682 XBD=349 XHG=892 XBD=498 XBD=599 XBD=859 XBD=988 XBD=1093 XBD=1259 XBD=1325 XHG=193 XHG=396 XHG=530 XHG=634 XHG=1021YBD=337 XHG=1126 XHG=1292 YBD=...

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XBD=349 XHG=892 XBD=498 XBD=599 XBD=859 XBD=988 XBD=1093 XBD=1259 XBD=1325 XHG=193 XHG=396 XHG=530 XHG=634 XHG=1021YBD=337 XHG=1126 XHG=1292 YBD=334 YBD=325 YBD=327YHG=302>may YHG=291>weeks YHG=302>even YHG=290>the YHG=290>radiogram YHG=294>not ; YHG=291>reveal YHG=292>it " XBD=2476 XBD=1517 XBD=1604 XBD=1822 XBD=2007 XBD=2076 XBD=2264 XBD=2333 XHG=1386 XHG=1553 XHG=1639 XHG=1855 XHG=2042 XHG=2111 XHG=2299 XHG=2348 YBD=326 YBD=338 YBD=328 YBD=325 YBD=336 YBD=337 YHG=291>whom YHG=303>no YHG=290>physical YHG=291>disease YHG=291>is YHG=292>present YHG=290>(&dquo; YHG=290>Hyper" XBD=2480 XBD=1766 XBD=1836 XBD=2014 XBD=2208 XBD=2285 XBD=2335 XHG=1388 XHG=1785 XHG=1888 XHG=2033 XHG=2224 XHG=2299 XHG=2350 YBD=379 YBD=388 YBD=378 YBD=376 YBD=377 YHG=343>motilitatsneurose YHG=343>&dquo;). YHG=342>These YHG=341>children YHG=352>are YHG=341>of YHG=341>normal XBD=296 XHG=918 XBD=447 XBD=550 XBD=734 XBD=890 XBD=987 XBD=1197 XBD=1327 XHG=191 XHG=324 XHG=477 XHG=579 XHG=764 XHG=1017YBD=378 XHG=1227 YBD=376 YBD=377 YBD=390YHG=342>the YHG=342>until YHG=340>callus YHG=341>has YHG=340>formed YHG=341>below YHG=342>stripped YHG=343>peri" XBD=350 XBD=462 XBD=809 XBD=969 XBD=1046 XBD=1146 XBD=1254 XHG=193 XHG=381 XHG=493 XHG=1002 XHG=1077 XHG=1179 XHG=1287 YBD=429 YBD=429 YBD=430 YHG=396>osteum YHG=393>and YHG=392>decalcification YHG=396>at YHG=394>the YHG=395>site YHG=394>of " XBD=1328 XBD=1649XHG=840 XBD=1760 XBD=1862 XBD=2145 XBD=2218 XBD=2344 XBD=2482 XHG=1388YBD=430 XHG=1686 XHG=1794 XHG=1898 XHG=2179 XHG=2249 XHG=2372 YBD=441YHG=393>shows YBD=428 YBD=429 YHG=394>intelligence, YHG=394>but YHG=393>the YHG=393>maturation YHG=392>of YHG=391>their YHG=396>motor XBD=378 XHG=828 XBD=482 XBD=540 XBD=796 XBD=908 XBD=1147 XBD=1225 XBD=1327 XHG=190 XHG=432 XHG=516 XHG=573 XHG=942YBD=481 XHG=1181 XHG=1258 YBD=480 YBD=482 YBD=492 YHG=444>fracture. YHG=444>In YHG=457>a YHG=444>discussion YHG=445>February YHG=449>at YHG=446>the " XBD=2482 XBD=1590 XBD=1702 XBD=1842 XBD=2049 XBD=2131 XBD=2358 XHG=1387 XHG=1630 XHG=1742 XHG=1880 XHG=2088 XHG=2167 XHG=2413 YBD=482YHG=444>last YBD=492 YBD=480 YBD=491 YBD=481 YHG=446>functions YHG=446>has YHG=446>been YHG=445>delayed YHG=456>or YHG=444>impaired. YHG=444>The the " XBD=1545 XBD=1759 XBD=1844 XBD=1956 XBD=2189 XBD=2393 XHG=1388 XHG=1585 XHG=1804 XHG=1887 XHG=2000 XHG=2229 XHG=2428 YBD=533 YBD=531 YBD=532 YHG=488>clinical YHG=497>features YHG=496>of YHG=497>the YHG=496>erethism YHG=495>however YHG=508>are " XBD=2483 XBD=325 XHG=633 XBD=521 XBD=598 XBD=862 XBD=1249 XBD=1327 XHG=193 XHG=361 XHG=557 XHG=1001YBD=540 XHG=1286 YBD=542 YBD=531 YBD=544YHG=496>Medicine, YBD=534 YHG=495>Royal YHG=495>Society YHG=496>of YHG=497>importance YHG=497>of XBD=412 XHG=742 XBD=619 XBD=705 XBD=823 XBD=1199 XBD=1327 XHG=195 XHG=450 XHG=662 XHG=866YBD=584 XHG=1246 YBD=594 YBD=583 YBD=585 YBD=585YHG=548>this YHG=547>prolonged YHG=547>fixation YHG=549>in YHG=548>march-fracture YHG=562>was " XBD=2483 XBD=1579 XBD=1642 XBD=1719 XBD=1851 XBD=2005 XBD=2111 XBD=2200 XBD=2352 XBD=2407 XHG=1389 XHG=1600 XHG=1666 XHG=1740 XHG=1875 XHG=2031 XHG=2132 XHG=2222 XHG=2372 XHG=2426 YBD=584 YBD=595 YBD=582 YBD=583 YHG=548>identical YHG=549>in YHG=549>all YHG=548>these YHG=551>types, YHG=547>and YHG=546>the YHG=549>nature YHG=547>of YHG=547>the " XBD=2486 XBD=1480 XBD=1584 XBD=1706 XBD=1782 XBD=2059 XBD=2141 XBD=2234 XBD=2424 XHG=1391 XHG=1508 XHG=1612 XHG=1734 XHG=1811 XHG=2087 XHG=2168 XHG=2261 XHG=2447 YBD=636 YBD=647 YBD=646 YBD=634 YBD=645 YBD=635 YHG=612>case YHG=612>can YHG=600>only YHG=600>be YHG=599>determined YHG=598>by YHG=597>the YHG=610>presence YHG=611>or XBD=524 XHG=939 XBD=635 XBD=766 XBD=921 XBD=983 XBD=1329 XHG=197 XHG=566 XHG=656 XHG=783 XHG=1000YBD=636 YBD=643 YBD=635 YBD=647 YBD=648YHG=603>to YHG=599>demonstrated YHG=602>too YHG=599>early YHG=603>return YHG=600>weight-bearing ; " XBD=2487 XBD=1559 XBD=1623 XBD=1749 XBD=1813 XBD=2022 XBD=2206 XBD=2328 XHG=1393 XHG=1581 XHG=1643 XHG=1772 XHG=1834 XHG=2044 XHG=2252 XHG=2349 YBD=698 YBD=687 YBD=685 YBD=686 YHG=652>absence YHG=652>signs YHG=651>of YHG=651>neuronic YHG=650>disease. YHG=649>The YHG=650>authors XBD=293 XHG=972 XBD=419 XBD=500 XBD=595 XBD=851 XBD=937 XBD=996 XBD=1329 XHG=198 XHG=329 XHG=457 XHG=542 XHG=635 XHG=894 XHG=1042YBD=687 YBD=698 YBD=686 YBD=699 YBD=688 YBD=700YHG=664>a YHG=662>may YHG=650>lead YHG=653>to YHG=651>its YHG=652>repetition YHG=652>in YHG=652>neighbouring " XBD=2485 XBD=1458 XBD=1670 XBD=1752 XBD=1924 XBD=2077 XBD=2200 XBD=2359 XHG=1393 XHG=1497 XHG=1709 XHG=1790 XHG=1962 XHG=2113 XHG=2237 XHG=2391 YBD=738 YBD=737 YBD=749 YHG=715>are YHG=702>inclined YHG=705>to YHG=702>follow YHG=702>those YHG=701>who YHG=700>would YHG=701>place XBD=313 XHG=832 XBD=441 XBD=653 XBD=791 XBD=901 XBD=1031 XBD=1246 XBD=1330 XHG=199 XHG=377 XHG=481 XHG=693 XHG=944YBD=739 XHG=1072 XHG=1287 YBD=749 YBD=750 YBD=739 YBD=751YHG=703>the YBD=740 YHG=701>bone. YHG=702>By YHG=702>walking YHG=703>with YHG=703>foot YHG=703>splinted YHG=704>in XBD=1462 XBD=1764 XBD=1851 XBD=2079 XBD=2162 XBD=2417 XHG=1394 XHG=1509 XHG=1810 XHG=1893 XHG=2121 XHG=2197 XHG=2451 YBD=790 YBD=789 YHG=754>the YHG=754>disturbance YHG=753>of YHG=753>function YHG=753>in YHG=752>subcortical YHG=765>or "" XBD=2490 XBD=537 XHG=843 XBD=624 XBD=818 XBD=909 XBD=1137 XBD=1244 XBD=1331 XHG=198 XHG=556 XHG=649 XHG=936YBD=790 XHG=1164 XHG=1262 YBD=801 YBD=791 YBD=791 YBD=791YHG=766>are YHG=752>plaster-of-Paris YHG=754>the YHG=754>muscles YHG=755>exercised YHG=755>and YHG=755>the " XBD=433 XBD=635 XBD=777 XBD=873 XBD=1163 XBD=1232 XBD=1327 XHG=200 XHG=458 XHG=663 XHG=804 XHG=901 XHG=1191 XHG=1258 YBD=843 YBD=844 YBD=843 YHG=806>circulation YHG=807>restored YHG=807>while YHG=807>the YHG=806>calcification YHG=807>of " XBD=1963 XBD=1737 XHG=1758 XHG=1395 YBD=842 YBD=853 YHG=808>the YHG=805>extrapyramidal YHG=817>neurones. " XBD=751 XBD=322 XBD=499 XBD=563 XHG=200 XHG=342 XHG=517 XHG=584 YBD=894 YBD=895 YBD=898 YHG=858>bones YHG=861>returns YHG=862>to YHG=859>normal. XBD=1622 XHG=2456 XBD=1761 XBD=1864 XBD=2143 XBD=2426 XBD=2491 XHG=1445 YBD=893 XHG=1656 XHG=1796 XHG=1901 XHG=2178 YBD=904 YHG=857>of YHG=857>Distinct YHG=858>from YHG=858>the YHG=857>generalised YHG=856>hyperkinesis " XBD=2489 XBD=1584 XHG=2387 XBD=1646 XBD=1745 XBD=1883 XBD=2053 XBD=2361 XHG=1395 YBD=956 XHG=1613 XHG=1676 XHG=1775 XHG=1913 XHG=2081 YBD=946 YHG=920>group YBD=944 YHG=909>erethism YHG=909>is YHG=908>the YHG=920>more YHG=907>highly YHG=907>differentiated IN CHILDHOOD HYPERKINESIS " XBD=2490 XBD=1525 XHG=2263 XBD=1733 XBD=1841 XBD=1956 XBD=2234 XHG=1396 XHG=1558 XHG=1766 XHG=1876 XHG=1989 YBD=997 YHG=963>movements. YBD=996 YBD=995 YBD=1007 YBD=998 YHG=960>which YHG=960>includes YHG=960>tics YHG=960>and YHG=959>compulsion "" XBD=2491 XBD=1503 XBD=1760 XBD=2041 XBD=2168 XBD=2312 XBD=2379 XHG=1398 XHG=1535 XHG=1792 XHG=2074 XHG=2199 XHG=2340 XHG=2405 YBD=1059 YBD=1058 YBD=1047 YBD=1048 YHG=1011>Such YHG=1011>spasmodic YHG=1013>movements YHG=1023>may YHG=1023>occur YHG=1012>in YHG=1023>assoXBD=307 XBD=425 XBD=482 XBD=566 XBD=834 XBD=969 XBD=1026 XBD=1066 XBD=1156 XHG=255 XHG=323 XHG=441 XHG=497 XHG=581 XHG=851 XHG=983 XHG=1043 XHG=1080 XHG=1170 YBD=1072 YBD=1071 YBD=1083 YBD=1081 YBD=1070 YBD=1069 YBD=1070 YHG=1035>IN YHG=1036>spite YHG=1036>of YHG=1036>the YHG=1036>prominence YHG=1034>given YHG=1037>to YHG=1046>a YHG=1034>few YHG=1033>isolated "" XBD=1339 XBD=1546 XBD=1672 XBD=1875 XBD=2069 XBD=2305 XBD=2492 XHG=1397 XHG=1574 XHG=1701 XHG=1903 XHG=2099 XHG=2330 YBD=1099 YBD=1106 YBD=1110 YHG=1063>ciation YHG=1063>with YHG=1062>cerebral YHG=1063>disease, YHG=1062>especially YHG=1063>encephaXBD=408 XBD=526 XBD=590 XBD=680 XBD=978 XBD=1040 XBD=1214 XBD=1338 XHG=205 XHG=428 XHG=546 XHG=611 XHG=700 XHG=999 XHG=1060 XHG=1235 YBD=1123 YBD=1122 YBD=1134 YBD=1121 YBD=1128 YBD=1120 YHG=1088>questions YHG=1087>such YHG=1099>as YHG=1087>the YHG=1086>pathogenesis YHG=1085>of YHG=1085>chorea, YHG=1084>little "" XBD=2495 XBD=1492 XBD=1564 XBD=1631 XBD=1708 XBD=1915 XBD=2194 XBD=2393 XHG=1396 XHG=1519 XHG=1589 XHG=1656 XHG=1736 XHG=1984 XHG=2217 XHG=2415 YBD=1159 YBD=1150 YBD=1151 YBD=1162 YBD=1163 YHG=1114>litis, YHG=1126>or YHG=1115>in YHG=1115>its YHG=1114>absence. YHG=1114>Generally YHG=1113>speaking YHG=1115>they XBD=407 XBD=500 XBD=623 XBD=740 XBD=805 XBD=896 XBD=1076 XBD=1276 XBD=1339 XHG=206 XHG=427 XHG=523 XHG=644 XHG=762 XHG=827 XHG=919 XHG=1097 XHG=1298 YBD=1175 YBD=1185 YBD=1174 YBD=1173 YBD=1184 YBD=1185 YBD=1172 YHG=1140>attention YHG=1139>has YHG=1138>been YHG=1138>paid YHG=1141>to YHG=1138>the YHG=1136>general YHG=1136>problem YHG=1136>of "" XBD=2495 XBD=1464 XBD=1599 XBD=1747 XBD=1815 XBD=1891 XBD=1996 XBD=2067 XBD=2347 XHG=1399 XHG=1491 XHG=1625 XHG=1772 XHG=1844 XHG=1919 XHG=2023 XHG=2093 XHG=2370 YBD=1214 YBD=1202 YBD=1203 YBD=1215 YBD=1204 YHG=1179>are YHG=1178>more YHG=1166>likely YHG=1166>be YHG=1166>due YHG=1169>to YHG=1166>psychogenic YHG=1167>factors XBD=478 XBD=551 XBD=804 XBD=943 XBD=1131 XHG=205 XHG=508 XHG=579 XHG=861 XHG=974 XHG=1159 YBD=1238 YBD=1226 YBD=1226 YBD=1224 YHG=1190>hyperkinesis YHG=1191>in YHG=1190>childhood. YHG=1189>The YHG=1189>clinical YHG=1188>material "" XBD=1341 XBD=1500 XBD=1595 XBD=1694 XBD=1966 XBD=2268 XBD=2379 XBD=2497 XHG=1399 XHG=1529 XHG=1625 XHG=1724 XHG=1996 XHG=2310 XHG=2406 YBD=1254 YBD=1266 YBD=1263 YBD=1255 YBD=1256 YHG=1218>than YHG=1230>are YHG=1218>the YHG=1218>generalised YHG=1222>movements YHG=1219>tics YHG=1218>often ; XBD=401 XBD=487 XBD=606 XBD=654 XBD=799 XBD=854 XBD=971 XBD=1068 XBD=1166 XBD=1339 XHG=207 XHG=424 XHG=508 XHG=630 XHG=676 XHG=820 XHG=878 XHG=993 XHG=1098 XHG=1198 YBD=1277 YBD=1288 YBD=1278 YBD=1276 YBD=1276 YBD=1276 YBD=1287 YHG=1242>available YHG=1242>for YHG=1242>such YHG=1254>a YHG=1241>study YHG=1242>is YHG=1244>vast YHG=1241>but YHG=1240>the YHG=1240>patho"" XBD=2498 XBD=1501 XBD=1718 XBD=2005 XBD=2099 XBD=2349 XHG=1400 XHG=1525 XHG=1742 XHG=2031 XHG=2123 XHG=2369 YBD=1317 YBD=1306 YBD=1318 YBD=1308 YHG=1270>have YHG=1270>symbolic YHG=1270>significance, YHG=1270>the YHG=1270>underlying YHG=1270>clinical XBD=349 XBD=542 XBD=792 XBD=915 XBD=974 XBD=1065 XBD=1236 XHG=205 XHG=373 XHG=569 XHG=817 XHG=941 XHG=1001 XHG=1092 XHG=1261 YBD=1341 YBD=1340 YBD=1328 YBD=1338 YBD=1327 YHG=1293>logical YHG=1293>findings YHG=1293>associated YHG=1292>with YHG=1293>it YHG=1304>are YHG=1295>scanty YHG=1292>and "" XBD=1341 XBD=1606 XBD=1750 XBD=1853 XBD=1924 XBD=2119 XBD=2191 XBD=2258 XBD=2499 XHG=1400 XHG=1634 XHG=1779 XHG=1883 XHG=1953 XHG=2146 XHG=2219 XHG=2284 YBD=1368 YBD=1357 YBD=1358 YBD=1369 YHG=1322>condition YHG=1322>being YHG=1334>one YHG=1321>of YHG=1322>anxiety YHG=1334>or YHG=1322>of YHG=1322>widespread XBD=308 XBD=371 XBD=596 XBD=794 XBD=916 XBD=1155 XBD=1207 XBD=1272 XBD=1341 XHG=207 XHG=328 XHG=391 XHG=643 XHG=812 XHG=937 XHG=1174 XHG=1228 XHG=1293 YBD=1381 YBD=1391 YBD=1380 YBD=1379 YBD=1379 YBD=1378 YBD=1379 YHG=1345>hard YHG=1348>to YHG=1345>interpret. YHG=1344>Indeed YHG=1343>little YHG=1344>assistance YHG=1344>is YHG=1346>to YHG=1344>be "" XBD=2499 XBD=1644 XBD=1911 XBD=2033 XBD=2219 XBD=2341 XBD=2413 XHG=1401 XHG=1674 XHG=1982 XHG=2063 XHG=2247 XHG=2367 XHG=2440 YBD=1409 YBD=1421 YBD=1410 YHG=1373>obsessional YHG=1377>symptoms. YHG=1374>In YHG=1373>general YHG=1373>they YHG=1374>do YHG=1378>not XBD=402 XBD=524 XBD=700 XBD=931 XBD=1056 XBD=1183 XBD=1342 XHG=208 XHG=419 XHG=543 XHG=718 XHG=951 XHG=1076 XHG=1201 YBD=1443 YBD=1431 YBD=1432 YBD=1442 YBD=1432 YBD=1431 YBD=1442 YHG=1396>expected YHG=1395>from YHG=1395>morbid YHG=1395>histology, YHG=1396>since YHG=1398>most YHG=1395>hyper"" XBD=2366 XBD=1583 XBD=1777 XBD=1952 XBD=2018 XHG=1401 XHG=1606 XHG=1799 XHG=1974 XHG=2041 YBD=1472 YBD=1461 YBD=1473 YHG=1425>however YHG=1425>respond YHG=1425>readily YHG=1428>to YHG=1425>psychotherapy. XBD=356 XBD=701 XBD=769 XBD=903 XBD=993 XBD=1085 XBD=1342 XHG=209 XHG=382 XHG=726 XHG=793 XHG=926 XHG=1020 XHG=1111 YBD=1483 YBD=1493 YBD=1482 YBD=1482 YBD=1494 YHG=1447>kinetic YHG=1446>manifestations YHG=1448>in YHG=1446>early YHG=1446>life YHG=1458>are YHG=1447>transitory. "" XBD=2503 XBD=1503 XBD=1777 XBD=1872 XBD=2033 XBD=2317 XHG=1454 XHG=1529 XHG=1803 XHG=1900 XHG=2059 XHG=2342 YBD=1524 YBD=1513 YBD=1514 YHG=1477>In YHG=1477>considering YHG=1476>the YHG=1479>motor YHG=1476>mechanisms YHG=1476>involved XBD=274 XBD=359 XBD=491 XBD=613 XBD=867 XBD=1048 XBD=1167 XBD=1343 XHG=213 XHG=289 XHG=377 XHG=504 XHG=626 XHG=885 XHG=1063 XHG=1183 YBD=1536 YBD=1534 YBD=1546 YBD=1535 YBD=1534 YBD=1546 YHG=1498>On YHG=1498>the YHG=1498>other YHG=1498>hand YHG=1498>hypotheses YHG=1498>derived YHG=1498>from " XBD=2503 XBD=1444 XHG=2297 XBD=1752 XBD=1830 XBD=1945 XBD=2078 XBD=2192 XBD=2266 XHG=1402 YBD=1566 XHG=1477 XHG=1789 XHG=1863 XHG=1980 XHG=2113 XHG=2225 YBD=1565 YHG=1498>physioYHG=1529>in YHG=1529>disturbances YHG=1529>of YHG=1529>this YHG=1528>kind YHG=1529>and YHG=1530>in YHG=1529>choreiform "" XBD=1344 XBD=351 XBD=646 XBD=758 XBD=891 XBD=1163 XHG=208 XHG=379 XHG=678 XHG=788 XHG=920 XHG=1194 YBD=1597 YBD=1586 YBD=1598 YBD=1586 YHG=1550>logical YHG=1550>experiments YHG=1550>and YHG=1550>from YHG=1550>psychiatric YHG=1551>studies XBD=1632 XBD=1758 XBD=2010 XBD=2230 XHG=1403 XHG=1678 XHG=1804 XHG=2058 XHG=2274 YBD=1624 YBD=1617 YBD=1628 YHG=1584>movement YHG=1581>and YHG=1580>athetosis, YHG=1580>German YHG=1581>neurologists " XBD=2504 XBD=313 XHG=883 XBD=432 XBD=578 XBD=810 XBD=975 XBD=1343 XHG=211 XHG=360 XHG=478 XHG=622 XHG=1020YBD=1648 YBD=1637 YBD=1649 YBD=1649YHG=1602>Any YHG=1602>have YHG=1605>not YHG=1602>been YHG=1602>wanting. YHG=1602>comprehensive "" XBD=2506 XBD=1475 XBD=1640 XBD=1796 XBD=1968 XBD=2125 XBD=2319 XBD=2437 XHG=1407 XHG=1520 XHG=1688 XHG=1843 XHG=2024 XHG=2172 XHG=2354 XHG=2470 YBD=1679 YBD=1668 YBD=1669 YHG=1644>are YHG=1632>much YHG=1644>more YHG=1632>ready YHG=1632>than YHG=1632>British YHG=1644>ones YHG=1636>to XBD=385 XBD=470 XBD=580 XBD=762 XBD=1079 XBD=1345 XHG=212 XHG=429 XHG=511 XHG=623 XHG=804 XHG=1122 YBD=1699 YBD=1689 YBD=1701 YBD=1701 YHG=1652>analysis YHG=1652>of YHG=1653>the YHG=1653>varied YHG=1653>hyperkinetic YHG=1656>symptoms "" XBD=2505 XBD=1599 XBD=1797 XBD=2131 XBD=2204 XBD=2444 XHG=1405 XHG=1632 XHG=1829 XHG=2163 XHG=2233 XHG=2469 YBD=1731 YBD=1720 YBD=1721 YHG=1684>attribute YHG=1684>obscure YHG=1685>derangements YHG=1684>of YHG=1687>movement YHG=1687>to XBD=360 XHG=644 XBD=539 XBD=611 XBD=943 XBD=1081 XBD=1265 XBD=1347 XHG=210 XHG=387 XHG=568 XHG=973YBD=1741 XHG=1109 XHG=1294 YBD=1752 YBD=1742 YBD=1742YHG=1705>&dquo;functional&dquo; YHG=1704>loosely YHG=1704>classed YHG=1717>as YHG=1708>must YHG=1705>include YHG=1718>an "" XBD=2507 XBD=1563 XBD=1659 XBD=2020 XBD=2301 XHG=1404 XHG=1580 XHG=1677 XHG=2037 XHG=2355 YBD=1772 YBD=1773 YBD=1784 YHG=1736>striatal YHG=1736>and YHG=1736>extrapyramidal YHG=1735>disturbance. YHG=1736>Perhaps XBD=388 XHG=793 XBD=450 XBD=654 XBD=776 XBD=979 XBD=1079 XBD=1142 XBD=1346 XHG=213 XHG=407 XHG=470 XHG=674 XHG=1000YBD=1801 XHG=1099 XHG=1162 YBD=1803 YBD=1792 YBD=1793 YBD=1793YHG=1757>theories, YHG=1759>attempt YHG=1759>to YHG=1756>evaluate YHG=1757>rival YHG=1758>and YHG=1761>to YHG=1759>estimate "" XBD=2508 XBD=1475 XBD=1620 XBD=1764 XBD=1823 XBD=1931 XBD=2047 XBD=2126 XBD=2369 XHG=1406 XHG=1500 XHG=1645 XHG=1790 XHG=1848 XHG=1955 XHG=2073 XHG=2150 XHG=2392 YBD=1823 YBD=1835 YBD=1824 YHG=1791>too YHG=1788>much YHG=1791>stress YHG=1789>is YHG=1788>laid YHG=1788>here YHG=1800>on YHG=1790>arguments YHG=1788>drawn XBD=280 XHG=945 XBD=448 XBD=517 XBD=674 XBD=798 XBD=919 XBD=993 XBD=1240 XBD=1348 XHG=212 XHG=307 XHG=473 XHG=544 XHG=700 XHG=824 XHG=1020YBD=1844 XHG=1268 YBD=1843 YBD=1855 YBD=1845YHG=1809>be YHG=1807>the YHG=1810>extent YHG=1811>to YHG=1808>which YHG=1808>they YHG=1820>may YHG=1809>reconciled YHG=1810>and "" XBD=2510 XBD=1509 XBD=1735 XBD=1862 XBD=2162 XBD=2252 XBD=2354 XHG=1405 XHG=1539 XHG=1763 XHG=1890 XHG=2190 XHG=2277 XHG=2379 YBD=1887 YBD=1875 YHG=1839>from YHG=1840>analogies YHG=1839>with YHG=1839>encephalitis, YHG=1839>for YHG=1839>this YHG=1839>disease XBD=470 XBD=583 XBD=688 XBD=820 XBD=919 XBD=1155 XBD=1349 XHG=213 XHG=502 XHG=612 XHG=717 XHG=851 XHG=950 XHG=1184 YBD=1903 YBD=1895 YBD=1896 YBD=1909 YBD=1897 YHG=1859>assimilated, YHG=1860>and YHG=1859>few YHG=1860>have YHG=1860>the YHG=1861>impartial YHG=1860>outlook "" XBD=2507 XBD=1584 XBD=1737 XBD=1880 XBD=2030 XBD=2162 XBD=2299 XHG=1406 XHG=1615 XHG=1768 XHG=1911 XHG=2059 XHG=2192 XHG=2328 YBD=1938 YBD=1939 YBD=1927 YHG=1891>involves YHG=1903>many YHG=1903>areas YHG=1894>apart YHG=1891>from YHG=1891>these YHG=1903>neurones. XBD=421 XHG=819 XBD=512 XBD=624 XBD=761 XBD=931 XBD=1000 XBD=1238 XBD=1348 XHG=213 XHG=450 XHG=542 XHG=655 XHG=961YBD=1948 XHG=1034 XHG=1269 YBD=1958 YBD=1947 YBD=1949 YBD=1949YHG=1911>EmiL YBD=1948 YHG=1923>necessary YHG=1911>for YHG=1911>this YHG=1911>task. YHG=1923>v. YHG=1912>LEDERER YHG=1913>and "" XBD=2508 XBD=1472 XBD=1563 XBD=1704 XBD=1836 XBD=1929 XBD=2058 XBD=2293 XBD=2345 XBD=2453 XHG=1410 XHG=1495 XHG=1589 XHG=1727 XHG=1860 XHG=1953 XHG=2095 XHG=2314 XHG=2368 XHG=2472 YBD=1980 YBD=1979 YBD=1990 YBD=1978 YHG=1943>On YHG=1943>the YHG=1943>other YHG=1943>hand YHG=1946>too YHG=1942>little YHG=1943>attention YHG=1943>is YHG=1943>paid YHG=1945>to XBD=367 XHG=917 XBD=532 XBD=593 XBD=834 XBD=898 XBD=991 XBD=1054 XBD=1142 XBD=1348 XHG=214 XHG=387 XHG=553 XHG=614 XHG=856 XHG=1013YBD=2000 XHG=1073 XHG=1164 YBD=1999 YBD=2011 YBD=2001 YBD=2000YHG=1977>one YHG=1963>Ju-Lius YHG=1963>K6NI& YHG=1963>of YHG=1963>Budapest, YHG=1964>in YHG=1964>of YHG=1964>the YHG=1964>valuable "" XBD=2512 XBD=1477 XBD=1621 XBD=1820 XBD=1915 XBD=2216 XHG=1408 XHG=1520 XHG=1662 XHG=1863 XHG=1957 XHG=2255 YBD=2031 YBD=2042 YHG=1995>the YHG=1994>light YHG=1995>thrown YHG=2007>on YHG=1994>involuntary YHG=1993>physiological XBD=479 XHG=845 XBD=639 XBD=817 XBD=949 XBD=1074 XBD=1149 XBD=1275 XBD=1350 XHG=214 XHG=508 XHG=669 XHG=978YBD=2051 XHG=1105 XHG=1178 XHG=1305 YBD=2063 YBD=2052 YBD=2053YHG=2015>from YBD=2052 YHG=2015>monographs YHG=2015>which YHG=2027>appear YHG=2017>time YHG=2019>to YHG=2017>time YHG=2028>as ""|>"XBD=2510 XBD=1656 XBD=1740 XBD=1875 XBD=1953 XBD=2233 XBD=2420 XHG=1409 XHG=1684 XHG=1764 XHG=1900 XHG=1979 XHG=2257 XHG=2445 YBD=2083 YBD=2094 YBD=2090 YBD=2082 YHG=2049>movements YHG=2047>by YHG=2046>work YHG=2059>on YHG=2046>conditioned YHG=2046>reflexes, YHG=2046>and XBD=485 XBD=559 XBD=659 XBD=835 XBD=931 XBD=1352 XBD=1331 XHG=214 XHG=518 XHG=590 XHG=692 XHG=859 XHG=1339 XHG=963 YBD=2115 YBD=2103 YBD=2104 YBD=2116 YBD=2090 YBD=2111 YHG=2066>supplements YHG=2067>of YHG=2067>the YHG=2067>Archiv YHG=2068>fiir YHG=2071>s YHG=2068>Kinderheilkunde,6 "" XBD=2512 XBD=1453 XBD=1556 XBD=1811 XBD=1975 XBD=2109 XBD=2247 XBD=2319 XBD=2373 XHG=1409 XHG=1487 XHG=1590 XHG=1844 XHG=2009 XHG=2141 XHG=2280 XHG=2352 XHG=2403 YBD=2145 YBD=2144 YBD=2133 YBD=2134 YHG=2101>to YHG=2098>the YHG=2099>indication YHG=2098>which YHG=2098>they YHG=2098>yield YHG=2098>of YHG=2110>a YHG=2101>transXBD=375 XBD=422 XBD=598 XBD=763 XBD=873 XBD=937 XBD=1028 XBD=1288 XBD=1352 XHG=215 XHG=398 XHG=444 XHG=618 XHG=785 XHG=896 XHG=959 XHG=1051 XHG=1310 YBD=2167 YBD=2154 YBD=2155 YBD=2156 YBD=2155 YBD=2167 YBD=2155 YHG=2121>present YHG=2131>a YHG=2118>critical YHG=2120>review YHG=2119>first YHG=2120>of YHG=2120>the YHG=2119>physiology YHG=2120>of " XBD=2513 XBD=1575 XHG=2286 XBD=1743 XBD=1872 XBD=1955 XBD=2254 XHG=1410 YBD=2186 YHG=2149>disturbance XHG=1608 XHG=1771 XHG=1902 XHG=1983 YHG=2150>cortical YHG=2150>rather YHG=2150>than YHG=2162>an YHG=2149>infra cortical "" XBD=1352 XBD=445 XBD=505 XBD=686 XBD=784 XBD=1037 XBD=1138 XHG=216 XHG=463 XHG=522 XHG=811 XHG=1058 XHG=1164 YBD=2207 YBD=2218 YBD=2206 YBD=2215 YBD=2207 YBD=2218 YHG=2173>movement YHG=2172>in YHG=2170>infancy YHG=2171>and YHG=2170>childhood, YHG=2172>and YHG=2171>secondly XBD=1452XHG=704 XBD=1666 XHG=1410 XHG=1472 YBD=2238 YHG=2202>of YHG=2202>function. " XBD=1352 XBD=259 XHG=655 XBD=342 XBD=555 XBD=626 XBD=929 XBD=1043 XBD=1170 XBD=1255 XHG=218 XHG=288 XHG=369 XHG=585 XHG=959YBD=2270 XHG=1071 XHG=1200 XHG=1283 YBD=2258 YBD=2259 YBD=2259 YBD=2270YHG=2222>hyperkinesis YBD=2259 YHG=2222>all YHG=2223>varieties YHG=2222>of YHG=2226>met YHG=2223>with YHG=2223>by YHG=2223>the " XBD=1354 XBD=413 XHG=888 XBD=559 XBD=772 XBD=852 XBD=957 XBD=1275 XHG=217 XHG=477 XHG=598 XHG=811 XHG=995YBD=2310 XHG=1313 YBD=2312 YBD=2311 YBD=2322 YBD=2322 YBD=2310YHG=2275>the YHG=2274>clinician. YHG=2274>The YHG=2275>analysis YHG=2274>of YHG=2274>development YHG=2274>of " XBD=1357 XBD=350 XHG=833 XBD=659 XBD=788 XBD=901 XBD=1268 XHG=219 XHG=395 XHG=707 XHG=949YBD=2362 XHG=1315 YBD=2363 YBD=2362 YBD=2362 YHG=2329>motor YHG=2326>mechanisms YHG=2326>and YHG=2326>the YHG=2326>characteristics YHG=2326>of


