Processing of Complex Ores

Processing of Complex Ores

Mining Science and Technology, 11 (1990) 107-108 Elsevier SciencePublishers B.V., Amsterdam- Printed in The Netherlands 107 Book Reviews Proceedings...

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Mining Science and Technology, 11 (1990) 107-108 Elsevier SciencePublishers B.V., Amsterdam- Printed in The Netherlands


Book Reviews Proceedings Volumes 12 to 17 of The Metallurgical Society of The Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1989. Pergamon Press have published the proceedings volumes of six of the symposia contained within the 28th Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held by The Metalllurgical Society of CIM in Halifax, Nova Scotia in August 1989. The symposia volumes cover a wide range of subjects of interest to the mining engineer, mineral processor and metallurgist. Each of the hard bound volumes is well presented, edited and indexed by subject.

Processing of Complex Ores. G.S. Dobby (Editor). Pergamon Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, £stg.102.95; U.S.$185.00 (hardback), ISBN 008 037283X

The twin pressures facing the primary metallurgical industries--competition and enviromental constraints--are addressed by papers organized into four chapters. These cover research and development, system and equipment design, equipment experience, and finally plant experience.

Tailings and Effluent Management. M.E. Chalkley (Editor). Pergamon Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, £stg.58.00, U.S.$105.00 (hardback), ISBN 008 0372899. The volume contains six sections, each dealing with a specific theme. These are an overview of tailings management, acid mine drainage management, acid mine drainage treatment, tailings placement, effluent treatment, and finally two papers on predictive techniques for acid mine drainage. All but four of the papers are from within Canada; however, the volume provides a timely and comprehensive text and contains valuable information of interest to any engineeer involved in this increasingly important field.

Deals with the quest to develop new practical methods for the processing of a wide variety of complex ores. The majority of the papers, contained within the first three sections, deal with flotation (including column flotation), covering basic research as well as plant practice. One section deals with the processing of ores of niobium, tantalum and tin: another describing expert systems presents specific examples of the application of computer technology. The remaining section deals with the hydrometallurgical treatment of concentrates (mostly those containing precious metals).

The papers cover development of new processes, operating experience and upgrading of conventional plants, refining processes and improvements, and developments in the applications and marketing of lead.

Process Gas Handling and Cleaning. C. Twigge-Molecey. (Editor). Pergamon Press, New York, N.Y., 1989. £stg.41.65. U.S.$75.00 (hardback), ISBN 008 0372864.

Production and Electrolysis of Light Metals. B. Closset (Editor). Pergamon Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, £stg.50.00, U.S.$90.00 (hardback), ISBN 008 0372953.

Primary and Secondary Lead Processing. M.J. Jaeck (Editor). Pergamon Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, £stg.54.00, U.S.$97.50 (hardback), ISBN 008 0372929.