Shaped activated carbons for water treatment

Shaped activated carbons for water treatment

FOCUS install the ACO process in an existing olefins plant at an SK site, with KBR providing the design package. KBR’s collaboration with SK Corp will...

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FOCUS install the ACO process in an existing olefins plant at an SK site, with KBR providing the design package. KBR’s collaboration with SK Corp will provide a superior technology for producers to make two of the world’s most widely used petrochemicals, propylene and ethylene, from common and readily available feeds such as straight run naphthas and distillates. Founded in 1962 as Korea’s first oil refiner, SK Corp is the leading energy and petrochemical company. Press release from: Halliburton Co, 4100, Clinton Drive, Houston, TX 77020, USA. Tel: +1 713 676 7125. Website: 29 Jan 2007



products such as toothpaste and shampoo. Press release from: Novozymes. Website: (2 Jan 2007)

Novel catalyst makes hydrogen from kerosene for fuel cells Idemitsu Kosan Co, a Japanese oil refiner, has developed a very durable catalyst for extracting hydrogen from kerosene for use in fuel cells. It is claimed to operate for 40,000 hours, longer than the life of the fuel cell. The catalyst is composed of alumina spheres coated with ruthenium and a proprietary additive. Fuel Cells Bulletin, Feb 2007, 5

Shaped activated carbons for water treatment Spherical and honeycomb types of activated carbon products are finding a niche market in the area of water treatment, principally due to their catalytic property to subdue concentrated ozone. Spherical activated carbon products are being marketed for treatment of concentrated ozone, commonly used in advanced water treatment, effluent treatment and removal of unwanted odours. Honeycomb types, which exhibit superior durability and chemical, heat and water resistance, are increasingly promoted for application in effluent and sewage treatment to eliminate unpleasant odours. Japan Chemical Week, 18 Jan 2007, 48 (2400), 7-8

ENVIRONMENT Abu Qir commissions tail gas treatment unit Abu Qir Fertilizer Co, based in Egypt, has brought online a tail gas treatment unit at its nitric acid complex that employs Uhde’s EnviNOx technology. The process by Uhde utilizes a special catalyst to convert nitrous oxide and NOx in the tailgases into nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapour. Trials revealed that emissions will be reduced by roughly 4700 tonne/y of nitrous oxide and 5600 tonne/y of NOx. This is equivalent to a carbon dioxide reduction of more than 1.4 M tonne/y.

MARCH 2007

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide The concentration of hydrogen in the gas mixture is below the explosive limit. Reaction takes place in a solvent, catalysed by a combination of noble and semi-noble metals supported on an ion-exchange resin such as a copolymer of sulfonated styrene with divinyl benzene. US 7,179,440, Repsol Quimica SA, Madrid, Spain, 20 Feb 2007

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide The catalyst is palladium contained in a metal-organic framework such as zinc terephthalate and bound with graphite. US 7,179,765, BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 20 Feb 2007

Auto-reforming catalyst for making hydrogen The purpose is to make hydrogen from a hydrocarbon by autothermal reforming, for use in a fuel cell. The catalyst is rhodium supported on ceria on alumina. US 7,175,827, Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corp, Tokyo, Japan, 3 Feb 2007

Hydrocarbon Processing, Jan 2007, 86 (1), 38

Zeolites supported on silicon carbide foam

Schwager, Adico sign fuel additive promotion deal for Chile

The surface of the silicon carbide support is partially oxidised to silicon oxycarbide to aid the adhesion of the zeolite which is made by the usual hydrothermal method.

Novozymes globally launches an effective detergent enzyme Novozymes is now giving detergent manufacturers around the world the opportunity to add the effective Mannaway enzyme to their detergent powder, to the benefit of consumers who have not been able to get rid of stains on their clothes from curry sauce, salad dressing, and chocolate mousse. Mannaway has proven particularly effective on stains containing guar gum, also known as mannan. This is used as a stabiliser in a wide range of foods such as ice cream and desserts, and as a thickener in ketchup, soups, and dressings. Mannan is also used in a large number of personal care


The Chiss fuel additive of Chilean industrial services company Schwager Energy will be promoted by Chilean fuel distributor association Adico to its members under a commercial agreement signed by the two organizations. The deal may allow the additive, which boosts efficiency and emissions from combustion engines, to reach up to 400 service stations. Distribution of the fuel additive will start after 25 Jan 2007. BNAmericas Oil & Gas News, 12 Jan 2007 (Business News Americas Ltd. Website:

US 7,179,764, SICAT, Paris, CNRS, Paris, and University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, 20 Feb 2007

Improved hydroformylation yields In the hydroformylation of C6 – C12 olefins, catalysed by simple cobalt or rhodium compounds, the yield is improved if some of the aldehyde product is added to the olefin feed. US 7,179,947, Oxeno Olefinchemie GmbH, Marl, Germany, 20 Feb 2007