" XBD=2523 XBD=448 XHG=772 XBD=511 XBD=750 XBD=862 XBD=1124 XBD=1169 XBD=1356 XHG=219 XHG=469 XHG=530 XHG=882YBD=2425 XHG=1145 XHG=1188 YBD=2414 YBD=2424 YBD=2413YHG=2390>ages YHG=2381>movement YHG=2381>at YHG=2378>successive YHG=2377>emphasises YHG=2390>a YHG=2377>number " XBD=1658 XBD=1722 XBD=2063 XBD=2165 XBD=2344 XBD=2404 XHG=1463 XHG=1681 XHG=1745 XHG=2086 XHG=2188 XHG=2366 XHG=2423 YBD=2435 YBD=2433 YBD=2434 YHG=2399>REPORTS YHG=2398>of YHG=2398>dissatisfaction YHG=2399>and YHG=2398>distress YHG=2398>in YHG=2402>some’

"" XBD=1356 XBD=262 XBD=423 XBD=582 XBD=676 XBD=773 XBD=914 XBD=1155 XBD=1283 XHG=221 XHG=289 XHG=451 XHG=610 XHG=704 XHG=941 XHG=1185 XHG=1312 YBD=2477 YBD=2465 YBD=2475 YBD=2464 YHG=2429>of YHG=2430>points YHG=2429>which YHG=2441>are YHG=2432>too YHG=2428>forgotten, YHG=2429>such YHG=2441>as XBD=1455XHG=803 XBD=1562 XBD=1764 XBD=1902 XBD=2106 XBD=2272 XBD=2454 XBD=2516 XHG=1414YBD=2464 XHG=1489 XHG=1594 XHG=1799 XHG=1937 XHG=2139 XHG=2304 XHG=2480 YBD=2486YHG=2428>often YBD=2496 YBD=2485 YBD=2484 YHG=2449>of YHG=2462>our YHG=2450>colonies YHG=2450>have YHG=2450>aroused YHG=2449>public YHG=2449>interest YHG=2450>in "" XBD=1357 XBD=289 XBD=430 XBD=590 XBD=657 XBD=845 XBD=1060 XBD=1292 XHG=221 XHG=314 XHG=452 XHG=616 XHG=681 XHG=868 XHG=1085 XHG=1315 YBD=2517 YBD=2528 YBD=2516 YBD=2516 YBD=2527 YBD=2515 YHG=2480>the YHG=2481>small YHG=2481>degree YHG=2480>of YHG=2479>cortical YHG=2479>influence YHG=2481>operating XBD=1519 XHG=2343 XBD=1861 XBD=1958 XBD=2188 XBD=2245 XBD=2326 XBD=2513 XHG=1412 YBD=2536 XHG=1536 XHG=1878 XHG=1975 XHG=2204 XHG=2261 YBD=2537 YHG=2480>in YBD=2548 YHG=2501>their YHG=2501>administration YHG=2502>and YHG=2500>especially YHG=2502>in YHG=2500>the YHG=2512>measures "" XBD=1355 XBD=332 XBD=577 XBD=680 XBD=768 XBD=875 XBD=987 XBD=1032 XBD=1204 XHG=221 XHG=351 XHG=600 XHG=700 XHG=789 XHG=895 XHG=1008 XHG=1052 XHG=1223 YBD=2579 YBD=2576 YBD=2569 YBD=2567 YBD=2567 YBD=2578 YHG=2532>early YHG=2532>childhood, YHG=2532>and YHG=2532>the YHG=2532>fact YHG=2531>that YHG=2544>a YHG=2532>certain YHG=2543>superXBD=1539 XBD=1613 XBD=1828 XBD=1996 XBD=2178 XBD=2430 XBD=2513 XHG=1414 XHG=1569 XHG=1645 XHG=1861 XHG=2030 XHG=2231 XHG=2456 YBD=2600 YBD=2599 YBD=2588 YBD=2587 YHG=2552>taken YHG=2556>to YHG=2565>preserve YHG=2552>public YHG=2552>health. YHG=2552>Attention YHG=2552>has "" XBD=1358 XBD=457 XBD=521 XBD=772 XBD=941 XBD=1099 XBD=1236 XHG=224 XHG=481 XHG=543 XHG=798 XHG=965 XHG=1122 XHG=1258 YBD=2619 YBD=2620 YBD=2630 YBD=2618 YBD=2618 YHG=2583>abundance YHG=2584>of YHG=2587>movement YHG=2583>(which YHG=2583>adults YHG=2583>other XBD=1517 XHG=2482 XBD=1671 XBD=1910 XBD=1980 XBD=2077 XBD=2259 XBD=2460 XBD=2517 XHG=1416 YBD=2639 XHG=1543 XHG=1697 XHG=1936 XHG=2008 XHG=2104 XHG=2286 YBD=2640 YHG=2583>than YBD=2650 YHG=2604>been YHG=2604>called YHG=2604>especially YHG=2607>to YHG=2604>the YHG=2615>meagre YHG=2603>standard YHG=2602>of "" XBD=1358 XBD=389 XBD=592 XBD=701 XBD=817 XBD=901 XBD=1028 XBD=1283 XHG=223 XHG=429 XHG=635 XHG=744 XHG=858 XHG=944 XHG=1068 XHG=1325 YBD=2682 YBD=2681 YBD=2670 YBD=2669 YBD=2681 YBD=2669 YHG=2635>adoring YHG=2638>parents YHG=2647>are YHG=2638>apt YHG=2638>to YHG=2634>find YHG=2635>irritating) XBD=1543 XHG=2460 XBD=1605 XBD=1693 XBD=1827 XBD=1995 XBD=2061 XBD=2165 XBD=2293 XBD=2443 XBD=2516 XHG=1416 YBD=2690 XHG=1563 XHG=1624 XHG=1714 XHG=1848 XHG=2017 XHG=2082 XHG=2186 XHG=2312 YBD=2698 YHG=2634>is YBD=2691 YBD=2702 YHG=2655>living YHG=2656>in YHG=2654>West YHG=2655>Indies, YHG=2658>to YHG=2655>dire YHG=2658>want YHG=2666>among YHG=2655>the "" XBD=1361 XBD=392 XBD=706 XBD=773 XBD=868 XBD=1119 XBD=1225 XHG=223 XHG=418 XHG=731 XHG=799 XHG=896 XHG=1146 XHG=1251 YBD=2733 YBD=2721 YBD=2733 YBD=2720 YBD=2732 YHG=2686>entirely YHG=2686>physiological YHG=2686>in YHG=2686>the YHG=2685>pre-school YHG=2686>and XBD=1667 XHG=2313 XBD=1738 XBD=1825 XBD=2010 XBD=2120 XBD=2191 XBD=2285 XBD=2513 XHG=1416 YBD=2752 XHG=1697 XHG=1768 XHG=1856 XHG=2040 XHG=2147 XHG=2219 YBD=2742 YHG=2685>early YBD=2741 YHG=2706>inhabitants YHG=2706>of YHG=2706>St. YHG=2706>Helena YHG=2707>and YHG=2709>to YHG=2706>the YHG=2706>prevalence "" XBD=1362 XBD=360 XBD=515 XBD=653 XBD=814 XBD=875 XBD=930 XBD=984 XHG=223 XHG=388 XHG=571 XHG=683 XHG=841 XHG=906 XHG=962 XHG=1000 YBD=2784 YBD=2774 YBD=2773 YBD=2772 YBD=2751 YBD=2783 YHG=2737>school YHG=2749>years. YHG=2738>The YHG=2737>infant YHG=2738>is YHG=2749>a YHG=2737>&dquo; YHG=2736>thalamo-pallidal XBD=1460 XBD=1636 XBD=1825 XBD=2135 XBD=2201 XBD=2340 XBD=2514 XHG=1416 XHG=1483 XHG=1660 XHG=1848 XHG=2160 XHG=2223 XHG=2367 YBD=2805 YBD=2793 YHG=2758>in YHG=2758>British YHG=2757>African YHG=2758>dependencies YHG=2757>of YHG=2757>tribal YHG=2761>customs "" XBD=1360 XBD=383 XBD=504 XBD=612 XBD=867 XBD=1009 XBD=1129 XBD=1279 XHG=226 XHG=424 XHG=543 XHG=651 XHG=904 XHG=1047 XHG=1169 XHG=1319 YBD=2835 YBD=2824 YBD=2823 YBD=2822 YBD=2834 YBD=2823 YHG=2789>being,&dquo; YHG=2789>and YHG=2789>the YHG=2789>transition YHG=2788>from YHG=2787>this YHG=2791>stage XBD=1549 XHG=2388 XBD=1668 XBD=1850 XBD=1943 XBD=2150 XBD=2214 XBD=2366 XBD=2519 XHG=1418 YBD=2845 XHG=1572 XHG=1690 XHG=1874 XHG=1968 XHG=2174 XHG=2237 YBD=2846 YHG=2787>of YBD=2856 YBD=2844 YHG=2809>which YHG=2821>may YHG=2808>involve YHG=2808>the YHG=2810>coercion YHG=2809>of YHG=2809>native YHG=2820>women "" XBD=1360 XBD=506 XBD=568 XBD=656 XBD=831 XBD=1020 XBD=1215 XBD=1273 XHG=225 XHG=524 XHG=587 XHG=676 XHG=848 XHG=1038 XHG=1233 XHG=1291 YBD=2875 YBD=2887 YBD=2875 YBD=2885 YBD=2874 YHG=2840>development YHG=2843>to YHG=2839>the YHG=2840>greatly YHG=2839>reduced YHG=2839>motility YHG=2839>of YHG=2839>the XBD=1505 XBD=1726 XBD=1863 XBD=2094 XBD=2154 XBD=2516 XHG=1419 XHG=1521 XHG=1779 XHG=1880 XHG=2111 XHG=2169 YBD=2897 YBD=2907 YBD=2896 YBD=2908 YHG=2860>into YHG=2862>marriage. YHG=2860>The YHG=2872>governors YHG=2872>or YHG=2861>deputy-governors "" XBD=1361 XBD=371 XBD=539 XBD=675 XBD=809 XBD=876 XBD=1066 XBD=1205 XBD=1308 XHG=226 XHG=392 XHG=562 XHG=697 XHG=833 XHG=897 XHG=1086 XHG=1229 XHG=1328 YBD=2927 YBD=2938 YBD=2926 YBD=2937 YBD=2933 YBD=2926 YHG=2891>second YHG=2891>decade YHG=2891>takes YHG=2891>place YHG=2894>at YHG=2891>varying YHG=2893>rates, YHG=2891>and YHG=2891>is XBD=1463 XBD=1586 XBD=1662 XBD=1763 XBD=1962 XBD=2179 XBD=2383 XBD=2449 XBD=2520 XHG=1421 XHG=1495 XHG=1621 XHG=1693 XHG=1797 XHG=1994 XHG=2212 XHG=2412 XHG=2477 YBD=2947 YBD=2955 YBD=2959 YBD=2948 YHG=2911>of YHG=2913>nine YHG=2912>of YHG=2912>the YHG=2911>African YHG=2911>colonies, YHG=2912>replying YHG=2915>to YHG=2923>an ""|>"XBD=1362 XBD=343 XBD=403 XBD=577 XBD=635 XBD=883 XBD=1025 XBD=1085 XBD=1202 XHG=226 XHG=360 XHG=420 XHG=595 XHG=651 XHG=900 XHG=1042 XHG=1102 XHG=1217 YBD=2977 YBD=2989 YBD=2977 YBD=2976 YBD=2989 YHG=2942>liable YHG=2945>to YHG=2942>periods YHG=2942>of YHG=2945>temporary YHG=2945>arrest YHG=2953>or YHG=2953>even YHG=2953>regresXBD=1746 XBD=1819 XBD=1919 XBD=2020 XBD=2208 XBD=2293 XBD=2517 XBD=1567 XHG=1585 XHG=1766 XHG=1839 XHG=1940 XHG=2040 XHG=2231 XHG=2313 XHG=1421 YBD=3010 YBD=2998 YBD=2999 YBD=2998 YHG=2964>inquiry YHG=2975>on YHG=2963>this YHG=2963>last YHG=2963>subject, YHG=2974>are YHG=2964>unanimous YHG=2962>official "" XBD=1364 XBD=325 XBD=469 XBD=735 XBD=952 XBD=1044 XBD=1302 XHG=226 XHG=373 XHG=490 XHG=756 XHG=975 XHG=1066 XHG=1323 YBD=3028 YBD=3029 YBD=3028 YBD=3039 YBD=3028 YHG=2994>sion. YHG=2992>This YHG=2993>mechanism YHG=2993>underlies YHG=2993>the YHG=2993>conception XBD=1464 XHG=2333 XBD=1689 XBD=1804 XBD=2002 XBD=2063 XBD=2166 XBD=2263 XBD=2319 XBD=2517 XHG=1421 YBD=3061 XHG=1480 XHG=1705 XHG=1821 XHG=2019 XHG=2081 XHG=2184 XHG=2278 YBD=3050 YHG=2993>of YBD=3049 YHG=3014>regarding YHG=3014>such YHG=3015>coercion YHG=3026>as YHG=3026>rare YHG=3014>and YHG=3015>in YHG=3014>emphasis"" XBD=1364 XBD=252 XBD=546 XBD=640 XBD=770 XBD=1003 XBD=1083 XBD=1175 XHG=230 XHG=268 XHG=571 XHG=793 XHG=1028 XHG=1106 XHG=1201 YBD=3059 YBD=3086 YBD=3091 YBD=3090 YBD=3079 YHG=3044>&dquo; YHG=3043>erethismus,&dquo; YHG=3044>the YHG=3044>employed YHG=3043>by YHG=3044>the YHG=3043>authors XBD=1490XHG=665 XBD=1591 XBD=1792 XBD=1867 XBD=2113 XBD=2200 XBD=2438 XHG=1423YBD=3079 XHG=1522 XHG=1624 XHG=1826 XHG=1899 XHG=2145 XHG=2230 XHG=2464 YBD=3100YHG=3048>term YBD=3111 YBD=3112 YBD=3101 YHG=3066>ing YHG=3065>the YHG=3065>dangers YHG=3065>of YHG=3065>hastening YHG=3065>by YHG=3064>legislation YHG=3066>the "" XBD=2520 XBD=271 XBD=453 XBD=534 XBD=681 XBD=749 XBD=1048 XBD=1117 XBD=1271 XBD=1365 XHG=227 XHG=296 XHG=481 XHG=558 XHG=708 XHG=775 XHG=1075 XHG=1142 XHG=1296 YBD=3130 YBD=3131 YBD=3143 YBD=3131 YBD=3130 YHG=3098>to YHG=3094>include YHG=3094>all YHG=3094>forms YHG=3095>of YHG=3095>hyperkinesis YHG=3096>in YHG=3094>which YHG=3095>the XBD=1592 XBD=1925 XBD=2004 XBD=2196 XBD=2331 XBD=2520 XHG=1424 XHG=1628 XHG=1962 XHG=2041 XHG=2231 XHG=2365 YBD=3163 YBD=3152 YBD=3164 YHG=3115>gradual YHG=3116>emancipation YHG=3116>of YHG=3128>women YHG=3116>from YHG=3115>parental "" XBD=1367 XBD=478 XBD=591 XBD=894 XBD=1156 XBD=1279 XHG=228 XHG=525 XHG=639 XHG=942 XHG=1204 XHG=1325 YBD=3181 YBD=3180 YBD=3192 YBD=3189 YBD=3181 YHG=3148>movements YHG=3157>are YHG=3146>generalised, YHG=3147>excessive, YHG=3145>but YHG=3146>in XBD=1610 XBD=1791 XBD=1892 XBD=2101 XBD=2175 XBD=2363 XBD=2519 XHG=1425 XHG=1660 XHG=1823 XHG=1926 XHG=2134 XHG=2208 XHG=2393 YBD=3214 YBD=3203 YBD=3204 YHG=3167>control.! YHG=3167>When YHG=3167>the YHG=3168>position YHG=3168>of YHG=3166>African YHG=3179>women "" XBD=1368 XBD=466 XBD=806 XBD=981 XBD=1048 XHG=228 XHG=506 XHG=876 XHG=1024 XHG=1088 YBD=3232 YBD=3243 YBD=3233 YBD=3232 YHG=3196>themselves YHG=3196>physiological. YHG=3197>Such YHG=3209>a YHG=3197>classification XBD=1505 XBD=1613 XBD=1808 XBD=1887 XBD=2146 XBD=2290 XBD=2429 XBD=2519 XHG=1424 XHG=1542 XHG=1650 XHG=1846 XHG=1924 XHG=2182 XHG=2326 XHG=2462 YBD=3254 YBD=3265 YBD=3266 YHG=3230>was YHG=3218>the YHG=3218>subject YHG=3218>of YHG=3219>discussion YHG=3218>three YHG=3231>years YHG=3230>ago "" XBD=1366 XBD=326 XBD=432 XBD=498 XBD=573 XBD=771 XBD=845 XBD=977 XBD=1123 XBD=1196 XHG=230 XHG=344 XHG=450 XHG=520 XHG=592 XHG=792 XHG=863 XHG=999 XHG=1144 XHG=1214 YBD=3294 YBD=3282 YBD=3283 YBD=3284 YBD=3284 YBD=3283 YBD=3294 YHG=3259>may YHG=3247>well YHG=3248>be YHG=3259>an YHG=3248>advance YHG=3261>on YHG=3248>those YHG=3248>based YHG=3261>on YHG=3248>subjecXBD=1533 XBD=1632 XBD=1722 XBD=2017 XBD=2301 XBD=2397 XBD=2518 XHG=1427 XHG=1570 XHG=1670 XHG=1760 XHG=2052 XHG=2334 XHG=2428 YBD=3305 YBD=3317 YHG=3269>Prof. YHG=3269>W. YHG=3270>M. YHG=3269>MACMILLAN YHG=3270>emphasised YHG=3270>the YHG=3283>para"" XBD=1369 XBD=312 XBD=616 XBD=765 XBD=858 XBD=933 XBD=1197 XBD=1238 XHG=230 XHG=362 XHG=667 XHG=814 XHG=911 XHG=949 XHG=1216 XHG=1289 YBD=3334 YBD=3314 YBD=3346 YBD=3314 YBD=3335 YHG=3299>tive YHG=3298>distinctions YHG=3299>such YHG=3311>as YHG=3300>&dquo; YHG=3299>purposeless YHG=3299>&dquo; YHG=3299>and XBD=1570 XBD=1694 XBD=1758 XBD=1987 XBD=2269 XBD=2331 XBD=2437 XBD=2520 XHG=1426 XHG=1593 XHG=1717 XHG=1781 XHG=2010 XHG=2292 XHG=2352 XHG=2458 YBD=3367 YBD=3356 YBD=3357 YHG=3323>mount YHG=3321>need YHG=3320>of YHG=3321>increased YHG=3321>expenditure YHG=3321>of YHG=3322>time YHG=3320>and "" XBD=1371 XBD=257 XBD=542 XBD=794 XBD=910 XBD=1049 XBD=1111 XHG=234 XHG=272 XHG=591 XHG=815 XHG=930 XHG=1068 XHG=1132 YBD=3364 YBD=3384 YBD=3396 YBD=3386 YBD=3386 YBD=3385 YHG=3350>&dquo; YHG=3349>purposeful.&dquo; YHG=3349>Erethism YHG=3362>may YHG=3362>occur YHG=3351>in YHG=3351>association XBD=1575 XBD=1658 XBD=1792 XBD=2049 XBD=2290 XBD=2356 XHG=1427 XHG=1605 XHG=1687 XHG=1821 XHG=2081 XHG=2317 XHG=2383 YBD=3417 YBD=3406 YBD=3415 YBD=3419 YBD=3407 YBD=3409 YHG=3383>money YHG=3383>on YHG=3372>their YHG=3372>education, YHG=3372>especially YHG=3373>in YHG=3376>matters " XBD=2520 XBD=331 XHG=706 XBD=391 XBD=594 XBD=671 XBD=881 XBD=1113 XBD=1190 XBD=1370 XHG=231 XHG=367 XHG=426 XHG=629 XHG=914YBD=3435 XHG=1150 XHG=1225 YBD=3436 YBD=3437 YBD=3436 YHG=3400>with YHG=3412>a YHG=3400>number YHG=3400>of YHG=3401>cerebral YHG=3402>disorders YHG=3401>of YHG=3401>known "" XBD=2520 XBD=1470 XBD=1645 XBD=1749 XBD=1834 XBD=1962 XBD=2056 XBD=2258 XBD=2389 XBD=2447 XHG=1429 XHG=1494 XHG=1699 XHG=1773 XHG=1861 XHG=1986 XHG=2082 XHG=2281 XHG=2412 XHG=2467 YBD=3457 YBD=3469 YBD=3458 YBD=3459 YHG=3422>of YHG=3422>health. YHG=3423>In YHG=3423>his YHG=3423>view YHG=3423>the YHG=3423>primary YHG=3435>cause YHG=3423>of YHG=3424>the XBD=452 XBD=815 XBD=1162 XBD=1370 XHG=232 XHG=470 XHG=831 XHG=1178 YBD=3497 YBD=3496 YBD=3498 YBD=3498 YHG=3450>pathology YHG=3451>(malformations, YHG=3452>hydrocephalus, YHG=3452>encepha"" XBD=2521 XBD=1733 XBD=1826 XBD=2011 XBD=2094 XBD=2346 XBD=2428 XHG=1429 XHG=1784 XHG=1875 XHG=2060 XHG=2143 XHG=2392 XHG=2468 YBD=3508 YBD=3520 YBD=3509 YBD=3510 YHG=3473>backwardness YHG=3473>of YHG=3473>Africa YHG=3474>is YHG=3474>ignorance YHG=3474>of YHG=3475>the XBD=332 XHG=715 XBD=400 XBD=512 XBD=579 XBD=645 XBD=693 XBD=842 XBD=1033 XBD=1097 XBD=1307 XBD=1372 XHG=232 XHG=357 XHG=424 XHG=535 XHG=603 XHG=669 XHG=865YBD=3548 XHG=1056 XHG=1131 XHG=1330 YBD=3547 YBD=3537 YBD=3538 YBD=3536 YBD=3537 YBD=3538YHG=3502>larger YHG=3502>litis) YHG=3501>well YHG=3513>as YHG=3502>in YHG=3514>a YHG=3502>number YHG=3503>of YHG=3503>children YHG=3503>in 5



