Protection for anodized aluminium

Protection for anodized aluminium

DEIONIZED WATER T O RINSE TANKS operable to sequentially move the bearing assemblies between the stations. Electrophoretic Apparatus Coating U.S. ...

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operable to sequentially move the bearing assemblies between the stations.

Electrophoretic Apparatus


U.S. Patent 5,624,540. Apr. 29, 1997 K. Jbrgens, assignor to Enal AG, Sw/tzerland


A device for the electrophoretic coating surface of electrically conductive hollow bodies. of the internal





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Recycling rinsewaters with Ion Exchange has long been known reduce waste discharge. Conventional Ion Exchange systems, however, produce large volumes of regenerant waste, making

Method of Treating a Ceramic Body


U.S. Patent 5,624,626. Apr. 2.9, 7997 TJ. Walz and /.S. Rossovsky, Seattle, Wash.

evaporation expensive. The 786 seriesRinsewaterRecycling Systemsfrom Hydromatix reduce regenerant waste by 98%, making ZERO Discharge


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or technical

A method for treating a ceramic body to provide a wettable surface on the ceramic body comprising immersing the ceramic

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(562) 944-9264

body in an alkaline hydroxide solution bath; connecting the ceramic body to form an anode of an electrolytic cell; connecting a stainless steel object to form a cathode of the electrolytic cell; imposing a difference in electrical potential across the electrolytic cell sufficient to remove portions of the

ceramic body to provide a pnted surface on the ceramic

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is wettable;


removing the ceramic body from the alkaline hydroxide solution bath. card


Protection for Anodized Aluminum

Webster Pumas Don’t Just Sland UD ToCorrosive Chemicals, They Stand The Test OfTime.

U.S. Patent 5,624.712. Apr. 29, 1997 G.FI Shulman, assignor to Alumitec Products Corp., Sierre Madre, Calif. A method

Whether they’re pumping for aeration, agitation, filtration, recirculation, spraying or transfer, Webster~s rugged, continuous duty . pumps are ideal for the plating, electronics, photo processing, pollution control. clietnical processmg and water treatment mdustrics. r Both our Vertical Seal-less Immersibles and our Honzontal End-Suction Centrifugals are available in your choice of corrosion-resistant CPVC, Polypropylene or PVDF (Solef”) with n’m-metallic construction so that no metal parts come in contact with corrosive chemicals. Dependable and cost-cffectlve, Webster can handle applications ranging from 5 to over 100 gallons per minute. For the name of a Webster Pumps distributor or to discuss your specific apphcatic m requirements, calI l-800-766-1950.

Webster Pumps” DistributorTerritoriesAvailable.

of increasing

the resistance

Method of Sealing Anodized Aluminum U.S. Patent 5,624,716. Apr. 29, 1997 G.P Shulman, assignor fo Alumitec Products Corp., Sierra Madre, Calif. A method

of sealing



surfaces of a structure against corrosion including dipping into a tank of liquid, said liquid being ineffective to seal the structure surfaces,

and maintaining

tive layer of fatty liquid in contacting ture surfaces during ture into the tank, surfaces are coated

a coating


acid atop the tank of relation with the strucdipping of the strucwhereby the structure with fatty acid.

Powder Coating Edge Primer U.S. Patent 5624,735. Apr. 29, 1997 A.M. Anderson et al., assignors to Cambridge Industries Inc., Madison Heights. Mich.

In a sheet molded compound article having an exterior burface 90

of a

freshly anodized aluminum surface comprising coating, without the use of organic solvents before or during coating, with a fatty acid, which is liquid at coating application temperatures ranging from 15 to 35°C.





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