Product checks and enforces security best practices

Product checks and enforces security best practices

March 7999 IVetwork Security Product checks and enforces security best practices Axent Technologies has released the latest version of its flagship ...

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March 7999

IVetwork Security

Product checks and enforces security best practices Axent Technologies has released the latest version of its flagship product Enterprise Security Man,ager (ESM). ESM 5.0 assesses the security for every critical enterprise system using a central management console. Working across more than 55 operating systems, routers, firewalls, Web servers and key enterprise applications, ESM has advanced reporting features that help organizations check, manage and enforce sound security practices. The latest version of the product can deliver more than 1000 security checks for critical systems. The new central management console and reporting features includes htmlbased reports which can be viewed by both IT and executive managers via Web browser. This, claims the company, enables a more streamlined process of assessing and reporting on enterprise-wide security practices. Using ESM to assess and enforce security across the network, organizations can confidently conduct secure E-commerce using the Internet, an intranet or remote sites with customers and partners worldwide. The product’s latest version adds additional reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to view a ‘snapshot’ of security levels across the entire enterprise with a single graph. For further information, contact Axent via E-mail at: [email protected] corn.

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REPORTS Total privacy technology Barbara Gengler A Canadian software start-up has developed what it calls “total privacy technology” that lets users happily surf the Net without being traced. The software allows each user to establish separate ‘pseudonyms’, which are anonymous identities that can send and receive E-mail and browser cookies and engage in chat sessions. Pseudonyms can be used for particular purposes and be used as long as a user likes. For example, if you like to debate politics online you can designate one pseudonym as your ‘politics’ pseudonym. Use it when you post in political newsgroups, surf activist Web sites, E-mail your political contacts and chat in political chat rooms. The privacy effect is that users can avoid profiling by Internet marketers.

Zero-Knowledge Systems announced its Freedom 1 .O service will be available in open public beta shortly, with general availability coming later. Initial versions will be designed for consumers, but the company plans a version for corporate entities designed to provide employees with anonymity. “When you browse the Internet, your personal information is routinely collected and often distributed without your knowledge or consent”, said Austin Hill, president of Montreal, Canada-based Zero-Knowledge Systems. “With Freedom, you can safely browse Internet sites,

participate in public discussions, chat and send E-mail without revealing any of your personal information.” The driver-level software runs in conjunction with current Internet software. Freedom uses public key cryptography to encrypt the contents of any Internet transmission, including E-mail, chat room, Web browsing and newsgroups. It also protects the source and destination of all Internet traffic. Every Freedom user is connected to one of three Freedom servers, located at leased sites in worldwide locations, that make source information anonymous to protect the user’s identity. When sending E-mail both the sender’s and recipient’s addresses are encrypted, as well as the message itself, the company said. In addition, Freedom has a cookie management system called Cookie Jars, Each digital identity has its own Cookie Jar and any cookie received by that identity is collected in its individual jar. Freedom also has advanced spam filtering tools to filter out unwanted, unsolicited E-mail sent to the user’s pseudonyms. Current versions of the software are designed to make anonymous online social interactions and research. However, Zero-Knowledge is also negotiating with vendors of ‘digital cash’ to provide for anonymous electronic transactions online. Freedom is compatible with Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Communicator and most other Internet applications.