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1 Correspondence relating to the Welfare of Women in Tropical Africa, 1935-37. Cmd. 5784. H.M. Stationery Office. July, 1938. Pp. 35. 9d.


" XBD=2408 XBD=353 XHG=885 XBD=499 XBD=589 XBD=816 XBD=947 XBD=1070 XBD=1225 XBD=1328 XBD=1590 XBD=1697 XBD=1774 XBD=2047 XBD=2244 XHG=137 XHG=400 XHG=550 XHG=638 XHG=998YBD=341 XHG=1120 XHG=1285 XHG=1363 XHG=1623 XHG=1733 XHG=1808 XHG=2082 XHG=2278 YBD=353 YBD=342 YBD=352 YBD=341 YBD=353YHG=305>He YBD=343 YBD=342 YBD=341 YHG=307>elementary YHG=306>rules YHG=306>of YHG=306>hygiene. YHG=305>has YHG=306>since YHG=318>as YHG=306>essentially YHG=318>one YHG=306>of YHG=306>whole-time YHG=305>officials YHG=305>whose XBD=1460 XBD=1596 XBD=1660 XBD=1737 XBD=1840 XBD=2001 XBD=2136 XHG=1284 XHG=1493 XHG=1626 XHG=1696 XHG=1773 XHG=1876 XHG=2054 XHG=2170 YBD=405 YBD=394 YBD=396 YBD=400 YHG=358>primary YHG=358>duty YHG=359>is YHG=361>to YHG=358>the YHG=359>State. YHG=358>The YHG=358>conditions, " XBD=2406 XBD=320 XHG=826 XBD=412 XBD=549 XBD=607 XBD=648 XBD=809 XBD=867 XBD=1016 XBD=1224 XHG=136 XHG=336 XHG=430 XHG=565 XHG=624 XHG=664 XHG=884YBD=392 XHG=1035 YBD=406 YBD=393 YBD=404 YBD=399 YBD=403YHG=355>of YHG=358>expanded YHG=357>this YHG=357>thesis YHG=358>in YHG=369>a YHG=369>survey YHG=356>social, YHG=354>political, XBD=201 XHG=784 XBD=404 XBD=537 XBD=597 XBD=764 XBD=949 XBD=1062 XBD=1225 XHG=136 XHG=217 XHG=424 XHG=555 XHG=617 XHG=1000YBD=445 XHG=1082 YBD=444 YBD=443YHG=408>Africa.2 YBD=455 YHG=409>and YHG=410>economic YHG=408>trend YHG=409>in YHG=408>British YHG=408>He2 YHG=407>speaks " XBD=2405 XBD=1314 XBD=1444 XBD=1610 XBD=1776 XBD=1966 XBD=2070 XBD=2323 XHG=1282 XHG=1353 XHG=1484 XHG=1648 XHG=1816 XHG=2005 XHG=2109 XHG=2363 YBD=445 YBD=457 YBD=447 YBD=459 YBD=446 YHG=409>if YHG=421>any, YHG=410>under YHG=410>which YHG=410>officers YHG=423>are YHG=410>permitted YHG=413>to XBD=215 XHG=756 XBD=314 XBD=552 XBD=630 XBD=717 XBD=885 XBD=1147 XBD=1224 XHG=135 XHG=250 XHG=352 XHG=589 XHG=669 XHG=918YBD=507 XHG=1183 YBD=496 YBD=497 YBD=508 YBD=497YHG=460>years’ YHG=461>with YHG=461>the YHG=459>authority YHG=460>of YHG=461>20 YHG=460>experience YHG=459>of " XBD=2406 XBD=1430 XBD=1501 XBD=1684 XBD=1758 XBD=2010 XBD=2224 XBD=2333 XHG=1283 XHG=1459 XHG=1528 XHG=1715 XHG=1787 XHG=2039 XHG=2255 XHG=2363 YBD=509 YBD=510 YBD=498 YBD=511 YBD=499 YHG=474>engage YHG=462>in YHG=463>private YHG=475>or YHG=463>consulting YHG=464>practice, YHG=463>and YHG=465>to XBD=250 XHG=609 XBD=407 XBD=477 XBD=575 XBD=912 XBD=1149 XBD=1223 XHG=134 XHG=280 XHG=437 XHG=509 XHG=945YBD=560 XHG=1182 YBD=549 YBD=559 YBD=547 YBD=548 YBD=549YHG=511>self-governing YHG=513>native YHG=512>policy YHG=512>in YHG=511>the YHG=511>dominion YHG=511>of " XBD=2405 XBD=1432 XBD=1550 XBD=1693 XBD=1927 XBD=2007 XBD=2113 XBD=2299 XHG=1283 XHG=1470 XHG=1589 XHG=1732 XHG=1966 XHG=2046 XHG=2153 XHG=2341 YBD=550 YBD=552 YBD=563 YBD=551 YHG=515>receive YHG=513>fees YHG=514>from YHG=515>members YHG=515>of YHG=515>the YHG=516>public, YHG=527>are XBD=242 XHG=902 XBD=383 XBD=475 XBD=550 XBD=730 XBD=777 XBD=886 XBD=969 XBD=1056 XBD=1221 XHG=134 XHG=256 XHG=398 XHG=490 XHG=567 XHG=744 XHG=794 XHG=986YBD=600 XHG=1073 YBD=601 YBD=599 YBD=611 YBD=600 YBD=600YHG=563>the YHG=564>South YHG=563>Africa YHG=563>and YHG=563>his YHG=564>anxiety YHG=564>is YHG=563>that YHG=566>ten YHG=563>British " XBD=2404 XBD=1526 XBD=1596 XBD=1711 XBD=1976 XBD=2134 XHG=1282 XHG=1541 XHG=1608 XHG=1724 XHG=2030 XHG=2151 YBD=602 YBD=613 YBD=604 YHG=566>determined YHG=566>by YHG=565>local YHG=566>regulations. YHG=567>Prof. YHG=567>MACMILLAN " XBD=1219 XBD=280 XBD=429 XBD=484 XBD=559 XBD=615 XBD=798 XBD=932 XBD=1014 XHG=132 XHG=294 XHG=443 XHG=497 XHG=572 XHG=629 XHG=813 XHG=946 XHG=1029 YBD=651 YBD=663 YBD=652 YBD=651 YBD=652 YHG=616>colonies YHG=615>should YHG=627>as YHG=615>far YHG=628>as YHG=615>possible YHG=616>avoid YHG=615>the XBD=1374 XHG=2254 XBD=1478 XBD=1538 XBD=1706 XBD=1884 XBD=1994 XBD=2055 XBD=2193 XBD=2235 XBD=2402 XHG=1281 YBD=667 XHG=1394 XHG=1498 XHG=1556 XHG=1725 XHG=1902 XHG=2011 XHG=2073 XHG=2212 YBD=653 YHG=616>mistakes YBD=661 YBD=654 YBD=662 YBD=665 YBD=655 YHG=618>does YHG=620>not, YHG=618>of YHG=630>course, YHG=621>suggest YHG=618>that YHG=631>so YHG=619>slight YHG=632>a YHG=619>change " XBD=1222 XBD=230 XBD=294 XBD=382 XBD=550 XBD=729 XBD=942 XBD=1030 XHG=133 XHG=255 XHG=319 XHG=409 XHG=602 XHG=756 XHG=967 XHG=1055 YBD=704 YBD=705 YBD=703 YBD=715 YBD=703 YHG=668>made YHG=668>in YHG=668>the YHG=668>Union. YHG=667>While YHG=667>for YHG=667>gradual XBD=1410 XHG=2323 XBD=1557 XBD=1652 XBD=1911 XBD=1981 XBD=2075 XBD=2293 XBD=2403 XHG=1280 YBD=715 XHG=1439 XHG=1584 XHG=1680 XHG=1940 XHG=2008 XHG=2103 YBD=705YHG=666>pleading YBD=717 YBD=706 YBD=718 YBD=707 YHG=669>would YHG=669>affect YHG=669>the YHG=670>magnitude YHG=670>of YHG=670>the YHG=671>problem, YHG=672>and XBD=246 XHG=845 XBD=363 XBD=537 XBD=742 XBD=819 XBD=879 XBD=1058 XBD=1125 XBD=1219 XHG=132 XHG=268 XHG=387 XHG=562 XHG=770 XHG=906YBD=755 XHG=1084 XHG=1152 YBD=756 YBD=767 YBD=755 YBD=756YHG=720>is YHG=720>rather YHG=720>than YHG=719>sudden YHG=719>changes, YHG=719>he YHG=719>critical YHG=720>of YHG=720>the " XBD=2402 XBD=1456 XBD=1560 XBD=1776 XBD=1854 XBD=1972 XBD=2194 XHG=1280 XHG=1493 XHG=1598 XHG=1812 XHG=1891 XHG=2008 XHG=2232 YBD=757 YBD=758 YBD=768 YBD=770 YBD=759 YHG=720>actually YHG=721>the YHG=721>removal YHG=721>of YHG=734>any YHG=722>privilege YHG=723>without " XBD=268 XBD=445 XBD=552 XBD=703 XBD=873 XBD=1042 XHG=131 XHG=284 XHG=462 XHG=568 XHG=900 XHG=1069 YBD=808 YBD=808 YBD=808 YHG=775>current YHG=772>theories YHG=771>that YHG=772>native YHG=771>should YHG=773>remain " XBD=1221 XBD=1585XHG=721 XBD=1870 XBD=2043 XBD=2132 XBD=2199 XBD=2404 XHG=1279YBD=807 XHG=1625 XHG=1912 XHG=2085 XHG=2175 XHG=2239 YBD=820YHG=771>culture YBD=810 YBD=811 YHG=776>compensatory YHG=774>advantages YHG=773>would YHG=773>be YHG=786>a YHG=775>tactical XBD=258 XHG=679 XBD=548 XBD=651 XBD=879 XBD=1043 XBD=1218 XHG=131 XHG=284 XHG=601 XHG=909YBD=871 XHG=1071 YBD=860 YBD=859 YBD=859 YHG=823>largely YHG=824>undisturbed. YHG=823>In YHG=823>Africa YHG=824>famine " XBD=2400 XBD=1384 XBD=1450 XBD=1496 XBD=1612 XBD=1750 XBD=1840 XBD=2018 XBD=2113 XBD=2280 XHG=1277 XHG=1406 XHG=1472 XHG=1516 XHG=1635 XHG=1771 XHG=1864 XHG=2042 XHG=2135 XHG=2301 YBD=860YHG=824>primitive YBD=862 YBD=861 YBD=873 YBD=863 YHG=836>error YHG=827>at YHG=837>a YHG=825>time YHG=825>when YHG=824>the YHG=824>Service YHG=824>has YHG=826>special YHG=827>need " XBD=2398 XBD=1321 XBD=1478 XBD=1584 XBD=1714 XBD=1843 XBD=1962 XBD=2154 XHG=1278 XHG=1360 XHG=1516 XHG=1625 XHG=1752 XHG=1882 XHG=2000 XHG=2193 YBD=913 YBD=912 YBD=915 YHG=879>to YHG=876>enlist YHG=876>the YHG=876>best YHG=888>men YHG=876>and YHG=887>women YHG=877>available. XBD=196 XHG=686 XBD=360 XBD=451 XBD=660 XBD=843 XBD=1097 XBD=1220 XHG=130 XHG=221 XHG=388 XHG=478 XHG=873YBD=920 XHG=1125 YBD=912 YBD=912 YBD=922YHG=879>terrors, YHG=876>and YHG=876>disease YHG=888>are YHG=887>common YHG=875>witchcraft YHG=887>may " XBD=2399 XBD=207 XHG=831 XBD=437 XBD=499 XBD=628 XBD=808 XBD=912 XBD=1018 XBD=1104 XBD=1218 XBD=1359 XBD=1555 XBD=1741 XBD=1917 XBD=1978 XBD=2049 XBD=2227 XBD=2348 XHG=130 XHG=229 XHG=460 XHG=523 XHG=653 XHG=939YBD=971 XHG=1041 XHG=1126 XHG=1277 XHG=1381 XHG=1573 XHG=1761 XHG=1936 XHG=1996 XHG=2068 XHG=2245 XHG=2367 YBD=975 YBD=965 YBD=964 YBD=963 YBD=964 YBD=966YHG=927>kin, YBD=963 YBD=975 YBD=964 YBD=965 YHG=928>take YHG=929>possession YHG=928>of YHG=928>one’s YHG=931>nearest YHG=924>and YHG=927>for YHG=927>help YHG=928>The YHG=928>Colonial YHG=928>Medical YHG=928>Service YHG=928>in YHG=928>its YHG=931>present YHG=928>form YHG=930>is " XBD=2397 XBD=296 XHG=883 XBD=433 XBD=553 XBD=854 XBD=975 XBD=1216 XBD=1371 XBD=1486 XBD=1625 XBD=1730 XBD=1844 XBD=2103 XBD=2211 XBD=2262 XHG=129 XHG=323 XHG=461 XHG=580 XHG=1003YBD=1016 XHG=1276 XHG=1394 XHG=1512 XHG=1653 XHG=1785 XHG=1871 XHG=2130 XHG=2238 XHG=2288 YBD=1017 YBD=1027 YBD=1028YHG=979>that YBD=1027 YBD=1016 YBD=1015 YBD=1017 YHG=980>tradition YHG=980>offers YHG=979>only YHG=980>superstitions YHG=982>aggravate YHG=980>only YHG=980>four YHG=991>years YHG=980>old. YHG=980>Its YHG=979>unification YHG=992>was YHG=991>a YHG=980>land" XBD=2397 XBD=1390 XBD=1453 XBD=1542 XBD=1731 XBD=2064 XBD=2126 XBD=2216 XHG=1275 XHG=1411 XHG=1475 XHG=1564 XHG=1753 XHG=2085 XHG=2148 XHG=2240 YBD=1079YHG=1032>MACMILLAN YBD=1068 YBD=1067 YBD=1069 YHG=1031>mark YHG=1032>the YHG=1032>gradual YHG=1032>amalgamation YHG=1031>of YHG=1031>the YHG=1033>various XBD=253 XHG=688 XBD=362 XBD=490 XBD=647 XBD=941 XBD=1052 XBD=1216 XHG=129 XHG=288 XHG=397 XHG=544 XHG=979YBD=1069 XHG=1090 YBD=1079 YBD=1068 YBD=1068 YHG=1033>misery YHG=1033>and YHG=1032>fear. YHG=1032>Prof. YHG=1032>has YHG=1030>found XBD=169 XHG=760 XBD=332 XBD=408 XBD=592 XBD=721 XBD=840 XBD=1040 XBD=1216 XHG=129 XHG=201 XHG=366 XHG=446 XHG=630 XHG=877YBD=1131 XHG=1077 YBD=1121 YBD=1120 YBD=1120 YHG=1097>no YHG=1096>reason YHG=1087>to YHG=1084>believe YHG=1084>that YHG=1084>African YHG=1083>people " XBD=2397 XBD=1547 XBD=1614 XBD=1706 XBD=1909 XBD=2087 XBD=2154 XBD=2305 XHG=1275 XHG=1573 XHG=1637 XHG=1733 XHG=1933 XHG=2112 XHG=2178 XHG=2329 YBD=1132YHG=1097>any YBD=1120 YBD=1119 YHG=1084>departments YHG=1084>of YHG=1083>Colonial YHG=1083>Service YHG=1083>of YHG=1083>which YHG=1084>the " XBD=2398 XBD=1386 XBD=1453 XBD=1577 XBD=1699 XBD=1792 XBD=1900 XBD=2131 XHG=1274 XHG=1420 XHG=1491 XHG=1613 XHG=1737 XHG=1828 XHG=1940 XHG=2167 YBD=1171 YBD=1183 YBD=1172 YHG=1139>story YHG=1137>is YHG=1135>well YHG=1136>told YHG=1136>by YHG=1136>Mr. YHG=1135>CHARLES YHG=1136>JEFFRIES.3 XBD=235 XHG=925 XBD=302 XBD=375 XBD=474 XBD=545 XBD=608 XBD=694 XBD=897 XBD=993 XBD=1107 XBD=1215 XHG=128 XHG=261 XHG=331 XHG=402 XHG=502 XHG=573 XHG=635 XHG=739 XHG=1021YBD=1172 XHG=1136 YBD=1173 YHG=1136>the YBD=1182 YBD=1184 YHG=1139>wants YHG=1139>to YHG=1137>be YHG=1136>left YHG=1149>as YHG=1137>it YHG=1137>is YHG=1137>against YHG=1136>fear YHG=1135>and ; XBD=1338 XBD=1580 XBD=1686 XBD=1891 XBD=1969 XBD=2057 XBD=2315 XHG=1277 XHG=1376 XHG=1618 XHG=1724 XHG=1928 XHG=2004 XHG=2093 XHG=2354 YBD=1235YHG=1188>unaided YBD=1224 YBD=1223 YBD=1234 YBD=1222 YHG=1187>He YHG=1191>computes YHG=1187>the YHG=1188>number YHG=1187>of YHG=1188>its YHG=1187>employees YHG=1182>at " XBD=2397 XBD=316 XHG=708 XBD=377 XBD=594 XBD=683 XBD=881 XBD=1088 XBD=1214 XHG=127 XHG=339 XHG=398 XHG=618 XHG=905YBD=1225 XHG=1112 YBD=1236 YBD=1224 YBD=1224 YHG=1189>insecurity YHG=1188>of YHG=1189>primitive YHG=1188>life YHG=1188>Africans YHG=1188>have "|>"XBD=2400 XBD=1433 XBD=1500 XBD=1706 XBD=1775 XBD=1927 XBD=2020 XBD=2121 XBD=2262 XHG=1274 XHG=1457 XHG=1527 XHG=1734 XHG=1799 XHG=1945 XHG=2040 XHG=2141 XHG=2282 YBD=1287 YBD=1283 YBD=1276 YBD=1275 YBD=1286 YHG=1243>present YHG=1251>as YHG=1240>200,000, YHG=1239>of YHG=1239>which YHG=1240>600 YHG=1238>(the YHG=1238>figure YHG=1239>given XBD=242 XBD=486 XBD=725 XBD=855 XBD=945 XBD=1084 XBD=1214 XHG=126 XHG=261 XHG=509 XHG=794 XHG=878 XHG=969 XHG=1105 YBD=1288 YBD=1277 YBD=1276 YBD=1276 YBD=1276 YHG=1240>shown YHG=1240>themselves YHG=1240>powerless. YHG=1240>On YHG=1240>the YHG=1240>other YHG=1238>hand " XBD=2396 XBD=1314 XBD=1422 XBD=1605 XBD=1824 XBD=1964 XBD=2010 XBD=2115 XBD=2196 XHG=1271 XHG=1331 XHG=1436 XHG=1620 XHG=1840 XHG=1977 XHG=2027 XHG=2131 XHG=2212 YBD=1329 YBD=1337 YBD=1327 YBD=1339 YHG=1291>in YHG=1292>THE YHG=1291>LANCET YHG=1291>Students’ YHG=1291>Guide YHG=1291>is YHG=1293>700) YHG=1303>are YHG=1290>qualified XBD=164 XHG=845 XBD=240 XBD=302 XBD=489 XBD=599 XBD=726 XBD=829 XBD=985 XBD=1213 XHG=126 XHG=177 XHG=253 XHG=316 XHG=503 XHG=614 XHG=742 XHG=1001YBD=1340 YBD=1341 YBD=1328 YBD=1329 YBD=1341YHG=1293>regard YHG=1292>he YHG=1293>has YHG=1304>no YHG=1293>patience YHG=1292>with YHG=1293>those YHG=1292>who YHG=1292>European " XBD=2395 XBD=1485 XBD=1679 XBD=1795 XBD=1901 XBD=2091 XBD=2181 XBD=2329 XHG=1275 XHG=1511 XHG=1704 XHG=1822 XHG=1927 XHG=2145 XHG=2206 XHG=2355 YBD=1392YHG=1344>of YBD=1381 YBD=1391 YBD=1380 YHG=1344>European YHG=1343>medical YHG=1356>men YHG=1344>and YHG=1355>women. YHG=1343>A YHG=1344>study YHG=1343>of XBD=314 XHG=922 XBD=370 XBD=451 XBD=560 XBD=752 XBD=904 XBD=963 XBD=1213 XHG=124 XHG=329 XHG=385 XHG=468 XHG=574 XHG=769 XHG=978YBD=1381 YBD=1382 YBD=1392 YBD=1393 YHG=1345>enterprise YHG=1357>as YHG=1345>the YHG=1344>only YHG=1345>effective YHG=1357>means YHG=1344>developing " XBD=1211 XBD=247 XBD=353 XBD=448 XBD=658 XBD=925 XBD=1001 XBD=1136 XHG=127 XHG=277 XHG=382 XHG=478 XHG=958 XHG=1033 XHG=1168 YBD=1442 