Production of glass fibres

Production of glass fibres

Abstracts of patents US PA TENTS Hot rolled composite billet for nuclear control rods Miller, G. (Atlantic Richfield Company) US Pat 3 985 514 (12 Oc...

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Abstracts of patents US PA TENTS

Hot rolled composite billet for nuclear control rods Miller, G. (Atlantic Richfield Company) US Pat 3 985 514 (12 October 19 76) A composite plate shaped billet consisting of a core of stainless steel containing about 2% Boron 10, with a thin coating of zirconia on the surfaces and completely encased in a jacket of mild steel. Production of glass fibres Hynd, W.C. (Pilkington Brothers Limited) US Pat 3 985 530 (12 October 1976) A method of producing glass fibres by attenuation of glass streams flowing from a bushing. Method of producing a high strength composite of zircon Saunders, R.N. (Ethyl Corporation) US Pat 3 985 557 (12 October 1976) A method for producing a high-strength aluminium-matrix composite with a non-metallic, particulate filler. The composite contains 5 - 8 0 weight % of zircon, 2 - 1 0 weight % alkaline earth metal in the ahiminium matrix. Method for the manufacture of laminated packing material containing metal foil Balla, G. (Deering Milliken Research Corporation) US Pat 3 985 604 (12 October 1976) A method of producing a laminated packaging material comprising layers of thermoplastic and metal foil. It is made by extruding the thermoplastic material onto a web of metal foil at a temperature of about 270°C. Reinforcement for prestressed concrete members or buildings Muhe, L., Illgner, W. and Krieg, A. (Philipp Holzmann Aktiengesellschaft) US Pat 3 986 311 (19 October 1976) Net-like composite filaments Brumlik, G.C. (Ingrip Fasteners Inc) US Pat 3 986 331 (19 October 1976) A composite filament having an open-net-like structure comprising two or more filaments wound helically around a common axis.


Reticulated tube or reinforced ceramic fibres Green, J.R. (E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company) US Pat 3 986 528 f19 October 1976) The reinforced fibres consist of multiple layers of continuous yarn wound in helical coils to form the wails of the tube. The yarn is ceramic containing at least 20% A1203. A fused, non-porous binder secures adjacent fibres of the yarn to one another. The binder and fibres are surrounded by a refractory oxide matrix. Composite racquet structure Taussig, F. and Corkery, G.O'C. (Arundale Manufacturers Inc) US Pat 3 986 716 (19 October 1976) The raquet is a compound metal and plastics structure. The metal is used to make a tube and the plastics is formed integrally, with the tube as a supporting structure. Control system for the drawing of glass fibres Coggin, C.H., Jr, Shepherd, S.H. and Jones, J.L. Jr, (Kaiser Glass Fiber Corporation) US Pat 3 986 853 (19 October 1976) Flextural strength in fibre containing concrete Lankard, D.R. (Batelle Development Corporation) US Pat 3 986 885 (19 October 1976) A method of making a two-phase material in which concrete is mixed with fibres having a modulus of elasticity of at least 140 GN/m 2 and which are uniformly distributed in the mix.

Apparatus for forming laminated moulded bodies Berner, E. US Pat 3 986 918 (19 October 1976) Apparatus for continuously forming an outer perforated sheet having a filler of foamed granules of synthetic thermoplastic material which contain a heat expanding agent. Mixing liquid for silicate cements Schmitt, W., Purrmann, R., Jochum, P., Zahler, W.-D., and Frimm-Lenz, R. (ESPE) US Pat 3 986 998 (19 October 1976) A method of making a dental silicate cement by forming a mixture of aluminium fluorosilicate glass powder and an aqueous solution of a solid polymeric material.

Method for impregnation of wood by pressure surges during immersion Arvidsson, E. US Pat 3 987 219 {19 October 1976) Wood is impregnated with a liquid after it has been vacuum treated to remove air from the wood cells. Iron and lead-containing composite metal shot Meadus, F.W., Sparks, B.D. and Puddington, I.E. (Canadian Patents and Developments Limited) US Pat 3 987 730 (26 October 1976) A composite material used for bird shot. Iron in discrete or porous matrix form is surrounded by lead or lead alloy to give a material of approximately theoretical density and reduced toxicity.

Composite protective coating for combustible cartridge cases Brzuskiewicz, J. (United States of America - Secretary of the Army) Method of producing a mixture of US Pat 3 987 731 (26 October 1976) bitumen and subdivided solid mineral A porous combustible cartridge case matter comprising nitrocellulose, reinforcing Muntzer, E. and Muntzer, P.E. fibres and a resinous binder, in which (WlBAU) US Pat 3 986 889 (19 October the exterior surface of the case is 1976) covered with a composite protective Cold, moist mineral aggregate is mixed coating of an undercoat of a polyvinyl with liquid bitumen and the mixture is alcohol resin and a topcoating of a heated to drive off moisture, hence vinylidene chloride-acrylonitrile binding the aggregate grains together. copolymer resin.