Protection of birds

Protection of birds

P EGIONAL A C.rlVITIES EC Proteclion of Birds {Writtell Qtlesli~ri tt, tile Contlnil,sinn ny M r . 1. oliins} ( a n s w e r given by M r . Narjes)...

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Proteclion of Birds

{Writtell Qtlesli~ri tt, tile Contlnil,sinn ny M r . 1. oliins}

( a n s w e r given by M r . Narjes)

P?a ti~t.- ~oinmlssion say which M,::aoer g'a~es have taken step,, t0 mp;emer:~ tl~e term', of the Directive , m t a." p:ot~:cth,n of bird~ adopted on 2 .~prP 1979 and which came b.a., force m April 1981 and can ~hey say whether they are. having discuss~ ans v, Ith tho~e Member States that have not made any proqmss to'lards the implementation'

As the Commission pointed out in ..~ explanatory memorandum with its proposal for a Directive. the protection ,3f birds was already covered by special prnvisious in the natiunal iaa, s of all Member States before tb' Council adopted the Directive of 2 ,! 1979 on the consetwation of v,l: • birds, i Article 18(2! of ~' ;~lrective requires Memb;~ "£tate, ta camrmmicate to the Co~'ilmisslc ~ the te':!f, of the main provisions i natio,-,a! law which they adopt in th fie!d govmned by he Directive.

Tile Commission ha¢ received no information from Belgium ~ Italy and has decided to,initiate ,rfdngement proceedings against then, in accordar,ce with Article 169 of the EEC Fmaty for failure to communicate natonal implementing v;~easums. All the other Member States have communicated their implementmF measures to -'-he Comvussion. and these are currently being ~cmtinized f~,' ,],e Comrniss,on'~ departments. , ''"~'~,ement pwceedi~'gs will be :n~tiateu , ~' oily ~.te ~der States •,vhch may have i,v :alfilied all obligations laid on then. ~',y the Dr-active.




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