YBD=1433 YBD=1434 YBD=1433 YBD=1432 YHG=1397>Africa, YHG=1398>and YHG=1397>the YHG=1397>Africans YHG=1409>as YHG=1397>tools YHG=1399>to XBD=1376XHG=688 XBD=1615 XBD=1677 XBD=1842 XBD=2040 XBD=2103 XBD=2175 XBD=2392 XHG=1271YBD=1434 XHG=1393 XHG=1636 XHG=1696 XHG=1862 XHG=2060 XHG=2124 XHG=2194 YBD=1444YHG=1397>themselves YHG=1396>their YHG=1396>conditions YHG=1396>of YHG=1397>service YHG=1399>suggests YHG=1408>an YHG=1396>impartial " XBD=215 XBD=317 XBD=433 XBD=534 XBD=624 XBD=756 XBD=854 XBD=1035 XBD=1108 XHG=122 XHG=242 XHG=347 XHG=485 XHG=563 XHG=656 XHG=888 XHG=1067 XHG=1139 YBD=1486 YBD=1486 YBD=1485 YHG=1462>serve YHG=1449>this YHG=1450>end. YHG=1450>In YHG=1450>his YHG=1450>view YHG=1448>benefit YHG=1449>of YHG=1460>our " XBD=1212 XBD=1344XHG=786 XBD=1469 XBD=1601 XBD=1740 XBD=1863 XBD=1951 XBD=2158 XBD=2219 XBD=2394 XHG=1272YBD=1485 XHG=1365 XHG=1492 XHG=1623 XHG=1759 XHG=1883 XHG=1974 XHG=2178 XHG=2239 YBD=1493YHG=1449>the YBD=1484 YBD=1485 YBD=1496 YHG=1461>eye YHG=1448>that, YHG=1449>quite YHG=1452>apart YHG=1449>from YHG=1448>the YHG=1449>question YHG=1448>of YHG=1449>private " XBD=197 XBD=417 XBD=581 XBD=688 XBD=756 XBD=850 XBD=1014 XBD=1151 XHG=123 XHG=219 XHG=442 XHG=610 XHG=715 XHG=879 XHG=1042 XHG=1178 YBD=1538 YBD=1537 YBD=1537 YBD=1536 YHG=1513>own YHG=1501>industrial YHG=1501>classes YHG=1502>and YHG=1501>of YHG=1501>native YHG=1513>races YHG=1501>is " XBD=1212 XBD=1458XHG=782 XBD=1653 XBD=1963 XBD=2137 XBD=2231 XBD=2394 XHG=1271YBD=1537 XHG=1503 XHG=1697 XHG=2006 XHG=2180 XHG=2275 YBD=1549YHG=1501>the YBD=1548 YBD=1537 YHG=1501>practice, YHG=1501>certain YHG=1501>adjustments YHG=1500>would YHG=1501>do YHG=1500>much " XBD=2392 XBD=1315 XBD=1484 XBD=1569 XBD=1684 XBD=1744 XBD=1973 XBD=2111 XBD=2172 XBD=2306 XHG=1272 XHG=1334 XHG=1501 XHG=1588 XHG=1704 XHG=1762 XHG=1990 XHG=2129 XHG=2190 XHG=2324 YBD=1601YHG=1565>on YBD=1589 YBD=1590 YHG=1556>attract YHG=1556>type YHG=1553>of YHG=1553>candidate YHG=1552>likely YHG=1556>to YHG=1553>make YHG=1553>the XBD=202 XHG=928 XBD=261 XBD=329 XBD=486 XBD=564 XBD=893 XBD=980 XBD=1082 XBD=1211 XHG=123 XHG=223 XHG=285 XHG=352 XHG=510 XHG=596 XHG=1014YBD=1590 XHG=1117 YBD=1589 YBD=1601 YHG=1553>only YHG=1556>to YHG=1553>be YHG=1554>served YHG=1553>by YHG=1554>concentrating YHG=1552>task " XBD=2392 XBD=1377 XBD=1432 XBD=1556 XBD=1872 XBD=1955 XBD=2128 XBD=2209 XHG=1271 XHG=1391 XHG=1445 XHG=1571 XHG=1900 XHG=1969 XHG=2142 XHG=2224 YBD=1643YHG=1606>stand YBD=1641 YBD=1654 YBD=1642 YHG=1609>most YHG=1606>of YHG=1609>great YHG=1606>opportunities. YHG=1605>At YHG=1609>present YHG=1606>the YHG=1618>successXBD=157 XHG=808 XBD=292 XBD=373 XBD=552 XBD=725 XBD=788 XBD=927 XBD=1073 XHG=124 XHG=173 XHG=309 XHG=392 XHG=568 XHG=745 XHG=946YBD=1642 YBD=1653 YBD=1654 YBD=1643 YHG=1606>of YHG=1593>fitting YHG=1605>the YHG=1605>African YHG=1606>peoples YHG=1609>to YHG=1606>alone. "" XBD=2394 XBD=1329 XBD=1575 XBD=1693 XBD=1735 XBD=1975 XBD=2131 XBD=2197 XBD=2242 XHG=1270 XHG=1350 XHG=1590 XHG=1712 XHG=1752 XHG=1995 XHG=2154 XHG=2219 XHG=2260 YBD=1702 YBD=1694 YBD=1695 YHG=1658>ful YHG=1659>candidate, YHG=1658>after YHG=1658>subsidised YHG=1670>course YHG=1662>at YHG=1670>a YHG=1658>school XBD=218 XHG=803 XBD=263 XBD=332 XBD=481 XBD=651 XBD=784 XBD=851 XBD=1009 XBD=1121 XBD=1208 XHG=164 XHG=234 XHG=283 XHG=349 XHG=499 XHG=671 XHG=872YBD=1711 XHG=1029 XHG=1140 YBD=1710 YBD=1723 YBD=1723 YBD=1711YHG=1675>he YHG=1675>He YHG=1675>is YHG=1687>on YHG=1678>strong YHG=1676>ground YHG=1676>when YHG=1687>argues YHG=1675>that YHG=1675>the "" XBD=2394 XBD=1312 XBD=1504 XBD=1729 XBD=1787 XBD=1929 XBD=1977 XBD=2091 XBD=2167 XBD=2243 XHG=1271 XHG=1334 XHG=1525 XHG=1754 XHG=1811 XHG=1953 XHG=2000 XHG=2115 XHG=2191 XHG=2266 YBD=1755 YBD=1758 YBD=1746 YBD=1747 YHG=1710>of YHG=1710>tropical YHG=1711>medicine, YHG=1712>is YHG=1711>given YHG=1722>a YHG=1714>post YHG=1723>on YHG=1723>an YHG=1710>initial XBD=243 XHG=841 XBD=367 XBD=461 XBD=628 XBD=703 XBD=805 XBD=965 XBD=1041 XBD=1210 XHG=124 XHG=273 XHG=400 XHG=495 XHG=662 XHG=738 XHG=1000YBD=1762 XHG=1076 YBD=1774 YBD=1763 YBD=1763YHG=1727>realm YBD=1775 YHG=1730>urgent YHG=1728>need YHG=1727>for YHG=1728>action YHG=1728>in YHG=1727>the YHG=1727>of YHG=1727>public "" XBD=2391 XBD=1401 XBD=1556 XBD=1725 XBD=1852 XBD=1948 XBD=2052 XBD=2126 XBD=2226 XBD=2296 XHG=1269 XHG=1428 XHG=1584 XHG=1754 XHG=1880 XHG=1976 XHG=2082 XHG=2153 XHG=2256 XHG=2323 YBD=1810 YBD=1798 YBD=1807 YBD=1799 YHG=1762>salary YHG=1762>which YHG=1763>varies, YHG=1763>with YHG=1763>size YHG=1775>or YHG=1763>site YHG=1763>of YHG=1763>the XBD=237 XHG=752 XBD=430 XBD=538 XBD=712 XBD=793 XBD=1044 XBD=1208 XHG=124 XHG=274 XHG=471 XHG=579 XHG=837YBD=1815 XHG=1084 YBD=1814 YBD=1827 YBD=1815 YBD=1814YHG=1779>of YHG=1778>health YHG=1778>touches YHG=1779>the YHG=1779>policy YHG=1779>&dquo; YHG=1779>rule &dquo; indirect "|>" XBD=1421 XBD=1492 XBD=1650 XBD=1729 XBD=1792 XBD=2054 XBD=2188 XBD=2391 XBD=2318 XHG=1271 XHG=1450 XHG=1522 XHG=1681 XHG=1759 XHG=1825 XHG=2084 XHG=2348 XHG=2218 YBD=1862 YBD=1863 YBD=1851 YBD=1853 YHG=1814>Colony YHG=1814>which YHG=1815>he YHG=1816>is YHG=1815>appointed, YHG=1815>from YHG=1818>to YHG=1817>JE500 " XBD=1208 XBD=157 XHG=796 XBD=225 XBD=414 XBD=543 XBD=768 XBD=859 XBD=1023 XHG=122 XHG=180 XHG=251 XHG=442 XHG=597 XHG=887YBD=1867 XHG=1052 YBD=1878 YBD=1879 YBD=1867 YBD=1867YHG=1830>for YHG=1834>at YHG=1831>its YHG=1831>weakest YHG=1834>spot. YHG=1831>Respect YHG=1832>native YHG=1834>custom "" XBD=2389 XBD=1381 XBD=1546 XBD=1665 XBD=1708 XBD=1876 XBD=2061 XBD=2120 XHG=1269 XHG=1436 XHG=1569 XHG=1684 XHG=1726 XHG=1895 XHG=2080 XHG=2138 YBD=1905 YBD=1904 YBD=1917 YHG=1868>1:700. YHG=1867>Since YHG=1869>1934 YHG=1880>a YHG=1869>certain YHG=1871>amount YHG=1868>of YHG=1868>interchange XBD=210 XHG=925 XBD=306 XBD=445 XBD=523 XBD=660 XBD=890 XBD=968 XBD=1104 XBD=1206 XHG=122 XHG=240 XHG=339 XHG=477 XHG=556 XHG=692 XHG=1001YBD=1919 XHG=1139 YBD=1932 YBD=1919YHG=1887>at YBD=1920 YHG=1886>must YHG=1886>not YHG=1883>deter YHG=1896>us YHG=1882>from YHG=1884>imposing YHG=1884>least YHG=1884>the XBD=1341XHG=777 XBD=1473 XBD=1673 XBD=1885 XBD=2094 XBD=2208 XBD=2391 XHG=1268YBD=1972 XHG=1375 XHG=1504 XHG=1709 XHG=1919 XHG=2129 XHG=2241 YBD=1956YHG=1936>science YBD=1968 YBD=1957 YHG=1920>has YHG=1920>been YHG=1920>possible YHG=1920>between YHG=1920>Colonies YHG=1921>and YHG=1920>officers """ XBD=1207 XBD=285 XBD=512 XBD=573 XBD=758 XBD=928 XBD=1001 XHG=121 XHG=301 XHG=533 XHG=592 XHG=949 XHG=1020 YBD=1983 YBD=1971 YBD=1972 YBD=1983 YHG=1935>practical YHG=1936>rudiments YHG=1935>of YHG=1939>western YHG=1948>on YHG=1936>superstiXBD=1370 XHG=2309 XBD=1490 XBD=1626 XBD=1824 XBD=1898 XBD=2065 XBD=2254 XBD=2390 XHG=1267 YBD=2009 XHG=1401 XHG=1519 XHG=1658 XHG=1857 XHG=1928 XHG=2095 YBD=2010 YHG=1974>But YHG=1972>have YHG=1985>now YHG=1985>more YHG=1972>chances YHG=1973>of YHG=1973>varied YHG=1974>service. " XBD=1206 XBD=206 XHG=815 XBD=416 XBD=549 XBD=672 XBD=784 XBD=848 XBD=1049 XBD=1124 XHG=120 XHG=235 XHG=468 XHG=581 XHG=703 XHG=882YBD=2024 XHG=1081 XHG=1159 YBD=2023 YBD=2035 YBD=2024YHG=1988>is YHG=1988>tious YHG=1987>Africans. YHG=1987>Not YHG=1987>that YHG=1987>this YHG=1989>proving YHG=1991>to YHG=1988>be "" XBD=2389 XBD=1300 XBD=1449 XBD=1500 XBD=1615 XBD=1731 XBD=1864 XBD=1993 XBD=2061 XBD=2232 XHG=1267 XHG=1325 XHG=1477 XHG=1524 XHG=1639 XHG=1756 XHG=1890 XHG=2020 XHG=2086 XHG=2258 YBD=2060 YBD=2073 YBD=2061 YBD=2062 YBD=2072 YHG=2025>it YHG=2036>seems YHG=2037>a YHG=2025>pity YHG=2025>that YHG=2037>some YHG=2025>form YHG=2026>of YHG=2025>unified YHG=2025>salary XBD=139 XHG=785 XBD=274 XBD=392 XBD=499 XBD=587 XBD=765 XBD=826 XBD=1015 XBD=1206 XHG=121 XHG=154 XHG=294 XHG=444 XHG=520 XHG=609 XHG=846YBD=2075 XHG=1035 YBD=2087 YBD=2074 YBD=2086 YBD=2087 YBD=2076YHG=2039>of YHG=2051>a YHG=2039>simple YHG=2039>task. YHG=2040>To YHG=2039>the YHG=2040>variety YHG=2040>tropical YHG=2040>diseases "" XBD=2388 XBD=1298 XBD=1390 XBD=1583 XBD=1701 XBD=1867 XBD=2116 XBD=2198 XHG=1264 XHG=1318 XHG=1410 XHG=1604 XHG=1721 XHG=1886 XHG=2136 XHG=2217 YBD=2120 YBD=2112 YBD=2125 YBD=2113 YBD=2114 YHG=2077>is YHG=2079>not YHG=2077>devised, YHG=2076>with YHG=2077>special YHG=2077>allowances YHG=2077>for YHG=2077>climatic XBD=296 XHG=768 XBD=363 XBD=522 XBD=660 XBD=736 XBD=899 XBD=1034 XBD=1106 XBD=1203 XHG=120 XHG=323 XHG=390 XHG=551 XHG=690 XHG=928YBD=2128 XHG=1065 XHG=1136 YBD=2138 YBD=2127 YBD=2128 YBD=2127YHG=2091>added YBD=2128 YHG=2091>prevalent YHG=2092>in YHG=2090>Africa YHG=2094>must YHG=2091>be YHG=2094>most YHG=2091>of YHG=2092>the "" XBD=2387 XBD=1501 XBD=1691 XBD=1778 XBD=1958 XBD=2128 XBD=2178 XBD=2221 XBD=2336 XHG=1266 XHG=1554 XHG=1710 XHG=1799 XHG=1977 XHG=2148 XHG=2199 XHG=2241 XHG=2354 YBD=2166 YBD=2177 YBD=2176 YBD=2165 YHG=2129>conditions. YHG=2129>Under YHG=2129>the YHG=2133>present YHG=2133>system YHG=2129>if YHG=2142>a YHG=2141>man YHG=2130>is XBD=280 XHG=761 XBD=495 XBD=575 XBD=706 XBD=957 XBD=1094 XBD=1202 XHG=120 XHG=319 XHG=533 XHG=626 XHG=1014YBD=2191 XHG=1133 YBD=2179 YBD=2180YHG=2146>country; YHG=2143>maladies YHG=2155>common YHG=2143>in YHG=2143>this YHG=2144>and YHG=2144>the "" XBD=2387 XBD=1412 XBD=1462 XBD=1579 XBD=1645 XBD=1743 XBD=1812 XBD=1905 XBD=2088 XBD=2280 XHG=1266 XHG=1439 XHG=1487 XHG=1603 XHG=1671 XHG=1771 XHG=1838 XHG=1932 XHG=2113 XHG=2308 YBD=2216 YBD=2229 YBD=2218 YBD=2217 YHG=2181>offered YHG=2193>a YHG=2184>post YHG=2181>in YHG=2194>one YHG=2182>of YHG=2182>the YHG=2181>smaller YHG=2182>colonies YHG=2181>and XBD=277 XHG=915 XBD=402 XBD=556 XBD=774 XBD=874 XBD=983 XBD=1204 XHG=120 XHG=318 XHG=443 XHG=598 XHG=818 XHG=1028YBD=2231 YBD=2243 YBD=2242 YBD=2232YHG=2195>the YHG=2195>inquiries YHG=2207>now YHG=2195>being YHG=2195>directed YHG=2195>by YHG=2195>Colonial "" XBD=2387 XBD=1411 XBD=1479 XBD=1560 XBD=1689 XBD=1794 XBD=1889 XBD=1947 XBD=2072 XBD=2200 XBD=2301 XHG=1264 XHG=1445 XHG=1511 XHG=1594 XHG=1723 XHG=1827 XHG=1923 XHG=1980 XHG=2104 XHG=2235 XHG=2336 YBD=2280 YBD=2270 YBD=2281 YBD=2269 YHG=2233>refuses YHG=2233>it YHG=2233>he YHG=2245>may YHG=2237>not YHG=2234>for YHG=2246>a YHG=2233>long YHG=2235>time YHG=2237>get YHG=2245>an XBD=219 XHG=914 XBD=282 XBD=439 XBD=550 XBD=659 XBD=884 XBD=978 XBD=1130 XBD=1202 XHG=121 XHG=244 XHG=311 XHG=469 XHG=579 XHG=687 XHG=1009YBD=2283 XHG=1159 YBD=2284 YBD=2294YHG=2260>are YBD=2284 YHG=2247>Office YHG=2250>to YHG=2248>native YHG=2247>diet YHG=2247>and YHG=2248>nutrition YHG=2247>likely YHG=2251>to "" XBD=2385 XBD=1543 XBD=1628 XBD=1744 XBD=1831 XBD=1942 XBD=2112 XBD=2234 XHG=1266 XHG=1586 XHG=1672 XHG=1790 XHG=1873 XHG=1986 XHG=2155 XHG=2278 YBD=2333 YBD=2321 YBD=2334 YBD=2322 YHG=2286>appointment YHG=2287>in YHG=2298>one YHG=2285>of YHG=2285>the YHG=2285>larger YHG=2286>and YHG=2298>more XBD=227 XHG=720 XBD=470 XBD=560 XBD=703 XBD=930 XBD=1066 XBD=1202 XHG=118 XHG=242 XHG=489 XHG=579 XHG=984YBD=2336 XHG=1086 YBD=2347 YBD=2336 YBD=2348YHG=2300>remedied. YHG=2299>reveal YHG=2299>deficiencies YHG=2303>not YHG=2298>easily YHG=2300>The YHG=2312>scope " XBD=1202 XBD=1552XHG=922 XBD=1673 XBD=1794 XBD=1853 XBD=1928 XBD=2049 XBD=2144 XBD=2244 XBD=2384 XHG=1263YBD=2388 XHG=1580 XHG=1702 XHG=1822 XHG=1878 XHG=1956 XHG=2077 XHG=2171 XHG=2271 YBD=2384YHG=2352>the YBD=2386 YBD=2374 YBD=2382 YHG=2338>remunerative YHG=2350>ones YHG=2338>and, YHG=2338>if YHG=2338>he YHG=2338>does YHG=2340>get YHG=2350>one YHG=2338>later, " XBD=152 XBD=235 XBD=367 XBD=526 XBD=627 XBD=813 XBD=889 XBD=990 XHG=119 XHG=176 XHG=264 XHG=397 XHG=560 XHG=662 XHG=848 XHG=1026 YBD=2389 YHG=2352>of YHG=2353>the YHG=2352>work YHG=2351>before YHG=2351>officers YHG=2351>of YHG=2352>Colonial XBD=1363XHG=848 XBD=1433 XBD=1579 XBD=1814 XBD=1949 XBD=2162 XBD=2317 XBD=2385 XHG=1263YBD=2440 XHG=1390 XHG=1460 XHG=1611 XHG=1867 XHG=1986 XHG=2198 XHG=2352 YBD=2437YHG=2404>wide YBD=2426 YBD=2425 YHG=2389>loses YHG=2402>so YHG=2389>much YHG=2391>seniority. YHG=2390>The YHG=2389>Colonial YHG=2390>Office YHG=2391>is "" XBD=1199 XBD=258 XBD=434 XBD=496 XBD=621 XBD=817 XBD=947 XBD=1061 XHG=119 XHG=286 XHG=464 XHG=529 XHG=655 XHG=981 XHG=1094 YBD=2441 YBD=2450 YBD=2440 YBD=2441 YHG=2403>Medical YHG=2403>Service YHG=2404>is YHG=2403>thus YHG=2403>already YHG=2404>and YHG=2404>Prof. "" XBD=2385 XBD=1461 XBD=1635 XBD=1709 XBD=1831 XBD=1916 XBD=2078 XBD=2163 XHG=1262 XHG=1490 XHG=1665 XHG=1740 XHG=1863 XHG=1947 XHG=2108 XHG=2194 YBD=2477 YBD=2478 YBD=2489 YHG=2441>generally YHG=2441>willing YHG=2445>to YHG=2441>help YHG=2453>an YHG=2441>officer YHG=2442>by YHG=2445>payment XBD=336 XHG=755 XBD=550 XBD=621 XBD=736 XBD=985 XBD=1199 XHG=118 XHG=353 XHG=570 XHG=644 