Pump and spray system

Pump and spray system

Smooth Powder Coatings U.S. Pafenf5,346,727. Sept. 13, 1994 6. Sin&in,assignor to E/f Afocbem Norfh America Inc., Phi/[email protected] A process for providing...

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Smooth Powder Coatings U.S. Pafenf5,346,727. Sept. 13, 1994 6. Sin&in,assignor to E/f Afocbem Norfh America Inc., Phi/[email protected]

A process for providing a substrate with a smooth coating comprising applying a powder coating composition prepared by a process comprising the steps of blending a mixture comprised of a poly(vinylidene fluoride) resin, a thermoplastic resin, a pigment, and 0.1-5.0 weight percent, based on the weight of the mixture, of a vinylidene fluoride/tetrafluoroethylene/ hexafluoropropylene terpolymer; pelletizing the blend; cryogenically grinding the pellets; heating the powder coating composition above its melt temperature; and cooling the coated substrate.

Method of Recycling Phosphating Sludges U.S.Pafenf 5,35U,5f7. Sep. 27, 1994 MI Bochmeier and NA. Roland,ass&mm to He&e/ KG,Dues.seltW,Germany A process for recycling phosphating sludge, which accumulates in the zinc phosphating of metal surfaces, and in addition to phosphate and small quantities

of other metals, contains an excess of iron over zinc, comprising converting the phosphating sludge into an aqueous mineral acid solution using a mineral acid selected from the group consisting of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid, adjusting the pH value of the aqueous solution obtained to values less than 0.85; contacting with an extractant; a complexing agent selectively removing iron from the aqueous solution by liquid/liquid extraction; and reusing the aqueous solution in a phosphating process.

Vkuum Coating Apparatus U.S.Pafenf5,350,596. Sepf. 27, 1994 S. Kleyer,assignor fo Leybohi AG, Hanau, Germany

layer on the substrate, depositing a photoresist layer on the cermet layer so as to expose selected areas; depositing an aluminum layer on the photoresist layer and on the selected areas; and etching away at least some of the aluminum layer and the cermet at the selected areas using an etchant comprising an acid solution.

Pump and Spray System U.S.Patent5351,667.Oct.4, 1994 RD. Heferington ef al., assignorsto [email protected], Fran/r/inPark, 111. A system for pumping and spraying a heavy filled viscous fluid.

Cleaning Process

An apparatus and method for selectively coating a substrate in strip form.

U.S.Patent5,352,296.03. 4, 1994 K Wtieland G. Bliinlhuber, ass&m to Mefa/lgesekchaff AG, Frankfurtam Main,Germany

Etch Technique for Integrated Circuits

A process for cleaning a metal surface comprising the steps of preparing a cleaning solution, which contains a silicate cleaning agent and surfactants, and wherein the silicate is selected from the group of sodium silicate and potassium silicate and mixtures thereof; treating with the solution at a temperature and for a time sufficient to

U.S.Patent 5,352,331. Oct. 4, 1994 AS. Templin,assignorto TRW Inc., RedondoBeach, CM.

A process of manufacturing thin film cermet resistance patterns on a substrate comprising the steps of depositing a cermet

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