Proceedings of the annual meeting

Proceedings of the annual meeting

Oral pathology American Academy of Oral Pathology Donald Kerr, Editor Proceedings of the annual meeting T he American Academy of Oral Pathology...

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Oral pathology American


of Oral


Donald Kerr, Editor

Proceedings of the annual meeting


he American Academy of Oral Pathology held its annual meeting April 15 to l&1968, at the Safari Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Council met in the morning and reported their actions to the Fellows’ meeting in the afternoon. The following is a final report of the actions of both bodies. After approval of the secretary-treasurer’s report, the various committees reported, and the various actions were taken following the usual amount of discussion. The Membership Committee reported that credentials of thirty-four applicants had been approved for membership and recommended their election. The Fellows voted the thirty-four applicants to membership. The secretary reported on the results of the election of officers. The following were elected : President, Francis V. Howell President-Elect, Barnet H. Levy Vice-President, William G. Sprague Xecretary-Treasurer, S. Miles Standish Council, Albert Abrams and Robert Vickers Editor, Donald A. Kerr Americlan Board of Oral Pathology, Francis V. Howell Dr. Robinson reported for the Laboratory Service Committee, indicating that there was very little activity in this area during the past year. The editor’s report provoked considerable pointed comment and discussion by the Fellows relative to the position of oral pathology in ORAL SURGERY, ORAL MEDICINE AND ORAL PATHOLOGY. The discussion centered about the quality of the papers published, with special attention focused on the large number of short case reports. The Fellows voted to have an ad hoc committee appointed to investigate standards, quality, possible affiliation with another journal, and related problems. The editor asked to have the editorial policy of the Academy reaffirmed. The approved policy gives the following priority for publication in the American Academy of Oral Pathology section of the JOURNAL : 1. Papers presented at the annual meeting. 193

O.S., O.M. & O.P. August, 1968

2. Papers submitt,cd to the editor by I~‘cllows or with a, J~‘ellow as the senior author. 3. Papers cubmittcd by mcml~c~~. 4. Papers having a .E’ellow and a graduate student as authors (especially when the paper is primarily a report of the student’s research activity). 5. Papers by nonmembers are not acceptable. 6. Jn general, case reports would not be acceptable for publication in the Academy section. The Forensic Committee report by Dr. Hansen pointed out that some papers on the program were in this area. The Committee recommended that the secretary invite the authors of the texts in oral pathology to include a chapter on forensic dentistry in future editions. Future meeting places and dates were established, as follows: 1969 - Boston, April 17-19 1970 - San Diego, April 8-11 1971- Washington, D. C. (25th anniversary) 1972 - Colorado Springs 1973 - Houston 1974 - Miami Beach Dr. Sprague reported on the cost of slide sets and other expenses of the seminar. A fee of $20.00 per subscriber was approved. Dr. Waldron gave a report on the ADA Conference on Dental Specialties. The Council on Dental Education requested various specialty groups to set UP guidelines for the establishment and evaluation of specialty training programs. A special ad hoc committee was appointed to draw up guidelines and also to determine the objectives, policies, relationships to other specialty groups, and future plans of the Academy. A proposed constitutional amendment (Article XI-Affiliate Organizations) was discussed but failed to pass. A second amendment to the constitution (Article X) was passed. This amendment reads as follows: Article elected exception of three

shall Serve only IV-Section 2. officer for an additional year or until a snecessor has of the Secretary-Treasurer and Editor each of (3) years and each of whom may succeed himself

one year unless otherwise been duly elected with the whom shall serve one term only once.

The report of the Fellowship Committee was received, and the following members were elevated to Fellowship: Uruckner S. Burch, Richard M. Courtney, Robert R. Finch, Ronald M. Gerughty, Robert M. Howell, Raymond J. Melrose, Peter A. Pullon, and Heddie 0. Sedano. X. N&s Xtaru%ish Secretary-Treasurer THE


The essay program of the Academy this year was presented on April 16 and 17 and was so scheduled that some free time was available in the afternoon. In addition to the thirteen formal papers presented, there were nine

Volume 26 Number 2

Proceedings of annual meeting


short presentations on a variety of subjects. Since discussion was lively but necessarily limited, an opportunity was provided to pursue these subjects further during one of the “free” afternoons. A series of projected clinics were also given during the afternoon programs. Dr. William Crawford managed the details of local arrangements and deserves special commendation for his hard work. The annual Helen McLain Lecture, entitled “Legal and Legislative Probl.ems Relative to Oral Pathology,” was delivered by Mr. Bernard J. Conway, assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs, American Dental Association. This was a most interesting and timely presentation of a subject which must be of concern to the entire profession. The annual seminar on “The Arthritides, Connective Tissue and Rheumatic Diseases” was moderated by Dr. Leon Sokoloff, Chief of the Section on Rheumatic Diseases of the National Institutes of Health. In keeping with the tradition set by our previous moderators, Dr. Sokoloff presented a most stimulating and informative discussion. His twenty-one carefully selected cases contained in the slide set provided the basis for a comprehensive review of a subject of broad interest. The excellence of the entire program, of course, was due in large measure to the combined efforts of President Harold Stanley and President-Elect Frank Howell.