XHG=1027YBD=2503 YBD=2493 YBD=2504 YBD=2492 YBD=2503YHG=2456>expansion. YHG=2455>MACMILLAN YHG=2457>envisages YHG=2456>its YHG=2459>vast YHG=2456>Nigeria, "" XBD=2386 XBD=1304 XBD=1414 XBD=1679 XBD=1780 XBD=1914 XBD=2044 XBD=2106 XBD=2221 XHG=1263 XHG=1321 XHG=1436 XHG=1701 XHG=1800 XHG=1932 XHG=2064 XHG=2127 XHG=2241 YBD=2538 YBD=2530 YBD=2529 YBD=2541 YHG=2494>of YHG=2494>fees, YHG=2493>allowances, YHG=2495>and YHG=2497>extra YHG=2493>leave YHG=2497>to YHG=2494>take YHG=2493>special XBD=155 XHG=864 XBD=272 XBD=477 XBD=582 XBD=755 XBD=829 XBD=985 XBD=1199 XHG=118 XHG=181 XHG=304 XHG=510 XHG=615 XHG=787 XHG=1017YBD=2555 YBD=2556 YBD=2545 YBD=2544 YBD=2545YHG=2520>every YHG=2507>he YHG=2521>says, YHG=2509>contains YHG=2520>one YHG=2509>doctor YHG=2511>to YHG=2508>hundred "" XBD=2384 XBD=1430 XBD=1556 XBD=1758 XBD=1876 XBD=2084 XBD=2289 XHG=1262 XHG=1482 XHG=1605 XHG=1808 XHG=1929 XHG=2135 XHG=2341 YBD=2589 YBD=2593 YBD=2581 YBD=2592 YBD=2582 YHG=2558>courses, YHG=2546>but YHG=2546>though YHG=2545>the YHG=2545>Service YHG=2547>to-day, YHG=2557>as XBD=286 XHG=825 XBD=355 XBD=452 XBD=718 XBD=792 XBD=980 XBD=1197 XHG=117 XHG=318 XHG=386 XHG=484 XHG=751 XHG=1013YBD=2607 YBD=2597 YBD=2608 YBD=2596 YBD=2604YHG=2563>twenty YHG=2560>thousand YHG=2560>the YHG=2560>population YHG=2560>of YHG=2560>millions, "" XBD=2384 XBD=1331 XBD=1562 XBD=1719 XBD=1818 XBD=1968 XBD=2193 XHG=1260 XHG=1363 XHG=1591 XHG=1745 XHG=1845 XHG=1994 XHG=2220 YBD=2633 YBD=2634 YBD=2632 YBD=2644 YBD=2641 YHG=2597>Mr. YHG=2598>JEFFRIES YHG=2601>notes, YHG=2598>has YHG=2608>many YHG=2597>specialist YHG=2597>officers, XBD=180 XHG=908 XBD=246 XBD=400 XBD=668 XBD=879 XBD=949 XBD=1003 XBD=1199 XHG=118 XHG=204 XHG=273 XHG=430 XHG=698 XHG=979YBD=2647 XHG=1031 YBD=2648 YBD=2647 YBD=2659YHG=2612>of YHG=2612>and YHG=2613>he YHG=2612>makes YHG=2612>honourable YHG=2612>mention YHG=2623>a YHG=2611>solitary "" XBD=2384 XBD=1367 XBD=1427 XBD=1498 XBD=1713 XBD=1816 XBD=1928 XBD=1989 XBD=2181 XBD=2299 XHG=1259 XHG=1386 XHG=1445 XHG=1518 XHG=1733 XHG=1836 XHG=1947 XHG=2008 XHG=2202 XHG=2319 YBD=2686 YBD=2684 YBD=2696 YBD=2685 YHG=2652>most YHG=2649>of YHG=2649>its YHG=2649>members YHG=2649>find YHG=2649>that YHG=2650>in YHG=2650>practice YHG=2649>they YHG=2660>are XBD=224 XHG=807 XBD=371 XBD=483 XBD=569 XBD=724 XBD=787 XBD=830 XBD=1009 XBD=1125 XBD=1198 XHG=117 XHG=240 XHG=389 XHG=502 XHG=589 XHG=745 XHG=850YBD=2699 XHG=1028 XHG=1147 YBD=2712 YBD=2700 YBD=2699 YBD=2699YHG=2675>a YHG=2664>officer YHG=2664>coping YHG=2663>with YHG=2664>the YHG=2663>health YHG=2663>of YHG=2664>district YHG=2663>with YHG=2676>an "" XBD=2381 XBD=1403 XBD=1477 XBD=1613 XBD=1880 XBD=1954 XBD=2008 XBD=2242 XHG=1259 XHG=1434 XHG=1508 XHG=1643 XHG=1911 XHG=1984 XHG=2038 XHG=2309 YBD=2737 YBD=2736 YBD=2749 YBD=2738 YHG=2701>unable YHG=2704>to YHG=2701>train YHG=2701>themselves YHG=2701>in YHG=2713>a YHG=2701>specialty. YHG=2700>Mr. XBD=296 XHG=842 XBD=570 XBD=660 XBD=793 XBD=867 XBD=1080 XBD=1196 XHG=118 XHG=342 XHG=618 XHG=707 XHG=916YBD=2751 XHG=1134 YBD=2764 YBD=2752 YBD=2752 YBD=2751YHG=2728>a YHG=2716>estimated YHG=2716>population YHG=2716>of YHG=2715>half YHG=2715>million. YHG=2715>He "" XBD=2382 XBD=1458 XBD=1666 XBD=1788 XBD=1938 XBD=2042 XBD=2174 XBD=2306 XHG=1258 XHG=1489 XHG=1698 XHG=1819 XHG=1970 XHG=2075 XHG=2205 XHG=2339 YBD=2790 YBD=2800 YBD=2788 YBD=2789 YHG=2753>JEFFRIES YHG=2752>explains YHG=2753>how YHG=2753>much YHG=2752>has YHG=2753>been YHG=2754>done YHG=2756>to XBD=278 XHG=925 XBD=374 XBD=626 XBD=810 XBD=888 XBD=992 XBD=1198 XHG=119 XHG=311 XHG=408 XHG=664 XHG=844 XHG=1029 YBD=2804 YBD=2803 YBD=2804 YHG=2768>discusses YHG=2768>the YHG=2768>conditions YHG=2767>offered YHG=2771>to YHG=2767>the YHG=2768>medical "" XBD=2383 XBD=1358 XBD=1434 XBD=1643 XBD=1711 XBD=1802 XBD=1907 XBD=2006 XBD=2170 XBD=2277 XHG=1256 XHG=1380 XHG=1459 XHG=1668 XHG=1733 XHG=1827 XHG=1930 XHG=2030 XHG=2210 XHG=2304 YBD=2841 YBD=2852 YBD=2840 YHG=2805>level YHG=2817>up YHG=2805>pensions YHG=2805>in YHG=2804>the YHG=2804>last YHG=2804>few YHG=2817>years YHG=2805>the YHG=2805>aim XBD=225 XHG=708 XBD=306 XBD=465 XBD=588 XBD=669 XBD=828 XBD=1057 XBD=1196 XHG=119 XHG=258 XHG=341 XHG=504 XHG=625 XHG=868YBD=2855 XHG=1098 YBD=2856 YBD=2867 YBD=2855YHG=2819>much YHG=2819>officer YHG=2832>on YHG=2819>whose YHG=2819>zeal YHG=2831>so YHG=2819>depends, YHG=2819>with ; "" XBD=2381 XBD=1346 XBD=1394 XBD=1454 XBD=1586 XBD=1628 XBD=1717 XBD=1818 XBD=1877 XBD=2064 XBD=2118 XBD=2202 XHG=1257 XHG=1361 XHG=1411 XHG=1471 XHG=1604 XHG=1644 XHG=1732 XHG=1837 XHG=1897 XHG=2078 XHG=2135 XHG=2218 YBD=2891 YBD=2904 YBD=2892 YBD=2893 YHG=2869>now YHG=2857>is YHG=2860>to YHG=2856>make YHG=2868>a YHG=2856>flat YHG=2860>rate YHG=2856>1/600th YHG=2856>of YHG=2857>the YHG=2856>officer’s XBD=235 XHG=792 XBD=402 XBD=489 XBD=571 XBD=773 XBD=832 XBD=1004 XBD=1195 XHG=117 XHG=248 XHG=416 XHG=504 XHG=587 XHG=848YBD=2907 XHG=1021 YBD=2918 YBD=2908 YBD=2919 YBD=2918 YBD=2919YHG=2871>of YHG=2872>special YHG=2884>concern YHG=2871>lest YHG=2871>the YHG=2871>privilege YHG=2872>private YHG=2872>practice "" XBD=2382 XBD=1352 XBD=1632 XBD=1905 XBD=1995 XBD=2144 XBD=2312 XHG=1257 XHG=1379 XHG=1661 XHG=1932 XHG=2023 XHG=2171 XHG=2342 YBD=2956 YBD=2944 YHG=2908>final YHG=2908>pensionable YHG=2908>emolument YHG=2908>for YHG=2920>every YHG=2908>month YHG=2908>of XBD=251 XHG=869 XBD=309 XBD=515 XBD=577 XBD=667 XBD=846 XBD=911 XBD=1039 XBD=1194 XHG=118 XHG=269 XHG=330 XHG=537 XHG=598 XHG=691 XHG=932YBD=2958 XHG=1062 YBD=2959 YBD=2960 YBD=2958 YBD=2970YHG=2923>in YHG=2923>allowed YHG=2926>to YHG=2923>members YHG=2922>of YHG=2923>the YHG=2923>Service YHG=2934>some YHG=2922>places "" XBD=2383 XBD=1316 XBD=1520 XBD=1702 XBD=1825 XBD=2022 XBD=2096 XHG=1254 XHG=1360 XHG=1573 XHG=1745 XHG=1870 XHG=2064 XHG=2142 YBD=2996 YBD=2997 YBD=3007 YHG=2960>his YHG=2960>service. YHG=2959>When YHG=2960>this YHG=2963>system YHG=2961>is YHG=2960>universally XBD=191 XHG=728 XBD=298 XBD=433 XBD=507 XBD=694 XBD=863 XBD=1029 XBD=1193 XHG=117 XHG=218 XHG=329 XHG=466 XHG=542 XHG=898YBD=3022 XHG=1065 YBD=3011 YBD=3010 YBD=3010YHG=2974>public YHG=2985>may YHG=2975>lead YHG=2975>them YHG=2978>to YHG=2974>neglect YHG=2975>duties YHG=2974>which "" XBD=2381 XBD=1430 XBD=1555 XBD=1675 XBD=1812 XBD=1985 XBD=2044 XBD=2181 XBD=2307 XHG=1255 XHG=1464 XHG=1587 XHG=1709 XHG=1846 XHG=2020 XHG=2076 XHG=2215 XHG=2341 YBD=3059 YBD=3048 YBD=3060 YBD=3047 YHG=3012>adopted YHG=3023>men YHG=3011>who YHG=3012>have YHG=3012>served YHG=3024>a YHG=3011>large YHG=3015>part YHG=3011>of XBD=232 XHG=812 XBD=386 XBD=512 XBD=660 XBD=783 XBD=891 XBD=1075 XBD=1192 XHG=117 XHG=255 XHG=412 XHG=537 XHG=687 XHG=918YBD=3062 XHG=1129 YBD=3073 YBD=3062YHG=3026>and YHG=3025>should YHG=3026>absorb YHG=3026>their YHG=3026>whole YHG=3027>time YHG=3038>energy. YHG=3025>He "" XBD=2382 XBD=1359 XBD=1481 XBD=1551 XBD=1647 XBD=1835 XBD=2032 XBD=2141 XBD=2219 XHG=1253 XHG=1385 XHG=1509 XHG=1579 XHG=1676 XHG=1862 XHG=2062 XHG=2168 XHG=2247 YBD=3098 YBD=3099 YBD=3100 YBD=3110 YHG=3064>their YHG=3064>time YHG=3064>in YHG=3063>the YHG=3063>smaller YHG=3063>colonies YHG=3063>will YHG=3076>no YHG=3064>longer XBD=262 XHG=886 XBD=377 XBD=472 XBD=601 XBD=706 XBD=851 XBD=929 XBD=1089 XBD=1192 XHG=116 XHG=292 XHG=407 XHG=506 XHG=634 XHG=741 XHG=962YBD=3113 XHG=1124 YBD=3124 YBD=3114 YBD=3114 YBD=3113YHG=3080>to YHG=3081>suggests YHG=3078>that YHG=3078>the YHG=3078>time YHG=3078>has YHG=3089>come YHG=3078>revise YHG=3077>the "" XBD=2380 XBD=1373 XBD=1485 XBD=1719 XBD=1855 XBD=2021 XBD=2094 XHG=1252 XHG=1404 XHG=1515 XHG=1772 XHG=1888 XHG=2054 XHG=2127 YBD=3161 YBD=3162 YBD=3151 YHG=3115>suffer YHG=3127>any YHG=3114>hardship. YHG=3114>The YHG=3115>policy YHG=3115>of YHG=3115>confidential XBD=302 XHG=727 XBD=552 XBD=693 XBD=769 XBD=1056 XBD=1193 XHG=117 XHG=331 XHG=584 XHG=803YBD=3165 XHG=1089 YBD=3175 YBD=3176 YBD=3164 YBD=3177 YBD=3164YHG=3132>to YHG=3129>regulation YHG=3129>permitting YHG=3129>them YHG=3128>supplement YHG=3129>their "" XBD=2378 XBD=1404 XBD=1509 XBD=1723 XBD=1828 XBD=2017 XBD=2081 XBD=2202 XHG=1251 XHG=1428 XHG=1534 XHG=1744 XHG=1850 XHG=2038 XHG=2102 XHG=2222 YBD=3213 YBD=3214 YBD=3203 YBD=3202 YHG=3169>reports YHG=3167>(pp. YHG=3167>122-123) YHG=3166>also YHG=3178>appears YHG=3170>to YHG=3167>need YHG=3167>reform. XBD=245 XHG=891 XBD=311 XBD=415 XBD=544 XBD=780 XBD=858 XBD=964 XBD=1088 XBD=1189 XHG=116 XHG=272 XHG=340 XHG=446 XHG=596 XHG=815 XHG=996YBD=3226 XHG=1121 YBD=3215 YBD=3216 YBD=3215 YBD=3215YHG=3192>say YHG=3179>salaries YHG=3181>in YHG=3180>this YHG=3192>way. YHG=3180>Needless YHG=3183>to YHG=3180>that YHG=3180>the "" XBD=2378 XBD=1315 XBD=1477 XBD=1766 XBD=1954 XBD=2028 XBD=2172 XBD=2270 XHG=1251 XHG=1345 XHG=1506 XHG=1798 XHG=1985 XHG=2060 XHG=2202 XHG=2302 YBD=3265 YBD=3254 YBD=3253 YHG=3218>An YHG=3218>officer YHG=3217>unfortunate YHG=3218>enough YHG=3221>to YHG=3219>incur YHG=3219>the YHG=3218>disXBD=253 XHG=699 XBD=426 XBD=614 XBD=679 XBD=829 XBD=1121 XBD=1189 XHG=118 XHG=269 XHG=445 XHG=636 XHG=851YBD=3267 XHG=1141 YBD=3266 YBD=3274 YBD=3267 YBD=3266YHG=3232>whose YHG=3230>General YHG=3231>Medical YHG=3231>Council, YHG=3234>to YHG=3232>intervention YHG=3231>he "" XBD=2377 XBD=1429 XBD=1498 XBD=1585 XBD=1717 XBD=1839 XBD=1985 XBD=2113 XBD=2210 XHG=1250 XHG=1457 XHG=1524 XHG=1613 XHG=1743 XHG=1865 XHG=2012 XHG=2142 XHG=2238 YBD=3304 YBD=3316 YBD=3305 YBD=3317 YHG=3269>pleasure YHG=3268>of YHG=3269>his YHG=3269>chief YHG=3281>may YHG=3282>never YHG=3270>have YHG=3270>the YHG=3281>opporXBD=293 XHG=789 XBD=396 XBD=653 XBD=756 XBD=840 XBD=1064 XBD=1191 XHG=117 XHG=321 XHG=426 XHG=684 XHG=872YBD=3318 XHG=1096 YBD=3317 YBD=3328 YBD=3319 YBD=3318YHG=3294>no YHG=3281>attributes YHG=3282>this YHG=3281>regulation, YHG=3283>has YHG=3282>influence YHG=3295>over " XBD=1188 XBD=1388XHG=639 XBD=1447 XBD=1637 XBD=1700 XBD=1818 XBD=1880 XBD=2072 XBD=2157 XBD=2317 XBD=2379 XHG=1251YBD=3369 XHG=1405 XHG=1463 XHG=1655 XHG=1717 XHG=1838 XHG=1907 XHG=2089 XHG=2176 XHG=2338 YBD=3367YHG=3334>discussion YBD=3368 YBD=3356 YBD=3357 YBD=3358 YHG=3321>tunity YHG=3319>of YHG=3320>refuting YHG=3333>or YHG=3333>even YHG=3320>of YHG=3320>hearing YHG=3321>the YHG=3321>details YHG=3321>of " XBD=193 XBD=389 XBD=478 XBD=597 XBD=859 XBD=1079 XHG=115 XHG=228 XHG=439 XHG=518 XHG=901 XHG=1120 YBD=3367 YBD=3369 YBD=3370 YHG=3332>such YHG=3336>matters. YHG=3333>It YHG=3345>was YHG=3333>between YHG=3333>the XBD=1303XHG=751 XBD=1485 XBD=1642 XBD=1760 XBD=1821 XBD=1912 XBD=2039 XBD=2088 XBD=2198 XBD=2276 XBD=2378 XHG=1251YBD=3420 XHG=1321 XHG=1496 XHG=1695 XHG=1772 XHG=1833 XHG=1923 XHG=2056 XHG=2106 XHG=2210 XHG=2289 YBD=3409YHG=3384>Medical YBD=3408 YBD=3420 YHG=3383>an YHG=3372>adverse YHG=3376>report. YHG=3372>All YHG=3373>he YHG=3373>will YHG=3373>know YHG=3374>is YHG=3373>that YHG=3373>the YHG=3385>way " XBD=1189 XBD=260 XBD=384 XBD=478 XBD=562 XBD=732 XBD=921 XHG=117 XHG=276 XHG=403 XHG=496 XHG=583 XHG=938 YBD=3419 YBD=3421 YHG=3383>Colonial YHG=3383>Office YHG=3384>and YHG=3384>the YHG=3384>British YHG=3385>Association " XBD=2379 XBD=1293 XBD=1557 XBD=1626 XBD=1862 XBD=2079 XBD=2214 XHG=1251 XHG=1330 XHG=1593 XHG=1665 XHG=1901 XHG=2133 XHG=2253 YBD=3459YHG=3437>agreed YBD=3460 YBD=3471 YHG=3423>of YHG=3424>promotion YHG=3424>is YHG=3424>suddenly YHG=3424>blocked. YHG=3424>The YHG=3424>Army XBD=148 XHG=849 XBD=250 XBD=344 XBD=460 XBD=573 XBD=660 XBD=728 XBD=821 XBD=991 XBD=1187 XHG=116 XHG=171 XHG=272 XHG=369 XHG=483 XHG=596 XHG=685 XHG=754 XHG=1016YBD=3482 YBD=3469 YBD=3470 YBD=3471 YHG=3433>in YHG=3435>1920 YHG=3435>and YHG=3435>1926 YHG=3435>that YHG=3435>led YHG=3438>to YHG=3436>the YHG=3436>formula " XBD=2376 XBD=1330 XBD=1546 XBD=1670 XBD=1756 XBD=1954 XBD=2121 XBD=2296 XHG=1248 XHG=1363 XHG=1578 XHG=1704 XHG=1789 XHG=1987 XHG=2154 XHG=2329 YBD=3510 YBD=3512 YBD=3522 YBD=3511 YHG=3475>rule YHG=3475>insisting YHG=3475>that YHG=3488>an YHG=3477>adverse YHG=3478>report YHG=3475>should YHG=3475>be XBD=186 XHG=928 XBD=242 XBD=369 XBD=477 XBD=633 XBD=691 XBD=898 XBD=971 XBD=1040 XBD=1185 XHG=116 XHG=206 XHG=262 XHG=419 XHG=504 XHG=659 XHG=718 XHG=999YBD=3522 XHG=1066 YBD=3520 YBD=3521 YBD=3530 YBD=3523 YBD=3533YHG=3499>as YHG=3495>now YHG=3486>in YHG=3485>force. YHG=3486>No YHG=3485>officer YHG=3487>is YHG=3486>entitled, YHG=3487>of YHG=3487>right, " XBD=1186 XBD=148 XHG=825 XBD=304 XBD=506 XBD=604 XBD=792 XBD=942 XHG=115 XHG=173 XHG=332 XHG=538 XHG=638 XHG=972YBD=3584 YBD=3571 YBD=3582 YBD=3583 YBD=3572 YBD=3573 YBD=3584YHG=3537>being YHG=3538>to YHG=3537>private YHG=3537>practice, YHG=3536>the YHG=3536>Service YHG=3538>envisaged 3

