Powder coating apparatus

Powder coating apparatus

presenting the vessel to the spraying station in an inverted position following separation of the vessel from the conveyor; means for spraying the ves...

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presenting the vessel to the spraying station in an inverted position following separation of the vessel from the conveyor; means for spraying the vessel positioned and arranged in the spraying station; means for rotating the vessel at a high rate of speed at the spraying station whereby a coating applied by the spraying means consists of a plurality of layers; and means for re-contacting the coated vessel with the continuously operating conveyor whereby the coated vessel is discharged from the spraying station.

Powder Coating Apparatus U..S.Pafent5,518,546. May 21, 1996 BE. Williamset a/., assignors to Nexus Corp., Greenwich, Co/m.

An apparatus for coating a substrate with electrically charged resinous powder particles, which subsequently form on the substrate a uniform, continuous coating, comprising in combination an electrically insulating fluidized bed for inductively charging resinous powder particles; high voltage means disposd in one portion of the fluidized bed and connected to a variable high voltage power supply; grounded elec-

trode means disposed in another portion of the fluidized bed, whereby an electrical field is created between the high voltage and grounded electrode means to inductively charge the particles; fluidizing air means in communication with the fluidized bed for introducing air thereby establishing, in the presence of the resinous powder particles, an electrostatically charged powder cloud within the fluidized bed; conveying means connected to the fluidized bed for transporting electrically charged powder particles from the fluidized bed; and dispensing means affixed to the conveying means for directing the electrically charged particles onto the substrate.

ing an acrylate to acrylamide ratio of 15 to 10:l,andapHof~11.

Paint Stripper U.S.Patent 5,518&V. May21,

1996 NJ? Langford and D.W Erismann, assignors to 3M Co., St. Paul, Minn.

A paint stripper composition comprising a solvent mixture comprising benzyl alcohol or alkyl-substituted derivative thereof and methylene chloride or other chlorinated alkane with two or three carbon atoms and two or three chlorine atoms, wherein a ratio, in parts by weight, of the benzyl alcohol or alkylsubstituted derivative thereof to the methylene chloride or other chlorinated alkane ranges from 3:l to 151.

Metal Treatment U.S. Patent 5,518,555. May 21, 1996 J. Ouyang and W.L. Harp/, assignors to 6efz Laboratories Inc., Trevose, Pa.

A method of coating a metal surface, which comprises contacting with a treatment solution comprising an essentially silicate, chromium, fluoride, and heavy metal free aqueous solution of an anionic polyacrylamide copolymer hav-

Method for Selective Plating U.S. Patent 5,578,760. May 21, 1996 D. Ferrier and E. Yakobson, assignors to MacDermid Inc., Waterbuw Conn.

A process for the activation of metallic surfaces without the concurrent effective activation of plastic surfaces in proximity to the metallic surfaces, said process com-


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