Proceedings of the annual meeting—1977

Proceedings of the annual meeting—1977

oral pathology Proceedings of the annual meeting-1977 Tlwthirty-second mud metingis schccluled feythePier66H&l in Fort Etlrnun(l F. C”atalclo, *Jr...

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oral pathology

Proceedings of the annual meeting-1977

Tlwthirty-second mud metingis schccluled feythePier66H&l in Fort

Etlrnun(l F. C”atalclo, *Jr. Ruswll 1~. (“orio Constantine J. Caralaris Robert A. ( :oepp

PTcsidcnt A~nthnnirl Il. ROlf~(~ Academy’s new president, Nat Rowe, is a native of Minnesota. He received his college, dental, ant1 graduate education at the Vnirersity of Minnesota. Nat has lw?n involve~l in teaching am1 research since 1955 and has held faculty appointments at the ITniversity of Minnesota and at Washington University in St. Louis. Since 19f.U he has been vn the faculty at the University of Michigan and currently is a professor of dentistry (oral pathology) and professor of pathology in the Schools of Ijentistry and Medicine in Ann Arbor. Nat has been extremely active in cancer etlucation at local, state, and national levels and is currently the presiclcnt of the Michigan 1)ivision of the American Cancer Society. He has been active in Acadfor many years, during which he has P”lY adairs serve,1 on the Council aa<1 as vice-president and prehi(lent-elect prior to his installation as prcsi(lent. ric~c,-P?,, I rlln?L J. DI.i/L/l(IlL ( hl r 11em- vice-presi(lent is a native of Bristol, Enl?;lan(l. He gra(luated from the ITniversity of Bristol I)eutal School in 1954. After serving as a dental oficer in the British Army in tiermany, he returned to the Bristol Dental School as a tutor in oral surgery. He re-enterell the I*niversit>as a student, graduating from the Bristol Metlical School in 1962. That same year he was elected to the Faculty of Ijentistry of the Royal C,ollege of Surgeons of England and also emigrated to the I-nited States. After receiving his graduate training in pathology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, he remained on the Buffalo I)ental School facult)where he is now professor and chairman of the Department of Oral Medicine and director of the Division of Hospital 1)ental Services. . . . The

as his hometown. He reveil-ccl his tmccalaureate degree from the University of’ Michigan ant1 his dental tlegrev i’ron~ Ohio State I‘nivorsity. Following an internship anti more than 4 ~.ears in the T’nitetl States Navy. Gus began his pathology training at, the lIni\-ersity of Pennsylvania. He recxrivvll his 1’11.1). in 1WiS. At present he is professor ant1 chairnlan of the I)epartnrtnt of Oral Pathology in the (‘ollcgt: of Ikntistrj at the Ohio State I-nil-erhit,v. (:us has been active in the American (lancer Society at local and state levels :rntl has serrell as rhairrnan of the Pathology Section of the American Association of lkutal Schools. 1301) ~vas lmrn in (%icngo and rec’eived his 1~.1).8. degree from Loyola Kniversity in (Ihicago. Following an internship at the lTniversit?of Chicago Hospitals an11 (‘linics, he received his M.R. and I’h.1). tlegrees in gcv~c5\1 pathology from th(x same institution. .It prescxllt 801) iS professor Of OriLl p:ItllOlO~~ Xllcl IIWd Of the Section of Oral Pathology and Radiology at the University of (Chicago. His work involves a mixture of patient care, teaching, and research. He has receivetl il National Research (‘areer I)erelopment Award an{1 has been electetl to the Sational Council on Hadiation Protection. liob leas Ixen act ivcl in numerous committee assignments for the Acatlerny. I’hotographs appeared within activities.

and lJiographic* skvtc~hrs ol’ tlkc, other 0fk:crs and Council members have the recent past. Sane of them have changed significantlin appearance OI