2 Africa Emergent. and Faber.


By W. M. Macmillan.

Pp. 414.


London : Faber

The Colonial Empire and its Civil Service. By Charles Assistant Secretary in the Colonial Office. Cambridge : At the University Press. 1938. Pp. 256. 10s. 6d.

Jeffries, C.M.G, O.B.E.,


" XBD=312 XBD=384 XBD=482 XBD=646 XBD=894 XBD=955 XBD=1011 XBD=1160 XHG=172 XHG=339 XHG=412 XHG=513 XHG=674 XHG=987 XHG=1039 XHG=1187 YBD=333 YBD=334 YBD=334 YBD=335 YHG=298>shown YHG=300>to YHG=297>the YHG=297>officer YHG=298>concerned YHG=310>a YHG=298>much YHG=298>fairer " XBD=1308 XBD=1505XHG=922 XBD=1714 XBD=1838 XBD=1950 XBD=2153 XBD=2340 XBD=2457 XHG=1367YBD=334 XHG=1544 XHG=1758 XHG=1880 XHG=1992 XHG=2193 XHG=2376 YBD=337YHG=299>is YBD=347 YBD=345 YBD=335 YHG=299>health YHG=300>services YHG=299>and YHG=299>the YHG=310>persons YHG=298>guiding YHG=299>such

"" " " " " " " "" "

XBD=262 XBD=2457XHG=175 XBD=1630 XBD=1765 XBD=1836 XBD=1933 XBD=2051 XBD=2324 XBD=2381 XHG=1369YBD=386 XHG=1654 XHG=1788 XHG=1860 XHG=1956 XHG=2072 XHG=2344 XHG=2401 YBD=387YHG=360>one. YBD=398 YBD=397 YBD=385 YBD=386 YHG=351>expenditure YHG=353>must YHG=351>be YHG=354>not YHG=351>only YHG=348>sympathetic YHG=351>to YHG=350>the XBD=266 XBD=342 XBD=586 XBD=676 XBD=773 XBD=943 XBD=1100 XBD=1221 XBD=1308 XHG=226 XHG=284 XHG=363 XHG=606 XHG=696 XHG=964YBD=436 XHG=1118 XHG=1239 YBD=446 YBD=435 YBD=437 YHG=400>If YHG=412>we YHG=399>emphasise YHG=399>the YHG=400>few YHG=401>rather YHG=401>than XBD=1611XHG=792 XBD=1712 XBD=1952 XBD=2012 XBD=2098 XBD=2248 XBD=2353 XBD=2459 XHG=1372 XHG=1631 XHG=1729 XHG=1971 XHG=2031 XHG=2116 XHG=2266 XHG=2367 YBD=450YHG=399>defects YBD=439 YBD=449 YBD=447 YBD=437 YHG=403>aspirations YHG=402>and YHG=402>prejudices YHG=402>of YHG=401>the YHG=400>people YHG=400>they YHG=412>serve XBD=366 XHG=753 XBD=629 XBD=690 XBD=734 XBD=909 XBD=1057 XBD=1193 XBD=1311 XHG=177 XHG=384 XHG=650 XHG=709 XHG=928YBD=488 XHG=1076 XHG=1212 YBD=498 YBD=487 YBD=489 YHG=450>manifest YHG=451>advantages YHG=451>of YHG=463>a YHG=452>which YHG=453>offers YHG=453>such XBD=1448 XBD=1600 XBD=1714 XBD=1785 XBD=1924 XBD=2031 XBD=2154 XBD=2221 XBD=2353 XBD=2462 XHG=1372 XHG=1467 XHG=1626 XHG=1741 XHG=1813 XHG=1951 XHG=2058 XHG=2180 XHG=2247 XHG=2375 YBD=500YHG=451>Service YBD=490 YBD=489 YBD=487 YBD=488 YHG=453>but YHG=454>ready YHG=453>first YHG=456>to YHG=453>learn YHG=453>and YHG=453>then YHG=455>to YHG=451>teach YHG=452>their XBD=255 XHG=761 XBD=594 XBD=662 XBD=725 XBD=926 XBD=1001 XBD=1102 XBD=1236 XBD=1311 XBD=1510 XBD=1744 XBD=1946 XBD=2148 XBD=2207 XBD=2461 XHG=178 XHG=289 XHG=627 XHG=691 XHG=960YBD=540 XHG=1032 XHG=1134 XHG=1266 XHG=1373 XHG=1532 XHG=1764 XHG=1966 XHG=2169 XHG=2227 YBD=551 YBD=539 YBD=540 YBD=542YHG=503>because YBD=541 YBD=540 YBD=551 YHG=501>fine YHG=503>opportunities, YHG=503>it YHG=503>is YHG=504>of YHG=504>the YHG=505>need YHG=508>to YHG=506>native YHG=506>assistants YHG=505>effective YHG=505>methods YHG=503>of YHG=504>propaganda. XBD=298 XBD=432 XBD=554 XBD=752 XBD=835 XBD=1010 XBD=1095 XBD=1226 XBD=1312 XHG=177 XHG=339 XHG=474 XHG=596 XHG=794 XHG=877 XHG=1051 XHG=1138 XHG=1267 YBD=591 YBD=592 YBD=592 YBD=592 YBD=593 YHG=554>enlist YHG=565>men YHG=555>and YHG=566>women YHG=555>of YHG=555>vision YHG=568>as YHG=556>well XBD=1417 XHG=2219 XBD=1466 XBD=1634 XBD=1694 XBD=1781 XBD=1988 XBD=2060 XBD=2118 XBD=2201 XBD=2463 XHG=1375 YBD=602 XHG=1433 XHG=1485 XHG=1650 XHG=1712 XHG=1800 XHG=2005 XHG=2078 XHG=2136 YBD=596 YHG=569>as YBD=594 YBD=593 YBD=605 YBD=604 YBD=592 YBD=591 YHG=557>It YHG=558>is YHG=557>clearly YHG=560>to YHG=557>the YHG=557>speeding YHG=569>up YHG=556>of YHG=556>the YHG=555>development XBD=1417 XBD=1695 XBD=1799 XBD=1946 XBD=2133 XBD=2198 XBD=2288 XBD=2463 XHG=1376 XHG=1441 XHG=1720 XHG=1823 XHG=1968 XHG=2157 XHG=2220 XHG=2308 YBD=645 YBD=644 YBD=643 YBD=651 YHG=609>of YHG=609>educational YHG=609>and YHG=608>social YHG=608>services YHG=608>in YHG=618>our YHG=605>colonies, XBD=436 XHG=816 XBD=539 XBD=692 XBD=777 XBD=885 XBD=1106 XBD=1316 XHG=180 XHG=476 XHG=579 XHG=733 XHG=928YBD=643 XHG=1144 YBD=642 YBD=654 YBD=644YHG=607>the YHG=609>competence YHG=606>for YHG=609>posts YHG=607>in YHG=607>Colonial YHG=607>Medical MACMILLAN XBD=351 XBD=512 XBD=925 XBD=1106 XBD=1241 XBD=1316 XHG=182 XHG=405 XHG=852 XHG=967 XHG=1147 XHG=1282 YBD=695 YBD=695 YBD=695 YBD=697 YHG=657>Service. YHG=658>Prof. YHG=659>has YHG=659>shown YHG=659>that XBD=1590 XHG=2398 XBD=1745 XBD=2007 XBD=2145 XBD=2364 XBD=2465 XHG=1377 YBD=694 XHG=1631 XHG=1788 XHG=2048 XHG=2184 YBD=708 YHG=660>it YBD=697 YBD=696 YHG=660>especially YHG=660>those YHG=659>concerned YHG=658>with YHG=658>nutrition YHG=659>and XBD=214 XHG=784 XBD=444 XBD=528 XBD=741 XBD=905 XBD=1050 XBD=1235 XBD=1317 XHG=180 XHG=256 XHG=484 XHG=573 XHG=942YBD=746 XHG=1089 XHG=1272 YBD=747 YBD=748 YBD=747 YBD=758YHG=710>much YHG=710>is YHG=710>essential YHG=713>to YHG=709>allocate YHG=722>more YHG=722>money YHG=714>to XBD=1537 XBD=1702 XBD=1812 XBD=1962 XBD=2111 XBD=2231 XBD=2290 XBD=2465 XHG=1378 XHG=1552 XHG=1719 XHG=1828 XHG=1978 XHG=2126 XHG=2246 XHG=2306 YBD=755 YBD=747 YBD=759 YBD=746 YHG=711>general YHG=711>health, YHG=711>that YHG=711>future YHG=710>policy YHG=713>must YHG=709>be YHG=709>directed.

