor to Fried, Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp, Essen, Germany

A shot-peening machine for helical compression springs, comprising a peening chamber having shot impelling rotors, means for receiving and tensioning the springs, and means for loading and unloading the springs.

Waste Transfer System for Vacuum Blasting U.S. Patent 5,591,067. Jan. 7, 1997 WS. McPhee and S.B. Mudd, Jr., assignors to UC Americas Inc., Sterling, Va.

A sealed waste container for a vacuum blasting system, which has a waste chamber and a waste chamber dump through which waste is removed.

Powder Coating Apparatus U.S. Pafent 5591,240. Jan. 7, 1997 H. Ophardt, Issum, Germany and H. Ophardl, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

A powder apparatus.

paint booth backflow


Process for Surface Treating Metal U.S. Patent5,591,275. Jan. 7, 1997 K. Miyafuji et al, assignors to Henkel Carp, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

A process for forming a lubricating film on a metal surface, comprising contacting with a liquid aqueous conversion treatment composition that comprises a base conversion treatment composition selected from the group consisting of phosphate treatment compositions, oxalate treatment compositions, and fluoride treatment compositions and 0.1 to 50 g/L, measured as solids, of a total of organic cationic polymer having at least one cationic nitrogen atom per molecule and having a molecular weight of 1,000 to 1,000#00, and applying over the conversion coating a lubricant film for cold working operations.

Sputtering Apparatus Tumbling Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,591,074. Jan. 7, 1997 A. Musschoot, assignor to General Kinematics Corp., Barrington, I//.

A vibratory tumbling apparatus duced force transmission.

U.S. Patent 5591,313. Jan. 7, 1997 TA. Barber et al, assignors to Tabco Technologies Inc., Pawtucket, RI.

An apparatus ion sputtering.

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Vacuum Coating Device

Blasting Apparatus

Nonwoven Abrasive

U.S. Patent 5,597,064, Jan. 7, 7997 W.E. Spears, Jr, assignor to Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Princeton, N. J.

U.S. Patent 5,591,23Q. Jan. 7, 1997 E.G. Larson et al, assignors to 3M Co., St. Paul, Minn.


An open low-density abrasive article, comprising in combination a lofty, open, nonwoven three-dimensional fibrous web comprising a plurality of interentangled randomly-extending polyamide staple fibers: a plurality of abrasive particles dispersed throughout the web and securely adhered to the surface of the fibers; and hardened resinous material dispersed throughout the web.

U.S. Patent 5591,314. Jan. 7, 1997 S.V Morgan, Windsor, Calif.

An apparatus for affixing a rotating cylindrical magnetron target to a spindle. METAL