Seals keep up with the grind

Seals keep up with the grind

NEWS The first new product Ultra IP can improve productivity through reduced mould fouling, scrap, improved hot tear resistance and cycle time. The ma...

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NEWS The first new product Ultra IP can improve productivity through reduced mould fouling, scrap, improved hot tear resistance and cycle time. The material also offers better high temperature properties in operation. Ultra LT is a new material that offers low temperature flexibility down to –40ºC with fewer plasticizers. It can also be blended with other ethylene acrylic elastomers to improve low temperature performance in place of plasticizers in static applications such as power train seals and gaskets. Contact: DuPont Co., BMP26-2363, Lancaster Pike & Route 141, Wilmington, DE 19805, USA, Tel: +1 302 774 1161, Fax: +1 302 999 4399, Web: After January: DuPont Performance Elastomers S.A. 2, chemin du Pavillon, CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland, Tel: +41 22 717 4000, Fax: +41 22 717 4001, Email: [email protected] com, Web:

Editor’s comment: The marketing of Vamac is to be incorporated into DPE next year, see the item in Company News.

New HyTemp grades offer improved fuel resistance


wo new grades of HyTemp HTACM polyacrylate elastomers have been introduced by Zeon Chemicals to give engineers additional options for designing high-performance automotive parts. HyTemp AR214 and HyTemp AR13FR have been developed to suit a wider range of, heat- and oil-resistant applications. AR214 is designed for use in transmission oil cooler hoses and other automotive parts requiring improved compression set and sealing force retention. It combines many of the benefits of Nipol AR14 with improved processing safety and offers a service temperature range from –40ºC to 160ºC. It has been optimised for extrusion and injection moulding applications. AR13FR was developed for power train seals and gaskets, and offers significantly improved fuel resistance over traditional ACM and HT-ACM grades. It has a service temperature range of –30ºC to 160ºC and offers the heat resistance of an ACM with fuel resistance approaching that of an NBR. This also provides the improved compression set and sealing force retention achieved by polymerizing with the HT-ACM cure-site technology. 4

Sealing Technology

Contact: Zeon Chemicals L.P. 4111 Bells Lane, Louisville, KY 40211, USA, Tel: +1 502 775 2051, Fax: +1 502.775.2055, Web:

Joint integrity success at Antwerp plant


he application of RotaBolt technology has achieved a leak-free start at the Antwerp Nuclear Generation plant following an annual shut down. A 24 inch steam valve has remained leak free for the first time in seven years. The 1500lbs steam valve had leaked on every start-up since it had been installed. A technical analysis of the valve and its joints indicated that a complete re-design was necessary if joint integrity was to be achieved. RotaBolt recommended the use of RotaBolt 2 to achieve the necessary installed design tension and for the ongoing monitoring in service. The design of the new joint incorporated the use of a Metaflex gasket, the fitting of a silver plated C-ring and new housing dimensions of the male/female flange. Twenty, 3 inch RotaBolt 2’s were used, with an operational tension range set at 125 and 150 tonnes. Test pressure for the valve was 130bar at room temperature, with start-up at 160bar at increasing temperature. The process pressure was set at 60bar at 260ºC. The steam valve with its newly designed joints was fitted during the shutdown in August of this year and remained totally leak-free when the plant was re-started. James Walker Belgium

is now working with plant engineers to see how tension control can achieve joint integrity in other areas of the Antwerp plant. Contact: Rotabolt Ltd, Peartree Business Park, Peartree Lane, Dudley, West Midlands DY2 0UW, UK, Tel: +44 1384 214442, Fax: +44 1384 455186, Email: [email protected], Web:

Seals keep up with the grind


relleborg Sealing Solutions is supplying a specially modified Stepseal in Turcon MF material to WMF, a leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines to meet a requirement for a piston seal that will brew at least 100 000 cups of coffee. The fresh brewing of the coffee, up to 300 cups per hour, involves compressing grounds, being subjected to hot water at 16 bar, and then ejecting the used coffee grounds. The seal was designed specifically for the application and uses the MF material which complies with FDA and other food application standards.

Contact: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Global Marketing & Communications, Handwerkstrasse 5–7, D-70565 Stuttgart, Germany, Tel: +49 711 7864 0, Fax: +49 711 7864344, Email: [email protected], Web:

The 24inch steam valve fitted with Rotabolts at the Antwerp nuclear generating plant.

December 2007