ANNOTATIONS " XBD=2470 XBD=1545 XBD=1643 XBD=1868 XBD=2086 XBD=2181 XBD=2411 XHG=1385 XHG=1576 XHG=1675 XHG=1899 XHG=2116 XHG=2213 XHG=2438 YBD=977 CONTRIBUTORY YBD=967 YBD=976 YBD=968 YHG=934>Though SCHEMES YHG=934>chairman YHG=934>proposed YHG=934>the YHG=935>acceptance YHG=935>of OF HOSPITAL ABUSE " XBD=2470 XBD=1451 XHG=2320 XBD=1754 XBD=1804 XBD=1900 XBD=2083 XBD=2152 XBD=2192 XBD=2303 XHG=1384 YBD=1023 XHG=1468 XHG=1772 XHG=1821 XHG=1917 XHG=2099 XHG=2171 XHG=2209 YBD=1015 YHG=980>majority YBD=1014 YHG=981>the YHG=981>memorandum YHG=982>it YHG=990>was YHG=981>rejected YHG=981>by YHG=991>a YHG=981>large XBD=322 XHG=689 XBD=450 XBD=615 XBD=673 XBD=856 XBD=1136 XBD=1322 XHG=236 XHG=339 XHG=468 XHG=634 XHG=874YBD=1069 XHG=1155 YBD=1060 YBD=1070 YBD=1061 YBD=1069 YHG=1027>THE YHG=1028>rapid YHG=1028>growth YHG=1028>of YHG=1027>contributory YHG=1027>schemes " XBD=2471 XBD=1424 XBD=1554 XBD=1727 XBD=1799 XBD=1888 XBD=2056 XBD=2163 XBD=2233 XHG=1385 XHG=1445 XHG=1575 XHG=1750 XHG=1821 XHG=1909 XHG=2076 XHG=2185 XHG=2253 YBD=1069YHG=1027>hospital YBD=1071 YBD=1060 YBD=1061 YHG=1028>of YHG=1027>those YHG=1029>present YHG=1038>on YHG=1027>the YHG=1027>ground YHG=1027>that YHG=1027>all YHG=1027>contributors XBD=1520 XBD=1590 XBD=1764 XBD=1897 XBD=2108 XBD=2344 XBD=2418 XHG=1385 XHG=1542 XHG=1613 XHG=1788 XHG=1947 XHG=2134 XHG=2366 XHG=2438 YBD=1110 YBD=1107 YBD=1108 YHG=1074>should YHG=1075>be YHG=1074>treated YHG=1074>alike. YHG=1073>Further YHG=1074>discussions YHG=1084>are YHG=1076>to " XBD=2471 XBD=221 XHG=899 XBD=322 XBD=391 XBD=486 XBD=616 XBD=800 XBD=870 XBD=966 XBD=1176 XBD=1321 XHG=188 XHG=251 XHG=352 XHG=419 XHG=516 XHG=646 XHG=831 XHG=995YBD=1107 XHG=1208 YBD=1108 YBD=1116 YHG=1074>is YHG=1085>one YHG=1075>of YHG=1076>most YHG=1075>notable YHG=1074>of YHG=1074>the YHG=1076>post-war YHG=1074>social " XBD=2473 XBD=1430 XBD=1534 XBD=1641 XBD=1724 XBD=1936 XBD=2116 XBD=2208 XBD=2314 XHG=1383 XHG=1445 XHG=1547 XHG=1656 XHG=1741 XHG=1953 XHG=2134 XHG=2221 XHG=2328 YBD=1163 YBD=1160 YBD=1154 YHG=1121>be YHG=1121>held YHG=1121>with YHG=1120>the YHG=1121>Hospitals YHG=1120>Council, YHG=1121>and YHG=1121>their YHG=1122>outcome XBD=350 XHG=763 XBD=413 XBD=515 XBD=711 XBD=843 XBD=1123 XBD=1211 XBD=1321 XHG=188 XHG=373 XHG=438 XHG=540 XHG=869YBD=1154 XHG=1148 XHG=1235 YBD=1164 YBD=1154 YBD=1153YHG=1121>The YHG=1121>changes YHG=1122>in YHG=1122>this YHG=1123>country. YHG=1121>contributors YHG=1130>are YHG=1131>now XBD=1457 XBD=1525 XBD=1584 XBD=1706 XBD=1821 XBD=1939 XHG=1382 XHG=1475 XHG=1545 XHG=1603 XHG=1725 XHG=1841 XHG=1957 YBD=1200 YBD=1201 YBD=1202 YHG=1167>will YHG=1168>be YHG=1168>of YHG=1177>more YHG=1167>than YHG=1167>local YHG=1167>interest. " XBD=2124 XBD=399 XHG=835 XBD=470 XBD=556 XBD=718 XBD=815 XBD=899 XBD=1081 XBD=1320 XHG=187 XHG=417 XHG=489 XHG=575 XHG=739 XHG=919YBD=1201 XHG=1100 YBD=1210 YBD=1202 YBD=1209 YBD=1210YHG=1178>are YHG=1168>numbered YHG=1169>by YHG=1168>the YHG=1168>million YHG=1168>and YHG=1168>steadily YHG=1167>increasing, " XBD=1322 XBD=267 XHG=852 XBD=393 XBD=697 XBD=822 XBD=900 XBD=1137 XBD=1253 XHG=191 XHG=294 XHG=422 XHG=723 XHG=927YBD=1246 XHG=1165 XHG=1281 YBD=1248 YBD=1247 YBD=1256 YBD=1256YHG=1224>an YBD=1246 YHG=1215>and YHG=1215>their YHG=1215>contributions YHG=1215>form YHG=1214>important YHG=1215>part YHG=1214>of MEDICINE AND LAW IN THE ANTIPODES " XBD=1321 XBD=258 XHG=736 XBD=416 XBD=579 XBD=636 XBD=719 XBD=941 XBD=1151 XBD=1227 XHG=190 XHG=276 XHG=432 XHG=597 XHG=653 XHG=958YBD=1302 XHG=1190 XHG=1243 YBD=1293 YBD=1294 YBD=1301 YBD=1292YHG=1261>voluntary YBD=1293 YHG=1261>annual YHG=1262>income YHG=1261>of YHG=1261>the YHG=1260>hospitals. YHG=1261>It YHG=1270>was "" XBD=1321 XBD=319 XBD=437 XBD=536 XBD=736 XBD=894 XBD=1124 XHG=191 XHG=349 XHG=469 XHG=569 XHG=767 XHG=925 XHG=1156 YBD=1349 YBD=1340 YBD=1348 YBD=1347 YHG=1307>hoped YHG=1307>that YHG=1307>the YHG=1307>schemes YHG=1306>would YHG=1306>regularise YHG=1305>hospital XBD=1595 XHG=2232 XBD=1685 XBD=1818 XBD=1935 XBD=2001 XBD=2119 XBD=2209 XBD=2476 XHG=1431 YBD=1367 XHG=1619 XHG=1708 XHG=1846 XHG=1961 XHG=2032 XHG=2144 YBD=1365 YHG=1323>Medico-Legal YBD=1356 YBD=1357 YHG=1323>DURING YHG=1333>years YHG=1325>1933 YHG=1325>to YHG=1325>1936 YHG=1323>the "" XBD=1319 XBD=421 XBD=520 XBD=749 XBD=929 XBD=1102 XBD=1198 XHG=194 XHG=445 XHG=542 XHG=952 XHG=1128 XHG=1221 YBD=1387 YBD=1386 YBD=1392 YBD=1385 YHG=1354>attendance YHG=1354>and YHG=1354>prevent YHG=1353>abuse,&dquo; YHG=1352>but YHG=1353>from XBD=1536XHG=763 XBD=1603 XBD=1797 XBD=1912 XBD=2055 XBD=2297 XBD=2478 XHG=1387YBD=1395 XHG=1564 XHG=1630 XHG=1824 XHG=1939 XHG=2081 XHG=2323 YBD=1411YHG=1353>hospital YBD=1402 YBD=1403 YBD=1412 YBD=1413 YHG=1369>Society&dquo; YHG=1370>of YHG=1370>Victoria YHG=1370>held YHG=1380>many YHG=1370>productive YHG=1371>meetings "" XBD=1321 XBD=261 XBD=490 XBD=564 XBD=655 XBD=826 XBD=893 XBD=984 XBD=1159 XHG=193 XHG=286 XHG=516 XHG=588 XHG=680 XHG=853 XHG=917 XHG=1008 XHG=1185 YBD=1433 YBD=1441 YBD=1432 YBD=1432 YBD=1441 YHG=1401>discussion YHG=1410>on YHG=1400>the YHG=1399>subject YHG=1401>at YHG=1399>the YHG=1399>Annual issued XBD=1463 XHG=2323 XBD=1581 XBD=1686 XBD=1927 XBD=2161 XBD=2308 XBD=2480 XHG=1388 YBD=1450 XHG=1482 XHG=1601 XHG=1839 XHG=1945 XHG=2178 YBD=1449 YHG=1400>RepreYBD=1459 YHG=1417>andfor YHG=1416>have YHG=1427>now YHG=1417>1 YHG=1417>circulation YHG=1427>among YHG=1417>members "" XBD=1324 XBD=383 XBD=569 XBD=631 XBD=719 XBD=885 XBD=1068 XHG=195 XHG=404 XHG=591 XHG=653 XHG=742 XHG=906 XHG=1088 YBD=1488 YBD=1478 YBD=1479 YBD=1479 YBD=1478 YHG=1447>sentative YHG=1445>Meeting YHG=1446>of YHG=1446>the YHG=1445>British YHG=1444>Medical YHG=1446>Association XBD=1411 XHG=2387 XBD=1623 XBD=1681 XBD=1764 XBD=1977 XBD=2193 XBD=2260 XBD=2371 XBD=2481 XHG=1389 YBD=1497 XHG=1430 XHG=1642 XHG=1698 XHG=1782 XHG=1996 XHG=2228 XHG=2279 YBD=1495 YHG=1464>Court YBD=1498 YBD=1496 YBD=1506 YHG=1472>a YHG=1463>collection YHG=1463>of YHG=1462>the YHG=1463>addresses YHG=1463>delivered. YHG=1463>A YHG=1463>High "" XBD=1325 XBD=271 XBD=385 XBD=439 XBD=582 XBD=693 XBD=784 XBD=906 XBD=997 XBD=1089 XBD=1208 XHG=194 XHG=295 XHG=408 XHG=464 XHG=606 XHG=716 XHG=805 XHG=928 XHG=1020 XHG=1112 XHG=1231 YBD=1525 YBD=1534 YBD=1524 YBD=1535 YBD=1525 YHG=1492>this YHG=1502>year YHG=1492>it YHG=1502>seems YHG=1492>that YHG=1491>the YHG=1491>hope YHG=1491>has YHG=1493>not YHG=1491>fully YHG=1492>been XBD=1502 XBD=1627 XBD=1698 XBD=1813 XBD=1882 XBD=2109 XBD=2243 XBD=2308 XBD=2481 XHG=1388 XHG=1523 XHG=1648 XHG=1719 XHG=1834 XHG=1904 XHG=2129 XHG=2263 XHG=2331 YBD=1541 YBD=1542 YBD=1552 YBD=1543 YBD=1544 YHG=1509>judge YHG=1509>leads YHG=1510>off YHG=1509>with YHG=1519>an YHG=1510>admirable YHG=1520>paper YHG=1520>on YHG=1511>&dquo; science " XBD=1326 XBD=364 XHG=749 XBD=468 XBD=560 XBD=661 XBD=725 XBD=816 XBD=1048 XBD=1098 XHG=195 XHG=415 XHG=493 XHG=586 XHG=686 XHG=843YBD=1571 XHG=1075 XHG=1122 YBD=1573 YBD=1572 YBD=1571 YHG=1539>realised. YHG=1539>At YHG=1538>the YHG=1539>end YHG=1539>of YHG=1539>the YHG=1539>discussion YHG=1549>a " XBD=2482 XBD=1466 XHG=2324 XBD=1658 XBD=2003 XBD=2162 XBD=2291 XHG=1390 YBD=1590 XHG=1502 XHG=1693 XHG=2055 XHG=2199 YBD=1589 YHG=1539>resolution YBD=1598 YHG=1557>and YHG=1555>judicial YHG=1556>proceedings YHG=1556>other YHG=1556>legal YHG=1557>members &dquo; ; "" XBD=1328 XBD=274 XBD=453 XBD=649 XBD=827 XBD=1007 XBD=1128 XHG=196 XHG=310 XHG=485 XHG=864 XHG=1041 XHG=1163 YBD=1617 YBD=1628 YBD=1618 YBD=1627 YHG=1594>was YHG=1585>carried YHG=1585>without YHG=1586>stating YHG=1585>that YHG=1585>hospital XBD=1533XHG=686 XBD=1657 XBD=1809 XBD=1882 XBD=2063 XBD=2169 XBD=2399 XBD=2483 XHG=1392YBD=1618 XHG=1564 XHG=1687 XHG=1841 XHG=1914 XHG=2094 XHG=2191 XHG=2422 YBD=1644YHG=1586>dissent YBD=1635 YBD=1642 YBD=1636 YHG=1603>discuss YHG=1602>such YHG=1603>topics YHG=1612>as YHG=1603>divorce YHG=1603>and YHG=1603>witchcraft, YHG=1604>and "" XBD=1329 XBD=460 XBD=674 XBD=798 XBD=1026 XBD=1137 XHG=198 XHG=506 XHG=718 XHG=841 XHG=1070 XHG=1182 YBD=1672 YBD=1664 YBD=1664 YBD=1664 YHG=1631>contributory YHG=1631>schemes YHG=1631>had YHG=1631>hindered YHG=1631>the YHG=1632>normal XBD=1457 XBD=1652 XBD=1884 XBD=2003 XBD=2136 XBD=2234 XBD=2426 XBD=2484 XHG=1391 XHG=1491 XHG=1685 XHG=1918 XHG=2038 XHG=2169 XHG=2265 XHG=2454 YBD=1688 YBD=1682 YBD=1692 YBD=1683 YHG=1649>medical YHG=1649>members, YHG=1649>who YHG=1650>form YHG=1649>the YHG=1648>majority YHG=1650>of "" XBD=1330 XBD=464 XBD=520 XBD=682 XBD=861 XBD=954 XBD=1008 XBD=1155 XHG=199 XHG=480 XHG=533 XHG=696 XHG=877 XHG=969 XHG=1022 XHG=1168 YBD=1709 YBD=1719 YBD=1710 YBD=1710 YBD=1711 YHG=1677>development YHG=1677>of YHG=1677>private YHG=1678>practice YHG=1678>and YHG=1678>of YHG=1678>Public XBD=1659 XHG=2453 XBD=1784 XBD=1911 XBD=2113 XBD=2189 XBD=2425 XBD=2485 XHG=1393 YBD=1729 XHG=1698 XHG=1817 XHG=1948 XHG=2150 XHG=2224 YBD=1735 YHG=1678>Medical YBD=1728 YBD=1737 YBD=1739 YHG=1696>contributors, YHG=1696>deal YHG=1695>with YHG=1695>subjects YHG=1706>as YHG=1697>interesting YHG=1697>in "" XBD=1329 XBD=378 XBD=474 XBD=624 XBD=709 XBD=875 XBD=932 XBD=1016 XBD=1270 XHG=200 XHG=398 XHG=492 XHG=642 XHG=729 XHG=950 XHG=1033 XHG=1287 YBD=1763 YBD=1767 YBD=1758 YBD=1758 YHG=1723>Services, YHG=1724>and YHG=1724>asking YHG=1724>the YHG=1724>council YHG=1724>the YHG=1725>Association YHG=1727>to XBD=1569XHG=893 XBD=1636 XBD=1703 XBD=1930 XBD=2133 XBD=2260 XBD=2345 XBD=2487 XHG=1394YBD=1757 XHG=1596 XHG=1663 XHG=1728 XHG=1984 XHG=2158 XHG=2284 XHG=2372 YBD=1785YHG=1725>of YBD=1775 YBD=1777 YBD=1776 YHG=1742>England YHG=1752>as YHG=1742>in YHG=1743>Australia. YHG=1743>Among YHG=1742>these YHG=1742>Dr. YHG=1742>Gerald "" XBD=1332 XBD=336 XBD=439 XBD=595 XBD=797 XBD=1033 XHG=198 XHG=371 XHG=473 XHG=631 XHG=832 XHG=1070 YBD=1805 YBD=1803 YBD=1812 YBD=1814 YBD=1814 YHG=1770>review YHG=1770>the YHG=1770>whole YHG=1771>position YHG=1772>regarding YHG=1771>contributory XBD=1562 XBD=1766 XBD=1826 XBD=1918 XBD=2015 XBD=2187 XBD=2417 XBD=2487 XHG=1393 XHG=1585 XHG=1787 XHG=1846 XHG=1939 XHG=2036 XHG=2208 XHG=2434 YBD=1832 YBD=1822 YBD=1821 YBD=1828 YBD=1831 YBD=1823 YHG=1789>Weigall, YHG=1789>speaking YHG=1789>of YHG=1790>law YHG=1789>and YHG=1789>disease, YHG=1789>emphasises YHG=1790>the "" XBD=1332 XBD=367 XBD=462 XBD=606 XBD=793 XBD=879 XBD=963 XBD=1188 XBD=1237 XHG=199 XHG=386 XHG=478 XHG=624 XHG=833 XHG=897 XHG=983 XHG=1206 XHG=1254 YBD=1850 YBD=1858 YBD=1851 YBD=1851 YBD=1851 YBD=1852 YHG=1817>schemes YHG=1817>and YHG=1818>report YHG=1817>thereon. YHG=1819>In YHG=1817>the YHG=1818>discussion YHG=1819>it XBD=1728 XHG=2402 XBD=1803 XBD=2029 XBD=2105 XBD=2295 XBD=2372 XBD=2486 XHG=1395 YBD=1869 XHG=1764 XHG=1837 XHG=2064 XHG=2141 XHG=2328 YBD=1868 YHG=1828>was YBD=1878 YHG=1836>impracticability YHG=1836>of YHG=1836>enforcing YHG=1846>or YHG=1836>obeying YHG=1846>an YHG=1847>over"" XBD=1334 XBD=283 XBD=387 XBD=547 XBD=688 XBD=747 XBD=833 XBD=1019 XBD=1219 XHG=200 XHG=300 XHG=405 XHG=566 XHG=706 XHG=767 XHG=853 XHG=1036 XHG=1237 YBD=1896 YBD=1906 YBD=1897 YBD=1898 YBD=1907 YBD=1899 YHG=1863>said YHG=1864>that YHG=1864>largely YHG=1864>owing YHG=1866>to YHG=1864>the YHG=1864>schemes YHG=1864>hospitals XBD=1614 XHG=2436 XBD=1724 XBD=1779 XBD=1922 XBD=2077 XBD=2219 XBD=2423 XBD=2488 XHG=1397 YBD=1916 XHG=1631 XHG=1741 XHG=1795 XHG=1938 XHG=2112 XHG=2236 YBD=1915 YHG=1875>were YBD=1925 YHG=1883>elaborated YHG=1882>code YHG=1883>of YHG=1883>public YHG=1882>health. YHG=1883>After YHG=1883>specifying YHG=1883>the "" XBD=1335 XBD=408 XBD=582 XBD=645 XBD=974 XBD=1147 XHG=201 XHG=431 XHG=606 XHG=670 XHG=997 XHG=1170 YBD=1952 YBD=1943 YBD=1954 YBD=1953 YBD=1954 YHG=1910>displacing YHG=1911>instead YHG=1911>of YHG=1911>supplementing YHG=1912>private XBD=1665 XHG=2432 XBD=1857 XBD=2145 XBD=2201 XBD=2417 XBD=2488 XHG=1398 YBD=1963 XHG=1683 XHG=1875 XHG=2164 XHG=2218 YBD=1971 YHG=1912>practice YBD=1962 YHG=1929>superlatively YHG=1929>hygienic YHG=1930>requirements YHG=1929>of YHG=1929>Australian YHG=1930>law "" XBD=1335 XBD=280 XBD=397 XBD=512 XBD=586 XBD=763 XBD=868 XBD=973 XBD=1036 XBD=1135 XHG=203 XHG=300 XHG=419 XHG=533 XHG=607 XHG=784 XHG=995 XHG=1058 XHG=1158 YBD=1990 YBD=2000 YBD=1999 YBD=1990 YBD=2001 YBD=2000 YHG=1957>and YHG=1967>were YHG=1957>used YHG=1957>by YHG=1967>persons YHG=1958>well YHG=1959>to YHG=1968>pay YHG=1959>ordinary XBD=1438XHG=890 XBD=1552 XBD=1733 XBD=1796 XBD=1885 XBD=2070 XBD=2132 XBD=2175 XBD=2488 XHG=1398YBD=1991 XHG=1460 XHG=1574 XHG=1756 XHG=1818 XHG=1907 XHG=2093 XHG=2154 XHG=2196 YBD=2009YHG=1958>able YBD=2008 YBD=2018 YHG=1976>in YHG=1976>such YHG=1978>matters YHG=1986>as YHG=1976>the YHG=1976>conduct YHG=1976>of YHG=1986>a YHG=1976>boarding-house, "" XBD=1334 XBD=448 XBD=565 XBD=697 XBD=844 XBD=1115 XHG=200 XHG=477 XHG=631 XHG=732 XHG=876 XHG=1147 YBD=2046 YBD=2038 YBD=2039 YBD=2037 YBD=2045 YBD=2043 YHG=2004>professional YHG=2004>fees. YHG=2004>Dr. YHG=2004>Peter YHG=2004>Macdonald, XBD=1465 XHG=2350 XBD=1639 XBD=1704 XBD=1833 XBD=1937 XBD=2028 XBD=2266 XBD=2327 XBD=2486 XHG=1399 YBD=2055 XHG=1491 XHG=1665 XHG=1730 XHG=1861 XHG=1962 XHG=2055 XHG=2291 YBD=2065 YHG=2005>however, YBD=2062 YHG=2024>storage YHG=2022>of YHG=2022>food, YHG=2023>and YHG=2022>the YHG=2023>cleanliness YHG=2023>of YHG=2023>barbers’ "" XBD=1337 XBD=361 XBD=454 XBD=566 XBD=685 XBD=844 XBD=933 XBD=1026 XHG=202 XHG=386 XHG=478 XHG=592 XHG=710 XHG=957 XHG=1052 YBD=2093 YBD=2083 YBD=2084 YBD=2085 YHG=2051>pointed YHG=2052>out YHG=2050>that YHG=2050>such YHG=2051>abuses YHG=2053>not YHG=2052>countenanced XBD=1526XHG=871 XBD=1601 XBD=1802 XBD=1928 XBD=2064 XBD=2141 XBD=2268 XBD=2490 XHG=1400YBD=2084 XHG=1552 XHG=1628 XHG=1828 XHG=1954 XHG=2091 XHG=2165 XHG=2291 YBD=2111YHG=2061>are YBD=2108 YBD=2101 YBD=2102 YHG=2069>shops, YHG=2069>he YHG=2069>observes YHG=2069>that, YHG=2069>while YHG=2069>all YHG=2068>these YHG=2069>restrictions "" XBD=1337 XBD=257 XBD=392 XBD=642 XBD=727 XBD=817 XBD=1109 XBD=1175 XHG=203 XHG=282 XHG=414 XHG=668 XHG=751 XHG=844 XHG=1136 XHG=1202 YBD=2139 YBD=2130 YBD=2131 YBD=2140 YBD=2131 YBD=2132 YHG=2097>by YHG=2097>those YHG=2097>responsible YHG=2098>for YHG=2098>the YHG=2100>management YHG=2099>of XBD=1510 XHG=2453 XBD=1582 XBD=1835 XBD=1945 XBD=2055 XBD=2159 XBD=2352 XBD=2437 XBD=2490 XHG=1401 YBD=2148 XHG=1533 XHG=1603 XHG=1855 XHG=1965 XHG=2076 XHG=2179 XHG=2372 YBD=2154 YHG=2098>contriYBD=2158 YBD=2157 YBD=2149 YHG=2116>exist, YHG=2126>an YHG=2115>unqualified YHG=2126>man YHG=2125>may YHG=2116>give YHG=2115>medicine YHG=2116>and YHG=2115>be "" XBD=1337 XBD=346 XBD=543 XBD=647 XBD=759 XBD=945 XBD=1064 XBD=1109 XHG=203 XHG=367 XHG=589 XHG=667 XHG=779 XHG=964 XHG=1087 XHG=1129 YBD=2186 YBD=2178 YBD=2177 YBD=2177 YBD=2177 YHG=2144>butory YHG=2144>schemes. YHG=2144>He YHG=2144>read YHG=2145>extracts YHG=2145>from YHG=2155>a XBD=1492 XHG=2421 XBD=1567 XBD=1652 XBD=1853 XBD=1895 XBD=1996 XBD=2137 XBD=2324 XBD=2404 XBD=2491 XHG=1401 YBD=2195 XHG=1508 XHG=1585 XHG=1669 XHG=1873 XHG=1913 XHG=2014 XHG=2153 XHG=2342 YBD=2204 YHG=2155>memoranYBD=2201 YBD=2194 YHG=2162>paid YHG=2162>for YHG=2162>the YHG=2163>medicine YHG=2172>a YHG=2172>sum YHG=2162>which YHG=2162>includes, YHG=2162>but YHG=2162>does "" XBD=1339 XBD=299 XBD=502 XBD=588 XBD=690 XBD=961 XBD=1035 XHG=207 XHG=334 XHG=536 XHG=622 XHG=996 XHG=1069 YBD=2232 YBD=2223 YBD=2224 YBD=2232 YHG=2191>dum YHG=2191>adopted YHG=2191>by YHG=2190>the YHG=2191>of YHG=2191>Contributory XBD=1470XHG=724 XBD=1655 XBD=1829 XBD=1888 XBD=1964 XBD=2080 XBD=2254 XBD=2303 XBD=2489 XHG=1402YBD=2224 XHG=1500 XHG=1686 XHG=1858 XHG=1915 XHG=1993 XHG=2108 XHG=2282 XHG=2328 YBD=2250YHG=2191>Association YBD=2248 YBD=2241 YBD=2242 YHG=2210>not YHG=2209>specify, YHG=2209>advice, YHG=2209>if YHG=2209>he YHG=2209>calls YHG=2208>himself YHG=2218>a YHG=2208>herbalist. "" XBD=1340 XBD=382 XBD=488 XBD=613 XBD=792 XBD=971 XBD=1090 XBD=1259 XHG=208 XHG=415 XHG=522 XHG=648 XHG=824 XHG=987 XHG=1124 XHG=1291 YBD=2279 YBD=2280 YBD=2270 YBD=2278 YBD=2270 YHG=2237>Schemes YHG=2238>last YHG=2247>year YHG=2238>stating YHG=2237>that YHG=2239>steps YHG=2237>should YHG=2238>be &dquo; XBD=1490 XBD=1540 XBD=1656 XBD=1766 XBD=1862 XBD=2035 XBD=2282 XBD=2492 XHG=1402 XHG=1517 XHG=1566 XHG=1680 XHG=1793 XHG=1888 XHG=2062 XHG=2306 YBD=2287 YBD=2288 YBD=2297 YHG=2255>And YHG=2265>a YHG=2265>man YHG=2255>who YHG=2255>has YHG=2255>neither YHG=2255>anatomical YHG=2255>knowledge " XBD=1339 XBD=324 XHG=698 XBD=392 XBD=553 XBD=669 XBD=953 XBD=1065 XBD=1158 XBD=1270 XHG=206 XHG=351 XHG=421 XHG=580 XHG=980YBD=2317 XHG=1096 XHG=1187 XHG=1298 YBD=2316 YBD=2317 YBD=2317 YBD=2316 YHG=2284>taken YHG=2286>to YHG=2294>ensure YHG=2284>that YHG=2284>contributors YHG=2284>who YHG=2294>are YHG=2284>able YHG=2285>to " XBD=2492 XBD=1472 XHG=2415 XBD=1661 XBD=1757 XBD=1931 XBD=1978 XBD=2171 XBD=2235 XBD=2395 XHG=1404 YBD=2342 XHG=1496 XHG=1687 XHG=1780 XHG=1955 XHG=2004 XHG=2195 XHG=2258 YBD=2335 YHG=2301>joint YBD=2334 YBD=2333 YBD=2343 YHG=2311>nor YHG=2302>training YHG=2311>can YHG=2301>wrench YHG=2312>a YHG=2302>diseased YHG=2311>or YHG=2301>injured "" XBD=1342 XBD=284 XBD=374 XBD=502 XBD=738 XBD=958 XBD=1124 XBD=1223 XHG=206 XHG=315 XHG=404 XHG=532 XHG=990 XHG=1154 XHG=1255 YBD=2372 YBD=2363 YBD=2362 YBD=2363 YBD=2362 YHG=2340>pay YHG=2331>for YHG=2330>their YHG=2331>treatment YHG=2330>should YHG=2332>not YHG=2330>seek XBD=1434XHG=769 XBD=1498 XBD=1604 XBD=1771 XBD=1838 XBD=2067 XBD=2151 XBD=2232 XBD=2317 XBD=2491 XHG=1404YBD=2371 XHG=1450 XHG=1517 XHG=1621 XHG=1789 XHG=1857 XHG=2105 XHG=2168 XHG=2248 XHG=2334 YBD=2389YHG=2330>privately YBD=2379 YBD=2380 YHG=2347>if YHG=2347>he YHG=2347>calls YHG=2347>himself YHG=2357>an YHG=2347>osteopath. YHG=2348>In YHG=2347>the YHG=2347>last YHG=2348>contribu"" XBD=1343 XBD=287 XBD=463 XBD=684 XBD=742 XBD=963 XBD=1161 XHG=209 XHG=303 XHG=477 XHG=702 XHG=979 XHG=1176 YBD=2409 YBD=2408 YBD=2417 YBD=2418 YHG=2377>free YHG=2377>medical YHG=2377>treatment YHG=2377>at YHG=2376>hospitals YHG=2375>through XBD=1499XHG=759 XBD=1746 XBD=2039 XBD=2322 XBD=2418 XBD=2493 XHG=1405YBD=2418 XHG=1532 XHG=1760 XHG=2068 XHG=2352 XHG=2442 YBD=2433YHG=2376>voluntary YBD=2435 YBD=2427 YBD=2426 YHG=2393>tion, YHG=2393>entitled YHG=2393>Psychopathic YHG=2393>Personalities YHG=2393>and YHG=2393>the &dquo; "" XBD=1343 XBD=276 XBD=577 XBD=799 XBD=958 XBD=1179 XBD=1256 XHG=210 XHG=315 XHG=615 XHG=878 XHG=996 XHG=1217 XHG=1293 YBD=2456 YBD=2464 YBD=2457 YBD=2455 YBD=2464 YBD=2455 YBD=2454 YHG=2423>the YHG=2423>contributory YHG=2422>scheme.