Proceedings of the annual meeting — 1979

Proceedings of the annual meeting — 1979

oral pathology Editor: CHARLES E. TOMICH, D.D.S., M.S.D. American Academy of Oral Pathology Indiana University School of Dentistry II21 West Michigan ...

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oral pathology Editor: CHARLES E. TOMICH, D.D.S., M.S.D. American Academy of Oral Pathology Indiana University School of Dentistry II21 West Michigan Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Proceedings of the annual meeting - 1979


he thirty-third annual meeting of the American Academy of Oral Pathology was held at the SheratonHarbor Island Hotel in San Diego, California, April 22 to 27. The annual session began with the Council Meeting and Fellowship Examination. Fifteen members were elevated to Fellows of the Academy. Forty-eight new members were accepted into the Academy. More than 300 Fellows, members, and guests attended the meeting. Pete Pullon, Director of Education, and his committee had a well-organized and well-attended Continuing Education Program. There were twelve courses which included: Malignant Neoplasms of Bone, Pathology of the Head and Neck in Children, Lesions of the Peripheral Nervous System, The Stomatitides, Problems in Clinical and Histopathologic Diagnosis, Paraoral Pathology Involving the Otorhinolaryngic Area, Recent Advances in Basic Immunology, Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain Syndromes, Fibro-osseous and Related Jaw Lesions, Dermatopathology, Immunodiagnostic Techniques for Oral Lesions and Tumors of Neural Crest Origin. All of the programs were well presented, and nearly all were filled to capacity. During the essay program, thirty-six papers were presented. In addition to the essays, the meeting included the Clinicopathologic Conference, W.C.T.B.? (What Can This Be?), and the Helen McLain Slide Seminar. Charles Dunlap moderated the Clinicopathologic Conference, and Ray Melrose was in charge of the W.C.T.B. Both programs posed diagnostic problems, one clinical and the other histologic, that generated enthusiastic discussion. In one of the best Helen McLain Seminars in recent years, Robert J. Hartsock presented an excellent discussion on Lymphoid Lesions in the Head and Neck. His handling of a very difficult area was remarkable. The Academy was fortunate to



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have Dr. Hartsock. Dr. George Blozis was responsible for having him with us. The special essay program originated last year by George Blozis was held again and moderated by Alan Drinnan. Donald Dalessio discussed “Head Pain: State of the Art,” and David Mathison discussed *‘Clinical Allergy: State of the Art.” Both essays were well received. In another of George Blozis’ innovative ideas, a Clinical W.C.T.B. was held. It is hopeful that this will develop into a highlight of the program, just as the W.C.T.B. moderated by Ray Melrose. The Local Arrangements Committee provided for an excellent program and wonderful weather to go along with it. Jay Foley was responsible for laying the groundwork of the program and Gerry Pierce, Ben Crawford, and Don Myers worked very hard to see that everything went smoothly. The Academy commends all of the members of the Local Arrangements Committee. The thirty-fourth annual meeting is scheduled for May 12 to 16, 1980, at the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The Academy’s officers for 1979-80 are as follows: President, Alan J. Drinnan President-Elect, Charles L. Dunlap Vice-President, Richard M. Courtney Past President, George G. Blozis Secretary-Treasurer, Arthur S. Miller Editor Charles E. Tomich

Director of Education Peter Pullon Council, Gus Cavalaris Robert A. Goepp David G. Gardner Gerald H. Prescott Benton E. Crawford Charles L. Halstead


422 American Academy of Oral Pathology

Prrsident Aim J. Drirman The Academy’s new president, Alan Drinnan, is a native of Bristol, England. He graduated from the University of Bristol Dental School in 1954. After serving as a dental

Oral Surg. November, 1979 officer in the British Army in Germany, he returned to the Bristol Dental School as a tutor in oral surgery. He re-entered the University as a student, graduating with honors from the Bristol Medical School in 1962. That same year he was elected to the Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and also emigrated to the United States. After receiving his graduate training in pathology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, he remained on the Buffalo Dental School faculty, where he is now Professor and Chairman of the Department of Oral Medicine. Alan is also Chief of the Dental Service at Buffalo General Hospital and Director of the Division of Hospital Dental Services and Assistant Dean for Hospital and Extramural Programs at the Dental School. He has been active in Academy affairs, having held numerous committee appointments and serving as chairman of the ad-hoc Committee on Emblems and Devices which developed the Academy’s crest. Besides serving as president-elect and vice-president, Alan served on the Academy Council from 1973 to 1976. He will provide strong leadership for the Academy this year.

Vice-Prtkkvlt Richard M. Courttq Our new vice-president was born in Highland Park, Michigan, and attended The University of Michigan, where he received his D.D.S. in 1959. Dick was in the United States Navy Dental Corps from 1959 to 1962 and in private practice for 2 years. He returned to The University of Michigan for specialty training and received his Master’s degree in 1967. His first academic appointment in oral pathology was at the University of North Carolina, where he taught from 1967 to 1970. He then returned to his alma mater and in 1977 became Professor and Chairman of the Department of Oral Pathology, his present position. Dick was a member of the Fellowship Committee and most recently completed a very successful term as our secretary-treasurer. Many thanks are due him for a job well done and for his continuing efforts in Academy affairs.

SPc,rcJtar~-Tr~crsurerArthur S. Miller Our new secretary-treasurer is a native of Montana. Art graduated from Montana State College and received his D.D.S. degree from Washington University School of Dentistry in St. Louis. After 2 years of service in the United States Navy Dental Corps, he entered the oral pathology program at Indiana University. Upon completion of his specialty training, he accepted a faculty appointment at Indiana University. In 1966 he accepted a position at Temple University, where he is now Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology. Art has been on a number of Academy committees and was a member of the Council from 1975 to 1978.

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of Oral Pathology


New Council Members Benton E. Crawford Ben was born in Mississippi and did his predental work at Louisiana State University. He received his D.D.S. degree from Baylor University in 1959. Ben entered the United States Navy after graduation from dental school and, while in the service, received an M.S.D. degree from Emory in 1970. He recently received an M.A. degree in education from George Washington University. Ben was Chairman of the Oral Pathology Department at the National Naval Dental Center. He is presently head of the Oral Histopathology Service at the Naval Regional Medical Center in San Diego.

Charles L. Halsteud Chuck is a native of Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Virginia, receiving his D.D.S. degree from the latter in 1954. After 3 years in the Navy, he practiced general dentistry for 7 years in Norfolk, Virginia. He then entered graduate school at Emory University and received his M.S.D. in 1966. Upon completion of his graduate work in oral pathology, he was asked to develop a Department of Oral Medicine at Emory and is currently Professor of Oral Pathology and Chairman of the Department of Oral Medicine.

Photographs and biographic sketches of the other officers and Council members have appeared within the past 2 years. None of them has changed significantly in appearance or activities.