Process for producing carbon fibres

Process for producing carbon fibres

hindered, however, by incorporation of transverse reinforcements such as sap or'titanium alloy foils or by the use of thicker, non-splitting borsic fi...

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hindered, however, by incorporation of transverse reinforcements such as sap or'titanium alloy foils or by the use of thicker, non-splitting borsic fibres, RESIN MA TRICES

Graphite fiber/epoxy composites Chiao, T. T., Moore, R. L. and Walkup, C. M. SAMPE Quarterly,

Vol 4, No 4 (Jul 1973) pp 7-11 In 1972 a high-strength, mediummodulus graphite fibre (Thornel 400) became commercially available.

The claimed properties made the fibre attractive as a reinforcement in fibre composites for tensile-critical applications. Work on the fibre and its epoxy composites (strands, rings and filament-wound vessels) is summarized,

STRUCTURES The origin of structure in carbonized pan fibres Lemaistre, C. W. and Diefendorf, R.J.

SAMPE Quarterly, 1Iol 4, No 4 (Jul 1973) pp 1 - 6

The origin of structure in carbonized pan fibres was investigated by determining the three-dimensional fibre microstructures and determining the effect of varying the process cycle parameters on these microstructures. The basal planes are conceived as running parallel to the fibre axis and to be continuous and undulating in form. The microstructures which'develop under varying conditions are illustrated. Finally, the consequences of three-dimensional microstructures on properties are presented.

Abstracts of patents UK PA TENTS

Composite material structural articles Bishop, P. H. H. and Hanney, A.S. (Secretary of State for Defence)

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UK Pat i 311 386 (28 Mar 19 73) Fibrous web made from natural mixture of paper pulp, urea and formaldehyde, and a strong acid catalyst giving a pH <2 to cause precipitation of soluble particles of u/f/resin on the paper which is neutralized by raising the pH to >4. All carbon composite disc structures (Bendix Corp) UK Pat I 311 537

(28 Mar 1973) A brake disc made from carbon fibres in a carbon matrix with protrusions and indentations along one edge where an adjacent disc has bands of carbon fibre located in the matrix so they follow the contour of that disc edge.

Process for producing carbon fibres Weisbeck, R. and Pampus, G. (Bayer AG) UK Pat I 311 817 (28 Mar

1973) Polyacrylonitrile fibres are heated in an oxygen containing atmosphere


at 150-400°C in a moving atmosphere containing 0.5-2.0% by volume of water vapour, Tubular fibre preform and methods and machines for making same Wiltshire, A. J. and Renallo, H.U. (Structural Fibres Inc) UK Pat

1 312 019 (4 Apr 1973) A tubular wall with length greater than diameter, an end wall integral with the tubular wall and closed, the walls consisting of chopped randomly oriented fibres interlocked by resin but the void not filled, the preform is of uniform density and free of seams and overlaps. A method for manufacturing heat resistant reinforced composite materials Komeya, K. and Inoue, H. (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co Ltd) UK Pat

1 312 315 (4 Apr 1973) A composite of(i) 85 mole % of aluminium carbide silicon or boron carbide or nitride and (ii) 15 mole % of a group Ilia oxide other than actium or a lanthanium series oxide is sintered in a non-oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature suitable for (i). Coated glass fibres and elastomeric products formed therewith (Owens Coming Fiberglass Corp)

UK Pat I 312 330 (3 Apr 1973) Elastomeric composites filled with glass fibre are given a thin coating of organic polymeric polysulphide and/ or a condensation resin of an aldehyde with an S atom containing phenol, These show improved mechanical properties,

An improved threaded filament wound pipe and the method of manufacture thereof McLarty, J. L. (Amalgo Corp) UK Pat

1 312 350 (4 Apr 1973) A mandrel with an unthreaded central portion and one end knurled in the form of a pipe thread is partially coated with release agent and wound with resin impregnated glass at a pitch greater than the pipe pitch followed by curing the composite and removing the mandrel.

Non-slip fibre glass surface Fitzgerald, D. L. W. (Private Inventor, Hampshire) UK Pat I 312 450 (4 Apr

1973) Reinforced synthetic resin laminates in the form of boat decks or surfaces having strips of antislip material in the form of abrasive particles inlaid into grooves in the tread surface.

Method for production of shaped carbon articles Murayama, N. and Katto, T. (Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha) UK Pat I 312 647 (4 Apr

1973) A shaped product made from vinylidene fluoride filaments etc, is treated with a nucleophilic agent selected from ammonia, organic amines, alkali metals and metal amides, potassium or sodium hydroxide or a mixture of these, so that dispersion into the polymer is greater than the reaction velocity thereby crosslinking the molecules, followed by heating in inert gas from 300-500°C to expel HF and carbonize the product.