&dquo; YHG=2422>The YHG=2422>adoption YHG=2423>of YHG=2432>an XBD=1531 XBD=1616 XBD=1674 XBD=1975 XBD=2157 XBD=2195 XBD=2354 XBD=2494 XHG=1405 XHG=1550 XHG=1636 XHG=1693 XHG=1991 XHG=2174 XHG=2211 XHG=2369 YBD=2478 YBD=2474 YBD=2483 YBD=2472 YBD=2473 YHG=2440>Law,&dquo; YHG=2440>Dr. YHG=2441>C. YHG=2440>Farran-Ridge YHG=2440>enlivens YHG=2450>a YHG=2440>learned YHG=2440>address "" XBD=1342 XBD=359 XBD=493 XBD=562 XBD=890 XBD=979 XBD=1081 XBD=1262 XHG=210 XHG=396 XHG=531 XHG=598 XHG=1015 XHG=1119 XHG=1301 YBD=2502 YBD=2503 YBD=2501 YHG=2470>income YHG=2470>limit YHG=2470>is YHG=2468>recommended YHG=2469>the YHG=2467>B.M.A. YHG=2470>to XBD=1459XHG=925 XBD=1741 XBD=1920 XBD=1980 XBD=2068 XBD=2183 XBD=2376 XBD=2428 XBD=2494 XHG=1406YBD=2510 XHG=1481 XHG=1762 XHG=1940 XHG=2003 XHG=2089 XHG=2202 XHG=2395 XHG=2444 YBD=2528YHG=2469>by YBD=2529 YBD=2519 YHG=2486>by YHG=2486>deferentially YHG=2486>offering YHG=2489>to YHG=2487>the YHG=2486>legal YHG=2486>members YHG=2487>of YHG=2486>the "" XBD=1341 XBD=371 XBD=586 XBD=763 XBD=885 XBD=1136 XBD=1225 XHG=211 XHG=419 XHG=635 XHG=813 XHG=935 XHG=1184 XHG=1274 YBD=2558 YBD=2555 YBD=2548 YBD=2557 YBD=2548 YBD=2550 YHG=2518>prevent YHG=2516>hospital YHG=2516>abuse, YHG=2515>but YHG=2516>according YHG=2516>to XBD=1550 XHG=2300 XBD=1668 XBD=1916 XBD=1989 XBD=2069 XBD=2235 XBD=2286 XBD=2495 XHG=1408 YBD=2574 XHG=1565 XHG=1683 XHG=1930 XHG=2004 XHG=2085 XHG=2250 YBD=2575 YHG=2515>Dr. YBD=2565 YBD=2566 YHG=2533>society YHG=2543>some YHG=2533>suggestions YHG=2533>for YHG=2533>the YHG=2533>defence YHG=2533>of YHG=2533>shop-lifters " XBD=2495 XBD=439 XHG=812 XBD=574 XBD=616 XBD=739 XBD=796 XBD=880 XBD=1160 XBD=1345 XHG=212 XHG=457 XHG=594 XHG=633 XHG=757 XHG=898YBD=2594 XHG=1178 YBD=2595 YBD=2603 YBD=2594YHG=2562>the YHG=2562>Macdonald YHG=2563>about YHG=2572>a YHG=2562>third YHG=2562>of YHG=2562>contributory YHG=2562>schemes " XBD=1530 XBD=1581 XBD=1741 XBD=1809 XBD=1966 XBD=2072 XBD=2158 XBD=2329 XBD=2429 XHG=1406 XHG=1549 XHG=1603 XHG=1762 XHG=1831 XHG=1985 XHG=2092 XHG=2179 XHG=2348 XHG=2445 YBD=2612 YHG=2579>where YHG=2580>it YHG=2581>cannot YHG=2580>be YHG=2579>denied YHG=2580>that YHG=2579>accused YHG=2579>stole YHG=2579>the "" XBD=1346 XBD=279 XBD=475 XBD=657 XBD=818 XBD=1049 XBD=1179 XBD=1245 XHG=215 XHG=312 XHG=509 XHG=890 XHG=1074 XHG=1214 XHG=1280 YBD=2642 YBD=2649 YBD=2640 YHG=2618>are YHG=2609>without YHG=2610>income YHG=2608>Among, YHG=2608>these YHG=2609>is YHG=2608>the XBD=1556XHG=690 XBD=1611 XBD=1779 XBD=1868 XBD=1937 XBD=2093 XBD=2155 XBD=2360 XBD=2494 XHG=1409YBD=2641 XHG=1571 XHG=1625 XHG=1805 XHG=1879 XHG=1952 XHG=2107 XHG=2168 XHG=2372 YBD=2667YHG=2608>limits. YBD=2664 YBD=2658 YBD=2666 YBD=2662 YHG=2626>articles YHG=2636>as YHG=2626>alleged. YHG=2625>All YHG=2625>his YHG=2626>advice, YHG=2626>he YHG=2625>cheerfully YHG=2626>admits, "|>" XBD=495 XBD=683 XBD=948 XBD=1017 XBD=1224 XBD=1344 XBD=390 XHG=420 XHG=523 XHG=712 XHG=979 XHG=1047 XHG=1252 XHG=217 YBD=2687 YBD=2686 YBD=2695 YBD=2687 YHG=2655>and YHG=2655>District YHG=2654>Association YHG=2654>of YHG=2653>Sheffield YHG=2654>Hospital " XBD=2495 XBD=1441 XHG=2283 XBD=1569 XBD=1625 XBD=1803 XBD=1867 XBD=1948 XBD=2052 XBD=2106 XBD=2270 XHG=1409 YBD=2713 XHG=1455 XHG=1584 XHG=1640 XHG=1818 XHG=1882 XHG=1962 XHG=2068 XHG=2120 YBD=2705 YHG=2655>ConYBD=2704 YBD=2714 YHG=2672>is YHG=2672>likely YHG=2673>to YHG=2672>founder YHG=2681>on YHG=2671>the YHG=2672>rock YHG=2671>of YHG=2672>judicial YHG=2672>incredulity; "" XBD=1347 XBD=412 XBD=570 XBD=645 XBD=702 XBD=901 XBD=1023 XBD=1105 XBD=1242 XHG=216 XHG=446 XHG=604 XHG=680 XHG=736 XHG=933 XHG=1056 XHG=1141 XHG=1280 YBD=2740 YBD=2734 YBD=2733 YBD=2732 YBD=2742 YBD=2733 YBD=2741 YBD=2732 YHG=2701>tributors, YHG=2700>which YHG=2703>at YHG=2710>a YHG=2701>meeting YHG=2700>held YHG=2710>on YHG=2699>Sept. YHG=2700>6th XBD=1480 XBD=1537 XBD=1631 XBD=1723 XBD=1859 XBD=1925 XBD=2189 XBD=2348 XBD=2496 XHG=1409 XHG=1506 XHG=1562 XHG=1657 XHG=1748 XHG=1886 XHG=1950 XHG=2215 XHG=2370 YBD=2761 YBD=2751 YHG=2718>but YHG=2719>it YHG=2718>has YHG=2718>the YHG=2718>merit YHG=2719>of YHG=2719>expounding YHG=2718>certain YHG=2718>modern " XBD=1345 XBD=437 XHG=828 XBD=487 XBD=802 XBD=927 XBD=1022 XBD=1224 XHG=216 XHG=465 XHG=514 XHG=955YBD=2779 XHG=1051 XHG=1252 YBD=2780 YBD=2779 YBD=2779 YHG=2747>considered YHG=2758>a YHG=2747>memorandum YHG=2747>from YHG=2747>the YHG=2746>Sheffield " XBD=2495 XBD=1686 XHG=2266 XBD=1863 XBD=1916 XBD=1996 XBD=2202 XBD=2254 XHG=1409 YBD=2806 XHG=1700 XHG=1878 XHG=1930 XHG=2011 XHG=2217 YBD=2797 YHG=2746>HosYHG=2764>psychological YHG=2764>theories YHG=2765>the YHG=2765>causation YHG=2765>of YHG=2765>kleptomania. "" XBD=1348 XBD=331 XBD=513 XBD=683 XBD=798 XBD=974 XBD=1067 XBD=1244 XHG=215 XHG=360 XHG=541 XHG=710 XHG=825 XHG=1001 XHG=1096 XHG=1270 YBD=2833 YBD=2827 YBD=2835 YBD=2825 YBD=2834 YBD=2824 YBD=2825 YHG=2793>pitals YHG=2793>Council YHG=2794>stating YHG=2793>that YHG=2792>though YHG=2792>the YHG=2792>scheme XBD=1448 XHG=2428 XBD=1534 XBD=1713 XBD=1764 XBD=1808 XBD=1944 XBD=2123 XBD=2257 XBD=2411 XBD=2497 XHG=1412 YBD=2851 XHG=1467 XHG=1555 XHG=1733 XHG=1786 XHG=1829 XHG=1962 XHG=2145 XHG=2275 YBD=2842 YHG=2801>was YBD=2852 YBD=2848 YBD=2843 YHG=2811>If YHG=2810>the YHG=2810>accused YHG=2811>is YHG=2820>a YHG=2811>single YHG=2820>woman, YHG=2821>many YHG=2820>reasons YHG=2819>may "" XBD=1349 XBD=337 XBD=409 XBD=458 XBD=768 XBD=1044 XBD=1113 XBD=1211 XBD=1274 XHG=217 XHG=361 XHG=436 XHG=486 XHG=794 XHG=1072 XHG=1136 XHG=1236 XHG=1300 YBD=2871 YBD=2880 YBD=2881 YBD=2870 YHG=2838>based YHG=2849>on YHG=2848>a YHG=2839>&dquo; YHG=2839>agreement YHG=2838>in YHG=2838>lieu YHG=2838>of YHG=2848>an gentleman’s &dquo; XBD=1459 XBD=1691 XBD=1769 XBD=1987 XBD=2074 XBD=2193 XBD=2254 XBD=2496 XHG=1411 XHG=1480 XHG=1709 XHG=1788 XHG=2007 XHG=2094 XHG=2215 XHG=2273 YBD=2889 YBD=2899 YHG=2857>be YHG=2856>submitted YHG=2856>for YHG=2857>regarding YHG=2856>the YHG=2856>theft YHG=2866>as YHG=2856>pathological. "" XBD=1350 XBD=365 XBD=481 XBD=607 XBD=703 XBD=817 XBD=907 XBD=1042 XBD=1156 XBD=1214 XHG=216 XHG=383 XHG=500 XHG=625 XHG=722 XHG=836 XHG=928 XHG=1060 XHG=1175 XHG=1234 YBD=2917 YBD=2917 YBD=2916 YBD=2926 YHG=2884>income YHG=2885>limit YHG=2884>there YHG=2885>had YHG=2885>been YHG=2885>less YHG=2884>abuse YHG=2884>than YHG=2885>in YHG=2894>many XBD=1492 XBD=1697 XBD=1784 XBD=1954 XBD=2061 XBD=2138 XBD=2267 XBD=2406 XBD=2499 XHG=1412 XHG=1513 XHG=1715 XHG=1805 XHG=1974 XHG=2080 XHG=2158 XHG=2287 XHG=2421 YBD=2945 YBD=2935 YBD=2936 YHG=2902>The YHG=2903>advocate YHG=2912>can YHG=2903>explain YHG=2902>that YHG=2902>his YHG=2904>client YHG=2903>suffers YHG=2903>from "" XBD=1350 XBD=343 XBD=494 XBD=669 XBD=812 XBD=918 XBD=1041 XBD=1250 XHG=218 XHG=370 XHG=521 XHG=695 XHG=840 XHG=945 XHG=1070 XHG=1278 YBD=2972 YBD=2963 YBD=2963 YBD=2972 YBD=2963 YHG=2930>places YHG=2930>where YHG=2931>income YHG=2931>limits YHG=2931>had YHG=2931>been YHG=2930>adopted, YHG=2931>but XBD=1677 XBD=1810 XBD=1904 XBD=1999 XBD=2143 XBD=2260 XBD=2322 XBD=2427 XBD=2499 XHG=1412 XHG=1738 XHG=1839 XHG=1931 XHG=2026 XHG=2169 XHG=2285 XHG=2349 XHG=2448 YBD=2991 YBD=2983 YBD=2981 YBD=2982 YHG=2949>kleptolagnia. YHG=2948>She YHG=2949>did YHG=2950>not YHG=2949>really YHG=2949>wish YHG=2951>to YHG=2949>take YHG=2949>the "" XBD=1351 XBD=309 XBD=448 XBD=557 XBD=684 XBD=820 XBD=968 XBD=1040 XBD=1137 XHG=220 XHG=341 XHG=479 XHG=588 XHG=717 XHG=853 XHG=1001 XHG=1071 XHG=1168 YBD=3009 YBD=3010 YBD=3009 YBD=3018 YHG=2976>that YHG=2976>there YHG=2976>had YHG=2977>been YHG=2987>some YHG=2977>abuse YHG=2977>of YHG=2976>the YHG=2976>hospitals XBD=1542 XBD=1641 XBD=1744 XBD=1912 XBD=2089 XBD=2355 XBD=2427 XBD=2500 XHG=1413 XHG=1569 XHG=1666 XHG=1771 XHG=1940 XHG=2115 XHG=2377 XHG=2448 YBD=3037 YBD=3038 YBD=3028 YHG=2995>goods, YHG=2995>but YHG=3005>was YHG=2996>merely YHG=2995>seeking YHG=2995>gratification YHG=2996>for YHG=2996>her "" XBD=1351 XBD=273 XBD=431 XBD=546 XBD=836 XBD=944 XBD=1038 XHG=220 XHG=301 XHG=455 XHG=573 XHG=898 XHG=972 XHG=1066 YBD=3064 YBD=3057 YBD=3056 YBD=3055 YBD=3055 YHG=3023>by YHG=3023>highly YHG=3023>paid YHG=3024>contributors. YHG=3024>In YHG=3023>the YHG=3023>memorandum XBD=1544 XBD=1749 XBD=1829 XBD=1986 XBD=2053 XBD=2146 XBD=2365 XBD=2499 XHG=1415 XHG=1570 XHG=1776 XHG=1857 XHG=2015 XHG=2080 XHG=2173 XHG=2389 YBD=3083 YBD=3074 YBD=3084 YHG=3042>sexual YHG=3042>impulses YHG=3042>by YHG=3051>means YHG=3042>of YHG=3042>the YHG=3042>emotional YHG=3050>energy "" XBD=1352 XBD=254 XBD=358 XBD=584 XBD=697 XBD=816 XBD=1097 XBD=1258 XHG=222 XHG=280 XHG=385 XHG=609 XHG=724 XHG=843 XHG=1124 XHG=1283 YBD=3110 YBD=3101 YBD=3100 YBD=3101 YBD=3101 YHG=3069>it YHG=3078>was YHG=3069>suggested YHG=3069>that YHG=3069>such YHG=3069>contributors YHG=3068>should XBD=1617 XHG=2450 XBD=1695 XBD=1789 XBD=2043 XBD=2110 XBD=2201 XBD=2348 XBD=2429 XBD=2500 XHG=1414 YBD=3120 XHG=1644 XHG=1722 XHG=1817 XHG=2071 XHG=2135 XHG=2226 XHG=2399 YBD=3129 YHG=3070>not YBD=3121 YHG=3088>generated YHG=3088>by YHG=3087>the YHG=3088>excitement YHG=3088>of YHG=3088>her YHG=3088>thefts. YHG=3087>If YHG=3088>the "" XBD=1353 XBD=333 XBD=443 XBD=595 XBD=781 XBD=886 XBD=1056 XBD=1223 XHG=223 XHG=367 XHG=477 XHG=628 XHG=814 XHG=919 XHG=1087 XHG=1254 YBD=3155 YBD=3146 YBD=3152 YBD=3147 YBD=3147 YBD=3156 YBD=3148 YHG=3115>claim YHG=3124>any YHG=3114>direct YHG=3113>benefit, YHG=3115>but YHG=3115>should YHG=3115>regard YHG=3114>their XBD=1564 XBD=1624 XBD=1816 XBD=1921 XBD=2018 XBD=2095 XBD=2298 XBD=2499 XHG=1414 XHG=1592 XHG=1653 XHG=1846 XHG=1949 XHG=2047 XHG=2127 XHG=2327 YBD=3165 YBD=3166 YBD=3173 YBD=3175 YHG=3143>woman YHG=3134>is YHG=3134>married YHG=3134>and YHG=3133>has YHG=3144>no YHG=3133>children, YHG=3132>proceeded "" XBD=1353 XBD=498 XBD=558 XBD=601 XBD=749 XBD=807 XBD=1048 XBD=1132 XHG=223 XHG=519 XHG=579 XHG=619 XHG=768 XHG=825 XHG=1065 XHG=1149 YBD=3193 YBD=3191 YBD=3192 YBD=3202 YBD=3194 YBD=3202 YHG=3160>contributions YHG=3170>as YHG=3170>a YHG=3170>means YHG=3161>of YHG=3161>supporting YHG=3161>the YHG=3161>voluntary XBD=1481 XBD=1804 XBD=1888 XBD=2097 XBD=2201 XBD=2334 XBD=2430 XBD=2500 XHG=1415 XHG=1509 XHG=1822 XHG=1913 XHG=2133 XHG=2226 XHG=2356 XHG=2450 YBD=3221 YBD=3212 YHG=3179>Dr. YHG=3179>Farran-Ridge, YHG=3179>the YHG=3180>advocate YHG=3189>can YHG=3180>allege YHG=3180>that YHG=3180>her "" XBD=1354 XBD=389 XBD=558 XBD=632 XBD=743 XBD=914 XBD=989 XBD=1071 XBD=1166 XHG=222 XHG=406 XHG=597 XHG=649 XHG=762 XHG=1005 XHG=1088 XHG=1182 YBD=3238 YBD=3247 YBD=3240 YBD=3239 YHG=3206>hospital YHG=3208>system. YHG=3207>If YHG=3206>they YHG=3207>applied YHG=3207>the YHG=3207>free YHG=3207>facilities XBD=1592XHG=929 XBD=1657 XBD=1719 XBD=1839 XBD=1901 XBD=1980 XBD=2177 XBD=2384 XBD=2499 XHG=1416YBD=3239 XHG=1613 XHG=1680 XHG=1742 XHG=1862 XHG=1922 XHG=2002 XHG=2199 XHG=2425 YBD=3264YHG=3207>for YBD=3258 YBD=3257 YBD=3266 YBD=3267 YBD=3259 YHG=3225>husband YHG=3226>is, YHG=3226>in YHG=3226>spite YHG=3226>of YHG=3225>his YHG=3227>protests, YHG=3226>impotent. YHG=3226>If in "" XBD=1353 XBD=410 XBD=470 XBD=555 XBD=827 XBD=1080 XHG=226 XHG=430 XHG=489 XHG=576 XHG=847 XHG=1101 YBD=3283 YBD=3284 YBD=3294 YBD=3294 YHG=3252>available YHG=3253>at YHG=3251>the YHG=3252>consultative YHG=3253>out-patient XBD=1494 XHG=2453 XBD=1599 XBD=1686 XBD=1964 XBD=2016 XBD=2110 XBD=2171 XBD=2389 XBD=2440 XBD=2501 XHG=1417 YBD=3304 XHG=1517 XHG=1620 XHG=1706 XHG=1984 XHG=2039 XHG=2131 XHG=2194 XHG=2408 YBD=3312 YHG=3253>department, YBD=3303 YHG=3270>this YHG=3281>case YHG=3271>the YHG=3271>kleptomania YHG=3272>is YHG=3271>due YHG=3273>to YHG=3272>starvation YHG=3272>of YHG=3280>sex "" XBD=1356 XBD=319 XBD=465 XBD=531 XBD=670 XBD=730 XBD=888 XBD=975 XBD=1162 XBD=1268 XHG=209 XHG=338 XHG=484 XHG=553 XHG=689 XHG=753 XHG=997 XHG=1182 XHG=1289 YBD=3329 YBD=3339 YBD=3331 YBD=3330 YHG=3290>they YHG=3297>would YHG=3298>be YHG=3298>asked YHG=3299>to YHG=3298>satisfy YHG=3299>almoner YHG=3299>that YHG=3299>the XBD=1604XHG=908 XBD=1645 XBD=1836 XBD=1925 XBD=2043 XBD=2105 XBD=2234 XBD=2277 XBD=2351 XBD=2500 XHG=1418YBD=3330 XHG=1622 XHG=1662 XHG=1852 XHG=1942 XHG=2059 XHG=2121 XHG=2248 XHG=2291 XHG=2364 YBD=3355YHG=3299>the YBD=3349 YBD=3350 YBD=3358 YHG=3317>instincts, YHG=3327>a YHG=3317>different YHG=3318>line YHG=3318>must YHG=3317>be YHG=3317>taken YHG=3318>if YHG=3317>she YHG=3317>happens "" XBD=1354 XBD=432 XBD=629 XBD=762 XBD=852 XBD=921 XBD=1125 XHG=228 XHG=454 XHG=651 XHG=784 XHG=874 XHG=945 XHG=1146 YBD=3384 YBD=3375 YBD=3376 YBD=3377 YBD=3377 YHG=3344>treatment YHG=3344>required YHG=3344>could YHG=3345>not YHG=3344>be YHG=3345>obtained XBD=1460 XHG=2436 XBD=1529 XBD=1615 XBD=1785 XBD=1844 XBD=2008 XBD=2153 XBD=2341 XBD=2420 XBD=2501 XHG=1418 YBD=3395 XHG=1481 XHG=1549 XHG=1635 XHG=1805 XHG=1865 XHG=2027 XHG=2174 XHG=2381 YBD=3394 YHG=3345>elsewhere. YBD=3404 YBD=3397 YBD=3396 YHG=3364>to YHG=3362>be YHG=3363>the YHG=3363>mother YHG=3363>of YHG=3363>several YHG=3372>young YHG=3363>children. YHG=3364>In YHG=3363>that "" XBD=1357 XBD=488 XBD=568 XBD=665 XBD=872 XBD=1128 XBD=1279 XHG=227 XHG=520 XHG=598 XHG=901 XHG=1158 XHG=1310 YBD=3423 YBD=3422 YBD=3421 YBD=3423 YBD=3432 YBD=3422 YHG=3389>Contributors YHG=3400>on YHG=3389>the YHG=3388>financial YHG=3390>border-line YHG=3390>might YHG=3391>be XBD=1534XHG=694 XBD=1623 XBD=1832 XBD=1934 XBD=2081 XBD=2227 XBD=2311 XBD=2501 XHG=1420 XHG=1557 XHG=1649 XHG=1856 XHG=1957 XHG=2104 XHG=2249 XHG=2333 YBD=3441 YBD=3442 YHG=3410>event YHG=3408>the YHG=3409>advocate YHG=3409>had YHG=3409>better YHG=3409>follow YHG=3409>the YHG=3409>Freudians "" XBD=1359 XBD=344 XBD=408 XBD=510 XBD=594 XBD=685 XBD=842 XBD=906 XBD=954 XBD=1208 XBD=1304 XHG=227 XHG=367 XHG=433 XHG=534 XHG=617 XHG=710 XHG=867 XHG=931 XHG=980 XHG=1234 XHG=1328 YBD=3477 YBD=3468 YBD=3474 YBD=3468 YHG=3435>asked YHG=3437>to YHG=3445>pay YHG=3436>for YHG=3436>the YHG=3436>advice YHG=3436>of YHG=3446>a YHG=3437>consultant, YHG=3437>but YHG=3436>if XBD=1504 XBD=1591 XBD=1654 XBD=1848 XBD=1938 XBD=2046 XBD=2109 XBD=2183 XBD=2277 XBD=2368 XBD=2455 XBD=2500 XHG=1419 XHG=1531 XHG=1614 XHG=1677 XHG=1872 XHG=1961 XHG=2071 XHG=2135 XHG=2206 XHG=2300 XHG=2388 XHG=2472 YBD=3497 YBD=3488 YBD=3487 YHG=3454>who YHG=3465>see YHG=3455>in YHG=3456>weaning YHG=3455>the YHG=3456>root YHG=3455>of YHG=3455>all YHG=3456>evil YHG=3456>and YHG=3454>find YHG=3456>in " XBD=1359 XBD=481 XHG=734 XBD=712 XBD=812 XBD=1009 XBD=1125 XBD=1285 XHG=226 XHG=504 XHG=834YBD=3514 XHG=1032 XHG=1146 XHG=1310 YBD=3523 YBD=3524YHG=3491>was YBD=3520 YBD=3514 YHG=3481>institutional YHG=3483>treatment YHG=3482>required YHG=3482>they YHG=3482>would, YHG=3493>on " XBD=1359 XBD=444 XHG=743 XBD=614 XBD=718 XBD=963 XBD=1021 XBD=1209 XBD=1292 XHG=227 XHG=470 XHG=639 XHG=990YBD=3566 XHG=1046 XHG=1223 XHG=1318 YBD=3560 YBD=3561 YBD=3570YHG=3529>treatment, YBD=3560 YHG=3528>admission, YHG=3528>receive YHG=3528>free YHG=3529>it YHG=3529>being &dquo; YHG=3528>left YHG=3530>to 1 Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria during the years 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936. Vol. II. Edited, by John V. Barry, " XBD=1359 XBD=321 XHG=748 XBD=607 XBD=730 XBD=787 XBD=1020 XBD=1114 XHG=227 XHG=339 XHG=625 XHG=805YBD=3605 XHG=1038 XHG=1131 YBD=3607 YBD=3606 YBD=3606 YBD=3606YHG=3574>of YBD=3614 YHG=3573>each YHG=3573>contributor’s YHG=3583>sense YHG=3575>conscience YHG=3575>and YHG=3575>sportsmanBarrister-at-law, and A. E. Coates, M.D., M.S., F.R.A.C.S. " XBD=1359 XBD=312 XHG=886 XBD=503 XBD=571 XBD=729 XBD=866 XBD=945 XBD=1032 XBD=1130 XHG=228 XHG=333 XHG=524 XHG=593 XHG=750 XHG=966YBD=3651 XHG=1052 XHG=1150 YBD=3653 YBD=3652 YBD=3661 YBD=3651 YBD=3652YHG=3619>for YBD=3653 YHG=3620>ship YHG=3620>whether YHG=3619>he YHG=3619>should YHG=3619>apply YHG=3619>the YHG=3620>free YHG=3619>facilities.&dquo; Melbourne Brown, Prior, Anderson, Pty. 1937. Pp. 179.